Why Worry When You Trust God

Why Worry When You Trust God

Why Worry When You Trust God

Isn’t it surprising that everyone of us know that worrying will not solve anything. Yet we all worry. We can just say, some worry more & some worry less, but no one is free from worry.  It’s fine, as we are humans, & life situations can scatter our energies making us worried at times. But then we must understand that most of the time we worry because we lack trust on God. And the moment we start worrying, we lose our minds, we become angry, sad or down. And thereby unable to help ourselves, think of a solution or just keep a calm…

We should learn to have faith on the Divine. Things go off track but for always for a temporary period. We are having human experiences on the earth to complete the lessons that we are supposed to learn. In a situation probably when we face a death threat, probably our lesson is to save ourselves. But the moment we face the threat we start worrying, & then we miss the power to help ourselves…& then the consequences.

This is a story which can revive or make your faith whole again.

One fine day several people were taking a flight from one place to another. A man also boarded the same flight. Beside him, there was a little girl – 8- to 9-year-old – sitting on the flight. He was little surprised to find her all alone, not accompanied by any of her parents but he ignored.

Hi…he said.

The girl just nodded nonchalantly

She was just trying to keep herself from getting bored by doing something or other. She was playing with pamphlet, then reading the safety measures, then playing with the water bottle, like just trying to keep herself busy.

The man ignored, & got settled in his own seat & engrossed into a novel.

He was suddenly shaken as in mid-flight there was a little more than slight turbulence. While everyone got a little freaked out, but this little girl just kept doing whatever she was, without any fear!!

Now after it calmed down a little there was an even bigger turbulence. It was quite evident that the weather outside had extremely turned bad than expected. A commotion spread in the flight. The turbulence was really scary. The passengers were frightened.  The crews were trying to calm & comfort them but in vain.

The man was terrified too. However, the girl beside him seemed to be not affected by anything. She was calm & busy on her own stuffs.

Well, fortunately the flight had a very competent pilot. Since the weather had gone worst, due to which the pilot had to attempt an emergency landing, which was difficult but he did.

Ahhh…Finally. Everyone had a sigh of relief. All were safe.

After all the hush and panic died down, everyone noticed that this girl had not shown even one ounce of fear. She didn’t even seem to notice all stuffs, let alone being afraid. So, they looked at the man having questions writ on their faces. She wasn’t that small not to understand what was going on.

All of them got down & taken to the airport. While they walked through the corridor, the man asked her why she was not scared. To this she replied that the pilot was her dad, and because she believed that her dad would not let anything happen to her, she was not fearful. She had absolute faith that her dad would be able to handle everything.

So, taking a page from this little girl’s book, always have faith in God, for when you might fall down, he will always be there. However rough the going goes he and his love will always be there to once again strengthen us and put ourself out in the world. Just have a little faith.

Everything is under the Control of God!!

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