Become an Imposter

Become an Imposter – it sounds absurd, right,

Well, let me explain. It happened couple of months back. On my work place things were not working. There were certain assignments one has to do as a part of job deliverable. I was just not performing.

I knew affirmation works. But then when the things do not go well, you don’t even think right, let alone affirmations, right!

But I tried, just like that.  I just started saying to myself, I am doing good. I am performing. Trust me, many times I just looked at mirror & said I am the performer.

Slowly it worked. I felt positive. Things were as it is outside. But something in me changed.

Initially, It was hard to believe what I was saying, but gradually I started believing it. My thought process changed. I started thinking positive.

And then things started changing outside as well. The graph of my performance took an upward turn.

It’s a small observation, I know. But point is if you pretend something, you start believing.

By saying become an imposter, I mean, pretend to be what you actually want to be if you are not already. You just need to act as if…

They say, “fake it till you make it”.

Long back I had read about it in Robin Sharma’s book WHO WILL CRY, WHEN YOU WILL DIE.

Researches have shown that when we start faking something, with repeated affirmation, the brain start believing the same. Rachon, alias Amir Khan in the movie 3 idiots was saying, “All is well” …remember!!

It’s just about becoming an imposter in life, to give it a turn. It’s about your ability to show or hide emotions, depending on the situation.

Sometimes it’s good to wear your heart on your sleeve, and sometimes it’s better to just keep people guessing about how you truly feel about something. Sometimes, it’s good to pretend & become an imposter. It really works…try it once.

Let me know your story as well. 😊


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Finally Found the MAGIC APPLE!!!

MAGIC APPLE!!!…Sounds weird…Right!!!Well I think everyone of us is looking for this Magic Apple; because An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor away 🙂 And who don’t want to stay away from Doctor ??

We all have heard the proverb, “An Apple a day, Keeps the Doctor Away.” This proverb is actually believed to have originated in Wales in the year 1860s. However, when first used, this proverb had a slightly different form. It had begun, “Eat an apple when going to bed; you will keep the doctor from earning his bread.”

‘Bread’, in the above phrase, in general means ‘salary’ i.e., ‘you will stop the doctor from earning his salary out of your upset health.  On a lighter note, like any woman, I have also teased my friends who have doctor spouses, “You must not be eating apples…right.”

Well, I must say I always wondered, how come a simple fruit like APPLE can keep us healthy forever. And if so, then I can understand people who can’t afford this slightly costly fruit, having health problems; but what about the wealthy people?? They can always afford an APPLE a day and keep away themselves from doctors evermore.

But then, it never happens like that. In fact wealthy people tend to have more complex health issues. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a large chunk of a Doctor’s earning actually comes from the rich and wealthy people’s wallet. Isn’t it?

Moreover, once I met a person in a posh hospital, waiting for his turn for appointment with the doctor who had his own apple yard. I asked him, “Didn’t you eat an Apple a day when you were growing them in your back yards?”  He only smiled sarcastically.

Since then, I was in an eternal search for that MAGIC APPLE…However, recently I really found it when I realized the actual truth of it.

Before that let me tell you something…

Anta Tikta, Danta Lun,
Peta Puriba Tini Gun, 
Mathe Pagoda, Pav Tel
Baida Sange Kariba Gel….

The above lines in Odia are basically an ancient way of lifestyle; that was believed to be important to keep people healthy till their last breath and live a long life. It’s meaning is…

Every morning, take something bitter in empty stomach,

apply salt in teeth regularly,

eat up to ¾th of your stomach (never eat stomach full),

always cover your head and message oil in the feet before going to sleep.

If you do these things, you can challenge any doctor in the village, assuring him that you would never take his consultancy.   

It’s only when I literally had to play a “temple-run”, precisely running from one doctor to other, to address my different health problems, I realized how a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE is imperative for BEING HELTHY.  


LIFE itself doesn’t come up with any health problems; it’s the LIFESTYLE we lead, that brings us the health issues.

That’s why since time immemorial, whenever we get affected by any disease or health issues, doctors advise us to adopt some Lifestyle changes; sometimes for a temporary period and sometimes permanent changes depending upon the health ailment – along with the medications.  Sometimes we are advised to add few foods to our diets and sometimes to remove few things too.  So, while dealing with health issues, doctors invariably ask us to change and espouse a better lifestyle.

Also, this proverb, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, has both a literal and a broader meaning. Literally, it suggests that eating one apple a day will mean that you do not need to visit the doctor. More broadly, it is about getting into a healthy daily routine.  It might involve healthy eating habit, more generally, a healthy lifestyle.

So, after realizing the “CAUSES – The Wrong Way Of Living” that creates health issues, especially, I understood what that MAGIC APPLE is. It’s nothing but “A Set of Habits and Dos and Don’ts” that helps us keep our health, both Physical and Mental, in good shape and condition. These are as follows…according to me

A – ACCEPT, AMEND & ADOPT   Accept your weakness & wrong habits, amend them, & Adopt Good habits      

P–     PLAY or take on a Physical Activity for Physical fitness and Pursue Your PASSION for Mental Health. 

P – PRAY, PRACTICE Meditation and Believe In POSITIVITY

L – LAUGH Out loudly, LOVE Yourself, LIVE Life

 E – EXPRESS Gratitude for Everything You have, ERASE Bad Vives & EVOLVE Energized!!

Well…APPPLES have always been very magical, whether it is…ADAM’S APPLE or NEWTON’s APPLE or STEVE JOBS’s APPLE and Now This MAGIC APPLE

I swear, if we incorporate the above things in ourselves, chances are that, may be Doctors will soon start for looking for different means for earning. Trust me.   


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