As it comes out of the cylindrical egg
and lands on the leaf…….
as destiny choose for it
it’s happy gnawing
loads of them
naïve and ignorant of the upcoming change
Suddenly things start changing
as it is caged inside a shielded cosset
it struggles hard to ooze out if it…
you know
with constant pain and aching spirit
and it finally gets the glimpse of the sun rays
as it peeps out of the cocoon with colorful wings
and the garden is full of welcoming flowers
with seducing gestures and fascinating grins
Life is actually going through a metamorphosis
as they say impermanence is the law of nature
and the pain works as an Alchemy …
I guess to transform us to a butterfly from a maggot
Everyone has been made to fly
and not remain crawling forever
let the pain work on us as Alchemy
to make us better
to make us fly like a butterfly


I always believed that no matters in what situation life puts us in, we are supposed to bloom. And also feel that the painful & ugly moments of our life are like caterpillars which are destined to become butterfly. We are supposed to be transformed to meet our higher self. The reason is very simple. As a caterpillar it’s resource to live is leaf. It gets transformed to a butterfly because it is supposed to reign on flowers.

Our surrounding changes with time so also, we need to change accordingly.  Transformation is inevitable as we grow into our most beautiful empowered self.

No matter what uncomfortable changes we go through, no matter what we need let go of the forms of our life that no longer fit the new self of us…it’s in evitable!!!

TRANSFORMATION IS BEAUTIFUL as Everyone is created to fly like a Butterfly!!!

This is my post for Alphabet E written for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2021 by Blogchatter