BlogchatterAtoZ: Moments & Miracles!!Happy B’day To My Blog!!

BlogchatterAtoZ is not just a challenge for me but it’s a journey, like a annual vacation that most of us take. I always know that I will be a part of it, no matter what!!

Hey Friends & My Dear Readers!!!

Love you Love You…!!! You Know what my blog turned one year today. So, wish it dher sara wishes and blessings!!!

I have a special relation with Blogchatter as I had made this blog live on this day last year just to take part in BlogchatterAtoZ challenge. I won‘t say it’s been a great journey for my blog as there were ups and downs & there are many months when I couldn’t even write a post for it. But its really gives me an intense feeling when I land on it…. it’s my world. “Tina ki Duniya” is not just a website but a place where I speak my mind!!!

Now coming to #BlogchatterAtoZ challenge… I always feel very excited to take part in it. This challenge makes me think and write. I always look forward to it every year. But I agree I never get enough time to prepare for it in advance. This year too, the same.

I will share my life experiences in the coming days for each Alphabet. The “MOMENTS & MIRACLES” that we encounter in life while we sail through it. So this is going to be my theme for BlogchatterAtoZ challenge 2021

Sachh Boluin….

Nothing excites me more that this LIFE…. Sometimes I just wonder, how miraculous it is!! I will share some instances that will really resonate with you as well and may take you that part of your life as well. Some really out of box happenings, at times just unanimated conversations or just some incidents…. The April is going to be full of nostalgia!!

I hope all of you will enjoy reading my posts & I am also looking forward to read your blogs. It’s April now. Unlike many I never enjoy playing April Fool, instead I feel Let’s Make April Cool!!!

Friends…Wherever you are, Plant a Tree…Our Earth Needs Healing!!!

So let’s make April Cooool!!!!!

Luv You all…Keep showering your blessings & wishes on Me & My Blog…!!!!


“Life is a magical journey, so travel endlessly to unfold its profound and heart touching beauty.”― Debasish Mridha