Zodiac Signs and Their Impact on Human Life

Zodiac Signs and Their Impact on Human Life

Zodiac Signs and Their Impact on Human Life.  it seems to be a very familiar topic. But no matter how familiar they may appear; they never stop amazing us. Isn’t it?

From the beginning I was very much fascinated towards the Zodiacs. Once I got a book from my college library. “Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs: The Secret Codes of the Universe” That book completely changed my outlook towards human beings as well as the surrounding. I mean I used to analyses the traits of people around me & match them with what I read in the book. And I used to rivetted by seeing how exactly they used to match.

Zodiacs are The Sun Shines. The Sun sign of a person is defined as per the month he/she has born. They are 12 Zodiacs as per the movement of Sun in the 12 houses in 12 months.

In astrology The Sun is considered as the most powerful planet…yes, it’s called a planet in astrology. The Sun represents the Soul & Self. So, the sun signs often make us understand the personality traits of a person.

The 12 zodiacs are again divided into four different elements – Air, Water, Earth, Fire. As per the elements the basic personality trait of a person can be understood. Like if a someone is born in the mid of October to Mid of November, then the sun sign will be Scorpio which belongs to the element water.

Water since represents emotion, the basic trait of that person would be emotional or a person who gives values to emotions.

They help us understand the below things

  • What is basic trait of the person
  • What inspires him/her
  • How do they respond to the situation
  • Which are the other Sun signs they get along well & not well.
  • Their physical aspects

There are so many things influences human life. Like seasons, the human life changes too. The planetary movements have its influence on us whether we accept it not. That’s the reason we have Astrology & it’s a science.

The Sun being the most powerful planet, is the source of life energy on earth. Our birth as per its positioning in the universe surely determines a bigger part of our destiny.

That’s why I believe Zodiac have a great impact on our life. Someday, I will write in detail about as per my observation.

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You are Always Protected

You Are Always Protected Surrender yourself.

God protects everyone including us. No matter what our past karma or destiny is, when we surrender, he does extend his protection to the extent of our submission.

There is this story. An army that was invading and the defeated army was running helter-skelter. One of the soldiers from defeated army was running for his life. And he came to a cave. He thought let me hide inside the cave. He went * hid there . And then he prayed, “Oh Lord! You alone are my protector today. Thy will be done if you wish, please protect me.”

The moments he prayed like that, in few moments a spider appeared and started making a web on the entrance of the cave.  The soldier felty very disheartened. He thought what kind of a joke is this. I prayed for the lord & I got a spider. And this spider is making this kind of web. Is this something God’s sense of humour?

But in a few moments the spider with its web had completely blocked the entrance of the cave. And half an hour later the army men came.

They stopped at the cave started a conversation. One of them said “Do you think anybody is hiding in that cave?” One of the soldiers said, “Impossible. There is a spider’s web in the entrance. How could he has slipped under the web? There cannot be anyone here.”

So, the invading soldiers went off.

And that is when the defeated soldier realized. Wow.

If God is in your side, then even a spider’s web can be an iron rod. And if God is not ion your side then even the iron rod will be like that of a spider’s web.

There is a saying in Odiya…

“Rakhile Hari, mariba kiya” or in Bengali, Rakhe Krishna, kare ke”

If God decides to protect you, who will kill you then?

However, to have God in our side, we must put entire trust on him. And then Surrender….

You are Always Protected, just surrender!!

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X – The Cross and the Mystery

X – The Cross and the Mystery

The alphabet X has always been very mysterious to me even since my babyhood days. I remember we used to play word game in which we need to guess a word in the last letter of the word spoken by the opponent. For instance, if the opponent said SIX, then we have to guess a word with X. It was difficult to find words in X as they are quite limited.

Well, I made it as practice to note the words in X wherever I used to find them. Then came the days of algebra when this alphabet was used to denote an unknown number.  Too many Xs. I was really wandering who created this Alphabet X.

Then slowly I learn to notice it’s spiritual significance. Of late post I got into Tarot reading, I have my own esoteric observation with this mysterious alphabet

  • X represents the Divine, The Cross. Protection & blessings can be on our way if this alphabet crosses your path
  • X is a very much part of Mathematics, especially algebra. I read it as lots of drama & confusing situations.
  • Normally X is also expressed as WRONG. So, if X appears before me, I take it as something is wrong or I am not doing something the way it should be. Correction is needed.
  • X represent the Number 10 which in tarot read as Completion of a Cycle. So, Death Or rebirth, ending or beginning…or simply end of a chapter in life & start of the new one…
  • X is also associated with the skull and crossbones symbol meaning danger. So, it’s a symbol of alert of any kind of hazard.
  • The alphabet X is also formed with two crossed swords which meant the protection from evil energies.
  • X can represent duality, two paths, crossed.
  • As per Roma numeral the alphabet X represents no 10 which sums up to 1. And in Numerology number 10 has many significances. Being ruled by the Planet Sun, it’s a powerful number. There are 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu & there are 10 Gurus in Sikhism.
  • X also represent something unknown, not yet formed or come to surface.

It can be never be just a co-incident that Jesus was crucified on a cross.  Jesus Christ’s death on the cross is perhaps the most momentous event in history. It was a spiritual event that had great significance for all of humanity. It had a message divinely planned. It changed the course of humanity.

The Cross changed the course of human civilization. It was more than just a Cross, X, it has its mystery, though unknown to puerile beings.

X – The Cross and the Mystery

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Vibes and Vibrations – Raise Your Vibrations

Vibes and Vibrations – Raise Your Vibrations and Attract Positive Vibes

Vibes is something we feel from another entity, be it a living or non-living being. Ever wandered why do a painting gives you a positive vibe while the other one, negative? It must have happened with everyone. When we meet a person for the first time, we get a feeling of liking him/her or may be a disliking instantly. And we are clueless about it.

Well, lets put it a very simple term. It’s all about how do we vibrate. What frequency we are in. In that ways we attract the vibrations everything outside. As per the Law of Universe or the Law of Attraction, we receive what we send. We are responsible for what is happening with us.

“Everything in life is vibration.” –Albert Einstein

So basically, everything in the universe is vibrating at different frequencies. Some are at higher frequency & some are in low frequency; So, there are higher vibrations and lower vibrations. Humans attract frequencies as per the frequency they are vibrating in.

We mostly vibrate with our emotions & thoughts. If the thoughts are positive, we experience positive emotions like pleasure, happiness & contentment. We feel light & vibrate in a higher frequency. We attract abundance, prosperity & bliss. On the other hand, with negative thoughts we experience fear, anxiety, overthinking & sadness. And we feel heavy, attract bad vibes, bad luck. Etc.

Life as I wrote in my previous article can’t be always smooth & straight. We get our shares of trajectories that lowers our energies. Life situations happens. It could be because of a lesson that we must learn or we did something for which the consequences we must face.

However, it’s not necessary that since things are bad so we must feel bad. We can see it from a different perspective. Or simply can shift our focus to the things that are good with us. This way, our energies will not get lower.

Vibes and Vibrations – Raise Your Vibrations and Attract Positive Vibes

To raise our vibrations, we can adopt the below things.

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude – When certain aspects of our life go astray, it impacts our outlook towards everything. However, we must learn to shift the focus & appreciate things that are good with us.

Go out & connect with Nature – It really works wonder. Go for a walk & connect with nature. It will really calm us down.

Listen to Music – We all know that music is therapeutic. It heals & elevates our spirit.

Practice forgiveness, meditate & do some breathworks.

Read a book that has positive emotions like love & romance, positivity & good vibe. It will help you to slip through a different world.

The bottom-line is as per the Law of attraction, like attracts like. So the way we vibrate, we will attract the same.

So, no matter what life situations we are in we have to raise our vibrations to attract the positive vibes & things.

Vibes and Vibrations – Raise Your Vibrations and Attract Positive Vibes

As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract….Abraham-Hicks

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Universe always Responds to our Questions

Universe always Responds to our Questions

Really?? Is it really true? Does the universe respond to our questions?

Yes, it’s absolutely true. The universe is live, listens to us & reciprocates. We must know how to connect with it & how to ask for the guidance & how to decipher the insights. Most of the times we need to tune into our intuition to get the answer. As I have written the articles on various entities, like birds, animals, flowers who are sent by the universe, to help us with insights needed at that point of our life.

However, many a time either we find it very hard to hear our inner voice. The reason could be either we have too much noise or chaos in our minds or the conditioning of the mind that we should count-on on external evidence rather than internal guidance.

Well, that is also possible. I mean even the universe provided the external evidences too in order to answer our questions. You can experiment this. I almost do it every time whenever I am stuck in any life situation.

Let’s say you are in a situation, not knowing what should be your further step. For example, you are doing fabulous in your current job. Got a recent elevation in it & looking forward to head a team or a project.   At the same time, you got a very tempting job offer too from another reputed employer. Now you are confused, whether to accept it or not since both seems to be equally good.   You want a crystal-clear answer to it. In that case, take the clarity from the Universe itself which has the records of our past, present & future.

Steal some still moments. Ground yourself. Ask clearly that Should I accept the new offer or not?  If YES, show me a blue bird within 24 hours.

In the above, your question can be anything but should have a definite answer. And you may ask for any symbol (like blue bird, pink rose, a peacock…etc.) that come to your mind that particular time. Don’t forget to set a time line, that come from within you.

Trust me, no matter where, may be online, may be physically, may be in your dreams, may be on paper, note books, anywhere, a blue bird will catch your attention within the time frame given by you if the answer is YES. If the answer is NO, then nothing will happen.

Or else you can just put it this way for your answer.

If yes…show me this _____ as symbol, If NO show me this _____as symbol. Trust me, you will surely get it.

It answers even complex questions & not just YES or NO kind queries. Once I asked why do feel lost at times, give me some insights. And within a day I got call from one of my tarot reader friends who stays in USA just like that. And during our conversation, she just intuitively asked me “Tina, why do I feel you are feeling little bit lost these days?” I was surprised to the core. And then she provided me with insights, suggestions…and trust me I was just feeling like as if The Universe was talking to me.

It happens that way. Either you get a call from someone or your land on an article that answers your queries, or you happen to watch a forwarded video…. something will happen for sure.

Universe always Responds to our Questions

Spirituality is a very simple process basically. It is just to make yourself aligned with nature. The universe always wants us that way. When we drift away, get ourselves off track due to the wrong turns we take, we left with unanswered questions, puzzled mind, desperations…

Instead of honoring our intuition which is naturally programmed to lead us toward our highest good, we are taught to dismiss it as “unrealistic” or “not the adult thing to do”.

The Universe is a live entity. It’s watching us, listens to our hearts. Ask questions whenever you are stuck & confused.  It will respond with answers with clarity.

Universe always Responds to our Questions

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Trust the Process Leave the Rest

Trust the Process Leave the Rest

Let The Universe, do its BEST!!

We often do road trips, in fact long road trips. And it is imperative that we take the help of GPS for that matter. Through this we are directed to take the best possible route to our destination. In many instances we were often shown with a route that was drifted away from the highways That make us drive through on a patchy road, through the ups & down, may be a narrow lane too at times. It was never so smooth to get along those paths. It often makes us exasperated & annoyed at times.  But every time, trust me we were brought again to the smooth highways to our destination. Later we would learn that there was an accident or a road block, or something for that matter which would have really made us helpless. That was the reason we were shown a different path, bit rough & long though.

The highway of life can’t be always straight & smooth. It goes through occasional off-track situations. And then we face detours. Sometimes, they are so sudden, like “Highway Closed, Follow the detours” that not only make us uncomfortable but they are so time taking that we lose patience.  A detour is a long way around and takes us off the best path but later after much inconvenience brings us back on the main road.

In those times, we need to understand that there is a reason for it & we should learn to accept it. The delays & detours often happens as per the divine timing. Most of the time, they happen to prepare us for greater responsibilities & better blessings. And sometimes, they happen just to make us learn the lessons we are supposed to.

Sometimes we are the reasons for which our life becomes an amiss. Being trapped into a wrong relationship that we feel great for us, may be a business we want to launch without doing the proper assessment of its success in the long run or accepting a job offer that would land us in a bad company impeding our growth…& so on. Then often life tricks us putting in the situations to teach us the lesson required.

We need to learn the fact that, life should be in a process aligned with the universe for our highest good. Any miss-alignment will make life erroneous. And to make it correct again, we have to go through the delays, detour, disappointments & all such emotions. If we accept the reason & the divine timing, even if we are through the process, we will still have a smooth ride enjoying the lessons.

No matter what seems to go astray, things are exactly as they are supposed to be. So lets Trust the process & leave the rest, let the Universe do its best.

Trust the Process Leave the Rest

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Sunflower – Look at the Bright Side of Things

Sunflower – Look at the Bright Side of Things

Adorable, bright & cheery as inviting as The Sun, no flowers lifts spirit of someone like a sunflower do. A disc studded with million seeds & tender petals blooming from the periphery, this flower looks like that of the Sun. Not only that it also loves to face the Sun, no matter what, if it’s a bright sunny day or a cloudy one.

Apart from looking at the sun every time, a Sunflower is a symbol of devotion, commitment & determination. It finds its own share of mentions in terms of symbolism across many cultures.

As per my observations, whenever this exquisite bloom visits us, it brings insights along with it.

  • Without any doubt it asks us to look at the bright or sunny side of the things, no matter which situations we are in.
  • This flower, I observed, most often brings a message to work on our Manipura Chakra or The Solar Plexus.  The Solar Plexus Chakra, also known as the Manipura Chakra, is the third chakra in the 7-chakra system of the body. This is believed to be the energy Centre of the body. It governs our ability to be confident, assertive, and make decisions from a place of inner wisdom. Most of our relationships, inter [personal, intra personal, workplace, are also governed by this chakra.

However, when this chakra is out of balance, we may experience feelings   of insecurity, self-doubt, and a lack of direction in life. Our relationships may fall apart. The Sunflower often indicates that & asks us to connect to The Sun to energies & balance this chakra.

  • The sunflowers are the symbol of celebration, good luck & fortune.
  • This gorgeous bloom is also a strong pest deterrent. In fact, they even have the power to absorb the harmful chemicals. That’s the reason they are planted near Chernobyl. So, when it shows up your path, it often takes away the negative energies surrounding you.
  • A sunflower can be noticed from a distance. So often it is sign that probably our competency will be noticed & rewarded.
  • The sunflower has a strong & copious stem that makes it stand erect, head high. When it visits us especially if we are though a rough patch of our lives, it brings us the same message; show your spine, stand erect & look for the positive side of the situation. The Sunflower’s Message is: Stand tall and follow your dreams. Focus on what’s positive in your life and don’t let anyone get you down.
  • Often The Sunflower brings the message for our physical fitness. Especially it guides us to do The Surya Namaskar
  • It cleanses the aura of the ambiance & brings in positive vibes.
  • The Sunflower is also the symbol of love & romance. It affirms that the person whom you are in a relationship with could be your soulmate or a twin flame.
  • In fact, they just appear before you saying that your soulmate is coming your way.

The sunflower has its own history down the line. Apart from beings gorgeous a bloom, it has its own set of attributes that make it stand apart.  It reminds us to follow our instinct, follow our joy, follow what lights us up.

Next time a Sunflower draws your attention…let me know what does it whisper…

Sunflower – Look at the Bright Side of Things

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Journaling – Develop a Relationship with The Inner World

Journaling – Develop a Relationship with The Inner World

With my upbringing years, I was taught that there is a power in spoken words. And there are even more powers in written words. Spoken words helps in manifesting while written words heals, renovates & transforms us.  Journaling, a practice of writing thoughts in words, is an amazing tool that helps us heal & rebuild ourselves & grow spiritually.

It’s called journaling. It’s simply writing down our thoughts and feelings to understand them more clearly. It helps us understanding ourselves, our emotions, our situations, our reactions, our responses & our prospective to life.  It’s a way to learn about ourself and develop a relationship with our inner world.

We experience life in different terms. Like seasons, sometimes our life is burdened with responsibilities & deliverables, sometimes it is just a boring game like that of autumn. Sometimes full of love & laughter like that of spring & sometimes overwhelmed with pouring rain….

When we put the thoughts that are created in our mind because of these life experiences, it enhances our self-awareness.

And if you struggle with stress, depression, or anxiety, keeping a journal can be a great idea. It can help you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health.

This is something which can really help a person understand someone. Now you’ll ask but why journaling like why do this instead of something else?

Well, you see when you are overwhelmed or really stressed, you need a way to express yourself. Even when you are happy and on cloud nine, you need a way to express yourself. Now when happy, you can do actions that can express your happiness like, eating ice-cream or doing something that you love. But when you are in a stressful situation it is better to write than to do something that you will regret later. Journaling them is therapeutic.

Also, when you will write about our problems, it helps us understand them from a third person’s point of view which can actually let us arrive on a solution a little bit early.

Many a time I feel that there exists a buffer between me & my world making me unsure & equivocal. And journaling helps me get the clarity. It’s a fast & direct download.  It’s like I have an agency where I can express everything & get the clarity I need. It’s a self-supporting system.

Putting our thoughts, imaginations, uncertainties, insecurities or dreams in a black & white to the page is an act of alchemy. It not only helps us heal our wounds, get over our traumas, release our stuffed emotions, it helps us understand ourselves better.

In your journals,

  • Write your fears, concerns, observations.
  • Acknowledge your blessings.
  • Accept your mistakes & reactions
  • Write your dreams & aspirations.
  • Set your spiritual goals
  • write quotes that inspires you.
  • Review once in a while

…and you will be a altogether a different person. Journaling helps us to become a our better selves.

Journaling – Develop a Relationship with The Inner World

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Illusion – Can Life be One?

Illusion – Can Life be One? I wandered about this question many a times, in fact too often, at my time of reflection.

Now life has two different views. Or life is viewed in two different ways. First from a scientific point of view; Life is a quality that distinguishes matter that has biological processes, such as signaling and self-sustaining processes, from the matter that does not.  And this is defined by the capacity for growth, reaction to stimuli, metabolism, energy transformation, and reproduction.

But you know what, let’s focus on the spiritual essence that it carries.

Knowing that our lives have significance in a context beyond an everyday existence at the level of biological needs that drives selfishness and aggression and that we are a significant part of a purposeful unfolding of Life in our universe is something that is not easy to digest, yet nice to know.

Now, there are ways of living that one can only imagine and ways that one cannot even imagine, both in a good and a bad way. But what if all these ways were actually just a sham and life itself is something else.

We have sort of created an illusion for us where we have put standards on what life should be like and shouldn’t be like. In the bigger picture isn’t being happy and content the most important aspect. People like to think that in order to reach this stage of happiness and content, they need to have certain, well what can we say… ‘things’ in life which can help them reach this level.

Is it so? Isn’t it true that the more things we add the more insecure we become?

We live in a “thought-world” rather than the world as it is. We interpret life through our thoughts. And we generate thoughts from the conditioning of the circumstances that we live through. We perceive things as per our senses, eyes, ear, nose etc. We process them in our mind & then prepare a concoction which feed on…in life.

Aren’t our sense organs are limited in their capacities. For instance, can our eyes see beyond a particular spectrum of light & nose can smell like that of a dog?

Then isn’t what we perceive as life is a life of limitations? Isn’t it all illusion? And we keep on living & living, running after more & more…to become happy & content because that’s the ultimate goal.

Finally, one day…the curtain is raised. Life unmasks. Everything was illusion, everything was Maya. We feel entrapped & entangled.

The soul is a victim of this compulsive illusion. We identify our soul with our body & our material possessions. In the process we become miserable humans.

And that ultimate day, when the universe cracks the truth, it becomes a sudden upheaval but slowly we understand, that we don’t need any standards to put on us. We just need to raise our standard of perceiving life in its true sense….

Illusion – Can Life be One?

This Article Has been written by  Aaditya Mahapatra. View him at @antimeridian14

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Rainbow – Listen for The Morning Rooster

Rainbow – Listen for The Morning Rooster – there is the end of the storm, things are going to take a positive turn.

Rainbow – an arc of spectacular display of seven colors is an incredible natural phenomenon. The visual itself fills the heart with positive vibes.

From science we know that when sunlight (read “white light”) refracts through the water particles, a beautiful arc of seven colors spreads which is called rainbow. It’s nothing but sun shining through the mist of tiny water droplets.

Spiritually, rainbow is a symbol of connection between heaven & earth. It represents the perfect alignment of seven colors of seven chakras of human body (read “the earth”).

Whenever a rainbow catches my attention no matter where, online or in physical world, it makes me feel that something amazing is coming up.  As I believe in the fact that everything is a miracle & nothing happens without a reason, so rainbow also speaks about the things in our life situations.

Depending upon our situations, when the rainbow appears, they the below insights.

  • The end of the storm is already announced. Things will take a positive turn
  • There are happy moments & celebrations in the card.
  • Sometimes, the rainbow just wants to say, “your energies are scattered, the chakras of the body are mis-aligned. Meditate or connect to the nature & ground yourself”.
  • The angels are watching over you – whenever we are stuck in life challenges, feel miserable, helpless & lonely, our Guardian Angels want to comfort us. And since they are invisible to human, they use recognizable signs or symbols to let you know that you are surrounded & protected by them. Rainbow is one such symbol.
  • Rainbow is an affirmation that all is well and that you are in right relationship with the divine.
  • It is also meant that that there is a divine intervention happened or will happen
  • Rainbow also affirms that things will turn in your favour, especially when you are having a genuine conflict in the workplace. However, wait for the divine timing & don’t let your guard down
  • In a relationship, they mean that there is blessing from heaven. It’s going to be filled with love & romance.
  • Rainbow is the omen of hope, good luck, abundance & property.
  • Sometimes, it just meant that Surrender to the divine. Trust, the universe is going to take care of you.

The sight of a rainbow itself means that we are on the right track. Our wishes are going to come true. Angels are working hard for us behind the scenes to get us the things that we are busy in manifesting.

Next time, whenever a rainbow draws your attention, be happy that its time to listen to the morning rooster, dawn is just some moments away. Sometimes they just meant, miracles on your way…

Rainbow – Listen for The Morning Rooster

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