Q For a Quirky Friend: Pehchan Koun!!

A Quirky Friend, an unusual one is a friend who can take the risk to make your laugh even in the midst of an acute pain your going through…..
If you have friends who are as weird as you, then you have everything.
That day it was really horrible. It had started mildly two days before. Gradually growing significantly the next day, and then escalating to an unbearable state. I had taken a pain killer. But it was simply intolerable that day. Even painkillers were not working. Perhaps something was really serious. I had taken the doctor’s appointment for the evening.
Let me tell you…those who tell that the most acute pain is the pain happens due to heartbreak, must not have experienced a toothache….especially a root canal one….I swear.
It’s not that I’m having a toothache for the first time. But it was never so serious. It used to cave in after taking some pills or some homemade remedies.
I was trying to deal with pain by laying on the bed when my phone rang. The name that flashed was “PehchanKounShakti”
Let me confess one of my typical habits related to how I save phone numbers. For some numbers I keep giving it a tag depending upon the behaviors, reference, allusion or something like that. For ex, I have a relative whom I know has a habit of gossiping in your back. He would talk nicely with you but in your back he would say something against you to somebody else in the family. There were so many misunderstanding because of him as well. . So I have given a tag to him as “Lagajota Reporter”. (Lagajota is an Odia word that means “bitching”). Some other relative’s number also saved as MentalKejriwal – Who talks mindlessly, WhoisThis – Doesn’t deserve to be a relative, PaneerMasala…etc.
In similar way I have also a habit of giving tags to my friends and save their number that way. So I have Friends called GoogleNiru, WikipediaRachna, MrsFunnyboneBhabi TamatoChutneySuman etc. Some are badly named as well like (PhootaniA, KhadoosBaba, AngryBird, FerrarikaPuncture…etc and I have added few after watching Chhichore movie which I can’t state here and many more…
One of them is “PehchanKounShakti”…
Shakti is really a wonderful friend. We had met for the first time in the initial days of our working life. Since then we are friends. He is actually very witty, spontaneously jocular and would always cheer you up saying something in a very amusing way. Yeah…I had a thought of changing his tag as “KapilSharmaShakti” once because he is bit like that though never crosses lines with friends.
However the reason behind giving him the tag “Pehchan Koun”….. because he used to be bit like Navin Pravakar – The Comedian – of the first season of Comedy Reality Show The Great Indian Comedy Show.
I picked up the phone…
After the initial exchange of hi/hello…he enquired about why wasn’t I active in the group chat on WhatsApp since two days. Like everyone we have a group. However hardly I find time to interact with friends and do that friendly banter. But as a habit I just share a good morning message in the group mostly apart from those occasional wishes for Bdays, anniversaries, and festivals. But since few days I hadn’t even shared anything.
But friends know you best and with slightest change in behavior they start feeling it. No surprise, that all must have felt my absence. That’s why got the phone call ….
I told him about my problem. He quickly gauged it from my voice.
It could be a root canal … I guess. He said with concern.
Hmm…even I feel so. I said
Well u need to take care of your teeth….dear. Use some ayurvedic or medicated tooth paste to prevent your teeth from decay. He said seriously after realizing that I was really in awful pain.
Hmm…right. Let’s see what the Dentist will prescribe…I said with painful voice.
“Hey…I know an ayurvedic guy who recommends very good toothpaste for all-round care of your teeth and gums.” He said caringly. “Why don’t you visit him after your appointment with your Dentist? I’m sure there will be no further problem in future.”
“Is it…? Are you sure? I asked anxiously. Give his details then…I will try to visit.” Though not a mood, having that acute pain, to have such conversations but I had to as I couldn’t ignore him.
“Of Course I’m sure. It’s very scientific.” He said in a convincingly.
“Ohh!! What’s scientific about it? I mean is it something purely medicated?” I asked passively.
“Not Like that! Well…once you start using it na….within a month…I guess…all your teeth would become Mr.India. When there will be no teeth…then how will there be pain?
Na Rahega bansh…Na bajegi Bansuri…ha ha ha”
I cried …”Whatttttt?”
“he, he, he….” From other side.
God! This guy is incorrigible. Initially I had turned red with pain and anger, was really annoyed like anything and felt like punching him in the phone itself. Had he been in front of me that moment, I would have made sure to make him Mr.India…I swear.
That was surely not a time for joke.
“Relax, Ms. Toothache, I know you are looking for something to throw at me. I just wanted to cheer you up, Take care and let me know what the dentist tells after your visit…Ok.” He said caringly.
“Bachgaya tu, varna aaj tujhe Mr.India bananne se mujhe koi nhi rok shakta tha…Tul mil next time…” I was really mad that time.
“Haan, Dekhlenge, phir haal tuu aapna daant ke dard ko Mr.india karne mein focus kar,,,” He said mischievously.
“Chup raho….” And I disconnected the call.
What a disgusting guy…I thought, red in anger and pain and banged the phone on the bed.
In the evening, I visited the doctor and it was confirmed, it’s root canal. Accordingly treatment was done.
However, when it was over, I felt very amused by that act of Shakti. I couldn’t stop laughing as well because…it could only be an odd Friend like Shakti who can take the risk to cheer you up when you’re in acute pain. Isn’t it?
He is definitely a Quirky Friend….a happy type though.
You know what… Friends are real therapist!!!  
One of the best thing about my life is I have really been blessed with very good friends. They are like my soul family. Thank you all my friends…you are all treasures of my life.
Hey Shakti…Thank you yaar!! I would have dumped you in Municipality dump yard that day but you know what…har eek friend jaroori hota hai…majboori hai yaar…he he he… 🙂 Shakti indeed you are a A Quirky Friend…
It is the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and have her nonsense respected. Said by Charles Lamb.
Some friends are Friends and Some A Quirky Friend…
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J For JUG of My life…

Jug Of My Life…..

While my days were filled with happiness & delights,

She asked me to dress up sexy and bright 

While My Nights were teary & painful,

She warned me to stop tormenting,

Else I would develop wrinkles…

When I was surrounded with Fix and Doubts,

She instructed me; look into your heart to kick them out

When my Fears, flaws and Ugly moments,

Made it difficult for me to counter them

She came out with humor and unusual banter

To defeat and triumph over their norms.

While Hopelessness was playing a cruel game with me,

She helped me find the Cheer and Pleasure hidden within

She laughed crazily in my most embarrassing moments

While boosted my strength at toughest things at times, 

When I was stuck at the weakest moment

To say the World “I Quit”

She patted my back too hard,

Showed me my soul,

Which was happy & Glee

Telling me “You can’t quit”

“Because you just don’t have the right”

“To leave the world half way,

When best things are waiting ahead on your way”

 She shook me hard

To get me out of that state

 From that most vulnerable moment 


She is the JUG of my Life

The Only Person

Whom I had turned up again and again

To share my happiness, weaknesses, strengths and pain

She is My Most Trusted and Tried Friend

She Is the OTHER ME …My Dear

She Is The Girl in the Mirror!!!

By Default, We all long for a TRUE FRIENDSHIP

where there is a mutual yearning for companionship, a common bond of some kind.

Beyond that…

A genuine friendship engrosses a shared sense of caring and concern,

An aspiration to see one another grow and prosper,

And a wish,

For each other to be successful in all facets of life…

We all have that one person in our lives with whom we share the best bond, the bond of love, cooperation, trust and support. That One Person makes us complete, safe & secure. That One Person who accepts us the way we are,  listens to all our nonsense, dances like mad when happy, laughs loud with us in every silly jokes, supports us when no one does, stand with us when we are alone and loves us unconditionally. In short a person who understands us most is the Jug of our Life….isn’t it?

Jug Of My Life
The Girl in The Mirror!!!

By the grace of Almighty, I have been blessed with wonderful friends. If one thing I highly appreciate in my life, they’re my friends.

For those who know me and for those who don’t know me, I have lots of friends whom I can count on at any time, at any moment of life.  I have given them tags (which they happily know) the way I perceive them. Like someone is “Wikipedia”, someone is “Miss Google”, Someone is “Situation Analyst” while someone is “Moral booster”. Someone is “App Manager” while someone is “Recycle bin”….etc. Sounds Stupid!! Well…That’s the way it is.

The best thing is I don’t need to be perfect in my look, approach or attitude while turning to them. I’m perfectly fine the way I am to them and vice-versa. However I couldn’t find that one friend, The JUG of my life with whom I can share everything!! That’s a reality!! #Honest

Yes, like anyone or everyone, I also looked for a Jug in my life. Nevertheless with the journey of life, I realized that “The Girl in the Mirror before Me” is actually The JUG of my Life. I always had shared my happiness, my pains, and my ugly moments, my fears and my apprehension with her without my notice. My stupidity at times, my flaws which I scared to show to others, my insecurities, my weaknesses…everything, I have always turned to her to share them with her. And she always had that listening ear, accepting heart, pacifying soul and motivating spirit within her.   She is the JUG of My Life…The OTHER ME, just Me!!!

Jug My Life, Happiness and Delights…It’s ME!!

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The Tuesday Story

The Tuesday Story!

That day was another day. The sun risen in the same direction. But it didn’t end in the same note…Why…Read on

Since last few months, My Tuesdays are not going well. My Mother who is an ardent admirer of astrology…feels that it could be the effect of an “evil eye on me” or the celestial transitions/planetary movement that’s having some ill effect on me. So her strict instructions to me is….I should chant Hanuman Chalisha 11 times on Tuesdays along with one time Sankat Mochan Hanumanastaka, which I follow as I respect her feelings…whether I believe in these things or not…

Well…let me tell today’s story. One of my friends shared the following quote with me with his YouQuote.in app having His name on it (as if it’s His quote). I loved the quote….surely it’s a lovely one and I had already read it somewhere. The only thing I didn’t like was …His Name below it. So I pointed it out saying we should not do this…I mean whenever we use someone else’s quote….we should give due credit to Original author ….or at least #Anonymous #RandomReading in case we don’t know the name.

Bass…fir kyaa…
He became furious and tried to convince me that it’s his quote. I should have stopped I think. But the Tina – the har na mane wali – in me couldn’t. I Google and got him another YouQuote.in app wala same quote of another person who probably felt like claiming that it’s his quote. Then I showed him my old dairy where I had written it while reading it somewhere along with my view (which I often do).

Enough! He was caught now and no need to say embarrass too.

But I felt bad as I didn’t want to lose him as a friend. I could have ignored. But it all happened involuntarily. So finally I felt “Evil Tuesday played its game”
However ….I felt I didn’t do anything wrong

Wait….it’s not over….Read on

Around 10 PM…He said “SORRY” to me for being rude, accepted his fault and promised …will never repeat it
Hey…in friendship no sorry & Thank u…
I said and we exchanged laughing emojis …he he he

Any quote, one liner or write up should be followed by its original author or #Anonymous mention at least….I feel.  This is little ethics which we can always follow in this ever increasing plagiarised world.

One last thing….sochnewali baat yeh hai ki.. Now…I wonder is it the impact of Hanuman Chalisha ….that made things end with positive note????
Ha ha ha….worth pondering over …isn’t it?

This is my The Tuesday Story 🙂