X – The Cross and the Mystery

X – The Cross and the Mystery

X – The Cross and the Mystery

The alphabet X has always been very mysterious to me even since my babyhood days. I remember we used to play word game in which we need to guess a word in the last letter of the word spoken by the opponent. For instance, if the opponent said SIX, then we have to guess a word with X. It was difficult to find words in X as they are quite limited.

Well, I made it as practice to note the words in X wherever I used to find them. Then came the days of algebra when this alphabet was used to denote an unknown number.  Too many Xs. I was really wandering who created this Alphabet X.

Then slowly I learn to notice it’s spiritual significance. Of late post I got into Tarot reading, I have my own esoteric observation with this mysterious alphabet

  • X represents the Divine, The Cross. Protection & blessings can be on our way if this alphabet crosses your path
  • X is a very much part of Mathematics, especially algebra. I read it as lots of drama & confusing situations.
  • Normally X is also expressed as WRONG. So, if X appears before me, I take it as something is wrong or I am not doing something the way it should be. Correction is needed.
  • X represent the Number 10 which in tarot read as Completion of a Cycle. So, Death Or rebirth, ending or beginning…or simply end of a chapter in life & start of the new one…
  • X is also associated with the skull and crossbones symbol meaning danger. So, it’s a symbol of alert of any kind of hazard.
  • The alphabet X is also formed with two crossed swords which meant the protection from evil energies.
  • X can represent duality, two paths, crossed.
  • As per Roma numeral the alphabet X represents no 10 which sums up to 1. And in Numerology number 10 has many significances. Being ruled by the Planet Sun, it’s a powerful number. There are 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu & there are 10 Gurus in Sikhism.
  • X also represent something unknown, not yet formed or come to surface.

It can be never be just a co-incident that Jesus was crucified on a cross.  Jesus Christ’s death on the cross is perhaps the most momentous event in history. It was a spiritual event that had great significance for all of humanity. It had a message divinely planned. It changed the course of humanity.

The Cross changed the course of human civilization. It was more than just a Cross, X, it has its mystery, though unknown to puerile beings.

X – The Cross and the Mystery

This is my post for the Alphabet X  written for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2023 by Blogchatter 

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