Undying Hope – It’s the Best Armor to Battle Corona!!!

Undying Hope is the Best Armor to Battle Corona!!!

This article is written by Aaditya Mahapatra @antimeridian14

As I look at the world today, it seems filled with grim & despair. A kind of powerlessness seems to be psychologically predominating. There are reasons too. We are battling with an Invisible enemy which is evolving every moment. It’s becoming stronger & stronger.

Every day we are losing lives. More because of our own folly though.  Earlier they were just numbers, now they are faces as the loss has become personal. Most of us have already lost someone from our close surrounding.

We underestimated it, we undervalued its strength, we misjudged it’s potential. However, I think nothing last forever. How much strong it is, but at the end of the day it’s a wave and every wave have to subside with time. It’s running its course. But I feel we should never lose our Hope. It seems to be Invisible but that’s not true.

I agree sometimes it’s just not the proper timing. Nothing works. The cruel reality takes a ride over our psyche.  But that doesn’t mean that it will last forever. I can never believe that we are powerless anyway. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Humans have been gifted with an undying spirit. Universe created us for a reason. Humans are the best creation of Universe. So, it’s never going to harm it to an extent that we find it hard to exist. It’s okay, things are not good at present. But let’s see the bigger picture.

We have the highest wisdom and courage within, gifted by the spirit. We can conquer our fear during any adversity. We must remember that we are the Best Creature of the world. We have the responsibility to make the earth a better and greater place.

Hope is a decision and just an attribute of human race. In fact, a very important decision.  It’s a flame that illuminates in the hearts. We need to make a conscious choice. It’s our Undying Hope that’s the best armour we can have to fight any adversity, be it Corona… 😊



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Have you ever noticed that at the baggage on the Conveyor belt or the cardboard boxes, parcels, etc leveled with symbols…Handle with Care!! I guess…everyone does.

We all know the symbols that are used on cardboard boxes are called “Shipping Mark Guides“. These symbols are often used to provide instruction on how to handle the package. Each symbol has its own meaning like Umbrella – Keep the package Dry, A Glass – Fragile and might break, etc,  and handle with care.

It is over and over again seen alongside of the fragile symbol, but a package can still need more care even though it isn’t delicate. The sole objective of these guides is to make it clear that the particular package should not be treated as any other package and must not be stacked, loaded, or carried around without attention as the contents in the package needs careful attention. Basically the aim is to making the people who are going to handle it throughout its journey to be caring and considerate for the material in the package needs to be taken care of while handling the consignment.

I wonder, the same way do we really care
For the Humans we find everywhere!!

It is sad that often we treat ourselves as individuals of emotions WHILE others as creatures of logic. Wouldn’t the vice – versa make more contented equations??

Humans have “a beating heart as content”, which is most delicate and brittle. Often we don’t even realize how it strikes through that tiny organ when we hurt others or allow ourselves to be hurt. Yes, we do allow ourselves to be hurt, without caring that we must handle ourselves with care too.

Sometimes I wish I could walk around with a HANDLE WITH CARE sign stuck to my forehead… quoted by Elizabeth Wurtzel”

Can we ever develop that kind and considerate vision to see the invisible tag on the forehead every human being!!! If really can, the word will become place of love and care….just think about it.


We Humans!!!

No matter how tough we assert to be,
It just takes one odd turn in life
And we become terribly frail and fragile
At times…The most strongly and sturdily attired
Aren’t most often easily breakable within and inside?

But with humans,
The problem is that
We don’t carry that Visible Tag
“Fragile, Handle with Care”
May be that’s the reason
Why we hurt hastily others
And sometime allow awfully hurt us too
And End up, Torn, Ragged and tattered!

If we can read that Invisible Tag

“Handle with Care”
Labeled in every human

For the inside soul and Heart
The world will be a much beautiful place
with a symphony of Love, admire and care
Far and Wide…Everywhere!!

Hearts and Words

Should be handled with Care
For Words when spoken

And Hearts when broken

Are the hardest things to Repair!
So also lives… The Fragile Lives,
Hanging to the slender threads
Can crumple anyone anytime anywhere…

Life’s affairs should be “Handled With Care…”

Let’s see the hidden tag on each human we deal with and read the eternal caption That says, “Fragile, Handle with Care Please”

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