GhaaTe kaa Saudaa – Get Out of a Loss Deal ASAP!!!

GhaaTe kaa Saudaa – Get Out of a Loss Deal ASAP!!!

GhaaTe kaa Saudaa, means a Deficit deal or a Loss-Making Deal, anything which causes loss, a deal which results in loss. More precisely a deal, a situation or circumstances where loss is imminent!!

Loss no matter in what aspect of life, be it in relationship, business, profession, finances, people or anything of that matter, it sucks. A Loss invariably rattles our nerves. If it is deep then it damages to the core.

But again, Loss is also inevitable in life. We Have to face it at some point of life for sure. Not even once, it could be number of times in our entire time span.  We are ought to make wrong decisions or may be the timing is wrong or it may happen that something suddenly comes up resulting in a loss.

So, as I understand, Managing Loss is a major factor in life. But most of the time we fail to deal with it properly. It takes a toll on us, on our physical, emotional, mental & psychological level leaving with irreparable scars.

Sometimes, some losses are so deep that it literally becomes traumatic. I feel everyone would resonate with me on this.

There are number of ways to deal with the loss. However, I would write here a simple way for understanding.

These days I am exploring SHARE TRADING IN STOCK MARKET!!! There are different types of trading like option, Equities, Future, Commodity…etc. Some other time will discuss about all of them. Let me talk about Option Trading that is done in a regular way. Option means more or less a gamble but with proper knowledge. TIMING is very important in in any stock trading, when you are entering & Exiting!!

Once one of My Friends bought an Option at a Particular price. However, the price started falling just after he bought. It’s normally. It falls & then recovers, shoots up and you get your profit booking.  So, he waited. But it was a wrong timing. It started falling further. He waited for the next day.

It again went down. In a hope to minimise he waited again. The loss amount kept increasing. It came to such a point that recovery was almost impossible. Only thing was to reduce the loss. But again, it didn’t happen. Finally, I asked him to exit it immediately. Thank God, he listened to me & Exited. 3/4th of the amount was already lost from that trade. But the moment he exited; it went down even further. And it never came up. So, he was happy that at least he could retain 25% of his money.

He already managed the loss with some more trade. But it took time because the loss was BIG. Had he exited earlier, he would have managed less loss. Isn’t it?  And let me not talk about the kind of stress he had to go through during that time. When you lose money in Stock Market, I tell you it SUCKS!!!!  For some period, he was scared of doing any trade. He just considered it as the end of it. But slowly with time he again started with baby steps, recovered the loss. And now he makes it a point to “Reduce Loss” as much possible as. Balancing is very important.

That is why there is a concept of putting STOP LOSS in Trading. You can limit your Loss and have a target of your profit booking. The Maximum Loss that you can manage to have, you can decide.

My Best Friend Rachna always says that “Jab koi GhaaTe kaa Saudaa, ho jata hai to immediately usmein se nikal jana chahiye. Bhale hi you again buy that particular trade in lower price. But nikal jana chahiye jahan loss ho raha hai” How True It is?

It’s applicable to life too. Whenever we face such timings, trust me get out of it, ASAP. Ghate Ka saudaa ho jata hai.  Nobody does it knowingly. Whether it is relationship, Job, Profession, Study or Business. It’s okay to face Loss. But don’t allow that Loss to damage you to the core.

For example, let’s say someone faced a Sudden Breakup. Think it as a Loss. Now, it will Suck. But stop it further destroying you challenging your ability to trust again. It happens. But It shouldn’t happen. It’s just a wrong timing. Nobody is right or wrong. Nothing is right or wrong actually.  It’s just about timing. So once time becomes right, things will fall in place. But if we allow it to damage us, trust me, even right time won’t heal you entirely.

Similarly, it’s applicable to all kinds of loss. Don’t Make A Temporary Loss Leave a Permanent Scar in You!! GhaaTe kaa Saudaa hai to it’s okay; Get Out of It ASAP!!!



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