O For On Their Faces, Optimistic Smile!!!

O For On Their Faces, Optimistic Smile!!!

Life was waiting for me to serve with a magic potion as I was going to witness most lovely smile, On Their Faces, Optimistic Smile!!
This morning, I found them selling fresh vegetables. As I live in a third floor flat in our building so I don’t get much opportunity to buy from hawkers who occasionally visit our lane. Most of the time, I don’t even know when they come and when they go. Well, today I heard their voices from the height of my flat and decided to go down and see what vegetables were available with them though I was sure most of them must have sold out as they were surrounded by many people in our lane.
I was right. Most of the vegetables were already sold. Still they were surrounded by 4 to 5 persons including two Aunties from my own building. I waited for my turn. I observed, the boy and the girl were struggling to calculate the amounts properly, quite naïve to handle the hard seasoned bargainers as customers. The woman was just giving what the customers were asking her. It gave me an idea that they weren’t regular into that profession. May be just before few days – may be 2-3 days before – they might have started it. In fact I had to convince one of the Aunties of my building not to bargain for Rs, 10/- or Rs.20/- looking at the efforts they are putting up. I must say, I hate bargaining or you may say that I am very bad in that…so I just don’t do it.
Both the children’s eyes caught me standing, calm and cool. I didn’t want to confuse them as they were really not able to handle so many of us at a time. As they asked what I wanted, I saw and chosen among what was available. I took and paid whatever amount they asked for without checking. But the boy again calculated and confirmed the same to me. The baskets were almost empty. Other customers had already left. So I asked them if the children were going to school or not. The woman told me that the girl was her daughter and the boy was her nephew. Both go to school, STD III and STD XI respectively. Her husband – a construction labor – had gone for a project and struck there due to lock down. They live in the nearby village. She doesn’t work as her means are managed comfortably.
Fresh Green Vegetables During Lock Down Life, On Their Faces Optimistic Smile
I asked them then how come she thought about selling vegetables?
She told me, “kya karein madam, mera admi ghar nahi aa pa raha hai. Paison ka Thoda dikkat hai abhi, gaon mein kissishe idea mila to laga ki woh yeh kaam kar sakti hai aur bachhe bhi ghar mein hain to thoda madaad miljayega.” 
I understood. So I said, “It’s okay, don’t worry”
But suddenly both girl and the boy said unanimously, “koi baat nahi maam, Corona jaldi chala jayega, sabkuchh jaldi hi thik hojayega”
I felt good at the confidence and conviction they were showing…both looked cherubic, carefree, thoroughly enjoying the new trade that they have delved into because of life’s compulsion. Not a gain of stress at all on their faces….
instead they had smiles reflecting the positive aura 🙂
“Achha…tumhe kaise pata” I said with a smile.
They smiled and said….
Aisa hi hoga….Dekhna!!
They promised me that tomorrow they will bring vegetables (bahut hai unke wahan…they said) and they would look for me to be their first customer as I was last today and didn’t have much choice.
As I insist, they posed happily before my camera.
And then left….
 I must say…they were just treat to soul and heart…I swear. 
We are all going through a very different life, Life during Lock down. an invisible Enemy is staring at us with it’s deadly spikes and tentacles to clutch us. 
As I came back, spread the vegetables, they reminded me the smiling faces of those kids and their innocent optimism.  
I felt as if I was given a potion of confidence by them as it affirmed my conviction as well.  We will all sail through this and come out of this situation, Soon.On Their Faces Optimistic Smile…a symbol of hope and things-will-change-anyway 
Capsicum and Onion…My Favorites!!!
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    The blog written with compassion & empathy. Tinaji ,i am going through your blogs when you started from letter A, so i must say that you pen down real incidents and relates them with activities of our daily life Very nicely .
    I fully agree with you that i too hate the behaviour of majority of people amoung us ,when we talk about bargaining.
    We see majority of people on routine basis barging hard with small vendors for Rs 10 or 20 and the same set of people does not have any hesitation of paying a unreasonable amount of money ,when they enter into showroom of big traders like coffee houses & cafe’s.
    This is irony ….!!.
    loved your story .


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