Expectations are a strong belief system within us that makes us assume that something will come to us or something will happen…
It’s true that we can never find a world which is “absolutely expectation free”. We expect from our life, the people around us and our surrounding…..most of the time inadvertently though.

Sometimes, we feel as if we are living someone else’s life. Often we feel a sense of void swallow up us, like something-is-missing kind. That’s for the reason that we let other people to decide our choices. We try to fill up their expectations. Same way we also want others to fill up our expectations. Social pressure is deceiving — we can promptly lose control of our lives without noticing it. To triumph over expectations, we must uphold ownership of our options and preference.

I feel…with every layer of expectations, we lose something within us. I mean every expectation comes with a cost of making a small dent in us…a kind of void, a kind of hole. That’s why “The more we expect, the more we become poor and miserable”. However, it’s not easy to stop expecting but we can consciously reduce them especially the layers which are not necessary for our struggle for survival!! At least, we can shed the Unnecessary Expectations!!  

Expectations are an illusion. By trying to please everyone, we end pleasing no one — ourselves included. That’s why most people don’t live the life they want. Everyone feels frustrated and disappointed.

Shedding few layers of expectations, sure a better way of feeling happier and wealthier!! 🙂

If you expect nothing from somebody you are never disappointed.
― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Happy Moments Need Our Attention and Care!!

This Morning…while having my morning Coffee with a fresh mind I decided to do one thing. I wanted to remember one good thing which I did, saw, happened to me or anything as such that had made me most happy….in the last week. Initially, to be honest nothing came to my mind immediately. After trying bit hard,the first thing I could remembered  was, “The bed time talk” with my son. He often tells me the story of Perky Jackson – The Greek Mythology  and few jokes along with it. And the second one was The time I spent with my friends last Tuesday. It was typically a “Fun and Foodwala” get-together. They were my  happiest moments!!

I wonder…Had it been about bad times…would it bit quicker and easier to remember?

Maybe, I guess…a Big YES!!

Because, “bad times” have a stronger invading power and raid the mind the moment they happen than “good times” which are slower and weaker to draw attention even if they happen with same intensity.
That’s how we live our days…without noticing Happy moments more often!!
Ugly moments never look for our Attentions but Happy Moments Do!!
For Ugly moments, Like adults are capable enough not only to draw our attention, in fact quite compelling to let us notice them but also their taxing impact stay for long even after the moments are over

But Happy Moments…like children need our conscious attention, care and absolute nurturing to be noticeable as well as let them have longer positive impact in our lives amidst the twists and turns of it….

If we are capable of recognizing that the highlights of our destiny can be found in the spell of a happy moment, we needn’t worry all the time about the hurly-burly of the future. (“Lost dreams”)
― Erik Pevernagie

We should understand that ““A good life is a collection of happy moments.” by Denis Waitley . A good and well lived life is mostly a collection of beautiful  moments. Let’s remember them more often and smile. 

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