Vibes and Vibrations – Raise Your Vibrations

Vibes and Vibrations – Raise Your Vibrations

Vibes and Vibrations – Raise Your Vibrations and Attract Positive Vibes

Vibes is something we feel from another entity, be it a living or non-living being. Ever wandered why do a painting gives you a positive vibe while the other one, negative? It must have happened with everyone. When we meet a person for the first time, we get a feeling of liking him/her or may be a disliking instantly. And we are clueless about it.

Well, lets put it a very simple term. It’s all about how do we vibrate. What frequency we are in. In that ways we attract the vibrations everything outside. As per the Law of Universe or the Law of Attraction, we receive what we send. We are responsible for what is happening with us.

“Everything in life is vibration.” –Albert Einstein

So basically, everything in the universe is vibrating at different frequencies. Some are at higher frequency & some are in low frequency; So, there are higher vibrations and lower vibrations. Humans attract frequencies as per the frequency they are vibrating in.

We mostly vibrate with our emotions & thoughts. If the thoughts are positive, we experience positive emotions like pleasure, happiness & contentment. We feel light & vibrate in a higher frequency. We attract abundance, prosperity & bliss. On the other hand, with negative thoughts we experience fear, anxiety, overthinking & sadness. And we feel heavy, attract bad vibes, bad luck. Etc.

Life as I wrote in my previous article can’t be always smooth & straight. We get our shares of trajectories that lowers our energies. Life situations happens. It could be because of a lesson that we must learn or we did something for which the consequences we must face.

However, it’s not necessary that since things are bad so we must feel bad. We can see it from a different perspective. Or simply can shift our focus to the things that are good with us. This way, our energies will not get lower.

Vibes and Vibrations – Raise Your Vibrations and Attract Positive Vibes

To raise our vibrations, we can adopt the below things.

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude – When certain aspects of our life go astray, it impacts our outlook towards everything. However, we must learn to shift the focus & appreciate things that are good with us.

Go out & connect with Nature – It really works wonder. Go for a walk & connect with nature. It will really calm us down.

Listen to Music – We all know that music is therapeutic. It heals & elevates our spirit.

Practice forgiveness, meditate & do some breathworks.

Read a book that has positive emotions like love & romance, positivity & good vibe. It will help you to slip through a different world.

The bottom-line is as per the Law of attraction, like attracts like. So the way we vibrate, we will attract the same.

So, no matter what life situations we are in we have to raise our vibrations to attract the positive vibes & things.

Vibes and Vibrations – Raise Your Vibrations and Attract Positive Vibes

As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract….Abraham-Hicks

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