Undying Hope – It’s the Best Armor to Battle Corona!!!

Undying Hope is the Best Armor to Battle Corona!!!

This article is written by Aaditya Mahapatra @antimeridian14

As I look at the world today, it seems filled with grim & despair. A kind of powerlessness seems to be psychologically predominating. There are reasons too. We are battling with an Invisible enemy which is evolving every moment. It’s becoming stronger & stronger.

Every day we are losing lives. More because of our own folly though.  Earlier they were just numbers, now they are faces as the loss has become personal. Most of us have already lost someone from our close surrounding.

We underestimated it, we undervalued its strength, we misjudged it’s potential. However, I think nothing last forever. How much strong it is, but at the end of the day it’s a wave and every wave have to subside with time. It’s running its course. But I feel we should never lose our Hope. It seems to be Invisible but that’s not true.

I agree sometimes it’s just not the proper timing. Nothing works. The cruel reality takes a ride over our psyche.  But that doesn’t mean that it will last forever. I can never believe that we are powerless anyway. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Humans have been gifted with an undying spirit. Universe created us for a reason. Humans are the best creation of Universe. So, it’s never going to harm it to an extent that we find it hard to exist. It’s okay, things are not good at present. But let’s see the bigger picture.

We have the highest wisdom and courage within, gifted by the spirit. We can conquer our fear during any adversity. We must remember that we are the Best Creature of the world. We have the responsibility to make the earth a better and greater place.

Hope is a decision and just an attribute of human race. In fact, a very important decision.  It’s a flame that illuminates in the hearts. We need to make a conscious choice. It’s our Undying Hope that’s the best armour we can have to fight any adversity, be it Corona… 😊



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There is Not Enough Darkness!!!

There is Not Enough Darkness

There is not enough darkness
across the world
to put out the light of
even one small candle…. Robert Alden
There is not enough darkness across the world
To put out the light of even one small candle
No matter how strongly it spreads its wings
It can never ever enjoy the victory over rays
Darkness no doubt has its own merits
As it takes us to the unsolved quarries
It shows us the part or side of us
That needs to be worked upon & solved
It has its role for cleansing things
Bringing light to unexplored side
But it can never stop the light
Neither can exist in the bright
Things are no doubt grey & grim
With Corona being stronger from last time
And the humans are again helpless
As the loss of life hugely taking place
Amidst the chaos Hope is Lost
Shaking our heart & our Trust
But no matter what happens now
Every thing will again fall in place
Darkness is roaring testing our trust
Checking if we have our lessons learnt or not
But it doesn’t know that its end is near
Light is coming shortly to eradicate it
Remember, even this will pass away
Earth will be filled again with golden rays
No matter what damage darkness done
Light will fill it making us smile again

This is a Whatsapp message which is really uplifting!! In this forbidding time of Corona, Holding on to Hope is the Best armor we can have to fight with Corona!! India records 349k cases today. But scratch beneath it, not everything is despair. The two hottest zones – #Delhi and #Maharashtra are holding almost stable. Mumbai is less than 6000 new cases, 3 weeks low in daily cases.

The lockdowns and perhaps even burning out of virus is slowly showing effect. India has mobilized its entire industrial might, railway and now #IndianAirForce into service to rapidly transport supplies.   It is a massive force.

There is no doubt that Authorities UNDERESTIMATED this new wave – but not any longer.

It will take one week for Delhi and Maharashtra to start receding. Of course, a few other states will keep spiking but not to this concentration. In 4-5 days, oxygen issue will be better sorted as trains will deliver bulk deliveries. Trains are running on non-stop green corridors. More hospitals would have come up – a few are commissioning today onwards. Some even in religious places.

The impact of stopped we exports is showing. Today, #Remdesivir was in slightly better supply than yesterday. It will get better over the week.

Cryogenic freezer for oxygen has been picked up from foreign manufacturers by our Air Force.

All this in ONE WEEK.

May will start better than April, I promise you.


On your part, stay indoors – you are privileged if you can afford it. One less patient can mean better allocation of resources for someone really sick. You can save your life and someone else’s by holding back movement and staying safe.

Shun despair, pack up your frustration, don’t tell me you are bored, don’t tell me you won’t fight.

The casualty number may go up this week – but remember they follow infections 12-18 days ago. That is the cycle of this virus. But at least once we restore oxygen issue – the deaths due to lack of treatment will go down.

Hold on for this one week – this is the darkest hour – beyond which lies the beginning of dawn of life, vaccines and healthier times.


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Heartbroken, Devastated & Lost!!

Heartbroken I am &  Devastated & Lost

Heartbroken, Devastated & Lost
Confounded, Dejected & Utterly Shocked
Seems My Prayers weren’t Enough & Fallen Short
As Couldn’t prevent you from leaving the Earth
It’s hard to believe that you no more would be there
To spread your Laughter, Joy, Love & Care
I would be no more getting those Love
And claiming that I have a lovely sis as cute as dove
Your innocent laughter would haunt hereafter
Forever the void will remain empty & bare
Everyone who know you will miss you endlessly
While you would riant in heaven blissfully
Sometimes I feel as God has Gone Broke
In terms of Happiness & Good People around
& Now is the time He is haunting Spree
To take people from earth who are loving & kind
For Me & others it’s Unbelievable
Your sweet words are unforgettable
I know it’s Corona Time
But Can’t the Divine be bit more kind?
Gathering Strength to Face & Accept
With shattered soul & dented heart
Lopa, I will Miss You like anything
With tears in eyes & snuffles in heart
Though I am
Heartbroken & Devastated & Lost
But Feeling
Maybe You Deserved a Better Place
Maybe the Earth was not Perfect
May You Be in Amity & Peace
May In the Heaven You REST!!!

Lopa, was my junior and my younger sister’s classmate. We had a boarding schooling. We both stayed in the same room. We had developed a sisterly bond since then which was as much intact as of now. She would be the first person to wish me in bdays, on any of my achievements. She would be first to ask about me when Corona news surfaced or any bad news about Mumbai in particular.

She would Always Claim that Tinadi (I) love her more than Bebi (my real sis). And my sister would always complain the same that I love Lopa more than her. Such was the bond. Recently she was in Covid Hospital, ICU & then after Oxygen Support. Yesterday she was tasted Negative. And She was fine though on oxygen support. But this Morning We heard she succumb to a Cardiac arrest.

We humans are strange. The death cases we here are just numbers until our own nears or dear is one of them. Only when we lose someone of our own, we see faces in those numbers.

We are battling a strong enemy. Let’s support, pray for each other. The losses are huge now and will be personal with each passing day….

Call and keep talking to your friends and relatives. Be in touch with everyone. Pray For All…

I am devastated as I lost my sis to corona…..

Your Smile Will Haunt Me Forever!!!

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It was We vs Corona and We Won!!!

It was We vs Corona and We Won

Isn’t Being Corona Positive is the most terrible word these days???

In all my life, whenever I used to be apprehensive of life, feeling low or pessimistic, I have been either chided or encouraged by the people around me  –  depending upon their own temper & nature-  for Being Negative. I would get a very strong and powerful assertion from all of them in those times…


They would say it…firm & confidently

We all are like that only. We always wanted others to BE POSITIVE…isn’t it? However, things have changed upside down, thanks to the global pandemic.  Now I really wonder… can we ever say this to someone who is standing on a queue to give his/her swab for the testing???Can we?  Well, the eight lettered word “positive” has become the most frightening one these days.

BEING COVID POSITIVE sounds like a death sentence. The entire atmosphere has become very scary and fearful of this word. In such a scenario, that fateful day I encountered with the Invisible Enemy Outside, THE CORONA VIRUS.

My Encounter with the VIRUS

My husband was having fever, not too high though. Initially we felt it could be just viral. But after 3-4 days as it didn’t recede, we decided to go for test. I think that was one of the BEST THINGS we did. However, to our utter dismay both I & hubby tested positive in the rapid test itself, I was asymptomatic though. Then immediately we tested our son. His rapid test was negative.  His swab was taken for the RT PCR whose result comes after 48hrs.

I would lie if I say I wasn’t petrified, nervous or scared hearing the report. A chill run down my spine immediately.  It felt like as if the ground slipped under my feet. Testing Positive for Covid itself makes you numb from inside. And then the thundering add-on words came from the doctor, “10 Days Mandatory Institutional Quarantine.” It is a norm in NAVI MUMBAI.  It was no less than a pronounced verdict that sends you to a hell…as we had imagined.  

There were two things that I was worrying about.

One…how our son was going to manage without us at home for 10 days in case his RT PCR report comes negative too. 

And second, what’s going to happen with us. We were totally clueless. We tried for beds at Fortis Hospital, Vashi but no-bed was available.

Finally, we were allotted CIDCO Covid Hospital, Vashi and taken there while our son was asked to stay at home.

Being Corona Positive: AT HOSPITAL….

Being Corona positive and at hospital, First two days were horrible because we were not able to accept the reality. Wait, as if it wasn’t enough. After two days the RT PCR report of our son came positive too. Gosh!! Let me tell you, I have never hated anything more than this word POSITIVE at that point of time…seriously!! Well, he was also allotted CIDCO Covid Hospital, Vashi after a lot of freaking persuasions from Us, the parents(Else they had allotted him a different hospital…You Government Things)

We desperately tried again to get into Fortis but in vein. That probably taught me the first lesson that no matter how much wealth, affordability or resources you have, it simply doesn’t help if things are not available at all. So now there’re no option than to ACCEPT that the next couple of days were to be lived there only.

Thankfully, the hospital is really well equipped, well maintained. The doctors, nurses and house keeping staffs are humble and supportive. Utmost care is taken for cleanliness and sanitization.

Being Corona Positive: AS MEDICATION…

We were given Anti-biotics for first five days,

Twice LimC (Vitamin Chewable tablets) and Multivitamin tablets once a day  for entire 10days 

Our oxygen levels were regularly checked at least 4 times a day.  Since husband had developed mild infection in lungs too, he was given HCQ tablets after ECG was done.

Normal food was served to us as per our food habit, veg or non-veg.

We were asked to do gargling & drink Warm water only. That’s it.

I would really like to appreciate NMMC and other authorities for being so well prepared with healthcare facilities for this pandemic.  I was filled with gratitude for The Doctors, Nurses and housekeeping staffs as they were very motivating.

After 10 days we were sent to home and advised with 7 days home quarantine along with continuing the same medication, Lim C & MV to be precise & diet. And then the final & most awaited word came. Yes I am talking about the most loved word of the day NEGATIVE.I never knew I would love this word so much.  Now we are Officially Covid Free Family. This was our journey that we had to take unwillingly though.

Wait Wait…

Every journey serves you with some insights…right.  Let me tell you what the things that I learnt from this entire episode.

What Corona Virus Taught Me

1. Corona AFFECTS EVERYONE EQUALLY, but EVERYONE DOES NOT GET EQUALLY AFFECTED. Because everybody is different and unique so also their Immune System.

2. After talking to the qualified doctor there, I understood that along with PRECAUTIONS we should also be PREPARED – mentally to be precise- in case we got it in us.

1. Precautions that help you Play Safe. That includes

Wear Your Mask Properly.  

Wash Your Hands or use Sanitizer as consciously, as frequently as possible.

Avoid going to crowded places if not required. Maintain social distancing

In case you must go out, make sure when you come back home you change clothes immediately and wash yourselves with soap & warm water

Corona Virus often comes in Clothes, so after coming from outside, make sure you clean them immediately in warm water.

Make three times gargling a part of your routine

Drink warm water

 2. Preparation helps you if you lost it somewhere.

 As the doctor told me, “It is just takes a couple of seconds for the coronavirus to enter your body no matter what precautions you have taken…all through” It’s just a matter of “Few Seconds” So it is very important to be better prepared for it.

·         First, Be mentally prepared. Getting quarantined, institutionally or at home is certainly not the end of the world

·         Second, Look at the brighter side of things. Around 80% people are either asymptomatic or mildly affected/infected by this virus. This is the REALITY no matter what depressing statistics are given by the governments , media or other authorities.

·         As we know there is no medicine for covid19 so BOOSTING IMMUNITY IS THE KEY to deal with it.

·         Make vitamin C a part of your daily intake. People often ignore this even if they know but keeping your body alkaline is not only a necessary way to protect your body from the virus but also it helps neutralize the effect of it in case you get infected.

·         Follow everything that works for your body to boost up your immune system. Like turmeric milk, tulsi, amla, kadha…whatever works.

·         Take your family doctor’s advice, if you can take multivitamin tablets or not.  It works if it suits you and doctor is the best person to advice.

3. PLEASE TEST YOURSELF if you have symptoms.

If you have some symptoms, go and test because it can be lethal if the whole process is delayed and treatment is started late.  Mostly CORONA makes you serious if you DELAY TESTING & identified late.

Also, if you don’t test even if you have symptoms, then you really become a Potential Spreader risking people around. Moreover, even if one tests positive for the virus, it will pass over within 7 to 10 days at the most…avers Dr Vishwas Pai, ENT surgeon who recovered after being Covid Positive.

In fact I have also seen, even 75+yr, 80+ yrs old men/women getting healed and go to their home during my 10 days stay at hospital.  EARLY DETECTION is the key…. This is what the doctors told me there no matter whatever condition your health is in.

4. STAY POSITIVE (no pun intended)

No matter how dangerous the word “Positive” sounds these days. it is only ‘positivity’ that helps a person fight corona virus.  


Although Older people, and those with pre-existing medical conditions (such as high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes) appear to be more vulnerable and it can make some people very ill but for most people COVID-19 causes only mild illness. More rarely, the disease can be fatal. So why to fear then??

Ever since this virus has come to existence it has successfully gripped the mind with intense fear. Most of the times the fear takes a toll bigger than Corona itself. It seems as if its Reality has become a Shadow Of it…Longer than the Actual Size of it. I feel so.

So Take all CARE but Don’t SCARE!!! The Virus is indeed EERIE but not that SCARY what it appears to be.

And for me, I am in a state as

Louisa May Alcott quotes, “I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.”


What is The 20 Lakh Crore Economic Stimulus Package?

In his recent address to Nation Prime Minister Modi announced “The mega Rs 20 lakh crore ECONOMIC STIMULUS PACKAGE” to deal with the economic loss caused by Corona Virus Pandemic. I think many people just didn’t understand what exactly it is and how is it going to REVIVE the collapsed economy of the nation. Frankly saying even, I don’t understand the economic things in general and this is in particular.  We all know, the world has been crippled and the economies of the nations across the globe have suffered a great downfall, at present. India is no different!! So amidst this financial crisis how the 20 Lakh Crore STIMULUS Economic Package announced by Honorable PM of India, which is around 10% of our GDP, would come to rescue is an important thing to understand.

Mr. Biranchi N. Acharya Follow him @acharya_bn

Here is Mr.Biranchi Narayan Acharya, @one of the finest and seasoned Political Analyst and Observer, and a  fortunately my brother, explains it in easy words. Let’s understand what exactly it is and how is going to help the business and economy of the nation….

I am not an economist, but then my long experience in current affairs and political observing taught me many things. Thus, I want to clarify some doubts asked to me on the 20 lac crore rupees package/stimulus announced by central government. Let’s see some reactions.

Chidambaram said the package is a jumla and nothing else. Some criticized it as a serial (As Union Finance Minister declares measures phase wise). Dr Udit raj, an ex-BJP member who joined Congress because BJP denied ticket to him in 2019 for non-performance as MP earlier demanded minimum 10% of GDP as package but now ask where from the money will come. He further cited Manmohan Singh’s most infamous dialogue if money grows in tree.

To add more confusion many Congress member asked whether this 20 lac crore will be spent from budgetary provisions or central government will borrow this amount? Finally Rahul Gandhi said that the money should be transferred to migrants directly.

Now, I don’t know or understood whether they know about an economic package or stimulus or that they just confuse people knowing very well what the “Stimulus” is.
I know my readers prefer a simple explanation of any complicated matter. Thus let me give an example of financial stimulus. This will clear “What a Financial Stimulus precisely means?”
Let’s assume a hypothetical scenario. You gave some loan to your friend for a shop. Due to some problems, his shop gutted in a fire accident. He needs to be provided a stimulus so that he can be able to revive his business.

How should be your stimulus? Will you waive out your loans? If yes, then you relieved him off any loan, but then there won’t be any revival of his business.
The true stimulus is that you restructured his loan repayment extending it for a longer period and also you re-finance him at a lower interest in a longer term so that he can return all your money in an extended period while reviving his business. You can also ask him not to return part loan for a specific period (for example until his shop started to function).
You can also make some rule or amend some condition of the loan for his revival.

The bottom line is very simple. If you don’t give such a stimulus then your friend is finished at the same time your money given to him as loan also gone. Thus, a stimulus is always a win-win situation. Your friend is revived, and your money also saved.

All these things have got a monetary value. The interest you forego, the amount you refinance, the total saving of interest of your friend and most importantly your friend’s reduction of loss due to your quick refinancing, all these are computed in a monetary term.

Neither your capital is lost, nor your friend suffered more loss and the loss of the business entirely. Means, he doesn’t have to close his business, instead work on it…i.e. REVIVE!!

Same thing applies to government and the people including business folks. In such a financial situation, government provides some measures such as low rate financing, change of laws and many other things ( you can go through the declaration of Union Finance Minister, if you really understand this post ) which has a monetary value of 20 lakh crore. Package doesn’t mean distributing money. Therefore, don’t be confused and understand what an economic package or stimulus is…

I am not an economist, but then my long experience in current affairs and political observing taught me many things….

Posted by Biranchi Narayan Acharya on Saturday, May 16, 2020

So, basically there is a fundamental difference between “FINANCIAL RELIEF PACKAGE” and “A FINANCIAL STIMULUS PACKAGE.” A Relief Package helps to survive immediately whereas the Stimulus Package helps not only to Survive but to Stand Again and back on the track.

20 Lakh Crore package is a STIMULUS one. As I said earlier, I did not understand what and how exactly it is going to REVIVE the Economy. But now it is clear to me.

Well my most concern was for MIGRANT LABORERS Community who have been the worst victims of this pandemic. They are acutely depressed at present. I was apprehensive, thinking in what way it’s going to Help them.

Well….since MSMEs going to be given a stimulus package, the factories and industries will start again. They are the most absorber of the Migrant Workers.  So, they are going to get the work, at list soon. For them job loss will not be an issue.  And I hope the relief package that are announced earlier will be distributed with more transparency. Which in return should help the migrant survive the current time.

At last, I would like to say,

The only thing I wish…with this Corona Pandemic, at least The Migrant Laborer Sector should be made More Organized as they are our Core Workforce. It’s heartening and acutely depressing to see these people suffer…for no fault of theirs.

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R For A Revolving Lively Blue Kingdom…What My Planet Is!!!

Revolving Blue Kingdom Earth…
I was in deep slumber when I heard a knock
With the first impulse suddenly I woke up
I saw a Person standing before me
With a halo of magic aura and smiling
I couldn’t believe my eyes who I saw
He was non-other than My Hero – Dr.Kalam Sir!!
He smiled at my baffled lexis and confused looks
Waved his Hands to calm my qualms and doubts
That worked like Magic and in a jiffy I became Normal
Without losing a moment to be ceremonial or formal
I said, “Sir, it’s life’s Best Gift that I saw you in person”
I’m elated thrilled euphoric and in seven heaven”
With the utter of “Heaven” I paused for a moment
Looked at Him to look at his Angelic Face
“Sir, you must have landed in paradise to meet God”
“Have you brought any message for me from the heaven above?”
His mysterious smile became little wider on his face
From somewhere he gave me “a device”… I guess
“Switch it on…it’s the Time Machine” He said in a saintly tone
As a robot I followed his lucid and persuasive instructions
Within moments I was sailing in the space
With moon, planets and Stars…dreamland I felt!!!
I gazed amazed at my adorable earth
“Isn’t is like a Revolving Velvet Blue Sofa”…He asked
“Yes it is!! I said in an astonished voice
Incredible…!!! I’m living in such a gorgeous place!!!
“Yes dear…It’s the truth and I’m here to remind
The message Of God to You and Mankind!!

A Revolving Blue Kingdom Earth…

To inhabit in this Silky Blue Couch you have been sent
With everything free and without a penny as rent
Sunlight, Air, Water, Plants, birds, animals and flowers
Autumn, spring, summer, winter and rainy Showers
Everything, without charge as you are all HIS Children
Live a royal life, as the inheritor of His Kingdom
With best brains of all he sent you here
For you are the one who can take its care
But in return you have disappointed him
By destroying the earth, for your needs and whims
In a spree to satisfy your never-ending desires
You made this planet suffocated and choked
He is angry and has sent me to warn you all
Wake up and mend it and put back together
You have the inbuilt ability to Right all the wrongs
Do it ASAP better late than never
Else the consequences will be really grave & serious
With a fraction of second your life will be hell on this earth…
I looked at him with a terrified face
He then told me in a soft and virtuous voice
Dear Tina,
This Revolving kingdom Of God
Is unique and one in the universe for us all
You Swearword of accountability and tasks
Never to destroy its natural grace and elegance
Also a note of godly guidance for you all from him
Be humane and don’t allow the satan spoil and ruin
In you all the noble blood and pious heart
To love the cosmos and its inhabitants
You are all here…
With Life as Diary and You Yourself Being the Pen
To inscribe the symphony of Good deeds
Page after page…again and again
To engrave your name in every heart
Only With Love and….not hatred!!
I was almost motionless and speechless
Someone shook me brazenly …I guess
As I opened my Eyes…I saw a friendship band
My Best Friend Rachana…
Was standing there holding it in her hand
Looking mischievously at me…she said
Come out of dream my dear…and happy friendship day!!
I saw I was lying on my couch with my Diary by side
Torn pages in the floor and my Pen was open beside
My Planet is the Revolving velvety blue State
Life is the Diary and I I Being the Pen
I have to write the ode of Love in every heart
If I wish to go to meet my Divine God in heaven!!!
“Yes it is!! I said in an astonished voice
Incredible…!!! I’m living in such a gorgeous place!!!
“Yes dear…It’s the truth and I’m here to remind
The message Of God to You and Mankind!!


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O For On Their Faces, Optimistic Smile!!!

Life was waiting for me to serve with a magic potion as I was going to witness most lovely smile, On Their Faces, Optimistic Smile!!
This morning, I found them selling fresh vegetables. As I live in a third floor flat in our building so I don’t get much opportunity to buy from hawkers who occasionally visit our lane. Most of the time, I don’t even know when they come and when they go. Well, today I heard their voices from the height of my flat and decided to go down and see what vegetables were available with them though I was sure most of them must have sold out as they were surrounded by many people in our lane.
I was right. Most of the vegetables were already sold. Still they were surrounded by 4 to 5 persons including two Aunties from my own building. I waited for my turn. I observed, the boy and the girl were struggling to calculate the amounts properly, quite naïve to handle the hard seasoned bargainers as customers. The woman was just giving what the customers were asking her. It gave me an idea that they weren’t regular into that profession. May be just before few days – may be 2-3 days before – they might have started it. In fact I had to convince one of the Aunties of my building not to bargain for Rs, 10/- or Rs.20/- looking at the efforts they are putting up. I must say, I hate bargaining or you may say that I am very bad in that…so I just don’t do it.
Both the children’s eyes caught me standing, calm and cool. I didn’t want to confuse them as they were really not able to handle so many of us at a time. As they asked what I wanted, I saw and chosen among what was available. I took and paid whatever amount they asked for without checking. But the boy again calculated and confirmed the same to me. The baskets were almost empty. Other customers had already left. So I asked them if the children were going to school or not. The woman told me that the girl was her daughter and the boy was her nephew. Both go to school, STD III and STD XI respectively. Her husband – a construction labor – had gone for a project and struck there due to lock down. They live in the nearby village. She doesn’t work as her means are managed comfortably.

Fresh Green Vegetables During Lock Down Life, On Their Faces Optimistic Smile

I asked them then how come she thought about selling vegetables?
She told me, “kya karein madam, mera admi ghar nahi aa pa raha hai. Paison ka Thoda dikkat hai abhi, gaon mein kissishe idea mila to laga ki woh yeh kaam kar sakti hai aur bachhe bhi ghar mein hain to thoda madaad miljayega.” 
I understood. So I said, “It’s okay, don’t worry”
But suddenly both girl and the boy said unanimously, “koi baat nahi maam, Corona jaldi chala jayega, sabkuchh jaldi hi thik hojayega”
I felt good at the confidence and conviction they were showing…both looked cherubic, carefree, thoroughly enjoying the new trade that they have delved into because of life’s compulsion. Not a gain of stress at all on their faces….
instead they had smiles reflecting the positive aura 🙂
“Achha…tumhe kaise pata” I said with a smile.
They smiled and said….
Aisa hi hoga….Dekhna!!
They promised me that tomorrow they will bring vegetables (bahut hai unke wahan…they said) and they would look for me to be their first customer as I was last today and didn’t have much choice.
As I insist, they posed happily before my camera.
And then left….
 I must say…they were just treat to soul and heart…I swear. 
We are all going through a very different life, Life during Lock down. an invisible Enemy is staring at us with it’s deadly spikes and tentacles to clutch us. 
As I came back, spread the vegetables, they reminded me the smiling faces of those kids and their innocent optimism.  
I felt as if I was given a potion of confidence by them as it affirmed my conviction as well.  We will all sail through this and come out of this situation, Soon.On Their Faces Optimistic Smile…a symbol of hope and things-will-change-anyway 

Capsicum and Onion…My Favorites!!!

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G For Green Leaves and Yellow Flower!!

Green Leaves and Yellow Flower

Green leaves

Covered with Yellow Flowers

Were dancing with joy and bliss

As I saw them from my window

The trees around

Adorned with

Emerald foliage all over

And bright yellow flowers as crown

Told me

That spring has already entered

The Town


Life was lost

In fright and distress

Amidst the Corona Outbreak

And work and stress

Has become the everyday business

And I forgot and failed

To notice the magnificence of

The outside world


I paused, for a while

To relish the beauty and grandeur

And listen to their songs

With birds twittering the verses

And whispering of the winds

And then it reminded me…

The Same trees had once

In autumn,

Had lost their leaves

And gone through unbearable pain 

But then, they never stopped

To renovate themselves

When everything was lost

And when the spring came

They all bloomed, once again

Life involves Seasons

Happiness and Pain

No matter what happened in past

Always there awaits a blooming season

For u…ahead

It’s Life and its Process

Green Leaves and Yellow Flowers

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CoronaVirus: SERVICE TO HUMANITY! Sometimes I feel the a tiny and invisible Corona Virus has not only challenged the survival of human living but deeply tested the very chore of human conscience…HUMANITY.  

Pictures say volumes!!

Isn’t it?
No words can ever be enough to express our gratitude to them….

We know how the dreaded Corona Virus has devastated the whole world bringing to its knee crippling the economy and taking a toll on human lives. India is no different. In this time of crisis the only hope are the Doctors and health workers. day in Day out, I here the kind of unruly things like attacks on them, stone pelting  and offending them. Just because they are doing their duty. What kind of people in particular and society in general we are?? 


look at these pictures….What do you feel? Did it stir you inside? When I saw these pictures, my heart filled with appreciation and admiration to them. For a moment it dished too. They are the over exhaust health workers who just take a nap like this. They are not only stretching themselves for the monumental crisis before us but also risking their lives. When all other students are asked to stay at home, medical students are asked to work.

They are there to help us. Let’s try our best to help them by staying home, staying safe
My heart fills with gratitude for their dedication and commitment. Truly it’s not just work for them… It’s SERVICE TO HUMANITY.



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