I Quit – Never Say It!!

I Quit – Never Say It!!You are born for some purpose of a human life which is really a rare form of life as per wise sages.

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I was really shocked & surprised when I heard that the only daughter of my friend committed suicide. I rushed to his house only to find an inconsolably crying parents & relatives. Even though i feel I am a very strong man yet I couldn’t control my tears witnessing such a grievous scene. Literally choked I couldn’t gather words to console my friend. Not even my worst enemies should witness or go through such trauma in life. It’s terrible.

Why these kids never realize the emotions of their parents

After sometimes, I could gather my energies, then the question automatically came to my mind. Why these kids never realize the emotions of their parents & didn’t hesitate to hurt their sentiments taking extreme steps. Do they even realize what agony their parents would go through their life after such drastic step taken by them?

Teenagers – Students – committing suicide after the examination became very common in India. In any case it is a known fact that all students in their tender age subjected to heavy stress. That’s why when one fails in the examination, takes an extreme step considering him/her as a total failure. Suicide of students after results are out has become a trend.

I Quit – Has it become a common trend?

As per some social activists’ suggestion, many schools & colleges lifted the pass-fail system. That means a student will be automatically promoted to next class even if he/she performed worse in the examination just getting a lower grade. There will only be one examination at the end of particular school such as Class-X, Class-XII etc.

Somehow this initiative too failed. Student even then committing suicide for not getting expected grade or even scoring lesser than his/her competitor, peer. Even a best friend becomes competitor during the period of examination & result. Not to forget the dialogue in the movie ‘3Idiots’’. “One is sad when his friend fails in the examination, but one would be sadder if his friend tops the examination.”

Are Parents To Be Blamed for Children Taking Drastic Steps?

Do parents careless in managing the stress of their children? I doubt it. Fact is all parents not only love their children but also very careful during the period of result out. Still students are committing suicide. Why?

Going back to the case of daughter of my friend, what I learnt was that she didn’t get promoted to class X because of her poor performance in the 9th Std examination. My friend somehow convinced the Principal to conduct a special examination for his daughter for considering her promotion. The special examination was also conducted. In the meantime, my friend’s daughter started attending class-X along with her classmates. After couple of days the principal declared that she still couldn’t pass the examination & hence, she has to continue in class-IX. The next day She hanged herself even before her parents take any initiative to address her concerns.

Is Peer Pressure main reason for I Quit – Step by Teenagers?

Point is simple, after class-VII, the students live more time with their classmates & studies than their parents. Thus, their new world become the classmates. This period (student of class-IX to undergraduate) is really very tender, immature & hyper for all students. During their studies they develop many friends, enemies, competitors. And they identify some domain of their comfort & dis-comfort very immaturely. They never share these things to their parents. Therefore, whatever stress they start suffering remain unknown to parents, as students think that parents are too old (even the parents are in the age range of 35-45 years) to understand their problem. Thus, when they are subjected to unbearable stress, they take extreme steps purely on a whim.

Shouldn’t Counselling to Value Life Be a Part of Curriculum for Students along with Studies?

Hence, I think, along with studies, counselling to students is required on how to value their life vis-à-vis success & failures of it. Not only the probable victim but also other who immaturely criticize a failed student not understanding that such criticism may abate his/her class mate for suicide. All students should be counselled on how to face failures & how to deal with a failed (in examination) classmate. I think psychiatrist can help better in devising course matter on it. If this implemented, I am sure, a student may fail in the examination but will never fail in life.

My Advice – Value Life

Finally, my advice to all students & in fact all spheres of people that one has taken birth with a particular goal as destined. The success-failure in the life shouldn’t affect the real goal for which one is destined. Win- or lose are part & parcel of the game of life. One shouldn’t be worried for a loss neither should be over excited in a win.

Do you believe that my class-VII-mark sheet was full of single digits (out of 100) in all subjects & because my father’s influence I was promoted to class-IX, yet I became topper of the school in my matric – 10th Board – examination? I was always poor in English throughout my student carrier & hated English for that, yet I am an author of two English non-fiction books & contributed roughly thousands of English articles to various news portals!

Life is very long & indeed much prettier. It doesn’t need the attitude of ‘I quit’ for some defeat at some point of time. You are born for some purpose & win-defeat is just trials before your final journey to destined goal starts. Life is for experiments & enjoyments. Never quit it defeating the sole purpose of a human life which is really a rare form of life as per wise sages.

So, I Quite – Nave Say it!! It Can never be a solution to any problem!!

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