CHANDAMAMA – The Intricacies of Human Choices

CHANDAMAMA – The Intricacies of Human Choices

CHANDAMAMA, Ahwaha, the name itself evokes the nostalgia. It is mostly considered as a children Magazine, but its timeless wisdom captures even the grownups imaginations.

“Chandamama” is a beloved Indian children’s magazine that has been published in various languages since its inception in 1947. It holds a special place in many people’s hearts, particularly those who grew up reading it.

The magazine has been an iconic part of Indian literature and culture, captivating readers with its enchanting stories, vibrant illustrations, and moral teachings. For generations, it has been a staple in many Indian households.

“Chandamama” has been a treasured source of entertainment and education, developing the skill of imagination and instilling values through its tales of mythology, folklore, and adventure in almost every Indian household.

For me CHANDAMAMA is not just a Magazine I grew up reading its stories throughout my formative years.  It’s more than that. It was a source of wisdom that taught me the Intricacies of Human Choices and Their Impacts on relationships, aspirations, and personal fulfilment from a very tender age. I remember if something I read apart from my textbooks when I was just a 5-year-old, for the first time, it was a story in Chandamama. In fact, I developed my reading habit with it.

For me, “Chandamama” was more than just a magazine; it was a companion that glowed my imagination, inspired curiosity, and left a lasting impression on my formative years. Even as adults, the memories of reading “Chandamama” often evoke a sense of warmth and nostalgia, reminding me of simpler times and cherished moments spent lost in the magical world of storytelling. It still makes me so even though in slightly lesser than before as I read them sometimes on a digital platform.

Chandamama’s stories often revolve around moral values, cultural traditions, and Indian folklore, making it not only entertaining but also educational. The magazine’s vivid illustrations bring the stories to life, capturing the imagination of young readers. When I used to read them, I often slipped through the pages into that world as if witnessing the characters by myself.

The stories would depict the characters, their intentions, their choices, and the repercussions of bad choices and rewards of good choices. And then the impacts of their choices in their life, their relationships, and their life as a whole.

The foundation of adopting values, choosing what is right and discarding what is fundamentally wrong was inculcated by the stories and characters of I read in Chandamama.

I wish my son would have read them too while growing up as a kid but as neo kids he was more into the world of Geronimo Stilton rather the world of CHANDAMAMA.

I will write about some stories I read in Chandamama as I proceed ahead with the challenge in this month.  And that would make a sense of the title of this blog.  Why I am saying so??  That Chandamama helped me explore the intricacies of human choices and their impacts in the various aspects of their life. How the choices made by the characters lead to divergent paths and outcomes, highlighting the complexity and significance of decision-making in life.

It may emphasize that every choice has its repercussions and that the characters must grapple with the consequences, whether positive or negative.

This magazine has been teaching me that in life that we have a choice to be good or bad and accordingly the outcomes come in the form of occurrences, opportunity/reward or challenges/punishment.

For now, let me just being little more nostalgic and let me lose myself in the memoirs of my babyhood days with CHANDAMAMA.

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Hello Reader,

Welcome to this post!!

However before you start reading the post, I insist, just has another glance on the above image. It’s a painting.  What do you see in the above picture/painting?  What message the painter might have thought to give through this painting?

Well, you might have your own denotations according to your own decoding/understanding system. Even I had that. In fact, I was wondering, “why the silhouette of a polar bear has a blue sky with dark blue clouds dotted with white stars as a backdrop? A polar bear generally reflects the polar reason that is mostly white. Isn’t it? Then…??

My Son was in 7th STD. There was a drawing and painting competition in his class. All the students had painted wonderful pictures. My son – not an artist for sure but loves paintings and drawings – had collected a few – 5 to 6 –  of them from his friends and brought home and put them on the wall with the help of his dad.

Once they are all on the wall, he asked me which one was good and what message do I read from the above paintings.  With an intent look I tried to judge the paintings. One of them was a sunrise which appealed me most.  So I declared it as best. However my attention was caught by this particular painting which appeared bit peculiar to me. I asked him “Pupun, what’s this painting is about? I didn’t get it”

Quickly he said,” Mamma, here, my friend Manav has been represented as a  polar bear, sad and done, as we have left him in the polar reason. Do you know why? Bahut Masti Karta hai na” and he giggled.

Instantly it brought a smile on my face. I knew how these just-into-teens children do these days to tease their friends. They have a different world altogether, happy and carefree. Isn’t it?

Well, after we had a good laugh session, he stopped and told me “Ohkay, Mazak Kar Raha tha Mamma, now let me tell you what it is?”

I looked at him wearing a question mark on my face.

“It’s the Effect of GLOBAL WARMING in another few years from now, Mamma.” He said as if he is my teacher and I am a naïve student before him. “Can’t you see the polar bear is sad as no one of his friends is alive? They are all dead as all the ice in polar reason has been melted? Only a few flurries of snow like structure remained in the air.”

You know, there will be no more ice in glacier reason in a few years from now if the global warming will keep increasing this rate as of now. Isn’t it? How can a polar bear survive without glacial surfaces? Won’t it get the threat of extinct of its species? That’s why it is sad….did you get it?”

Trust me he appeared to be a little cherubic professor to me….

I looked at him, jaw dropped, amazed. Seriously, the imagination of these kids can really dig a well in the sky too. However, now I felt this painting is best though I am yet to meet the artist… Imagination Has No Boundary, Indeed!!

“Imagination takes you everywhere.” Anonymous….How True!!!

What do you say!!


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