Valmiki The Sage – The Story of Transformation!!!

Valmiki The Sage – The Story of Transformation!!!

Valmiki The Sage – The Brahmashri – is the author of the Maha kavya The Ramayana which is also know as the Adi Kavya – The First Poem. It’s the Life Story of Lord Ram in Treta Yug!! He is a very prominent character from our Mythology

Valmiki The Sage – The Story of Transformation!!!

Our Mythology has innumerable stories loaded with life philosophies, values & motivations. From childhood, I feel everyone of us has been grown up with listening to such stories from different sources. I have been grown up with listening to such stories from my father.

The story of The Sage Valmiki has always been very fascinating for me. Because I could really imagine the picture in my mind. It’s one story that is still afresh as it is what I had heard first time. Another reason why this story always motivates me is we can change our destiny if we can change or transform ourselves. The Sage Valmiki was the transformed form of The Dacoit Ratnakar.


Valmiki, in Sanskrit language it means anthill. It was not the birth name of the sage. His name was Ratnakar born to a rishi Prachetasa.

When he was young, he was lost in the jungle. A hunter found him and took him to his home. His new parents were quite loving, so he forgot his originality. Under his foster father’s guidance & care, he became an excellent hunter. Eventually he was married and had children. However, as his family grew larger, he felt that only hunting wasn’t enough to feed the family. So, he resorted to robbery and looted people in the village around.

One day The Mahamuni Narada was passing through the Jungle. Dashyu (Read Dacoit) Ratnakar attacked him for some valuables. Sage Narada instantly played his Veena & sang verses praising Lord Ram to calm down the anger of Ratnakar. It really worked. Ratnakar became very cool as he heard the music & verses, It had worked instantly.

Then the Sage asked him, “Why are you doing this?”

“For my family!” Ratnakar replied.

“Do you think the members of your family will also share the sin you are committing by this way of earning. You are attacking & looting people with your might.” Narada asked.

“Of Course, they will.” Ratnakar replied with confidence.

“Do one thing, you tie me here against a tree. Go and ask each of your family members. If they say yes, you come, I will be here only, waiting for your return. “

Dacoit Ratnakar thought it’s not a bad idea. He himself was curious also.  He did the same and went away to ask his family.

After couple of hours, he returned with shrunken face. It was evident that his family had refused to share the sins he was committing.

He untied The Sage Narada and asked him for the guidance to wash away of the evils he has already done.

Narada muni taught him the name “Rama” & asked him to mediatate on it. Since he was neck – dipped in sin, he couldn’t even chant RAMA. So Narada asked him to chant MARA continuously and left telling him do meditate by chanting till he returns.

Ratnakar did follow the instructions, sat and mediated for years. Eventually his body got completely covered with anthill. After some years, Mahamuni Narada came back, removed all the anthills, & said that his Tapashya Paid off. He is a transformed person now. He was bestowed with the title BRAHMASHRI and renamed VALMIKI – as he was reborn from the ant-hill.

After that we know how did he envision Lord Rama’s Life and wrote the Maha Kavya Ramayana. He also authored some other scriptures like Yoga Vashishtha – The Philosophy of life

The story ends here.

The moral of this story is no matter where life puts us, no matter what we have done so far, there is always scopes for New Beginning and a Self-Transformation.

We are accountable what we do in terms of actions or thoughts. Also, we are the one who can change ourselves. There is a Valmiki within every one of us.  There is a Sage in Us. We need to awaken it. Because there lies the PURPOSE OF OUR LIFE….the very reason why we have been given Human birth. So, let’s enlighten us from within!!!!

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Undying Hope – It’s the Best Armor to Battle Corona!!!

Undying Hope is the Best Armor to Battle Corona!!!

As I look at the world today, it seems filled with grim & despair. A kind of powerlessness seems to be psychologically predominating. There are reasons too. We are battling with an Invisible enemy which is evolving every moment. It’s becoming stronger & stronger.

Every day we are losing lives. More because of our own folly though.  Earlier they were just numbers, now they are faces as the loss has become personal. Most of us have already lost someone from our close surrounding.

We underestimated it, we undervalued its strength, we misjudged it’s potential. However, I think nothing last forever. How much strong it is, but at the end of the day it’s a wave and every wave have to subside with time. It’s running its course. But I feel we should never lose our Hope. It seems to be Invisible but that’s not true.

I agree sometimes it’s just not the proper timing. Nothing works. The cruel reality takes a ride over our psyche.  But that doesn’t mean that it will last forever. I can never believe that we are powerless anyway. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Humans have been gifted with an undying spirit. Universe created us for a reason. Humans are the best creation of Universe. So, it’s never going to harm it to an extent that we find it hard to exist. It’s okay, things are not good at present. But let’s see the bigger picture.

We have the highest wisdom and courage within, gifted by the spirit. We can conquer our fear during any adversity. We must remember that we are the Best Creature of the world. We have the responsibility to make the earth a better and greater place.

Hope is a decision and just an attribute of human race. In fact, a very important decision.  It’s a flame that illuminates in the hearts. We need to make a conscious choice. It’s our Undying Hope that’s the best armour we can have to fight any adversity, be it Corona… 😊



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GhaaTe kaa Saudaa – Get Out of a Loss Deal ASAP!!!

GhaaTe kaa Saudaa, means a Deficit deal or a Loss-Making Deal, anything which causes loss, a deal which results in loss. More precisely a deal, a situation or circumstances where loss is imminent!!

Loss no matter in what aspect of life, be it in relationship, business, profession, finances, people or anything of that matter, it sucks. A Loss invariably rattles our nerves. If it is deep then it damages to the core.

But again, Loss is also inevitable in life. We Have to face it at some point of life for sure. Not even once, it could be number of times in our entire time span.  We are ought to make wrong decisions or may be the timing is wrong or it may happen that something suddenly comes up resulting in a loss.

So, as I understand, Managing Loss is a major factor in life. But most of the time we fail to deal with it properly. It takes a toll on us, on our physical, emotional, mental & psychological level leaving with irreparable scars.

Sometimes, some losses are so deep that it literally becomes traumatic. I feel everyone would resonate with me on this.

There are number of ways to deal with the loss. However, I would write here a simple way for understanding.

These days I am exploring SHARE TRADING IN STOCK MARKET!!! There are different types of trading like option, Equities, Future, Commodity…etc. Some other time will discuss about all of them. Let me talk about Option Trading that is done in a regular way. Option means more or less a gamble but with proper knowledge. TIMING is very important in in any stock trading, when you are entering & Exiting!!

Once one of My Friends bought an Option at a Particular price. However, the price started falling just after he bought. It’s normally. It falls & then recovers, shoots up and you get your profit booking.  So, he waited. But it was a wrong timing. It started falling further. He waited for the next day.

It again went down. In a hope to minimise he waited again. The loss amount kept increasing. It came to such a point that recovery was almost impossible. Only thing was to reduce the loss. But again, it didn’t happen. Finally, I asked him to exit it immediately. Thank God, he listened to me & Exited. 3/4th of the amount was already lost from that trade. But the moment he exited; it went down even further. And it never came up. So, he was happy that at least he could retain 25% of his money.

He already managed the loss with some more trade. But it took time because the loss was BIG. Had he exited earlier, he would have managed less loss. Isn’t it?  And let me not talk about the kind of stress he had to go through during that time. When you lose money in Stock Market, I tell you it SUCKS!!!!  For some period, he was scared of doing any trade. He just considered it as the end of it. But slowly with time he again started with baby steps, recovered the loss. And now he makes it a point to “Reduce Loss” as much possible as. Balancing is very important.

That is why there is a concept of putting STOP LOSS in Trading. You can limit your Loss and have a target of your profit booking. The Maximum Loss that you can manage to have, you can decide.

My Best Friend Rachna always says that “Jab koi GhaaTe kaa Saudaa, ho jata hai to immediately usmein se nikal jana chahiye. Bhale hi you again buy that particular trade in lower price. But nikal jana chahiye jahan loss ho raha hai” How True It is?

It’s applicable to life too. Whenever we face such timings, trust me get out of it, ASAP. Ghate Ka saudaa ho jata hai.  Nobody does it knowingly. Whether it is relationship, Job, Profession, Study or Business. It’s okay to face Loss. But don’t allow that Loss to damage you to the core.

For example, let’s say someone faced a Sudden Breakup. Think it as a Loss. Now, it will Suck. But stop it further destroying you challenging your ability to trust again. It happens. But It shouldn’t happen. It’s just a wrong timing. Nobody is right or wrong. Nothing is right or wrong actually.  It’s just about timing. So once time becomes right, things will fall in place. But if we allow it to damage us, trust me, even right time won’t heal you entirely.

Similarly, it’s applicable to all kinds of loss. Don’t Make A Temporary Loss Leave a Permanent Scar in You!! GhaaTe kaa Saudaa hai to it’s okay; Get Out of It ASAP!!!



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The Stud Story – with this story I would like to will tell you that nurturing children for financial growth is also an important part of parenting.

When I was young, I was taught about money or saving/budgeting. Because from a very tender age I went to a boarding school. However, I see some of my friends learnt about managing money in much later part of their life. So, I always felt that our kids should be well-informed, nurtured about money. I felt my son should be taught about money.

I believe parenting doesn’t come up with an exact manual for everyone to follow. Each child is Born unique so also, it’s parenting should be…isn’t it? Let me talk about the stud story – story of this neon orange pair of Studs.

My Son was in 7th Std then. After done with his everyday tantrums of “Mom, give me this, give me that” I decided to give him pocket money. I did the Same and asked him to manage all his expenditures for the month. For a 12yr Kid Rs.500/ was like a lottery. He was excited & proudly keeping the money in the wallet given by me & managed his expenses.

The Stud Story

Suddenly he developed an interest for the football. Eventually he became crazy for it. As any other over excited parents the moment he developed the interests he was gifted with a pair of Addidas stud by his over protective dad. However, within a month or two he lost it. Seemed someone took it from his bag while he was busy with friends. It happens at times, right?? .

He told his dad the same. And for the first time I think Santosh – my hubby told him…”will buy another pair when you would learn to appreciate & take care of things.” I know my hubby had said it just in an impulse, feeling sad for the loss. .aisehi bol diya tha. In our next visit to mall, he would have bought him another pair. But Pupun felt like a culprit & to my surprise didn’t throw tantrums. It was unusual. .
However, football craze had already possessed him. He couldn’t resist that. That year only I had started giving him pocket money. But he had no saving. So, he came up with a proposal. He said, “Mama, buy me one & I would return you with a part of it every month from my pocket money till the amount is done,” I was surprised!! I didn’t know from where in the universe he got this idea.  But I liked the it. I said Yes. After showing some fake resistance though (I was acting 😜)

Then what!!! He went to the nearest sports shop, bargain hard for this pair 😳& bought it😎 Religiously paid the instalment to his mom w/o interest though😜 & managed with the less pocket money till 5 months. I felt bad at times by deducting 100 rupees from his pocket money, but I thought I was necessary.
Many were critical of me giving him pocket money as he was too young for that. But I think I did a right thing (I was experimenting though). The best thing is he learnt the value of things as still the pair is as it is as he feels it was bought by HIs Money😜😜 Never seen he took care of anything like that before.

As of now he has saved enough to open a bank account. After getting pocket money, he found many ways to reduce his expenditures as well. In the birthdays of their friends, instead of going for individual gift, they started buying a nice one with contribution. That became a trend among them. And I think that was right too. Because I have seen the Bday gifts are of no use. Sometimes there are five Chess Games. What will a child do with them? I have so many times disposed them or given them to maids.

Some other tricks were also devised by these kids to reduce the expenditure. I know we are quite well-off parents. We can really afford what our kids want, But here it’s not about our financial strength. It’s about developing their skills to manage their own finance. Isn’t it?

The Studs, these pair of Orange Neon Studs always remind me that I did a right thing.
Parenting is really a wonderful journey as You live so many lovelyyyy moments through it😍😍

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Mahashivaratri: The Legacy Of Lord Shiva & Environment!!!

On Mahashivaratri often the staunch devotees of Lord Shiva Chants the Mahamrutyunjaya Mantra which is as follows.

Aum Trayambakam Yajaamahe

       sungandhim pushtivardhanam

urvaarukamive bandhanaat.

mrityormukshiya maamritaat.

Mahashivaratri: The Legacy Of Lord Shiva & Environment!!!Lord Shiva, as we all know that he is the God of the Gods, Devon ke Dev, Mahadeva – The Ultimate Savior of Universe. And Mahashivaratri, is one of the most auspicious festival that holds very high regard for his devotees across the nation.

On this auspicious occasion of Mahashivaratri I was privileged to be invited to a Plantation drive by Nature Care Foundation, Vashi. It was carried at Vashi, Sector 12, Jogging Track Area. What’s worth to be mentioned here is that, in that particular occasion, at least 100 coconut trees were🌴 donated by Mr.Kamlakar Patil, a resident of Vashi, in the Loving Memory of his Father Late Panduram Kanha Patil, on the day of his first Punya Tithi (death anniversary). Mr. Patil himself is a nature lover & a concerned green activist.

Mahashivaratri is celebrated not only as the anniversary of Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati but also as a day when Lord Shiva had saved the Universe from the pot of poison that had emerged from the Samudra Manthan.

Mahashivaratri, Samudra Manthan – Churning of the Ocean of Milk

Samudra Manthan – Churning of the Ocean of Milk (Khshirasagar) by Gods and Demons is one of the best-known stories that most of us have grown up hearing it. It’s believed that along with many spectacular things that was well distributed between Devtas & Danavs, a pot of lethal poison was also released during the churning process which could have destroyed the entire creation. None of the Gods or Demons dared to handle it, instead everyone was scared of it. Then Lord of the Lords, Mahadev appeared as a savior & drank it entirely to save the world.

Samundra Manthan – How I See It!!

However I see this episode in an entirely different prospective. For a moment, let’s look at this episode from a rationale stance. I feel, the entire Samudra Manthan episode & the lethal poison pot releasing at the end of it itself speaks a lot about the “Over Exploiting Attribute of Us.”

Probably, as I believed or you can I understand, water as a resource was overexploited that time which had led to a serious pollution which could have destroyed the entire water content of the globe leading to a severe destruction & imbalance. Water Elixir of Life. If it would have poisoned then how could life sustained on the Earth? I don’t know how or what power Lord Shiva had but it’s well documented that He saved the world  during that time. Let’s put our believe in that.

What are we doing now?

Now, coming to the present situation, what are we doing now? Aren’t we destroying the natural resources for our over ambitious idea of living? We are all well aware, how we humans, in search of better living in terms infrastructure and development, have blatantly abused nature. We have cut trees, reduced forest lands and polluted water bodies and air to accommodate more humans, projects, and factories…etc. That has imbalanced the Ecology.

Aren’t we destroying our own planet?

For instance, deforestation alone has made many living species disappear. Pollution has eventually become uncontrollable posing a great treat to our health in particular and life in general. Global warming is lurking with its evil eye casting a deadly threat on the entire living world. In short, the bottom line is we are here with a “Pot Of Lethal Poison” which has been released after our over exploitation of natural resources. And what we think? Lord Shiva will again come and with his unique power make the biosphere pollution free?

Come on, Let’s not live in the Fool’s Paradise. It’s now our responsibility to save ourselves, our environment. And I think Planting a Tree is the first step towards it. In fact,

If we really have highest regard to our Lord, then it’s time to take his legacy forward to save the world. So, by Planting a Tree on the day of Mashashivaratri is one the best way to show our reverence to the Lord. Isn’t it?

                                     Mahashivaratri: The Legacy Of Lord Shiva & Environment!!

 Also, the day we were born, we were provided with free oxygen which is given by the trees that’re planted by our ancestors. What could be the best thing to offer to our ancestors than Planting A Tree in their memory!!

Let’s Show Our Love & Respect To Our Ancestors By Planting A Tree In Their Name!!!

I really highly appreciated the efforts of Nature Lover & Concerned Green Activists Like Mr.Kamlesh Rajpoot, Mr.Vijoy Gore and other members of Nature Care Foundation for their initiative for providing a platform for such noble participation and people like Mr.Pravakar Bhoir for extending their support to such endeavor.

                                    Mahashivaratri: The Legacy Of Lord Shiva & Environment!!

At last I feel, we can really follow such ways of showing our reverence & love towards our Gods and ancestors. It’s a need of the hour too!!!

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Chaitra Navaratri-Celebrating Seasons!!

Celebrating Seasons – Chaitra Navaratri!!Happy Chaitra Navaratri!! Let the Divine Feminine Shower Her Blessings on All!!!

Chaitra Navaratri!!

This Particular Article is written by Panchami Ma’am
Madam Panchami Manoo Ukil is a gold medalist in Economics, a renowned birdwatcher & bird photographer.

Learn About Her HERE

Celebrating Seasons – Chaitra Navaratri Chaitra Navaratri or Vasant Navaratri commences today, Chaitra Shukla Pratipada in the hindu almanac. This Navratri is also known as Rama Navaratri as it culminates with the celebration of Shri Rama Navami.

Types Of Navaratri!!

There are four Navaratris in a year – Aashaadh Navaratri, Ashwina Navaratri, Maagha Navaratri and Chaitra Navaratri. Of these, Ashwina and Chaitra Navaratris are observed by householders and non-householders while the Aashaadh and Maagha Navaratris, being more esoteric in nature, are known as Gupt Navratris and observed by occultists and aspirants.

The Agni Purana mentions that the months of Ashwina and Chaitra are like the two jaws of Lord Yama. By observing the rituals of these two  navaratris, one is protected from the disfavour of Yama. Chaitra Navaratri observation and rituals is believed to act as a shield from “pitru dosh” or any shortcoming in oblations to forefathers and believed to be the only ritual that has the potency to negate any affliction caused by any planet, bestowing the seeker with “riddhi & siddhi” – prosperity and spiritual evolution.

Reason Why Celebrated!!

Just as in the more famous Ashwina Navaratri, in the Chaitra Navaratri too, Goddess Durga is invoked and venerated in nine forms. Originally, Navaratri was observed by householder devouts in the month of Chaitra. However, when Lord Rama went to war against Ravana, he invoked the Goddess Durga for nine days seeking her benediction and grace. Since then the Ashwina Navaratri became the major Navaratri. This in fact is the reason why the Ashwina Navaratri is also called ‘Akaal Bodhon’ or untimely invocation by the people of Bengal.

Science Behind The Celebration Of Festivals!!!

The Navaratri rituals entail fasting through the day and breaking of the fast in the evening. It’s with a simple diet consisting of fruits, milk, roots and some specific grains. I have always believed in the science behind our celebrations and rituals. While I was in Delhi, I was introduced to puris made out of “singhade ka atta” water chestnut flour during navaratri. Water Chestnuts have huge cooling properties and widely prescribed as a nutritious and low-calorie option during intermittent fasting.

By weaving in personal fulfilments like placating of Lord Yama and oblations to forefathers in this case, our seers and wise men induced common folk to follow healthy practices. Navaratris are periods of change of season and the prescribed fasting is meant to prepare the body for changes in temperature. Some devouts observe silence, humility, honesty and servitude in the daily chores. Some adopt more rigid disciplines, the purpose of all rituals being a natural physical and mental detox.

My basket of flowers and leaves for the Great Goddess is ready! Wishing you all a very blessed Chaitra Navaratri 🙏❤

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#BlogchatterA2Z : A For All About A Ball Point Pen!!!


A Ball Point Pen!!  When was the last time you had bought one? And what does it bring to your mind? For me it reminds me one of my most important life lesson.

It was way back in my childhood. My family was like that of Simran’s family, (Kajol) in DDLJ. Father was the ultimate BOSS of the family…. not less than Hitler. And my mother was as usual as most women to such people, a dummy in the family.

Father had a peculiar habit of setting norms for all his children. It was just “His ways” & no other ways. We were well programmed to behave and adhere to rules.   I don’t know why fathers are so strict, often.

Those days, writing with pen in schools used to start from standard three onwards. Till then it was with Pencils. Once we enter 4th Standard, Father had set the rules that one fountain pen (Ink wala) per year will be given to us. We had Ink bottles as much as we need & could ask for extra nibs given to fact that it used to break with every fall.  But no extra pen.

However, I used to be very fond of pens. Collecting them was my passion, and I had already started it. I used to ask for pens whenever there was any occasion for gifting something to children. And I had a great collection too.

I was in fifth standard then.

One evening, I noticed a pack of “Four Ball point Pens” on the Table of my father. He had kept it when he had returned from the office. Probably he had been gifted by someone in his office given his position. The pack was really lovely & enough attractive to hold my attention. In fact, I was having a strong urge to open it. But the thought of the father was curbing my impulse. Nevertheless, no more I could control & finally my urge won over the fear.  I could not prevent myself from opening the pack and having a glimpse of those Ball point pens. They were really striking in terms of colors, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Quite fascinating to the core.

I wanted having one of them but the thought of the face of my father with the anger painted on it fade away all my fantasy. I was too meek to ask for one as well…because I was well aware of my father’s nature.

I could not sleep that night for that fantasy. The impulse was too much. So, the next Morning, while my father was still asleep and mother was in the washroom, I slowly got into their room & took out The Blue one from the pack and kept it in my school bag.

The whole day passed. I had taken that Blue Ball Point Pen to school and showed it proudly to my classmates telling them that it was gifted to me by my father. I lied but as a child it was quite normal…isn’t it? I enjoyed all the attentions of my friends & felt very good about my possession.  I was happy and proud as I had that with me.

However, In the evening, my father enquired about the missing one. The bubble of my happiness burst & slither. Everyone at home, my siblings refused to have any idea of it. Even I could not muster enough courage to say about it.

I knew very well how father used to react if anybody touched his things without his permission. And I had taken the pen from the pack, means not only touched but taken it without his permission. I could imagine what my fate would be if I admit about it. So, I felt better not to talk about the truth.

Thank God!!! Father was not that serious or was busy in something more important. So, he ignored it.

I was in bed, but not in peace. An intense feeling of fright had already taken over me. A chill was running down my body with thought of “Consequence” of “being caught”. I don’t know how I was feeling as if father was looking out for his pen particularly in my school bag.

Believe me…that time I was not happy with that Ball Point pen. It was something like that of a monster haunting me throughout the night. The bag looked like a laden monster as well.  I took the school bag and kept it aside my pillow. A mixture of fear and guilt was holding me from inside hounding me terribly. I was really done …felt like throwing out both. I decided that the first thing I would do the next day…I would throw that Ball Point Pen somewhere on my way to school.

The next morning…I woke up with a gentle touch. Still afraid but holding my emotion as much possible as I can. I saw mother was waking me up.

My mother asked,” How was your night? You were quite disturbed.”

I looked at her with a question mark on my face saying “How do you know??”

“Mamun, go and say your father that you have taken the pen.”

I was shocked & surprised. I fumbled “Mmm..mmm..Mum…but…I mean!!!

Come on Sweetheart…I know it’s you. That is why you had a very troubled sleep last night. Isn’t it??

No point in pretending or acting now. Mother had caught me. I surrendered to her with my face down and tears rolling out.

My mother affectionately hugged me and then said….

“See beta, you already felt how it feels to be guilty and afraid in the whole night. Isn’t it hell…? Now if you do not admit and accept it before your father, you will never feel good about it in your entire life. Just Go and Confess”

“Father was not very serious about it. But that is not the point. the point is you need to learn how to confess your mistake.  So, you must. Dishonesty never gives solace. Doing wrong is not wrong, but not admitting and accepting the same definitely is. Remember…when there is No honesty it means…it is all hell, hell and only hell….!!

It is not just about the pen; it is the act that involved you for that pen…that is important. I nodded and got ready to face the inevitable. (Did I have any other option??)
After a while…

I was standing before father. Thankfully my mother helped me confess my guilt before him. Thank God, father was in good mood. To my surprise not only he said it’s okay & take his permission next time, but also, he gave me the whole pack……!!!!

Was it scripted by my both parents…? I still wonder

But anyway…It was such a wonderful day. I felt so relieved. Got my peace of mind back. That was more than the “Possession of Ball Point Pens Pack” now. Got those lovely Ball Point Pens. Moreover, may be for the first time got my first lesson on honesty from my loving mother!!

I don’t remember I have done anything like that after that incident of my life so far……!! Till today…even if sometimes things happen unknowingly…I accept it and do corrections and vow not to repeat it again. Never knew A Ball Point Pen would taught me the first lesson of honesty & Facing the Consequence of my Action!!! 

I have observed in my life that it is the honesty that helps you sail easily through the most difficult part your life. Because if you are honest…you surely have the Guts and that extra edge of courage to face the world!!!

Honesty is not only speaking truth and not touching or accepting things that doesn’t belong to you but it is also the ability to tell the truth to yourself, to accept your mistakes and admit your faults as well.

Without honesty a person cannot find peace and solace in this quite complex world. Honesty is the only thing that makes your life easy and keeps it simple. Definitely Honesty is the Best Policy!!!

Well, one thing I must say, even though nowadays no more I write in pen & paper and keypad has taken the place of pen, I still love pens, still they never stop grabbing my attention. I still love collecting them. 😊

Honesty Makes Life Simple In This Complex World!!!

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BlogchatterAtoZ: Moments & Miracles!!Happy B’day To My Blog!!

BlogchatterAtoZ is not just a challenge for me but it’s a journey, like a annual vacation that most of us take. I always know that I will be a part of it, no matter what!!

Hey Friends & My Dear Readers!!!

Love you Love You…!!! You Know what my blog turned one year today. So, wish it dher sara wishes and blessings!!!

I have a special relation with Blogchatter as I had made this blog live on this day last year just to take part in BlogchatterAtoZ challenge. I won‘t say it’s been a great journey for my blog as there were ups and downs & there are many months when I couldn’t even write a post for it. But its really gives me an intense feeling when I land on it…. it’s my world. “Tina ki Duniya” is not just a website but a place where I speak my mind!!!

Now coming to #BlogchatterAtoZ challenge… I always feel very excited to take part in it. This challenge makes me think and write. I always look forward to it every year. But I agree I never get enough time to prepare for it in advance. This year too, the same.

I will share my life experiences in the coming days for each Alphabet. The “MOMENTS & MIRACLES” that we encounter in life while we sail through it. So this is going to be my theme for BlogchatterAtoZ challenge 2021

Sachh Boluin….

Nothing excites me more that this LIFE…. Sometimes I just wonder, how miraculous it is!! I will share some instances that will really resonate with you as well and may take you that part of your life as well. Some really out of box happenings, at times just unanimated conversations or just some incidents…. The April is going to be full of nostalgia!!

I hope all of you will enjoy reading my posts & I am also looking forward to read your blogs. It’s April now. Unlike many I never enjoy playing April Fool, instead I feel Let’s Make April Cool!!!

Friends…Wherever you are, Plant a Tree…Our Earth Needs Healing!!!

So let’s make April Cooool!!!!!

Luv You all…Keep showering your blessings & wishes on Me & My Blog…!!!!


“Life is a magical journey, so travel endlessly to unfold its profound and heart touching beauty.”― Debasish Mridha



Z For Zero Is the Hero!!!

Zero is the Hero….How?? Read On….

One day, a teacher organized a meeting of numbers. Other than zero, all the numbers came to attend the meeting. Zero was missing.

The teacher asked all the numbers, “Where is Zero?”

“No idea Sir, Seems he is hiding somewhere may be in an unknown place” The other numbers replied in chorus.

“Where is Zero? Go and find him out? And get him to this assembly right away” The teacher said them with authority.

“Okay Sir” The numbers said and dispersed to find out Zero. They looked for him everywhere. At last, after a long search, they found him hiding himself behind a wall. They caught hold of him and brought him before the teacher.

The Teacher called Zero to him and said, “Why were you hiding? Why were you afraid of attending the meeting of numbers?”

Zero began crying and said in a broken voice, “Sir, I am Zero. According to people, I have no value and everyone teases me.  No one cares for me or respects me. This upsets and hurts me a lot. That is the reason why I was not interested to be present at this convention. I put myself out of sight and hid at the back a wall so that no one could find me out.”

The teacher thought for a while and called the number ONE (1) and asked him to stand in front of him. Looking at Zero, the teacher asked, “Tell me, Zero, what is the value of this number?”

“One,” replied ZERO.

The teacher then asked Zero to stand to the right of ONE. Looking at the other numbers, he asked them, “What is the value of this number?”

“Ten,” replied all the numbers in unison.

The Teacher then asked all the Zeros to stand to the right of ONE, one after the other. Every time a Zero was added to the right of ONE, the teacher would ask the other numbers the value of ONE. As the number of Zeros increased, the value of ONE also increased, that is to a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, and so on.

The teacher said considerately looking at Zero, “See, when you are added to the right of ONE, one after the other, the value of ONE increased tenfold each time. Any number by itself has very little value. Its worth increases only when another number is put next to it. You think that all by yourself you have very little value. But when you come along with some other number, you increase not only your own value but also that of the other number. Didn’t I just demonstrate that to you?”

Zero understood the point made by the teacher. He was glad that the opinion of the people that Zero has no worth was baseless and incorrect. So also the other numbers realized the value of Zero. They all became friends and no one ever treat Zero worthless from that day. Instead They called him HERO.  

The moral of the story is no one is valueless or insignificant in this world. We ourselves have strength and substance no doubt but when we unite with others, we augment not only our own value and strength but also that of the others. Unity has a power!!!

We all know that Zero is digit a number, and the numerical digit used to represent that number in numerals. It fulfills a central role in mathematics as the additive identity of the integers, real numbers, and many other algebraic structures. As a digit, 0 is used as a placeholder in place value systems.

Biblically, 0 is a firm number since it represents God and His divine nature. It also symbolizes the relationship between God and all creatures of the earth. The infinite nature of God is well articulated with the shape of number 0. It also represents potential that is inbuilt in all creations of God.

Zero is regarded as a virtuous number. Angel Number 0 is also considered to be a sign of “nothingness.” It symbolizes the start of a new phase in life….A Beginning of Spiritual Life!!!

ZERO is a number, very powerful because when it is multiplied with any number, no matter how big it is it reduces that number to ZERO in a fraction of second. While all other number when multiplied either increase the value  or keep it as it is but Zero just reduces the number to itself.

So, Never messed up with ZERO, because if it is happy  and stands on your right , you Become HERO but if it is angry and multiplied then no matter What value you posses, You just Reduce to a ZERO.


Zero the Hero…
He’s SOOO Cool!
Zero the Hero…
He comes to school!!
Zero the Hero…
He takes his place…
So NOOO other number can take his space!!!

Isn’t ZERO is a HERO!!!  

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Y for Yudhishtira – Mysterious Character!!

Yudhishtira – Mysterious Character!!

Yudhistira  or Dharmaraj Yudhistira has always been a mysterious character for me ever since I learnt about Mahabharata – The Epic. I had watched Mahabharata in Doordarshan in my grown up years. That time,  I hardly understood anything about the story, characters etc other than loving the visuals.  My real encounter with Mahabharata Story was in my teens. When I read the Book Jajnaseni– written By Dr.Prativa Roy the first women recipient of Moorthydevi Awards, first time. 

Jajnaseni – is the story of the Mahabharata retold in the first person perspective of  Draupadi alias  Jajnaseni. She was born from a hawan kund directly with a youthful body surpassing infancy and growing up years.  It’s really a really thought-provoking book. Draupadi had questioned all the circumstances that were put forth by life in the entire book. This spin is what makes the book captivating as contrasting to the original narrative. The book is also an autobiographical tale of Queen Draupadi.

First impression lasts long, After Reading that book I could never like the character of Yudhishtira; there were legitimate questions asked by Draupdi about his character and conduct.

My father used to tell stories from epics and scriptures. Most of the valuable lessons I learnt that led to put the foundation of many good characters in me were from his stories only.  Once while discussing the righteousness my father gave the example of  Yudhishtira. With a denial I argued with him that I didn’t understand the character of Yudhishtira.  And what makes him so virtuous. What was so moral about him??

Then my father narrated this story.

After making Pandavas to exile to forest leaving everything deceitfully defeating them in a Game Of Dice- Pasha Khela- Once Duryodhana and his army men reached Kamyak forest to have a glimpse of cursed and doomed, ill-omened life and hardships of Pandavas by themselves. They halted and settled in a place in the forest. There was a lake in close proximity. That day, that moment, a group of Gandharvas – Celestial musicians from heaven – and their consorts were taking bath in the lake. Chitrasen was their leader. Duryodhana, a habitual offender  and his men started misbehaving with them and passed lewd comments and rude jibes on the false euphoria of having many army personnel with him. But the Gandharvas used their divine powers to render Duryodhana and his army weak and powerless. Duryodhana was overpowered and was intensely embarrassed and ashamed of his pitiable defeat.

Chitrasen wanted to teach Duryodhana a lesson.  So he arrested Duryodhana and fastened him.  He was about to beat him up when Pandavas happened to pass by that side. Seeing the pathetic condition of his brother, Yudhisthira advised Arjuna and Bhima to free Duryodhana who was in the clutches of the Gandharvas. Both the brothers remonstrated that Yudhisthira should be more realistic, sensible and practical and use his common sense; how and why could they help the tormentor of Draupadi?

But Yudhisthira placated them and said, “Our differences should not come in the path of our obligation and duty to protect our brothers in difficulty.” Then Pandavas defeated Gandharvas and Duryodhana was set free. He ran away ashamed of himself.

The story itself was quite depicting the soft – righteous or peculiar – nature of Yudhisthira. He was a calm and cool person. Though, I had many reasonable questions on his character and conduct, but I had to agree on one thing,  Undoubtedly he was a person who had the ability to follow “What is right” in almost all circumstances of Life no matter what. Probably that’s what makes him Dharmaraj – The king of Righteousness!

Yudhishtira – In the Hindu epic Mahabharata,Yudhishthira was the eldest son of King Pandu and Queen Kunti and the king of Indraprastha and later of Hastinapura (Kuru). By the description of Vyasa and Krishna, the king was fair and lotus-eyed, with a long and stout nose, tall and strong but humble like any other citizen. He was the leader of the successful Pandava side in the Kurukshetra War. At the end of the epic, he only ascended to heaven in human form after having the glimpse of hell for a while for his “White Lie” in the battle field of Kurukhsetra, in Mahabharata. He was also blessed with the spiritual vision of second sight by a celestial Rishi as a boon. There are many testaments in the epic to the many good virtues of this, the simple, truthful, kind, adaptable, and patient king.

Yudhishitra The Dharmaraj
                                             Yudhishitra the dharmaraj

However, I still feel there are many other facets of him which is debatable and questioning his Righteousness and  I have a wish to explore this Mysterious Character in the form a Book –One Day!!!!

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