Pen Your Pain on the Paper

Pen Your Pain on the Paper 
Pen Your Pain on the paper
And Your Heart Will be Released
With Emotions melting away like water…
Pen Your Pain into Parables
And Your Pain Would No Longer Remain
A Sad Story of Rues & Remorse!!
Pen Your Pain into Stories
And Free Your Mind From
Sadness & Worries
Pen Your Pain into Tales
And Throw the People Pained You
Creating a Jail
Pen Your Pain into Folktales
And Free Yourself from Being Trapped
By Your Past & People who were worthless
Pen Your Pain into Fables
And Let Your Past Becomes a Rudder
To Tug You to a Happy World
Pen Your Pain into Legends
And Create a Piece of Literature
That May Inspire…Generations
Pain is inevitable,
as we are ought to meet
people and circumstances
That would dent our Heart & Soul.
But Pain is also an Alchemy
That Renovates Us
From Within….!!!

This is my post for Alphabet O written for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2021 by Blogchatter