You are Always Protected

You are Always Protected

You Are Always Protected Surrender yourself.

God protects everyone including us. No matter what our past karma or destiny is, when we surrender, he does extend his protection to the extent of our submission.

There is this story. An army that was invading and the defeated army was running helter-skelter. One of the soldiers from defeated army was running for his life. And he came to a cave. He thought let me hide inside the cave. He went * hid there . And then he prayed, “Oh Lord! You alone are my protector today. Thy will be done if you wish, please protect me.”

The moments he prayed like that, in few moments a spider appeared and started making a web on the entrance of the cave.  The soldier felty very disheartened. He thought what kind of a joke is this. I prayed for the lord & I got a spider. And this spider is making this kind of web. Is this something God’s sense of humour?

But in a few moments the spider with its web had completely blocked the entrance of the cave. And half an hour later the army men came.

They stopped at the cave started a conversation. One of them said “Do you think anybody is hiding in that cave?” One of the soldiers said, “Impossible. There is a spider’s web in the entrance. How could he has slipped under the web? There cannot be anyone here.”

So, the invading soldiers went off.

And that is when the defeated soldier realized. Wow.

If God is in your side, then even a spider’s web can be an iron rod. And if God is not ion your side then even the iron rod will be like that of a spider’s web.

There is a saying in Odiya…

“Rakhile Hari, mariba kiya” or in Bengali, Rakhe Krishna, kare ke”

If God decides to protect you, who will kill you then?

However, to have God in our side, we must put entire trust on him. And then Surrender….

You are Always Protected, just surrender!!

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