Wear Your Wings & Dance!!
Let Your Soul Get into a Trance
Look at the life from above
With Faith, Trust & Love
Limitations & obstacles will always Remain there
But before a strong willpower they hardly dare
There are enough hammers to break
Putting our determination & tenacity at stake
But for a strong resolve they hardly crack
So, stay sturdy & strong no matter what
Storms & Gale try their Best
To dislodge the heart from its quest
The tempest at last down their guard
Before a positive & confident heart
Stay grounded & hold your ground
Till you hear the victory sound
You are born to win & not lose
So, wear the wings & the shoes
Let your soul fly & dance
Hovering over a beautiful land!!!!

Often, we allow our heart & soul be hurt & damage by the situations, people & challenges. But life is all about holding the ground even if it’s tough. Survival of the fittest…as Darwin said. Sometimes we can just fake it, because that will help us to make it.

You are born to fly, and in dreams you remember the soul has wings…Robert Moss
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As it comes out of the cylindrical egg
and lands on the leaf…….
as destiny choose for it
it’s happy gnawing
loads of them
naïve and ignorant of the upcoming change
Suddenly things start changing
as it is caged inside a shielded cosset
it struggles hard to ooze out if it…
you know
with constant pain and aching spirit
and it finally gets the glimpse of the sun rays
as it peeps out of the cocoon with colorful wings
and the garden is full of welcoming flowers
with seducing gestures and fascinating grins
Life is actually going through a metamorphosis
as they say impermanence is the law of nature
and the pain works as an Alchemy …
I guess to transform us to a butterfly from a maggot
Everyone has been made to fly
and not remain crawling forever
let the pain work on us as Alchemy
to make us better
to make us fly like a butterfly


I always believed that no matters in what situation life puts us in, we are supposed to bloom. And also feel that the painful & ugly moments of our life are like caterpillars which are destined to become butterfly. We are supposed to be transformed to meet our higher self. The reason is very simple. As a caterpillar it’s resource to live is leaf. It gets transformed to a butterfly because it is supposed to reign on flowers.

Our surrounding changes with time so also, we need to change accordingly.  Transformation is inevitable as we grow into our most beautiful empowered self.

No matter what uncomfortable changes we go through, no matter what we need let go of the forms of our life that no longer fit the new self of us…it’s in evitable!!!

TRANSFORMATION IS BEAUTIFUL as Everyone is created to fly like a Butterfly!!!

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There is Not Enough Darkness!!!

There is Not Enough Darkness

There is not enough darkness
across the world
to put out the light of
even one small candle…. Robert Alden
There is not enough darkness across the world
To put out the light of even one small candle
No matter how strongly it spreads its wings
It can never ever enjoy the victory over rays
Darkness no doubt has its own merits
As it takes us to the unsolved quarries
It shows us the part or side of us
That needs to be worked upon & solved
It has its role for cleansing things
Bringing light to unexplored side
But it can never stop the light
Neither can exist in the bright
Things are no doubt grey & grim
With Corona being stronger from last time
And the humans are again helpless
As the loss of life hugely taking place
Amidst the chaos Hope is Lost
Shaking our heart & our Trust
But no matter what happens now
Every thing will again fall in place
Darkness is roaring testing our trust
Checking if we have our lessons learnt or not
But it doesn’t know that its end is near
Light is coming shortly to eradicate it
Remember, even this will pass away
Earth will be filled again with golden rays
No matter what damage darkness done
Light will fill it making us smile again

This is a Whatsapp message which is really uplifting!! In this forbidding time of Corona, Holding on to Hope is the Best armor we can have to fight with Corona!! India records 349k cases today. But scratch beneath it, not everything is despair. The two hottest zones – #Delhi and #Maharashtra are holding almost stable. Mumbai is less than 6000 new cases, 3 weeks low in daily cases.

The lockdowns and perhaps even burning out of virus is slowly showing effect. India has mobilized its entire industrial might, railway and now #IndianAirForce into service to rapidly transport supplies.   It is a massive force.

There is no doubt that Authorities UNDERESTIMATED this new wave – but not any longer.

It will take one week for Delhi and Maharashtra to start receding. Of course, a few other states will keep spiking but not to this concentration. In 4-5 days, oxygen issue will be better sorted as trains will deliver bulk deliveries. Trains are running on non-stop green corridors. More hospitals would have come up – a few are commissioning today onwards. Some even in religious places.

The impact of stopped we exports is showing. Today, #Remdesivir was in slightly better supply than yesterday. It will get better over the week.

Cryogenic freezer for oxygen has been picked up from foreign manufacturers by our Air Force.

All this in ONE WEEK.

May will start better than April, I promise you.


On your part, stay indoors – you are privileged if you can afford it. One less patient can mean better allocation of resources for someone really sick. You can save your life and someone else’s by holding back movement and staying safe.

Shun despair, pack up your frustration, don’t tell me you are bored, don’t tell me you won’t fight.

The casualty number may go up this week – but remember they follow infections 12-18 days ago. That is the cycle of this virus. But at least once we restore oxygen issue – the deaths due to lack of treatment will go down.

Hold on for this one week – this is the darkest hour – beyond which lies the beginning of dawn of life, vaccines and healthier times.


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Heartbroken, Devastated & Lost!!

Heartbroken I am &  Devastated & Lost

Heartbroken, Devastated & Lost
Confounded, Dejected & Utterly Shocked
Seems My Prayers weren’t Enough & Fallen Short
As Couldn’t prevent you from leaving the Earth
It’s hard to believe that you no more would be there
To spread your Laughter, Joy, Love & Care
I would be no more getting those Love
And claiming that I have a lovely sis as cute as dove
Your innocent laughter would haunt hereafter
Forever the void will remain empty & bare
Everyone who know you will miss you endlessly
While you would riant in heaven blissfully
Sometimes I feel as God has Gone Broke
In terms of Happiness & Good People around
& Now is the time He is haunting Spree
To take people from earth who are loving & kind
For Me & others it’s Unbelievable
Your sweet words are unforgettable
I know it’s Corona Time
But Can’t the Divine be bit more kind?
Gathering Strength to Face & Accept
With shattered soul & dented heart
Lopa, I will Miss You like anything
With tears in eyes & snuffles in heart
Though I am
Heartbroken & Devastated & Lost
But Feeling
Maybe You Deserved a Better Place
Maybe the Earth was not Perfect
May You Be in Amity & Peace
May In the Heaven You REST!!!

Lopa, was my junior and my younger sister’s classmate. We had a boarding schooling. We both stayed in the same room. We had developed a sisterly bond since then which was as much intact as of now. She would be the first person to wish me in bdays, on any of my achievements. She would be first to ask about me when Corona news surfaced or any bad news about Mumbai in particular.

She would Always Claim that Tinadi (I) love her more than Bebi (my real sis). And my sister would always complain the same that I love Lopa more than her. Such was the bond. Recently she was in Covid Hospital, ICU & then after Oxygen Support. Yesterday she was tasted Negative. And She was fine though on oxygen support. But this Morning We heard she succumb to a Cardiac arrest.

We humans are strange. The death cases we here are just numbers until our own nears or dear is one of them. Only when we lose someone of our own, we see faces in those numbers.

We are battling a strong enemy. Let’s support, pray for each other. The losses are huge now and will be personal with each passing day….

Call and keep talking to your friends and relatives. Be in touch with everyone. Pray For All…

I am devastated as I lost my sis to corona…..

Your Smile Will Haunt Me Forever!!!

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Pen Your Pain on the Paper

Pen Your Pain on the Paper 
Pen Your Pain on the paper
And Your Heart Will be Released
With Emotions melting away like water…
Pen Your Pain into Parables
And Your Pain Would No Longer Remain
A Sad Story of Rues & Remorse!!
Pen Your Pain into Stories
And Free Your Mind From
Sadness & Worries
Pen Your Pain into Tales
And Throw the People Pained You
Creating a Jail
Pen Your Pain into Folktales
And Free Yourself from Being Trapped
By Your Past & People who were worthless
Pen Your Pain into Fables
And Let Your Past Becomes a Rudder
To Tug You to a Happy World
Pen Your Pain into Legends
And Create a Piece of Literature
That May Inspire…Generations
Pain is inevitable,
as we are ought to meet
people and circumstances
That would dent our Heart & Soul.
But Pain is also an Alchemy
That Renovates Us
From Within….!!!

This is my post for Alphabet O written for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2021 by Blogchatter 

Dear Zindagi- You Are a Genie!!!

Dear Zindagi

Let me tell you once

I always admired your presence

You are never a choice

But so far, I loved the voyage

So many occurrences

You let me meet

Sometimes surprised, sometimes shocked

With baffled heartbeats

At Times, I walked into wrong lanes

And you pulled me back as a friend

At times, I was done and drained

And you pumped me with energy…again & again

There was success, there was laughter

You made me enjoy everything to the core

And the other day it was Failure & Fear

And you handled me with Hope & Care

And that moment love happened to me

Making me dance to the songs of my heart

You were there to sing the choir

And beat the drums and blow the trumpet

And the other day I was deceived

Left with betrayal & heartbreak

With Divine Interventions in my path

You were there to Pacify & Calm Me Up

You are really a Gennie for me Dear Zindagi

With that Magical Wand in your hands

Or Else how do you manage to come with solutions

Every time life goes out of my hands?

I know you are a friend

And not a Foe

Who would always be with me

And Never Go…

Dear Zindagi,

You are my constant Companion & Friend

I Trust You will be always there…till the End!!!

Dear Zindagi- You Are a Genie!!!

I know you are different from a teacher because, a teacher teaches a lesson first and takes the exam next but YOU take tests first and then teach a lesson. In fact, you are just an Institution in Yourself and I am a Student of Life. You are the Syllabus, You are the teacher, you are question and you are the answer paper. You are the lessons and you are the certifications. You give equal opportunity to everybody, no matter from where one has to start or one has to end.

 Dear Zindagi,

With you I have learnt that Life takes a number of turns throughout its entire span. It may not be kind to anyone all the times. So too with me…! And that’s where I leant many things. There are tough times which really tested my courage, my abilities & capabilities of facing unfavorable situations. At times, I was done. But with your soft approach from within I learnt to be a strong nerved person.

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#BlogchatterAtoZ: B for BROKEN CLOCK!!!

A Broken Clock
That Day Suddenly Caught
My Attention & I was lost
In some Random Thought
If a Clock is Broken,
And its Hands leave it forever…
Will TIME take rest
And pause for me ever?
As It Is Said
For Time and Tide waits for none
And So, it will keep moving & moving
Even if with The Broken Clock with its hands gone?
Time Never Stops,
No Matter What
Whether there is a clock or not
So also tides
They never stop
Their dictionary doesn’t have the word
“Pause or Wait”
Life, sometime seems to me
As if a Piece of Timepiece
It moves on and on…
No matter what happens in it…
Bringing Cheer or Ruining Peace…
Like a Broken Clock
Life with its Haves or Have Nots
Never Takes Rest
Never Stops,
Never Take a Pause
For Life is a Journey & Not a Race
For Race has a last stop
But Life has not
No matter it’s smooth or not
No matter if the road is full of blocks
No matter if we learn lessons or not
No matter if we are held with broken trust
No matter if we are with challenges or heartbreaks
No matter if we are having tequila shots
No matter if we are paid off or not
No matter love remains with us or not
No matter what happens or not
LIFE never stops,
Like That of Time
Even if a Clock, Broken or Not….
For it’s About Time & Not About Clock
Broken Clock…. Tells Us
Even If You are Broken….
Never Stop…Just Walk Walk & Walk
For A Broken Clock Changes or Not…
But Time Changes for Sure….
Making You a Beautiful Piece
And Life a Wonderful Trip…..
This is my Second post for Alphabet B written for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2021 by Blogchatter 
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I Heard A Love Story is not just an Accident

But A Well Scripted Saga by the Universe

I will live, as if you’re never there

I will live, as if you never cared

I will live, as if you never stared

I will live, as if you never shared

I will live…

Thinking that you never happened in my life

We never met, fallen in love & never fought

You never wrote those verses of love

And never ever you kissed me and tightly hugged

I will live…

As if everything was just a trance

As if I was in deep slumber of delusions

Those love making and cuddling moments

Were just the imaginations of a love seeking heart

I will live….

As if you never trespassed

The border of my dreamy heart

You never ever painted my world

With vibrant colours of love

I will live…

As if you never said

That you will never leave me, no matter what

You never promised to make me smile always

With your doting pecks and loving touch

I will live…

As if you never caressed

My wavy curls on my tender chicks

And you never kissed my moist & shaken lips

Heightening my heartbeats

I will live…

As if you never said

Tina, I love you from the bottom of my heart

No matter what goes out there

I am yours and “You are mine always”

I will live…

As if we are yet to meet


It will never let down me

And bring a loving closure…Just You and Me!!!

No, My Love Story is Not Ending Here….

Kuchh Bhi Nahi Tha…..Hum Mile the

Sabkuchh tha….Bichhad Gaye

Phir Kuchh Nahi hai mere pass….


True love is that which ennobles the personality, fortifies the heart, and sanctifies the existence

R For A Revolving Lively Blue Kingdom…What My Planet Is!!!

Revolving Blue Kingdom Earth…
I was in deep slumber when I heard a knock
With the first impulse suddenly I woke up
I saw a Person standing before me
With a halo of magic aura and smiling
I couldn’t believe my eyes who I saw
He was non-other than My Hero – Dr.Kalam Sir!!
He smiled at my baffled lexis and confused looks
Waved his Hands to calm my qualms and doubts
That worked like Magic and in a jiffy I became Normal
Without losing a moment to be ceremonial or formal
I said, “Sir, it’s life’s Best Gift that I saw you in person”
I’m elated thrilled euphoric and in seven heaven”
With the utter of “Heaven” I paused for a moment
Looked at Him to look at his Angelic Face
“Sir, you must have landed in paradise to meet God”
“Have you brought any message for me from the heaven above?”
His mysterious smile became little wider on his face
From somewhere he gave me “a device”… I guess
“Switch it on…it’s the Time Machine” He said in a saintly tone
As a robot I followed his lucid and persuasive instructions
Within moments I was sailing in the space
With moon, planets and Stars…dreamland I felt!!!
I gazed amazed at my adorable earth
“Isn’t is like a Revolving Velvet Blue Sofa”…He asked
“Yes it is!! I said in an astonished voice
Incredible…!!! I’m living in such a gorgeous place!!!
“Yes dear…It’s the truth and I’m here to remind
The message Of God to You and Mankind!!

A Revolving Blue Kingdom Earth…

To inhabit in this Silky Blue Couch you have been sent
With everything free and without a penny as rent
Sunlight, Air, Water, Plants, birds, animals and flowers
Autumn, spring, summer, winter and rainy Showers
Everything, without charge as you are all HIS Children
Live a royal life, as the inheritor of His Kingdom
With best brains of all he sent you here
For you are the one who can take its care
But in return you have disappointed him
By destroying the earth, for your needs and whims
In a spree to satisfy your never-ending desires
You made this planet suffocated and choked
He is angry and has sent me to warn you all
Wake up and mend it and put back together
You have the inbuilt ability to Right all the wrongs
Do it ASAP better late than never
Else the consequences will be really grave & serious
With a fraction of second your life will be hell on this earth…
I looked at him with a terrified face
He then told me in a soft and virtuous voice
Dear Tina,
This Revolving kingdom Of God
Is unique and one in the universe for us all
You Swearword of accountability and tasks
Never to destroy its natural grace and elegance
Also a note of godly guidance for you all from him
Be humane and don’t allow the satan spoil and ruin
In you all the noble blood and pious heart
To love the cosmos and its inhabitants
You are all here…
With Life as Diary and You Yourself Being the Pen
To inscribe the symphony of Good deeds
Page after page…again and again
To engrave your name in every heart
Only With Love and….not hatred!!
I was almost motionless and speechless
Someone shook me brazenly …I guess
As I opened my Eyes…I saw a friendship band
My Best Friend Rachana…
Was standing there holding it in her hand
Looking mischievously at me…she said
Come out of dream my dear…and happy friendship day!!
I saw I was lying on my couch with my Diary by side
Torn pages in the floor and my Pen was open beside
My Planet is the Revolving velvety blue State
Life is the Diary and I I Being the Pen
I have to write the ode of Love in every heart
If I wish to go to meet my Divine God in heaven!!!
“Yes it is!! I said in an astonished voice
Incredible…!!! I’m living in such a gorgeous place!!!
“Yes dear…It’s the truth and I’m here to remind
The message Of God to You and Mankind!!


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M For Masks!!!

Masks, Millions of Masks
We have wore time and again
Of Happiness, Joy, Anger or Pain
We born pure and innocent
Chaste and clean
Wearing a Face of an angelic beam
With life we are taught
To wear masks of many things
Good manners or etiquette
Life further taught us to wear masks
To cover our emotions
Of sadness or grief of the face
Million moments we have lived
With a mask on our countenance
To camouflage our reality, truths & facts
Millions of masks we changed
Over different moments of time
Making us lose the pure soul within
Often wisdom of scriptures teach us
To shed those masks
Of deceit, falsehood & pretense
Let’s shed those masks
Of disguise cast, concealing outfit
That has obscured, the inner light
However…Wait, Wait, Wait
We Know….
Often superheroes like
Batman, Spider man…wear masks
To hide their identity while doing noble tasks
Often a mask helps us veil
The pain of failure & heartbreak
And give us strength to trail
Often when life turns bit
Ugly and hostile
We wear a mask of pretentious smile
Often masks has helped us perform
Our Role in the Drama of Life
And follow its norms…
What I understood with Life & its process …
It’s not the mask but the reason
For which we wear it …matters
So friends…
Now the time is not for shedding the mask
But Wear one
Could be a N95, Surgical or Made in Home
Just Wear a Mask on your Face
To face the challenge and fight
The monster Corona Virus
It’s an Invisible Enemy
That’s with its spikes out there
To challenge the humans and their everyday affair
Mask is a simple weapon
Yet very efficient & potential arm
And the best strategy for this warfare…..


We have Wear a Mask
Every Now and Then
To conceal our emotions
Happiness and Pain
Then why not now one
To save the Humanity From Corona….



A Mask is inevitable In Life Now and It’s Task!!

This is My Post for The Alphabet M  #AToZChallenge 2020 by @blogchatter in the Month of April 2020

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