Z For Zero Is the Hero!!!

Zero is the Hero….How?? Read On….

One day, a teacher organized a meeting of numbers. Other than zero, all the numbers came to attend the meeting. Zero was missing.

The teacher asked all the numbers, “Where is Zero?”

“No idea Sir, Seems he is hiding somewhere may be in an unknown place” The other numbers replied in chorus.

“Where is Zero? Go and find him out? And get him to this assembly right away” The teacher said them with authority.

“Okay Sir” The numbers said and dispersed to find out Zero. They looked for him everywhere. At last, after a long search, they found him hiding himself behind a wall. They caught hold of him and brought him before the teacher.

The Teacher called Zero to him and said, “Why were you hiding? Why were you afraid of attending the meeting of numbers?”

Zero began crying and said in a broken voice, “Sir, I am Zero. According to people, I have no value and everyone teases me.  No one cares for me or respects me. This upsets and hurts me a lot. That is the reason why I was not interested to be present at this convention. I put myself out of sight and hid at the back a wall so that no one could find me out.”

The teacher thought for a while and called the number ONE (1) and asked him to stand in front of him. Looking at Zero, the teacher asked, “Tell me, Zero, what is the value of this number?”

“One,” replied ZERO.

The teacher then asked Zero to stand to the right of ONE. Looking at the other numbers, he asked them, “What is the value of this number?”

“Ten,” replied all the numbers in unison.

The Teacher then asked all the Zeros to stand to the right of ONE, one after the other. Every time a Zero was added to the right of ONE, the teacher would ask the other numbers the value of ONE. As the number of Zeros increased, the value of ONE also increased, that is to a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, and so on.

The teacher said considerately looking at Zero, “See, when you are added to the right of ONE, one after the other, the value of ONE increased tenfold each time. Any number by itself has very little value. Its worth increases only when another number is put next to it. You think that all by yourself you have very little value. But when you come along with some other number, you increase not only your own value but also that of the other number. Didn’t I just demonstrate that to you?”

Zero understood the point made by the teacher. He was glad that the opinion of the people that Zero has no worth was baseless and incorrect. So also the other numbers realized the value of Zero. They all became friends and no one ever treat Zero worthless from that day. Instead They called him HERO.  

The moral of the story is no one is valueless or insignificant in this world. We ourselves have strength and substance no doubt but when we unite with others, we augment not only our own value and strength but also that of the others. Unity has a power!!!

We all know that Zero is digit a number, and the numerical digit used to represent that number in numerals. It fulfills a central role in mathematics as the additive identity of the integers, real numbers, and many other algebraic structures. As a digit, 0 is used as a placeholder in place value systems.

Biblically, 0 is a firm number since it represents God and His divine nature. It also symbolizes the relationship between God and all creatures of the earth. The infinite nature of God is well articulated with the shape of number 0. It also represents potential that is inbuilt in all creations of God.

Zero is regarded as a virtuous number. Angel Number 0 is also considered to be a sign of “nothingness.” It symbolizes the start of a new phase in life….A Beginning of Spiritual Life!!!

ZERO is a number, very powerful because when it is multiplied with any number, no matter how big it is it reduces that number to ZERO in a fraction of second. While all other number when multiplied either increase the value  or keep it as it is but Zero just reduces the number to itself.

So, Never messed up with ZERO, because if it is happy  and stands on your right , you Become HERO but if it is angry and multiplied then no matter What value you posses, You just Reduce to a ZERO.


Zero the Hero…
He’s SOOO Cool!
Zero the Hero…
He comes to school!!
Zero the Hero…
He takes his place…
So NOOO other number can take his space!!!

Isn’t ZERO is a HERO!!!  

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Y for Yudhishtira – Mysterious Character!!

Yudhishtira – Mysterious Character!!

Yudhistira  or Dharmaraj Yudhistira has always been a mysterious character for me ever since I learnt about Mahabharata – The Epic. I had watched Mahabharata in Doordarshan in my grown up years. That time,  I hardly understood anything about the story, characters etc other than loving the visuals.  My real encounter with Mahabharata Story was in my teens. When I read the Book Jajnaseni– written By Dr.Prativa Roy the first women recipient of Moorthydevi Awards, first time. 

Jajnaseni – is the story of the Mahabharata retold in the first person perspective of  Draupadi alias  Jajnaseni. She was born from a hawan kund directly with a youthful body surpassing infancy and growing up years.  It’s really a really thought-provoking book. Draupadi had questioned all the circumstances that were put forth by life in the entire book. This spin is what makes the book captivating as contrasting to the original narrative. The book is also an autobiographical tale of Queen Draupadi.

First impression lasts long, After Reading that book I could never like the character of Yudhishtira; there were legitimate questions asked by Draupdi about his character and conduct.

My father used to tell stories from epics and scriptures. Most of the valuable lessons I learnt that led to put the foundation of many good characters in me were from his stories only.  Once while discussing the righteousness my father gave the example of  Yudhishtira. With a denial I argued with him that I didn’t understand the character of Yudhishtira.  And what makes him so virtuous. What was so moral about him??

Then my father narrated this story.

After making Pandavas to exile to forest leaving everything deceitfully defeating them in a Game Of Dice- Pasha Khela- Once Duryodhana and his army men reached Kamyak forest to have a glimpse of cursed and doomed, ill-omened life and hardships of Pandavas by themselves. They halted and settled in a place in the forest. There was a lake in close proximity. That day, that moment, a group of Gandharvas – Celestial musicians from heaven – and their consorts were taking bath in the lake. Chitrasen was their leader. Duryodhana, a habitual offender  and his men started misbehaving with them and passed lewd comments and rude jibes on the false euphoria of having many army personnel with him. But the Gandharvas used their divine powers to render Duryodhana and his army weak and powerless. Duryodhana was overpowered and was intensely embarrassed and ashamed of his pitiable defeat.

Chitrasen wanted to teach Duryodhana a lesson.  So he arrested Duryodhana and fastened him.  He was about to beat him up when Pandavas happened to pass by that side. Seeing the pathetic condition of his brother, Yudhisthira advised Arjuna and Bhima to free Duryodhana who was in the clutches of the Gandharvas. Both the brothers remonstrated that Yudhisthira should be more realistic, sensible and practical and use his common sense; how and why could they help the tormentor of Draupadi?

But Yudhisthira placated them and said, “Our differences should not come in the path of our obligation and duty to protect our brothers in difficulty.” Then Pandavas defeated Gandharvas and Duryodhana was set free. He ran away ashamed of himself.

The story itself was quite depicting the soft – righteous or peculiar – nature of Yudhisthira. He was a calm and cool person. Though, I had many reasonable questions on his character and conduct, but I had to agree on one thing,  Undoubtedly he was a person who had the ability to follow “What is right” in almost all circumstances of Life no matter what. Probably that’s what makes him Dharmaraj – The king of Righteousness!

Yudhishtira – In the Hindu epic Mahabharata,Yudhishthira was the eldest son of King Pandu and Queen Kunti and the king of Indraprastha and later of Hastinapura (Kuru). By the description of Vyasa and Krishna, the king was fair and lotus-eyed, with a long and stout nose, tall and strong but humble like any other citizen. He was the leader of the successful Pandava side in the Kurukshetra War. At the end of the epic, he only ascended to heaven in human form after having the glimpse of hell for a while for his “White Lie” in the battle field of Kurukhsetra, in Mahabharata. He was also blessed with the spiritual vision of second sight by a celestial Rishi as a boon. There are many testaments in the epic to the many good virtues of this, the simple, truthful, kind, adaptable, and patient king.

Yudhishitra The Dharmaraj
                                             Yudhishitra the dharmaraj

However, I still feel there are many other facets of him which is debatable and questioning his Righteousness and  I have a wish to explore this Mysterious Character in the form a Book –One Day!!!!

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X For Xeranthemum Immortelly,The Everlasting Flower!!

Xeranthemum Immortelly,The Everlasting Flower!! The Flower That retain it’s beauty even after it is faded and dried.

X – As an alphabet – has always been a problematic, in fact most difficult letter in our childhood. Especially when we did play word game or more precisely Atlas. I remembered in my growing up days we often played the game ATLAS that not only included the names of places but included ALL WORDS. It was quite difficult to find words in the alphabet X. And if you want to win the game the trick was, put the opponent with words ending with X…like fix, six, complex. Even oxford dictionary wasn’t of much help.

Well….today I was too occupied with my daily chore. Manning of kitchen and household chores kept . I wasn’t sure what to write on X. May be for the first time, in the entire month of this #BlogchatterA2Z  blogging challenge  I Google to find out something to write on this alphabet.

So I typed “Words on X” and it took me to few new word discovery,  Flowers like Xeranthemum. Well I had heard about it’s name. But not much about it.


The name “Xeranthemum” is derived from the Greek words “xeros” (“dry”) and “anthemon” (“flower”).

Xeranthemum  is a popular immortelle flower means Everlasting flower. It has an elongated history in its role in aesthetic and material culture from the period of 1780–1930 in England and the United States. The flower often used and referred to in funerary and literary productions as a symbol of longevity, resurrection, and, of course, immortality – as its name suggests.

Xeranthemum is a group of plants in the sunflower family. The plant is native to eastern Europe, Southern Europe and western Asia,  and is an endangered plant in some countries.

It has silvery flower heads with purplish tubular flowers. These are basically purple flowers. People grow it in their gardens in Mediterranean and south western Asia.  They even cultivate this in many other places. The members of this genus are known for their silvery foliage and colorful, daisy-like, papery flowers. They have alternate, undivided leaves and compact heads of small florets on long stalks.

Being a symbol of cheerfulnessimmortalityeternity and everlasting love, Xeranthemum Immortelly,The Everlasting Flower is a symbol of eternity and immortality. Everlasting flowers are flowers that retain their form, shape and color when dried, offering their beauty beyond the experience of one growing season, after the other flowers have faded and died.In short, they never appeared, wilted

Their petals, which neither fade nor wilt, make them particularly suitable for dried floral arrangements, and they remain popular choices for fall and winter ornamentation in England, France, and the United States today.

People use these flowers in dry bouquets, flower arrangements, crafts and decorations.

The cosmetic industries use this flower  for anti-aging beauty products as well as essential oils.

The immortelle flowers decorated chapels during the Easter season, evoking the Resurrection of Jesus—a connection that stretched beyond the walls of the church to inside the covers of various consolatory and poetic texts.

They were also often favored to make up the funeral wreathes laid at the tomb of a departed loved one; or they were placed under glass domes left either at the gravesite or in the mourner’s home.

It’s not just a beautiful flower but also a symbol of everlasting beauty immortality

Poet Laura G. Collins’s poem “Immortelles and Asphodels (Everlastings)” (1898) provides a succinct summary for how everlastings were used as memorial objects:

THESE, our Earth’s perennial flowers—
The fadeless blooms by Poets sung,
Songs, that from Homer’s Age till ours,
Down the aisles of Time have rung—
In many an emblem do we weave
For passionate Remembrance’ sake;
And howe’er we joy, howe’er we grieve,
Sacred pilgrimages make;
For Loss and Grief, the Asphodels
On our graves we mourning lay;
For Memory, the Immortelles—
Our loved ones live for us always.
Death in Life, Life in Death—how we
This, Love’s Faith, keep reverently.

e’s Faith, keep reverently.

Though I had heard the name of the flower but never knew so many things about it. Especially it’s everlasting beauty…that it neither wilt nor fade when dried up!!! Isn’t it Amazing!!!

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V For Virtue of Unity!!

Virtue of Unity is staying together with diversity!!!

One day in the Land of Fairy Tales, a huge storm broke out. It rained and rained and rained. When the rain stopped and the Sun came out, a marvelous rainbow made up of seven different colors filled the sky. The colors were VIBGYOR – Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.

“I am the most important color,” said Red. “I color the beautiful flowers, the sweetest fruits, and the tastiest vegetables.”

“No way,” Orange responded. “I am the color that is the most important. Everyone knows the juiciest fruits are my color.”

“Who cares about fruits?” snorted Yellow. “I am the most important color. I am the color of the Sun!”

Green made a long face. and then said

“I am the most important,” Green insisted. “I am the color of all the plants on Earth!”

“Big deal,” boomed Blue. “I am the color of the sky and the sea. That’s way more important!”

“Oh  yeah?” Indigo protested. “Without me, you wouldn’t see the stars at night. Now that’s important!”

“I’ll tell you who’s the most important- me!” Violet shrieked. “I hold up the rest of you!”

The colors argued and argued.

Suddenly, Red split away from the group. “I’m leaving,” Red shouted. “I’m better of without all of you!”

And then all the colors left and there was nothing remaining of the rainbow. And the sky was empty.

But soon Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and violet realized that being alone wasn’t any fun. There was no one to talk to. There was no one to laugh with.

Then, one day, all the colors ran into each other. Red said, “I’m sorry I said I was the most important. We’re all important.”

Then it held out its hand to Orange. Orange grabbed it and smile.

Then he reached out his hand to Yellow, who reached out to Green, who reached out to Blue, who reached out to Indigo. As if by magic, a beautiful rainbow formed in the sky.

At last all seven colors of the rainbow were shining again in peace and harmony.

“I must say, we look great when we all work together,” said Red.

And this time no one disagreed.

This story I have taken from the book ‘The Quest For Paradise,’ by Geronimo Stilton.

 Everyone loves the Rainbow that forms after the rain. Rainbow is a natural phenomenon that creates a magical effect on the environment. Also, the rainbow colors are soothing and each color has its own meaning.

However, it’s not just about the VIBGYORs in Rainbows and their importance, it’s about the UNITY. What the Rainbow teaches us, there is a virtue in unity. Everyone is important. Individually we are all colors having our own worth and significance. But together we are just like a beautiful arc of colors like a RAINBOW.

Now since we are all facing a global pandemic and under Lock-down, SOCIAL DISTANCING and ISOLATION are the trending acts of the day so don’t catch up together for few days. But let’s stay together in Heart and Substance, and hope for a better future where our rainbows can shine again. Staying Home and adhering to the norms of present day together is the Unity. This Virtue of Unity will help us get back our days. Virtue of Unity  is the key. 

Diversity: The art of thinking independently together!! 


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U For Unknown Divinity!!!

Unknown Divinity!!!

Once there were two rocks talking to each other!

Rock 1 to Rock 2: It’s really going out of my control. No more can I handle it. Its face was sad and gloomy

Rock 2 (smilingly): Why? What happened?   

Rock 1:  You’re a rock and so I am. We both are here lying beside each other. Why then people come to you, worship you, garland you and offer so many things to you and not me? They stand in long queues to have a “small sight” of you while all the way ignoring me even if I’m just beside you as I am not existed.  It’s unfair…isn’t it?

Rock 2 smiled and said:  you know I’m a Rock just like you but what you don’t knows is the pain I have gone through those days, when the stone sculptor was carving the “Shape of the deity” out of me. The unbearable ache it made me suffer through while the sculptor used hammers and chisels on me for carving out the extra stone, to give me a form, shape of a God.

For The people you see around me, you are just a Rock to them while I have become their God. I knew I was a Rock but what I didn’t know was “Divinity” was hidden in me.

You know you’re a stone but what you don’t know is “something divine” is in you as well. And you will never know unless you are chosen by a Stone sculptor to get that divinity out from within you. Rock 1 smiled with a glow in its face!!!

Like the above rocks even we humans too feel the same at times…isn’t it? Also we humans often grumble when we go through ugly, painful or heartbreaking moments in life often asking “Why Me?” We must realize that we are chosen by God as the sculptor to carve out the Hidden Divinity within us.  Pain is an Alchemy that converts Rocks into Gods. In Human Life also,

It renovates us from within, brings out the finer aspects of life by enlightening the hidden wisdom in us…

Every ugly caterpillar is destined to be a beautiful Butterfly. The same way every ugly moments in our life are like that ugly caterpillar – destined to be beautiful moments, bringing out the hidden beauty in us.

Life isn’t measured what you know, it is measured by what you’re willing to explore “What You Don’t Know, precisely of the Unknown!

There are people whom we adore today had gone through insufferable pain once…#fact. Like every rock can be a God if it’s given a shape, every human has a DIVINITY within himself/herself. The thing is we are not aware of that UNKNOWN DIVINITY and we would always remain unaware if we are not chosen by the God, to use his Hammer and Chisel to carve out the divinity  unknown to us.

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Q For a Quirky Friend: Pehchan Koun!!

A Quirky Friend, an unusual one is a friend who can take the risk to make your laugh even in the midst of an acute pain your going through…..
If you have friends who are as weird as you, then you have everything.
That day it was really horrible. It had started mildly two days before. Gradually growing significantly the next day, and then escalating to an unbearable state. I had taken a pain killer. But it was simply intolerable that day. Even painkillers were not working. Perhaps something was really serious. I had taken the doctor’s appointment for the evening.
Let me tell you…those who tell that the most acute pain is the pain happens due to heartbreak, must not have experienced a toothache….especially a root canal one….I swear.
It’s not that I’m having a toothache for the first time. But it was never so serious. It used to cave in after taking some pills or some homemade remedies.
I was trying to deal with pain by laying on the bed when my phone rang. The name that flashed was “PehchanKounShakti”
Let me confess one of my typical habits related to how I save phone numbers. For some numbers I keep giving it a tag depending upon the behaviors, reference, allusion or something like that. For ex, I have a relative whom I know has a habit of gossiping in your back. He would talk nicely with you but in your back he would say something against you to somebody else in the family. There were so many misunderstanding because of him as well. . So I have given a tag to him as “Lagajota Reporter”. (Lagajota is an Odia word that means “bitching”). Some other relative’s number also saved as MentalKejriwal – Who talks mindlessly, WhoisThis – Doesn’t deserve to be a relative, PaneerMasala…etc.
In similar way I have also a habit of giving tags to my friends and save their number that way. So I have Friends called GoogleNiru, WikipediaRachna, MrsFunnyboneBhabi TamatoChutneySuman etc. Some are badly named as well like (PhootaniA, KhadoosBaba, AngryBird, FerrarikaPuncture…etc and I have added few after watching Chhichore movie which I can’t state here and many more…
One of them is “PehchanKounShakti”…
Shakti is really a wonderful friend. We had met for the first time in the initial days of our working life. Since then we are friends. He is actually very witty, spontaneously jocular and would always cheer you up saying something in a very amusing way. Yeah…I had a thought of changing his tag as “KapilSharmaShakti” once because he is bit like that though never crosses lines with friends.
However the reason behind giving him the tag “Pehchan Koun”….. because he used to be bit like Navin Pravakar – The Comedian – of the first season of Comedy Reality Show The Great Indian Comedy Show.
I picked up the phone…
After the initial exchange of hi/hello…he enquired about why wasn’t I active in the group chat on WhatsApp since two days. Like everyone we have a group. However hardly I find time to interact with friends and do that friendly banter. But as a habit I just share a good morning message in the group mostly apart from those occasional wishes for Bdays, anniversaries, and festivals. But since few days I hadn’t even shared anything.
But friends know you best and with slightest change in behavior they start feeling it. No surprise, that all must have felt my absence. That’s why got the phone call ….
I told him about my problem. He quickly gauged it from my voice.
It could be a root canal … I guess. He said with concern.
Hmm…even I feel so. I said
Well u need to take care of your teeth….dear. Use some ayurvedic or medicated tooth paste to prevent your teeth from decay. He said seriously after realizing that I was really in awful pain.
Hmm…right. Let’s see what the Dentist will prescribe…I said with painful voice.
“Hey…I know an ayurvedic guy who recommends very good toothpaste for all-round care of your teeth and gums.” He said caringly. “Why don’t you visit him after your appointment with your Dentist? I’m sure there will be no further problem in future.”
“Is it…? Are you sure? I asked anxiously. Give his details then…I will try to visit.” Though not a mood, having that acute pain, to have such conversations but I had to as I couldn’t ignore him.
“Of Course I’m sure. It’s very scientific.” He said in a convincingly.
“Ohh!! What’s scientific about it? I mean is it something purely medicated?” I asked passively.
“Not Like that! Well…once you start using it na….within a month…I guess…all your teeth would become Mr.India. When there will be no teeth…then how will there be pain?
Na Rahega bansh…Na bajegi Bansuri…ha ha ha”
I cried …”Whatttttt?”
“he, he, he….” From other side.
God! This guy is incorrigible. Initially I had turned red with pain and anger, was really annoyed like anything and felt like punching him in the phone itself. Had he been in front of me that moment, I would have made sure to make him Mr.India…I swear.
That was surely not a time for joke.
“Relax, Ms. Toothache, I know you are looking for something to throw at me. I just wanted to cheer you up, Take care and let me know what the dentist tells after your visit…Ok.” He said caringly.
“Bachgaya tu, varna aaj tujhe Mr.India bananne se mujhe koi nhi rok shakta tha…Tul mil next time…” I was really mad that time.
“Haan, Dekhlenge, phir haal tuu aapna daant ke dard ko Mr.india karne mein focus kar,,,” He said mischievously.
“Chup raho….” And I disconnected the call.
What a disgusting guy…I thought, red in anger and pain and banged the phone on the bed.
In the evening, I visited the doctor and it was confirmed, it’s root canal. Accordingly treatment was done.
However, when it was over, I felt very amused by that act of Shakti. I couldn’t stop laughing as well because…it could only be an odd Friend like Shakti who can take the risk to cheer you up when you’re in acute pain. Isn’t it?
He is definitely a Quirky Friend….a happy type though.
You know what… Friends are real therapist!!!  
One of the best thing about my life is I have really been blessed with very good friends. They are like my soul family. Thank you all my friends…you are all treasures of my life.
Hey Shakti…Thank you yaar!! I would have dumped you in Municipality dump yard that day but you know what…har eek friend jaroori hota hai…majboori hai yaar…he he he… 🙂 Shakti indeed you are a A Quirky Friend…
It is the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and have her nonsense respected. Said by Charles Lamb.
Some friends are Friends and Some A Quirky Friend…
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L For Letter to My Son on His 16th B-Day!

Letter to My Son on His 16th B-Day!

Dear Pupun,

Happywala Bday!!!

Today is your 16th B-Day. I know you had so many plans which just couldn’t fall in line. There are unpredictable developments which came up and we have to comply with that. But you know what that’s fine…That’s life also. Sometimes it happens that way only to give you a different dimension to look at life.

Happywala Birthday!! Letter to My Son on His 16th B-Day!

It seems as if the moments just went in jiffy. How can it be possible that sixteen years have passed since the first time I held you in my arms? I remember every detail about your birth, and often rerun that day in the silver screen of my mind. I still remember how the nurse handed me a tiny bundle of joy wearing an angelic beam on the face and wrapped up in white.  I just felt like I got the world in my arms. You know what I always wished I could go back and relive it one more time. I swear!!

I always think that I must have done something heavenly good, in this life, last life, whatever they say that I am blessed with a son like you. You have created a love inside of me so fierce, so indestructible, so unrelenting, so unconditional and eternal.

Today you are 16 and I am proud that you are on the right way to grow up as an amazing young man.  The shine on your face and the light on your character always affirm me that probably we have been rightly doing our parenting, at least. I am incredibly proud of you as you never disappointed me to be a nice boy. Honestly, I don’t have any set of high expectations in terms of material achievements from you. I know you have the strength and potency to carve out whatever you want from the nature and I believe everyone is destined to archive whatever destiny has stored for them.

I want you to keep that confidence and poise you have now. It often surprises me how people are drawn to you. How easily you make friends. I can send you to a camp half way across the country, knowing nobody, and you come home with a dozen new best friends. I admire your quiet strength in the way you accept the unfair things that happens to you. You keep moving forward, never letting them drag you down.

Keep on trying new things; Continue to meet new people, never be afraid of exploring the unknown; you never know what door opens if you just put your steps out there, And face the challenges head on, You will make mistakes, but its okay because that’s how you learn lessons and become a better person. I have certainly made my share of them, and still make them today. Those mistakes created the path to the amazing life I have today. Doing mistake is human and accepting it and correcting the same is the process of being a better human.

You know I am not here lecturing you anything on your special day. In fact I always feel you have taught me more that what I have taught you. You taught me that we don’t need a reason to smile and celebrate life. You taught me patience. I learnt from you that screaming at life does help you accomplish anything. Instead be calm and let things pass. You flamed the goodness in me, watered the innocence, purity and childlike composure in me to endure the hard waves t times. You taught me not to sweat the small things and better learn new things instead. You never really care what people think of you. You choose to see the good in people, and stand up for others even when you are standing alone. Trust me because of you my life has become much more gratifying

However I have been a lecturing mom at times just because that’s the way mom are supposed to be. I know you tag me as a #TooSanskari mom but moms by default are too Sanskari, always. I don’t want/expect anything from you in return because you have given me much more.

I pray your life is everything you dreamed it could be. Remember how loved you are. You are my sweet baby, mom’s little hero, dad’s best cool dude…We will all always be here for you – your biggest fans.

I want all of your cherished dreams to come true. I never want you to feel unworthy or undeserving of anything, because you deserve the absolute best that life has to offer.

My only wish is be a good human being because the world has a dearth of such species.

Your story is just beginning. I can’t wait to watch you write it…

Happy B-Day Once again.

Your Mama

With life what I observed that it’s more about how we look at life than the life itself…This poem is dedicated for on your 16th B-Day…

Life is a melody sweetest only when

We live it happily in the laughter lane

Life is a magic, strange one though

We believe in its miracles, every moment & so

Life is curse, when we hurt someone

Never feeling the ache, again & again

Life is tragic, when we allow ourselves to be hurt

Feeling frail & puny, which are simply we are not

Life is an adventure, if we dare to dream

Our destiny dances with glory, in the silver screen



Every day on earth is a Theater Day 

And We are all actors of a DIVINE PLAY

Life is a Drama and We are here to Perform

Finding its Purpose and Act as per its Norm 

Let’s Put on Those Make-ups and Masks

And Resolute To Perform Our Best

Life Is Full Of Typos and Errors

Some May Be Auto Corrected

Some Will Never….

Life is a misadventure, when we fear

Of losing those people whom we adore

Life is an institution, if we love to learn

The wisdom it offers, with its pros and cons

Life is a dream in the fantasy land

With the proverbial genie and its magic wand

Life is love, if we have a tender heart

The best thing on the Universe and on the planet Earth!!!

Trying To Hit Three Point in The Basket – The Sun

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Hello Reader,

Welcome to this post!!

However before you start reading the post, I insist, just has another glance on the above image. It’s a painting.  What do you see in the above picture/painting?  What message the painter might have thought to give through this painting?

Well, you might have your own denotations according to your own decoding/understanding system. Even I had that. In fact, I was wondering, “why the silhouette of a polar bear has a blue sky with dark blue clouds dotted with white stars as a backdrop? A polar bear generally reflects the polar reason that is mostly white. Isn’t it? Then…??

My Son was in 7th STD. There was a drawing and painting competition in his class. All the students had painted wonderful pictures. My son – not an artist for sure but loves paintings and drawings – had collected a few – 5 to 6 –  of them from his friends and brought home and put them on the wall with the help of his dad.

Once they are all on the wall, he asked me which one was good and what message do I read from the above paintings.  With an intent look I tried to judge the paintings. One of them was a sunrise which appealed me most.  So I declared it as best. However my attention was caught by this particular painting which appeared bit peculiar to me. I asked him “Pupun, what’s this painting is about? I didn’t get it”

Quickly he said,” Mamma, here, my friend Manav has been represented as a  polar bear, sad and done, as we have left him in the polar reason. Do you know why? Bahut Masti Karta hai na” and he giggled.

Instantly it brought a smile on my face. I knew how these just-into-teens children do these days to tease their friends. They have a different world altogether, happy and carefree. Isn’t it?

Well, after we had a good laugh session, he stopped and told me “Ohkay, Mazak Kar Raha tha Mamma, now let me tell you what it is?”

I looked at him wearing a question mark on my face.

“It’s the Effect of GLOBAL WARMING in another few years from now, Mamma.” He said as if he is my teacher and I am a naïve student before him. “Can’t you see the polar bear is sad as no one of his friends is alive? They are all dead as all the ice in polar reason has been melted? Only a few flurries of snow like structure remained in the air.”

You know, there will be no more ice in glacier reason in a few years from now if the global warming will keep increasing this rate as of now. Isn’t it? How can a polar bear survive without glacial surfaces? Won’t it get the threat of extinct of its species? That’s why it is sad….did you get it?”

Trust me he appeared to be a little cherubic professor to me….

I looked at him, jaw dropped, amazed. Seriously, the imagination of these kids can really dig a well in the sky too. However, now I felt this painting is best though I am yet to meet the artist… Imagination Has No Boundary, Indeed!!

“Imagination takes you everywhere.” Anonymous….How True!!!

What do you say!!


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FYI….For Your Information, I am not a numerologist. However I have I am fascinated by scores of things involving different aspects of life. Today is the SIXTH Day of this #AToZBlogchatter Challenge and the Alphabet of the day is F.

When I thought of F, of many things that came to my mind, the first that struck me was FIVE – The Number.

There are so many things about the significance of the number 5. However here I am writing precisely about few of them.

Here are my observations on number 5

In Religion & Culture –

In Hinduism more precisely Hindu Culture, the Number Five has a great significance. There are names of the lord and religious rituals attached with it. Let me write some of them here

In Hinduism

Lord Shiva is believed to be a five faced god hence he is revered as PACHANAN. Panchmukhi Shiva is an image of the idol of Lord Shiva with FIVE faces.

FIVE is the sacred number of Lord Shiva so five mantras (verses) and five syllables represent him signifying his five heads that demonstrate five aspects of his divine persona.

The goddess Saraswati, goddess of knowledge and intellectual is associated with number 5. Her day of worship is termed as PANCHAMI or Sree Panchami – The FIFTH day of the month of ‘Magha’.

His Mantra is also called Panchakshari  (Five Worded) mantra.

It is used as an offering during poojas
It is used as a libation during Abhisheka
It is also used as a skin cleanser.

PANCHAMRITA – The literary meaning of Panchamrita is FIVE AMRITAS (NECTAR) in Sanskrit. It is a mixture of five things used in Hindu worship and puja as sacred offering to the Gods. These are Honey, jaggery, milk, yogurt and ghee.

PANCHA MAHABHUTA – Five Great Elements – Pancha Bhuta or Pancha Maha-Bhuta in Sanskrit, are five great elements, also five physical elements, is a group of five basic elements, which, according to Hinduism, is the basis of all cosmic creation. The five elements are fire, water, air, earth, and ether. These elements have different characteristics and these also account for different faculties of human experience. In ayurveda and Indian philosophy, the human body is considered to be made of these five elements.

PANCHUKA – This is related to Odisha and The Culture of Lor Jagannath.  PANCHUKA is the last five days of Kartik month in Odisha and people abstain from all types of non-vegetarian food during the period.   Traditionally, staunch devotees of Lord Jagannath abstain from all type of non-vegetarian foods during the entire Kartik month which is regarded as Holiest Month of the months but those who are unable to follow it, observe it during the Last five days of the month. The five-day period is also of great connotation in Puri Jagannath Temple. Thousands of people who are observing Kartik Brata for the entire month gets an opportunity to have darshan of Lord Jagannath in FIVE different veshas or attire during the period. In PANCHUKA it is also believed that even the CRANE BIRD doesn’t eat fosf. That’s why it is also called as BAKA PANCHUKA

FIVE PHASES – In Hinduism Manifestations of the Deity are expressed in five phases:

  1. Source or Seed–The Ain Soph Aur or Adam Kadmon
  2. Root –World of Emanation of Atziluth
  3. Tree –World of Creation or Briah
  4. Branch –World of Formation or Yetzirah
  5. Fruit –World of Action or Assiah

These five phases form a schema of the Tree of Life

PANCHA-PATAKA – Is a set of Five worst acts/Unforgivable Sins described in Vedas (Scriptures) which are unpardonable

1.BRAHMA-HATYA: Killing of a Brahmana
2. SISU-HATYA/GO-HATYA: Abortion and killing of children, cow and animals
3. SURA-PANA: Drinking liquor or alcohol
4. SVARNA-STEYA: Stealing
5. GURU-TALPA-GAMANA:  Illicit Sex / Sex with Guru’s wife.

Apart from that…..
The most sacred tree in Hinduism has 5 leaves in every leaf stunt.
Most of the flowers have 5 petals in them.
The epic Mahabharata revolves around the battle between Duryodhana and his 99 other brothers and the 5 pandava princes –Yudhistira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeba


Five i.e. Number 5 is an angelic number, it’s the number of the harmony, balance and the divine grace. According to the Bible, it is the symbol of the Man-God by the Five wounds of the Christ on cross. For this reason, it is also considered as the number of the grace. There are five great mysteries: Father, Son, Spirit, Creation and Redemption.


The number five holds great significance in nearly all Buddhist traditions. It refers to the Five Colours, the Five Senses, the Five Wisdom, the Five Buddha, and a host of other important philosophies. The number five is intimately associated with the Chinese theory of the Five Elements, a concept underpinning the Zodiac Calendar, the latter serving as the preeminent calendar of old-world Asia.


PANJ KAKARS  – Five Ks – The five sacred Sikh symbols prescribed by Guru Gobind Singh are commonly known as PANJ KAKARS  or the “Five Ks” because they start with letter K.

They are:

  • Kesh – Unshorn hair
  • kanga – The Comb
  • kara – The steel bracelet
  • kachhehra – The soldiers shorts
  • kirpan – The sword


Also, there are five deadly evils:

kam (lust), krodh (anger), moh (attachment), lobh (greed), and ankhar (ego).


  • The Five Pillars of Islam
  • Muslims pray to Allah five times a day, Five times Namaaz a Day.
  • According to Shia Muslims, the Panjetan or the Five Holy Purified Ones are the members of Muhammad’s family: Muhammad, Ali, Fatimah, Hassan, and Husain and is often symbolically represented by an image of the Khamsa.


Apart from Religious and Cultural aspect here is few more significance of Number FIVE
The number 5 is signifies in the biology of Human as man has Five fingers in each hand, five senses and five toes in each foot.
Geographically there are PANCH Maha sagars, Five Oceans on the Earth.
Five fingers make a fist. Five people make a PANCHAYAT.
The Olympic Games have five interlocked rings as their symbol, representing the number of inhabited continents represented by the Olympians (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania and the Americas.

Five is also the only prime that is the sum of two consecutive primes, namely 2 and 3 in Mathematics.




And The List goes on…. There are many more unique things and observation about Number FIVE.The number 5 is the most dynamic and energetic of all the single-digit numbers. It is unpredictable, always in motion and constantly in need of change. It’s a number of positivism, resonates with the influences and attributes of personal freedom and progress.

DID I SAY MY BIRTH NUMBER IS ALSO NUMBER 5 That Is 14th Of November??????? 🙂

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This is My Post for The Alphabet F  #AToZChallenge 2020 by @blogchatter in the Month of April 2020

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I must state here that this article is a researched one and some information apart from what I already knew have been added  from random sources of reading on internet like, Google and Wikipedia.


Life @life

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans  — John Lennon

Life is a Gift, Life is Beautiful!!!

Hi Friends,

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Tina ki Duniya is a small world of mine. It’s actually a window through which I view the world and accordingly my thoughts and observations are shaped. Different aspects of life always fascinated me and I could never find a particular facet of it to reflect upon only. Life itself has always very much absorbing for me.


So my theme for the #BlogchatterAtoZChallenge will be Life itself…i.e @life.

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