I Quit – Never Say It!!

I Quit – Never Say It!!You are born for some purpose of a human life which is really a rare form of life as per wise sages.

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I was really shocked & surprised when I heard that the only daughter of my friend committed suicide. I rushed to his house only to find an inconsolably crying parents & relatives. Even though i feel I am a very strong man yet I couldn’t control my tears witnessing such a grievous scene. Literally choked I couldn’t gather words to console my friend. Not even my worst enemies should witness or go through such trauma in life. It’s terrible.

Why these kids never realize the emotions of their parents

After sometimes, I could gather my energies, then the question automatically came to my mind. Why these kids never realize the emotions of their parents & didn’t hesitate to hurt their sentiments taking extreme steps. Do they even realize what agony their parents would go through their life after such drastic step taken by them?

Teenagers – Students – committing suicide after the examination became very common in India. In any case it is a known fact that all students in their tender age subjected to heavy stress. That’s why when one fails in the examination, takes an extreme step considering him/her as a total failure. Suicide of students after results are out has become a trend.

I Quit – Has it become a common trend?

As per some social activists’ suggestion, many schools & colleges lifted the pass-fail system. That means a student will be automatically promoted to next class even if he/she performed worse in the examination just getting a lower grade. There will only be one examination at the end of particular school such as Class-X, Class-XII etc.

Somehow this initiative too failed. Student even then committing suicide for not getting expected grade or even scoring lesser than his/her competitor, peer. Even a best friend becomes competitor during the period of examination & result. Not to forget the dialogue in the movie ‘3Idiots’’. “One is sad when his friend fails in the examination, but one would be sadder if his friend tops the examination.”

Are Parents To Be Blamed for Children Taking Drastic Steps?

Do parents careless in managing the stress of their children? I doubt it. Fact is all parents not only love their children but also very careful during the period of result out. Still students are committing suicide. Why?

Going back to the case of daughter of my friend, what I learnt was that she didn’t get promoted to class X because of her poor performance in the 9th Std examination. My friend somehow convinced the Principal to conduct a special examination for his daughter for considering her promotion. The special examination was also conducted. In the meantime, my friend’s daughter started attending class-X along with her classmates. After couple of days the principal declared that she still couldn’t pass the examination & hence, she has to continue in class-IX. The next day She hanged herself even before her parents take any initiative to address her concerns.

Is Peer Pressure main reason for I Quit – Step by Teenagers?

Point is simple, after class-VII, the students live more time with their classmates & studies than their parents. Thus, their new world become the classmates. This period (student of class-IX to undergraduate) is really very tender, immature & hyper for all students. During their studies they develop many friends, enemies, competitors. And they identify some domain of their comfort & dis-comfort very immaturely. They never share these things to their parents. Therefore, whatever stress they start suffering remain unknown to parents, as students think that parents are too old (even the parents are in the age range of 35-45 years) to understand their problem. Thus, when they are subjected to unbearable stress, they take extreme steps purely on a whim.

Shouldn’t Counselling to Value Life Be a Part of Curriculum for Students along with Studies?

Hence, I think, along with studies, counselling to students is required on how to value their life vis-à-vis success & failures of it. Not only the probable victim but also other who immaturely criticize a failed student not understanding that such criticism may abate his/her class mate for suicide. All students should be counselled on how to face failures & how to deal with a failed (in examination) classmate. I think psychiatrist can help better in devising course matter on it. If this implemented, I am sure, a student may fail in the examination but will never fail in life.

My Advice – Value Life

Finally, my advice to all students & in fact all spheres of people that one has taken birth with a particular goal as destined. The success-failure in the life shouldn’t affect the real goal for which one is destined. Win- or lose are part & parcel of the game of life. One shouldn’t be worried for a loss neither should be over excited in a win.

Do you believe that my class-VII-mark sheet was full of single digits (out of 100) in all subjects & because my father’s influence I was promoted to class-IX, yet I became topper of the school in my matric – 10th Board – examination? I was always poor in English throughout my student carrier & hated English for that, yet I am an author of two English non-fiction books & contributed roughly thousands of English articles to various news portals!

Life is very long & indeed much prettier. It doesn’t need the attitude of ‘I quit’ for some defeat at some point of time. You are born for some purpose & win-defeat is just trials before your final journey to destined goal starts. Life is for experiments & enjoyments. Never quit it defeating the sole purpose of a human life which is really a rare form of life as per wise sages.

So, I Quite – Nave Say it!! It Can never be a solution to any problem!!

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Sadak 2 Trailer: Public Cannot Be taken Into Granted!!!

Recently Sadak 2 trailer starred by Sanjay Dutt, Pooja Bhatt & Alia Bhatt, produced by Mahesh Bhatt and Mekesh Bhatt made History of becoming the most DISLIKED trailer on YouTube. Ever since its release it’s said that people are making a aggressive campaign to rate low and dislike it.

People are making up to boycott the entire movie as well. If it will be the trend, then I doubt if Disney Hotstar will stream its release fearing that people may go into a “Uninstall Hotstar” spree.  kahni log “Uninstal Hotstar” spree mein na aa jaye. 😜😜😜

I don’t really find myself in those millions of people who does Uninstall, Dislike, Unfollow, Rate it low….etc. I never did these for anything. But it cannot be ignored that there is a huge mass across the country who use this as a weapon to “hit the spot where it hurts most.”
We have seen how uninstalling has affected many apps and companies in the past.  

Sadak 2 trailer made History of becoming the most disliked trailer recently. People are making up to boycott it as well….

Posted by Tina Acharya on Thursday, August 13, 2020

History witnessed how Snapdeal had to bear the brunt just having SNAP in its name. Indians enraged by Snapchat CEO Evan Speigel’s ostensible comment that India is poor, uninstalled the Snapdeal app and gave it poor ratings on app stores mistaking Snapdeal for Snapchat. The poor Indian e-commerce portal Snapdeal had to withstand the brunt of having “SNAP” in its name.

In Recently past Tiktok was nearly destroyed because of people  rating it 1, writing bad reviews and uninstalling it.

Not only apps but also Movies suffered like anything when they happened to enrage the public anger. We have seen how Deepika Padikon starred Chhapak suffered a bad flop (I say it’s bad flop & not just flop) for her “Misadventures trip to JNU” in a time when nobody should have gone there. On the other hand we also have seen how late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s last movie “Dil Bechara” made records….of being the highest rated movie

The list will be a long one….if I am willing to write a thesis. However, I want to bring the focus to the key point here.
In all the above incidents what is the common thing?
The common thing is emotion or sentiment of people.

At present, the environment is very different and so also the moods of the people. The untimely demise of late Actor Sushant Singh Rajput touched the millions of people across the nation. It has brought out the scandalous debate of NEPOTISM in Bollywood into the prime focus.  Let’s no discuss the series of event after the murder of Sushant Singh Rajput. But people are hurt, wounded and their sentiments are maimed.

The public sentiment has been hurt by all these happenings in the last couple of months. The public is angry now and not in a mood to take anything or everything   Public abhi kuchh bhi sunke yah dekh ke nahi legi.

With Sushant’s sudden and unfortunate demise, many established norms in Bollywood has started dismantling. Not only Bollywood but also in other speres it’s going to impact the unwanted norms.  We may say it as a Waterloo, water gate or whatever, it’s that moment of the time when it takes a turn.
I remember a dialogue from a Salman Khan starred movie Jai Ho.
“Aam admi sota hua sher hai, ungli mat kar, jag gaya to chir phad dega” Public is a Sleeping Lion. Do not disturb it, else if it is wakened up it would tear you up.
I feel now the Sleeping Lion has really awakened. So, don’t test their patience and messed up with the sentiment of public. Hila ke rakh denge. no one have ever sustained the public anger. HERO bhi public banata hai, ZERO bhi yehi banadenge….

Lobby, groupism, favouritism, nepotism etc exist everywhere. But when it crosses the limit, it really hits the sentiment of the people.

It is better to correct things….err…It is high time to rectify the things or else public will just destroy it…

I always say a new kind of generation evolving with a very different attitude to everything….and I really feel this.

Earlier People used to think “What to us…Hume Kya?” But now RIP To “hame kya” type of thought!!

Picture courtesy – Twitter Sadak 2 Trailer Sadak 2 Trailer


We Hate Combs…..


No, No, It’s not any kind of Campaign or so though it sounds like one. Actually it’s something I stumbled upon recently.  That day, I was travelling by a shared auto to Vashi railway station. I was seated in between a healthy lady and a medium-built man probably in his late 50s. Since I was nearly sandwiched by my two seemingly   from “Khate-Pite-Khandan” co-passengers, I couldn’t be able to find any place to get my mobile out & hold it on my hand and do random surfing…that I usually do.

However the Man on my right was fully engrossed in his smart phone and he had held it almost before me. And the problem was since his phone was around 6.5 in screen size; everything was quite visible even with a slightest glance. I can even see from the corner of my eyes what’s going on in his phone.  

It was difficult for me not-to-look at…though I was trying hard. I know it’s not ethical to snoop into other’s phones but it was almost inevitable. Moreover the man too seemed really careless. I won’t say he didn’t notice what I was going through. He didn’t try to move his phone away from my eye sight too. It seemed he was busy in chatting with one the groups on WhatsApp as Frequent messages were coming in that group that time.  And that’s why it caught my eye. It was a WHATSAPP GROUP in his mobile…. WE HATE COMBS.

I could not stop laughing as then only I noticed that he was HALF BALD. Needless to say, He noticed my laughter yet he didn’t take his phone away from my sight. Anyway I had to control my laughter. At some distance, the lady on my left got off the auto. Now, only two of us remain there. As per his reactions so far – though it was just couple of minutes – He seemed to be a friendly person.  Still with little apprehension in me I thought to take the adventure to ask him about it knowing very well that it could turn into a misadventure.   

I dared to say “Never thought of such a WA group could be there.”

He smiled.  And then explained how one of his colleagues made that group and all the bald, semi bald and partially bald persons they came across was added to it day by day. At present around 115 members are already there in that group. And the classic thing about that group is, when a member does something worth leg pulling….other members share pictures of COMBS to pull his leg. Means images of COMB is literally use as a LEG PULLING weapon. It was really an interesting encounter. Our Destination came. While parting I asked him, “Did you feel bad as you are losing hairs and now become a member of this group?”

He smiled and said, “Initially I had felt bad but now I am okay. Since last two years only I started losing hairs.”

“Have you watched Bala?” I asked knowing well that he wouldn’t mind.

“Yes” He said with a leer on his face, “Of course with my Bala friends?”

One last thing I wanted to ask as we headed quickly to Vashi Railways station.
“But this is unfair… Why Hate combs?? I don’t thing Comb has any role in making anyone bald. Isn’t it?? Aap ka takla hone mein bechare Kangi ka kyaaa dosh??”

He had a hearty laugh and then said, “Yes, You have a point.” 

Bollywood has tossed out many films that have ventured beyond the borders of good looks and talked about real people with much-visible scars, but rarely has a film seen a leading man bearing a bald head in all its glory. Ayushmann Khurrana broke those shackles too with Bala. Being Bald is often seen as a flaw with a person and probably one of many reasons for which they face rejections. Our society is obsessed with prejudiced concept of beauty of a person sidelining the beauty of hearts and characters of human beings. Hairs or no hairs, it’s the demeanor and disposition that defines a person and his competency…isn’t it?

Well, eyes are the predominant judges at first sight..I agree. But we have inner eyes too…right? We should realize this and most importantly the person who is bald or with any other visual flaw (?) – That’s has a strong public notion – has to see his/her own beauty in the mirror first..Right. What might have taken to the members of We hate Combs groups to form such group at first place?May be to deal with the rejections or at least the insensitive judgments done to them. Acceptance…?? Probably…


We Hate Combs…

Seriously!! It was such an amazing experience!!!

Everyone has something really interesting in their lives and that’s the beauty of it…Isn’t It??
What say…!!!!

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S For Share the Load Of Household Chore!!

Share the Load Of Household Chore…..
Scene 1: Its lunch time, Neha went along with her with her colleagues to the Cafeteria of a private Organization.
A colleague asked looking at her as she was holding only her wallet and not the “lunch box”, “hey Neha, where is your lunch bag today? Haven’t you brought it?”
“Nahi yaar…yesterday prepared the presentations till late, so couldn’t wake up in time in the morning?”And then she had her lunch from the canteen
Scene 2 : Its Lunch Time, Rohan was at his desk when his friend Ajay called out
“Hey Rohan, let’s have lunch yaar”
“Han Han…coming, coming” Rohan said while getting out of the desk
Rohan and his colleagues sat together in a table in the canteen and opened up their lunch boxes.
Arre Yaar…main bhul gaya, I have to get something from canteen…”
“Why, haven’t brought dabba, Neha se jhagada hua kya…?” one of them said blinking one eye.
“Abe sale, aisa kuchh nahin hua. Last night she slept late, so couldn’t prepare dabba today as she couldn’t wake up in time in the morning” Rohan said laughingly and went to have something from canteen. 

I think, from the scenes above, all of you must have understood what I wanted to say. At least the illustration says it all. Household chores still has a feminine tag attached to it. No matter what heights women achieve in their professional fields, at home they have to do (in most of the cases) cooking, dish washing, laundry etc. We often wonder, why can’t Rohan make dabba for both of them in the morning some days? At least the days when Neha is really unable to do so? Many would agree with me that it’s not in the DNA of Indian households (mostly as there are always scopes for some exceptions) to teach boys household chores. At least when one is married, the lady is supposed to handle both office and home while for boys, often they marry to have someone handle home for them.

Does Household Load falls only on the Woman of the House? Share the Load Of Household Chore

Let me tell about another incident…it’s a real one.
Trim Trim….My phone rang.
I saw the name blinking on the LED screen. It was from my Maid. I picked it up holding my breath with apprehensions. Let me confess, I’m really afraid of such untimely calls from my maid as most of the time they’re made to inform me that she would take leave(of course unexpected leaves as they are taken at last moment) which I never liked (obviously). My apprehension was right. She had called me to inform that she had an urgency due to which she wouldn’t come for work that day.
I felt dejected. Well…no option, I had to start doing chores. Cleaning, laundry, dusting, dish washing along with cooking especially when my son had a holiday that day… all the chore were waiting to be done. I started doing things one by one. Perhaps my son noticed me doing the chores while He was watching his favorite TV shows “Doraemon”. May be he realized that “Aunty (He calls my maid Aunty) wasn’t coming that day.
I don’t know what he thought to himself. He went to kitchen and started cleaning dishes. I heard the sounds and rushed to kitchen. I shouted, “What are you doing? Are you crazy? Go and watch TV”
Mama…let me clean the dishes na. You have so much work to do. I can clean dishes. You just see. He pleaded.
After thinking for a moment I let him clean the dishes though I didn’t like that. I knew His little hands were not ready to do any chores. He may break some dishes. And above all…what’s the need? I’m there to do such things…
However He looked very cute cleaning dishes and I couldn’t stop myself taking some pics.

                                                               Pupun at Washing Dishes Mode

After we finished our lunch…we went to bed. Then he started telling how some of his friends help their mothers doing chores. From Sambhavi, Nilanshi to Sonia didi…he took all those names and what he had seen them doing while at their places. One thing…I realized most of the names were of girls. Hmmm…Girls are normally asked to do such works… #Fact
In the afternoon I talked to my mother and told her about it. She was irritated. What are you doing with him? He is a boy and how could you allow him doing such works meant for girls? Her last words struck me not because they were new to me, I have heard them number of times in my life before but they reminded me my upbringing years when I had been said the same thing numerous times.
Then to see the reactions of others I shared the pictures in my WhatsApp groups. Some friends’ just teased me saying “its child labor” and some said it’s my “Army Rule – a Hitler Type mother”…but some of the responses made me feel really bad. And they came from all corners like friends, elders and relatives.
It was “are you going to make your son a Ghar Jamai or a Joru ka Ghulam?”
So a boy doing household chores to help his mother is an aspiring “Ghar Jamai or Joru ka Ghulam…?”
The immediate response that came to my mind was, “ohh…means a girl has to be taught to do the same so that they remain slaves to their men basically…Right??
But I didn’t say it and just controlled myself to keep that in my mind.
Well…Let’s admit it. We as a society always think that “house hold chores (with overtone of inferiority to it)” are exclusively for women. They are inferior work and women should do them as they are less equals than men. This stereotype thought existed since time immemorial and still has a strong grip in the society no matter how women have proved their strength in every field. Just see the following statistics….it’s giving a clear picture of how our society is obsessed with sticky tag the household chores.

REALITY CHECK!!! Share the Load Of Household Chore

In my upbringing years I have seen how my mother would always teach me that I should learn household chores even if I dream of becoming a career woman. She would always say and so also my neighboring aunts or relatives…
Chahe kitne bhi padhi likhi and servicewali kyouin na ho jaye ladkiyon ko to ghar ka kaam karna hi padega isliye shikhna hi padega….
I had been a dissenter and defiantly reacted when my mother had asked me do some work while sending my brother to play. Sometimes, my mother would end up doing herself but never asked my brother to do the same. And in other times, mom would convince me that it’s a “compulsion” for a girl. It’s mandatory to do household works even if we work. Ladke kapde nahi dhote, bartan nahin manjte, khana nahin banate…it’s just not their works…as if some kind of Universal rule created by God or something celestial happened to make this a notion of the society.
Unfortunately now days also I see many of my friends who are mothers of teenage daughters teaching their girls kitchen etiquette and household works even if it has become obligatory for girls to work and earn…these days. Same thing I still notice in many families even in a metro city like Mumbai or Delhi. That time also “boys doing household chores at home” was considered shameful and against their manliness. Now also same thing is going on.
I don’t have problem girls learning the house hold chores, of course they should but I have a problem with BOYS NOT LEARNING THEM Just because they are boys.
I can understand my mother or her tribes for such educations to their girls as “Division of Labor” from ancient times had been a norm those days. Women were expected to handle house and family while men were to earn and handle the expenditures of the family.
But, time has changed….we are living in altogether a different atmosphere now.
Now day’s good news is many families are bringing up their children – no matter girls or boys – equally unlike before when girls were considered less equals. They are now equally educated, given opportunity and respected in the family. They are now even earning equally or sometime more than their male counterparts. And my son also has such girls as well in his surroundings as his peers. Can I afford thinking in same line for my son? Especially when I see my peers who are having only girls and bringing up them the way I rear my son? Then how can I typecast that “boys don’t do household chores” and they are girlish type of things?
You know what; sadly I have seen some of my friends, cousins and other relatives suffering a lot (even it has gone to an extent of divorce) after marriage because of this prejudice. If I’m a genuine mother and considerate about the well-being of my son in future especially his future family life, then definitely I can’t afford to feed him with the age old prejudiced thoughts and beliefs. Can I say him he is superior just because he is a boy? No way! Because that’s not the reality for him.
At least I think…it’s time for us to change this stereotype in the next generation. I think it has become unavoidable for us to teach our kids especially boys to Share the Load of the household chore when girls have already learnt to share the financial burden in the family.

                                                                  Share the Load Of Household Chore

Now days as I have already mentioned, both Rohans and Nehas (read boys and girls) get equal upbringing in terms of education, care and support from the family. The only difference is, still parents ask their girls to learn to take responsibility of the home, children and household chores while boys aren’t needed to learn. Honestly, if we will not take these established gender stereotypes seriously and work towards breaking them right now, we can’t expect our children to enjoy their family lives. It’s a question of the future of our children, their emotional needs and their legitimate rights to have a blissful family life. It will happen if we teach our kids regarding these stereotypes. It’s not that everyone is like Rohan as people are changing these days. But we need a big part of the society to change, free itself from those outdated established norms.
It’s said that marriages are made in heaven to unite two people, then why should there be “stereotypes” to divide them/couples on Earth?’ The established gender stereotypes are real threat to the “sacred knots” of our society.
The following ways, we can teach the Gen-next about the outdated gender stereotypes in household chores
First, the parents have to wake up if they want their children to be happy in future. They should start teaching their boys to bear the responsibility at home.
Workshops at schools, workplaces should be organized to depict, a family that works together, share the responsibilities, is a family that stays together.
New curriculum should be developed as home skills to instill young minds with the equality in sharing the loads at home.
All those advertisements should be ban that only “glorifies” “Maa ki hath ki safai” or “Maa ki hath ki khanna”. It has a gender stereotype over tune it. New concepts of such advertisements are should be done like “Papa ki hath Baingan ka Bhurta” yeah “Bhaiya ki hath ki Pizza” and as my son prepares, “Best white sauce Pasta By The best Son of The World” along with “Didi ki hath ki cake” and “Maa ki hath ki Laddoo.”
As we are all going through a difficult time and observing lock down, my son does household chores as a responsibility and just helping his mother. Once I said to him you have to do the same in future as well. He said, yes even though we can afford maids or servants but at times it’s a need. I also see many men posting videos and posts of doing household chores on social media. i hope they are really doing it and just showing it off. There are memes and sarcastic posts going on Social Media how wives  intimidate their husbands not doing the chores. What does that means. Are men really doing/sharing chores at home at this time when they are free….not having much office work. #JustAsking. 
Now a day a real #RealManChallenge is going on where the celebrities are uploading pictures of doing household chores. I don’t know if I should be happy about it or not. Because it’s sad that till now these things were not included in “Real Man Attributes” and hence a need of such activity. But let’s be optimistic and see the brighter side that “At least the acknowledgement of the biases has started” then the dilution of the age old tag is not far behind….I Feel!
I am hopeful that one day Most of the Rohans will prepare Lunch for both for themselves and Nehas.
What Say!!!
Share the Load Of Household Chore….


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O For On Their Faces, Optimistic Smile!!!

Life was waiting for me to serve with a magic potion as I was going to witness most lovely smile, On Their Faces, Optimistic Smile!!
This morning, I found them selling fresh vegetables. As I live in a third floor flat in our building so I don’t get much opportunity to buy from hawkers who occasionally visit our lane. Most of the time, I don’t even know when they come and when they go. Well, today I heard their voices from the height of my flat and decided to go down and see what vegetables were available with them though I was sure most of them must have sold out as they were surrounded by many people in our lane.
I was right. Most of the vegetables were already sold. Still they were surrounded by 4 to 5 persons including two Aunties from my own building. I waited for my turn. I observed, the boy and the girl were struggling to calculate the amounts properly, quite naïve to handle the hard seasoned bargainers as customers. The woman was just giving what the customers were asking her. It gave me an idea that they weren’t regular into that profession. May be just before few days – may be 2-3 days before – they might have started it. In fact I had to convince one of the Aunties of my building not to bargain for Rs, 10/- or Rs.20/- looking at the efforts they are putting up. I must say, I hate bargaining or you may say that I am very bad in that…so I just don’t do it.
Both the children’s eyes caught me standing, calm and cool. I didn’t want to confuse them as they were really not able to handle so many of us at a time. As they asked what I wanted, I saw and chosen among what was available. I took and paid whatever amount they asked for without checking. But the boy again calculated and confirmed the same to me. The baskets were almost empty. Other customers had already left. So I asked them if the children were going to school or not. The woman told me that the girl was her daughter and the boy was her nephew. Both go to school, STD III and STD XI respectively. Her husband – a construction labor – had gone for a project and struck there due to lock down. They live in the nearby village. She doesn’t work as her means are managed comfortably.

Fresh Green Vegetables During Lock Down Life, On Their Faces Optimistic Smile

I asked them then how come she thought about selling vegetables?
She told me, “kya karein madam, mera admi ghar nahi aa pa raha hai. Paison ka Thoda dikkat hai abhi, gaon mein kissishe idea mila to laga ki woh yeh kaam kar sakti hai aur bachhe bhi ghar mein hain to thoda madaad miljayega.” 
I understood. So I said, “It’s okay, don’t worry”
But suddenly both girl and the boy said unanimously, “koi baat nahi maam, Corona jaldi chala jayega, sabkuchh jaldi hi thik hojayega”
I felt good at the confidence and conviction they were showing…both looked cherubic, carefree, thoroughly enjoying the new trade that they have delved into because of life’s compulsion. Not a gain of stress at all on their faces….
instead they had smiles reflecting the positive aura 🙂
“Achha…tumhe kaise pata” I said with a smile.
They smiled and said….
Aisa hi hoga….Dekhna!!
They promised me that tomorrow they will bring vegetables (bahut hai unke wahan…they said) and they would look for me to be their first customer as I was last today and didn’t have much choice.
As I insist, they posed happily before my camera.
And then left….
 I must say…they were just treat to soul and heart…I swear. 
We are all going through a very different life, Life during Lock down. an invisible Enemy is staring at us with it’s deadly spikes and tentacles to clutch us. 
As I came back, spread the vegetables, they reminded me the smiling faces of those kids and their innocent optimism.  
I felt as if I was given a potion of confidence by them as it affirmed my conviction as well.  We will all sail through this and come out of this situation, Soon.On Their Faces Optimistic Smile…a symbol of hope and things-will-change-anyway 

Capsicum and Onion…My Favorites!!!

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N For NEVER WASTE FOOD – An Advice from My Father

Never waste food….I don’t remember how many times my father might have uttered these words in his life time: may be millions of times…because at least I have heard them from him countless times.
Have you ever seen a kid serious about food? I guess…No!! So was I. But the difference was my father used to be very strict (in fact very very strict) about “wasting food”. If he would ever see anybody wasting food, throwing them into garbage bin, quickly his eyes would turn red with anger. He would instantly turn in to a DEVIL…I swear. He would right away start lecturing that person. If that person happened to be someone from his family…LORD!! All hell would break lose instantly. He would simply become mad.
One can really imagine now how would he be at home. Hitler – Reborn perhaps!!!At home, we were strictly instructed that, “Only that much food should we take in the platter, that we could finish”. No extra amount which we might not be able to eat. It was not just an instruction but a diktat. In fact we were taught that we should take small portions, finish it first… then take more if we wish. Our mother was strictly instructed accordingly.
But we were kids. Sometimes if taste wasn’t good then who will eat? You can’t…right! I remember it was one of the most difficult things to handle for us those days. At times my mother used to cover us if we were caught by father leaving food in the platter.  But many times we were caught sadly though “wasting food” and faced the monstrous red eyes of our father; sometimes spanked also.
I used to feel bad in fact very bad and little confused too with that attitude of my father. I mean… how would I know food is tasty or not before eating? And if the food isn’t tasty then how could I eat it? Then I have to throw it…right! But did He ever understand that? NO…simply not. I used to feel.
Well, as my father was pre – independent born and also a self made man, it was difficult to make him understand how we felt those days. However good thing was he had a great command over all the scriptures including the epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana…etc. He was not only using stringency to discipline us but many a time he would tell us the bed time stories from those scriptures to convince us about many things he wanted to teach. In fact I would say…I have learnt the best lessons of my life through his stories only. 
One day he told us a story about “importance of food”. I swear that story still rings in me and perhaps for the first time lead that foundation in my attitude to care about food and not to waste a grain of it.
The story goes like this…
The story is from the Epic Mahabharat:
The Kurukshetra war was over. King Yudhistir was ruling Hastina Pur with all his kindness and generosity towards his subject.  Once there was a severe drought in Hastina Pur. So Raja Yudhistira asked his younger brother Prince Bhima to get some food grains and other help from the neighboring states.  
Bhima went and gathered as much food items as possible from all his neighboring states and loaded them in the carts and started his returned journey towards Hastina Pur 
On the way there was a broken bridge that stopped his caravan of carts to go any further. He was tensed. Then he learnt Kubera – The Lord of Wealth was staying nearby. He decided to take help from him.
As he reached at Kubera’s residence, he saw a man, clad with a dhoti till his knees, was picking scattered grains from ground.
He said, “Excuse me! Can I meet Lord Kubera??”
The man said without raising his head, “I’m Kubera…tell me what you want”
Prince Bhima was confused. He had the idea that Kubera was a wealthy person. And the man before him looks very ordinary and what’s weirder was he picking grains from ground. Why Lord of Wealth would really care for handful of grains. How could he be Kubera? No Wayy..
He turned red. Bhima is known to be short tempered.  He said angrily, “See, and don’t play with me. I’m quite stressed as the broken bridge has stopped our journey. We are carrying food grains that our subjects need badly. Delay would cost us many lives. So please let me talk to Lord Kubera and get some urgent help”. Bhima was really edgy.
“Oh!! Is this the problem? The man said. You don’t worry Prince Bhima. I will sort out your problem within moments?”
Bhima looked bewildered and confused…
But the man immediately asked his employees to act swiftly and take “Sacks of Grain” from the warehouse and put them on the broken bridge making a “grain bridge” so that the carts could move on it.
It all happened within split seconds. Bhima was quite dazed and taken aback. He realized the man before him was none other than The Lord Of Wealth –  Kubera. But the man was really quite deceptive.
Looking at his perplexities the man came to him and said, “Rajkuman Bhima, I understand your bewilderment. How could you imagine”The Lord of Wealth – Kubera” would be picking small and scattered grains from the ground?? But I value each and every grain. These little grains together only make a sack. Isn’t it?”
Bhima nodded.
“I’m not wealthy because I have wealth; I’m wealthy because I value even a small penny of it. I never wasted a small grain. Food is necessary for human’s survival. I can’t see even a small grain getting wasted but I can afford “sacks of grain” put on the bridge so that million lives could be saved. Because the primary need of food is to save human life.”Said Lord Kubera.
Then he looked at Bhima’s face. Bhima looked convinced and full of respect and gratitude. He realized the wisdom given by Kubera. After expressing gratitude to Lord Kubera He returned Hastina Pur and million drought ridden lives were really saved.
I don’t remember how many times I have heard this story from my father.  In fact it set the foundation in me to understand the importance of every grain of food. Later I learnt how hunger takes million lives every year across the world. The food wasted is nothing but making some people die in hunger. We must realize the importance of food and food items. 
From that day, trust me, I never wasted food. I stayed in hostels throughout my academic years and I have seen how students used to waste food. Many times I have stopped them too..but it’s not just one person’s work. I also teach the same to my kid as well, not to waste food. 
We should NEVER WASTE FOOD… It’s not just becoming wealthy or not but it’s our human responsibility not to waste food.
Remember….A grain of food wasted is like a “Human body” becoming lifeless… and realize!!
NEVER WASTE FOOD…A hearty advice by my father… still resonates in me!

NEVER WASTE FOOD – A grain of food wasted is like a “Human body” becoming lifeless

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E For Encounters @Life

Encounters At Life….

Every day is a school life at the School of life. I always feel Life itself is a school that teaches me the very lessons of being a human and sensible in a realistic world.

Here is an encounter that taught me for what it is to be a human. It taught me kindness….

It happened few months back. We were returning from a Dadar after attending to a Doctor. The appointment was over around 10 pm and by the time we reached Vashi it was almost around 11:15 p.m.  It was already late so we decided to pack some food from a restaurant for dinner.

We went to one and placed our order. In a while the parcel was ready. As we came out, suddenly it started drizzling. The car was parked at a little distance. If we would have walked to the car, it was certain that by the time we reach we would have drenched ourselves by and large if not totally. We couldn’t afford to allow our son to be soaked to the skin as he has serious respiratory problems and damped with rain would definitely aggravate the ailment. My husband asked my son and me to wait there while he went to the car to bring the umbrella. Near that restaurant a Fruit Juicewala has his outlet. We stayed there.

Although it is a busy lane in general but that time it was almost crowd free as it was late in the night. Most shutters were already down. Not many people I could see surrounding the Juicewala as well. I observed some of them were even bargaining for the price for a “Glass Of juice” although he was selling it in a nominal price as compared to the same “Glass of Juice” in any branded juice outlet or restaurant.

Well…that’s the way most of us do…I guess. I loved the way the Juicewala appeared to be. Tireless, energetic and cool…I quickly clicked some pictures of him without him noticing.

I saw a little boy – may be in his early teens – was standing there and looking at the Juice glasses. With a cursory glance only I thought he might have been a son of a shopkeeper in that place or the people around there.

After some time I saw The Juicewala offered him “A Glass of Anar Juice (Pomegranate juice) and the little soul gulped them as quickly as he could.

Now I was sure the boy was either known to the Juicewala or he might have been asked to offer the juice by any elder/guardian of the boy. However I was proved wrong as I saw the little boy ran to a tempo parked at few steps away after hearing a harsh tone from a mid aged man who was behind the wheel.

Encounters At Life…The Fruit Juicewala!!

He ran swiftly and quickly boarded the tempo and within moments it was out of sights.

I was bit curious. By that time my Husband had already reached with Umbrellas. But I couldn’t stop myself asking The Juicewala about the whole scene.

What he said had a deep impact on me…

The little boy was a child laborer working as a helper for that tempo driver. They had come there to deliver something for sure. The boy was waiting their till his boss come out with the payments.  He was perhaps hungry which the Juicewala understood. So he offered him a Glass of Juice even if the boy was completely a stranger to him.

Just before I had seen “well off” people quibbling hard to lessen even Rs10/- for a glass of Juice where as the Juicewala offered an entire Glass – which could have earned him Rs.70/- per a Glass of Anar Juice – to a hungry child. Also none of us including me could see the starving eyes of that boy….isn’t it something shameful on our part?

As I boarded the car I had already stirred from within like always such Encounters at life  do… It was something soul stirring as it made me realized the shrunken consciousness inside us the so called “well heeled affluent” people. We perhaps need counseling on “kindness and generosity” and need to learn some lessons on humanity from such people around us like that of the above Fruit Juicewala”

Indeed, Kindness is word that may be a deaf can hear and a dumb can speak but the people without heart or conscience can never understand….

With the Encounters at Life I always wish…. Let me be a STUDENT @Life …always.

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Dark Skin is just a layer of melanin and not a Crime and Light Skin is Not a Prize.

Once there was a balloon seller who used to sell balloons of different colors with hydrogen gas (which is lighter than air) filled in them. Every day he would go to a park to sell balloons. The children playing there would buy his balloons as per their choice of colors and then go to the play area and release the strings in the garden to compete with each other. Soon the atmosphere around that place would be filled with ear-splitting looping sound effects emerging from noisy and laud shrieks of excited children.  The competition would be whose balloon would go higher than the others and the children would be very happy with this.

One day while the balloon man was selling the balloons he felt someone was tapping on his elbow. He turned around to see who it was. He found out that the person tapping on his elbow was a 7 year old ‘Black’ girl. The balloon seller, surprised and curious, bent down to ask her which colour balloon she would like to have. However, instead of choosing a balloon the little girl, evidently inquisitive, asked him, “Uncle Can I ask you a question?”

The balloon seller amused by the innocence of her said calmly, “Yes my child. What happened? What do you want to ask?” She said, “Uncle, if the color of a balloon is BLACK then would it ever be able to compete with others or at least be able to fly?” Startled for a moment and then composed, the balloon seller smiled and replied, “Dear child, it’s not the color of the balloon that makes it fly, but the THING that is INSIDE it.”

I had read this story somewhere and honestly I was moved. I know every one of us must have been touched at the reply of The Balloon Seller. “It’s not the color of the balloon that makes it fly, but the THING that is INSIDE it.”How true!

However what we must ponder over is what made that little girl – who might have seen only few springs in her life – ask this question. That speaks volumes about how “skin color” of a person affects the core of him/her. Can we dare to deny that we aren’t instantly judgmental towards the skin color of a person? Don’t we define beauty of a person especially a woman, with The Color of the Skin getting an upper hand over the other attributes of beauty?

Even Martin Luther King Jr. once said that, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Undoubtedly these are the golden words scripted in the history but what more important is “What made him – one of the most eminent person in the world history, most visible spokesperson, activist and a distinguished leader in the civil rights movement in America – utter these words” because there lies the deep complexities of skin color that reigns the human psyche since the time immemorial and how this bias has affected humans – having a darker skin tone –  socially, personally, culturally  and psychologically all over the world. Isn’t it?

Discrimination based on skin color, also known as colorism or shadeism, is a form of prejudice or discrimination in which people are treated differently based on the social meanings attached to skin color. (Source – Wikipedia). Indeed, complexion is incredibly complex. For centuries, mankind has been obsessed with the color of the skin. This mania has resulted in an assortment of human traumas, crimes, heartbreaks and racism. Colorism is invasive within the Black community and that most Black people especially women have been, either culturally or personally, affected by intra-racial discrimination. It is a global sin and it won’t be wrong to say that every human – at some point of time – has been a part of this rot.

Women – in India as well as worldwide – are the worst victims of this Skin Color biases. Girls with a darker complexion face a lot of difficult things in terms of being abused, ignored and denied of opportunities apart from being thrown with most insensitive jabs.  I personally remember in my growing days a neighboring uncle used to be very worried for his dark skinned daughter and would always say that he has to earn a lot of money to give a handsome dowry to marry her off as a compensation for her skin tone.  Imagine the state of the mind of the Girl!

This is the reason why, over a period of time the options for a fairness cream in the market have just grown. The deep rooted fascination for fair skin has just made us get attracted to the illusive world of cosmetics and beauty products. And the owner of these products has been grown in terms of fat bank balances. They never change the natural skin tone but sure, they drift us from our own being.

Black kids face a whole universe of problems that their white counterparts don’t. Raising a ebony child means preparing him or her to bear the brunt of racism in all of its forms. It starts with to be looked at with frown faces to eventually parch with insensitive remarks, insensate isolation and delivered with injustice. As if “Having A deeper layer of melanin means a guaranteed ticket to be treated inhumanly, socially, personally and emotionally.” And a girl having ebony or dusky skin tone is even worse than having a deadliest nightmare.

Sometime I really wonder what is it that makes us so obsessed with skin color and is there any logical basis to people’s perceptions of skin color?

As Alan Goodman, Biological Anthropologist said: “All skin colors, whether light or dark, are not due to race but to adaptation for life under the sun.” 

In fact, judging a person by their Skin Color defies logic. Dark skin is the original ancestral state of all humans.  Some individuals were born with mutations giving them lighter skin and a combination of diet and sun exposure led to this trait continuing on in some individuals says the recent scientific studies.   Therefore, it becomes clear that the belief that white skin is more superior does in fact defy logic. Lighter skin is merely a biological mutation – nothing more and nothing less as per a recent study published in the journal PLOS Genetics. In fact similar studies for the variation in human skin color have been published in many platforms like The Atlantis, The New York time’s etc state the same thing.

However, we can’t deny the bitter realities of skin color complexities and its peccadillo effects on human race having its monarchy since the dawn of the time.

As an Asian in general and an Indian in particular, I have a fair set of strange observations regarding the skin color complexities ruling us still today. Just a cursory glance at the Classifieds columns in any newspaper will show us our obsession with fair skin. And what it means to be a dark girl in a Country like India.


Even if in our ancient scriptures like Ramayana and Mahabharata the lead characters Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and Draupathi were all dark. Why even the author of Mahabharata Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa was also dark skinned. But still we can never see a matrimonial adv not mentioning the fair skin tone requirement for a bride.  So it’s futile to ignore the reality and better to face it with a strong will. So let’s face it…if we at all want a change and bring in a solution to it this aged, deeply grained social  evil.

We all know Mahatma Gandhi, during his stay at South Africa, once was thrown out of a first class bogey of a train by British for just being a black and Indian even if he had a first class ticket for it. That incident probably had acted like a spark to ignite His resolution to kick out the British raj from India. And he eventually became successful in by becoming the face for the Indian Struggle for freedom and independence.

Can’t we resolute to kick out complexion based discrimination from the human society, the same way?

Indian actress and activist Nandita Das has recently started a campaign named “Dark is Beautiful- Stay Unfair Stay beautiful.” Similarly, actress Kangana Ranaut, one of those reigning queens at the box office today hit headlines in recent past when she refused to endorse a fairness cream brand, despite being offered a whopping Rs 2 crore for the same.

She explained that she has several reasons to not endorse a fairness cream brand.  She doesn’t like the way such ads are presented, and thinks that they do hurt the confidence of darker people, especially women.  Her sister too is a little dark, so endorsing a fairness cream would mean insulting her own sister and the rest of the community who aren’t fair.

Recently I watched a Ayusman Khurana and bhumi Pednekar Starer movie Bala where Bhumi plays the role of a Dark skinned girl who faces rejections from the childhood but grows up to a confident women advocate. She accepts her skin tone and shows that its not the epidermis but the brain cells rules the life.

Kudos! To these people who are strongly asserting their voices against these deep rooted evil. However, it isn’t enough…I feel. It is time that not only the dark toned women come out in solidarity, but I would also like to see the naturally whiter ones promoting this skin shade to popularize it. I would like more and more celebrities, worldwide, should come together & stand in solidarity against biases against dark color, but it certainly needs a collective effort from all of us.

Fairness should not be on the skin but it has to be deep inside. “The cloth of a person is never a true measure of his wisdom and understanding.” ― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah. Society first looks at the dress that is on the body in appreciation and then the color and texture of the skin. It never looks beyond those two which is much more important which is within. One has to have a heart as white as milk and as pure as a crystal. Yes, there is a cosmetic for that which is LOVE, COMPASSION and AFFECTION…..Am I right????

For centuries, skin color has been used as a marker of race, but now new research is changing the way we see ourselves, and each other.  Science is beginning to uncover the intricate relationship between our pigment and our environment. Perhaps one day, a greater level of education about these factors will help to eliminate the prejudice that has existed since the dawn of time and which still continues today.

Minds steeped in ignorance will find it difficult to embrace diversity.  We have to change our “conditioned-concept” of beauty. Beauty lies within the soul and not in the skin. One has to find his own inner treasure. A good heart filled with the radiance of the soul is real beauty. Lack of awareness will make a person blind to the inner beauty, in self as well as in others. Compassion that comes with awareness has the power to cleanse prejudices and break barriers.  Color of the skin of a person doesn’t make him more or less human. We are humans. And there are no dividing lines beyond the epidermis.

I dream of a day “when we can fit high definition cameras in our eyes, that can see beyond the skin of a person and find the beauty or ugliness in his/her heart. At present, we have filters and HD cameras in the mobile phones only. I wish we grow them up in our eyes too.

And yes, one day we can say that little girl that balloons are destined to fly in the air unless they are puncture with the stereotyped beliefs and taboos.

It’s Not the COLOR OF THE SKIN But It’s the Content in Character Makes Us Human. Indeed!!

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The Great Indian Jugaad

No one can ever beat INDIANS when it comes to The Great Indian Jugaad. We have a patent on it.

No one can be as imaginative and creative as jugaad loving Indians. We Indians have quick fixes for anything and everything. And these quick fixes that we often turn into when run out of other alternatives not only keep us going but also have manage to devise permanent way out for certain things  at times

While passing by, That day I noticed this scene at Sector 9, Vashi.  A cycle was tightly tied at the back of a car and the car was parked.  For a moment I felt as if it was the owners own way to protect his cycle from theft.  Then later I realized it could be their way to take cycle along with them in case if they were going somewhere and wish cycling…..May be a vacation.

In both the case I felt a tickling sensation inside, thinking of the India’s inventiveness and innovative ideas or  ways of Jugaad. Isn’t it really amusing!! I mean really no one can beat the Indian  Jugaad. We have a patent on it…

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Menstruation:Teenage Girls & The Ghost of Shyness

Menstruation:Teenage Girls & The Ghost of Shyness. 

Not to be very expressive in terms of her liking, desires or dreams, not to be assertive in terms of strength, needs and wishes, not to be dominant in her thoughts or talents, not to be aggressive in her ability and aptitude in day-to-day affairs…and blah blah. Aren’t these the criteria what expected of a woman always? Isn’t she always supposed to be fiercely guided by somebody all her life, somebody who could be her father or husband or brother or partner or lover? Isn’t it something like as if, since she has missed a Y-Chromosome in here genes so she has to compensate it with her “Freedom” throughout her life to the ones who were opportune to receive that Y-Chromosome in their genes (Read, “male”)

The above lines, questions or assertions are just the tip of the iceberg that a girl goes through terribly in her tender and soft mind in her upbringing years. Even if she is subjected to inequalities for being a girl since she was born, since babyhood, she is raised with the preconditioned minds with preconceived Tory notions of her parents, family and the stand-pat gender biased society, but the complexities and the impacts of those injustice of unfairness starts showing up evidently when she steps in her teens or sometimes in her pre-teen age too. Preconditioned mind as in with the dos and don’ts which a girl child has to face and act prudently.

As a result, in most of the cases the girls in Indian families are often grow up with low self-esteem, low self-confidence and at times lack a sense of self worth too because of the regression reflecting in stereotyping of questions as in how they should behave.   Often they are wrapped up with ghost of shyness and coyness without their notice probably making them reserve and introvert. This actually ruins them from within, because puberty and adolescence come up with their own bags of natural complexities and intricacies. It’s the time when ideally a girl should be made to SPEAK UP most, but what happens in reality is their power of assertion is actually trimmed by the society and surrounding. And that makes it very difficult for them to tell or discuss even the genuine things that they face invariably with their elders.

Being a girl hailing from an orthodox society I do know one of the difficulties faced by girls is when they attain their womanhood. Menstruation is nothing but a very normal biological phenomenon, and adolescent girls and women should understand that they have the power of procreation only because of this virtue. However it’s considered as a peccadillo in the most of the Indian societies and its consequences have to be endured by every woman the rest of her life. Isn’t it a stark irony?


It’s almost that time of the month. She feels puffier than a marshmallow and her temple breaks out in zits. Chocolate is the only thing that calms her down and prevents her from beating up that irritating guy behind her in maths or badminton. Why do girls have to go through this? Well, for one thing, it’s her body’s way of preparing her for pregnancy. Is it anyway evil or immoral? 

But in many parts of India and other countries, the myth that menstruation makes a woman impure and dirty persists strongly.

  • Cultural norms and religious taboos on menstruation are often compounded by traditional associations with evil spirits, shame and embarrassment surrounding sexual reproduction.
  • Many girls and women are subject to restrictions in their daily lives simply because they are menstruating. Not entering the “puja” room is the major restriction among urban girls whereas, not entering the kitchen is the main restriction among the rural girls during menstruation.
  • Menstruating girls and women are also restricted from offering prayers and touching holy books.
  • The underlying basis for this myth is also the cultural beliefs of impurity associated with menstruation. It is further believed that menstruating women are unhygienic and unclean and hence the food they prepare or handle can get contaminated.
  • There are so many other taboo also.

Such taboos about menstruation present in many societies impact on girls’ and women’s emotional state, mentality and lifestyle and most importantly, health. It’s the sole reason why a large numbers of girls in many less economically developed countries drop out of school when they begin menstruating.

These not only significantly influence their sexual and reproductive health but also possess much social and educational impact. With much shame, infamy and disgrace associated with periods, girls tend shy away to tell the complications they go through during this period at times. They also end up doing and following unhealthy and insanitary things. They tend to use unhygienic practices such as drying the cloth pad and undergarments in a tiny corner of the room, storing the pads in a filthy place or using a sanitary pad for longer hours than recommended. Apart from health-related complications that can be caused by wrong information, it is also crushing girls’ confidence, making them damaged and devastated when they believe their bodies are ‘dirty’ and coupled with something awful.

With a damaged seed can we expect a healthy plant and thereby a giant tree that gives healthy fruits? Of course not. Isn’t it? A healthy woman is the pre-requisite of a healthy offspring and thereby a healthy civilization and being healthy means healthy in terms of body, mind and soul. So it’s imperative for the society to immediately look upon the problems faced by the teenage and adolescent girls. Because, it’s that period of their age that defines the prospect of the future generation. I just quoted one difficult things. However there are many problems an adolescent girl faces which needs words to be expressed and ears to be heard. Just like explaining to them that bleeding every month is a natural process like any other bodily process slowly brings behavioral changes,  similarly a considerate  communicative approach to the  concerns and complexities of adolescence girls not only will alienate their shyness but also make them healthy both physically and mentally. Menstruation:Teenage Girls & The Ghost of Shyness…is a reality…in fact a sad reality. 

Menstruation,Teenage Girls & The Ghost of Shyness……What do you say about it?