#BlogchatterAtoZ: B for BROKEN CLOCK!!!

A Broken Clock
That Day Suddenly Caught
My Attention & I was lost
In some Random Thought
If a Clock is Broken,
And its Hands leave it forever…
Will TIME take rest
And pause for me ever?
As It Is Said
For Time and Tide waits for none
And So, it will keep moving & moving
Even if with The Broken Clock with its hands gone?
Time Never Stops,
No Matter What
Whether there is a clock or not
So also tides
They never stop
Their dictionary doesn’t have the word
“Pause or Wait”
Life, sometime seems to me
As if a Piece of Timepiece
It moves on and on…
No matter what happens in it…
Bringing Cheer or Ruining Peace…
Like a Broken Clock
Life with its Haves or Have Nots
Never Takes Rest
Never Stops,
Never Take a Pause
For Life is a Journey & Not a Race
For Race has a last stop
But Life has not
No matter it’s smooth or not
No matter if the road is full of blocks
No matter if we learn lessons or not
No matter if we are held with broken trust
No matter if we are with challenges or heartbreaks
No matter if we are having tequila shots
No matter if we are paid off or not
No matter love remains with us or not
No matter what happens or not
LIFE never stops,
Like That of Time
Even if a Clock, Broken or Not….
For it’s About Time & Not About Clock
Broken Clock…. Tells Us
Even If You are Broken….
Never Stop…Just Walk Walk & Walk
For A Broken Clock Changes or Not…
But Time Changes for Sure….
Making You a Beautiful Piece
And Life a Wonderful Trip…..
This is my Second post for Alphabet B written for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2021 by Blogchatter 
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#BlogchatterA2Z : A For All About A Ball Point Pen!!!


A Ball Point Pen!!  When was the last time you had bought one? And what does it bring to your mind? For me it reminds me one of my most important life lesson.

It was way back in my childhood. My family was like that of Simran’s family, (Kajol) in DDLJ. Father was the ultimate BOSS of the family…. not less than Hitler. And my mother was as usual as most women to such people, a dummy in the family.

Father had a peculiar habit of setting norms for all his children. It was just “His ways” & no other ways. We were well programmed to behave and adhere to rules.   I don’t know why fathers are so strict, often.

Those days, writing with pen in schools used to start from standard three onwards. Till then it was with Pencils. Once we enter 4th Standard, Father had set the rules that one fountain pen (Ink wala) per year will be given to us. We had Ink bottles as much as we need & could ask for extra nibs given to fact that it used to break with every fall.  But no extra pen.

However, I used to be very fond of pens. Collecting them was my passion, and I had already started it. I used to ask for pens whenever there was any occasion for gifting something to children. And I had a great collection too.

I was in fifth standard then.

One evening, I noticed a pack of “Four Ball point Pens” on the Table of my father. He had kept it when he had returned from the office. Probably he had been gifted by someone in his office given his position. The pack was really lovely & enough attractive to hold my attention. In fact, I was having a strong urge to open it. But the thought of the father was curbing my impulse. Nevertheless, no more I could control & finally my urge won over the fear.  I could not prevent myself from opening the pack and having a glimpse of those Ball point pens. They were really striking in terms of colors, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Quite fascinating to the core.

I wanted having one of them but the thought of the face of my father with the anger painted on it fade away all my fantasy. I was too meek to ask for one as well…because I was well aware of my father’s nature.

I could not sleep that night for that fantasy. The impulse was too much. So, the next Morning, while my father was still asleep and mother was in the washroom, I slowly got into their room & took out The Blue one from the pack and kept it in my school bag.

The whole day passed. I had taken that Blue Ball Point Pen to school and showed it proudly to my classmates telling them that it was gifted to me by my father. I lied but as a child it was quite normal…isn’t it? I enjoyed all the attentions of my friends & felt very good about my possession.  I was happy and proud as I had that with me.

However, In the evening, my father enquired about the missing one. The bubble of my happiness burst & slither. Everyone at home, my siblings refused to have any idea of it. Even I could not muster enough courage to say about it.

I knew very well how father used to react if anybody touched his things without his permission. And I had taken the pen from the pack, means not only touched but taken it without his permission. I could imagine what my fate would be if I admit about it. So, I felt better not to talk about the truth.

Thank God!!! Father was not that serious or was busy in something more important. So, he ignored it.

I was in bed, but not in peace. An intense feeling of fright had already taken over me. A chill was running down my body with thought of “Consequence” of “being caught”. I don’t know how I was feeling as if father was looking out for his pen particularly in my school bag.

Believe me…that time I was not happy with that Ball Point pen. It was something like that of a monster haunting me throughout the night. The bag looked like a laden monster as well.  I took the school bag and kept it aside my pillow. A mixture of fear and guilt was holding me from inside hounding me terribly. I was really done …felt like throwing out both. I decided that the first thing I would do the next day…I would throw that Ball Point Pen somewhere on my way to school.

The next morning…I woke up with a gentle touch. Still afraid but holding my emotion as much possible as I can. I saw mother was waking me up.

My mother asked,” How was your night? You were quite disturbed.”

I looked at her with a question mark on my face saying “How do you know??”

“Mamun, go and say your father that you have taken the pen.”

I was shocked & surprised. I fumbled “Mmm..mmm..Mum…but…I mean!!!

Come on Sweetheart…I know it’s you. That is why you had a very troubled sleep last night. Isn’t it??

No point in pretending or acting now. Mother had caught me. I surrendered to her with my face down and tears rolling out.

My mother affectionately hugged me and then said….

“See beta, you already felt how it feels to be guilty and afraid in the whole night. Isn’t it hell…? Now if you do not admit and accept it before your father, you will never feel good about it in your entire life. Just Go and Confess”

“Father was not very serious about it. But that is not the point. the point is you need to learn how to confess your mistake.  So, you must. Dishonesty never gives solace. Doing wrong is not wrong, but not admitting and accepting the same definitely is. Remember…when there is No honesty it means…it is all hell, hell and only hell….!!

It is not just about the pen; it is the act that involved you for that pen…that is important. I nodded and got ready to face the inevitable. (Did I have any other option??)
After a while…

I was standing before father. Thankfully my mother helped me confess my guilt before him. Thank God, father was in good mood. To my surprise not only he said it’s okay & take his permission next time, but also, he gave me the whole pack……!!!!

Was it scripted by my both parents…? I still wonder

But anyway…It was such a wonderful day. I felt so relieved. Got my peace of mind back. That was more than the “Possession of Ball Point Pens Pack” now. Got those lovely Ball Point Pens. Moreover, may be for the first time got my first lesson on honesty from my loving mother!!

I don’t remember I have done anything like that after that incident of my life so far……!! Till today…even if sometimes things happen unknowingly…I accept it and do corrections and vow not to repeat it again. Never knew A Ball Point Pen would taught me the first lesson of honesty & Facing the Consequence of my Action!!! 

I have observed in my life that it is the honesty that helps you sail easily through the most difficult part your life. Because if you are honest…you surely have the Guts and that extra edge of courage to face the world!!!

Honesty is not only speaking truth and not touching or accepting things that doesn’t belong to you but it is also the ability to tell the truth to yourself, to accept your mistakes and admit your faults as well.

Without honesty a person cannot find peace and solace in this quite complex world. Honesty is the only thing that makes your life easy and keeps it simple. Definitely Honesty is the Best Policy!!!

Well, one thing I must say, even though nowadays no more I write in pen & paper and keypad has taken the place of pen, I still love pens, still they never stop grabbing my attention. I still love collecting them. 😊

Honesty Makes Life Simple In This Complex World!!!

This is the first post for Alphabet A written for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2021 by Blogchatter

BlogchatterAtoZ: Moments & Miracles!!Happy B’day To My Blog!!

BlogchatterAtoZ is not just a challenge for me but it’s a journey, like a annual vacation that most of us take. I always know that I will be a part of it, no matter what!!

Hey Friends & My Dear Readers!!!

Love you Love You…!!! You Know what my blog www.tinakiduniya.com turned one year today. So, wish it dher sara wishes and blessings!!!

I have a special relation with Blogchatter as I had made this blog live on this day last year just to take part in BlogchatterAtoZ challenge. I won‘t say it’s been a great journey for my blog as there were ups and downs & there are many months when I couldn’t even write a post for it. But its really gives me an intense feeling when I land on it…. it’s my world. “Tina ki Duniya” is not just a website but a place where I speak my mind!!!

Now coming to #BlogchatterAtoZ challenge… I always feel very excited to take part in it. This challenge makes me think and write. I always look forward to it every year. But I agree I never get enough time to prepare for it in advance. This year too, the same.

I will share my life experiences in the coming days for each Alphabet. The “MOMENTS & MIRACLES” that we encounter in life while we sail through it. So this is going to be my theme for BlogchatterAtoZ challenge 2021

Sachh Boluin….

Nothing excites me more that this LIFE…. Sometimes I just wonder, how miraculous it is!! I will share some instances that will really resonate with you as well and may take you that part of your life as well. Some really out of box happenings, at times just unanimated conversations or just some incidents…. The April is going to be full of nostalgia!!

I hope all of you will enjoy reading my posts & I am also looking forward to read your blogs. It’s April now. Unlike many I never enjoy playing April Fool, instead I feel Let’s Make April Cool!!!

Friends…Wherever you are, Plant a Tree…Our Earth Needs Healing!!!

So let’s make April Cooool!!!!!

Luv You all…Keep showering your blessings & wishes on Me & My Blog… www.tinakiduniya.com!!!!


“Life is a magical journey, so travel endlessly to unfold its profound and heart touching beauty.”― Debasish Mridha




I Heard A Love Story is not just an Accident

But A Well Scripted Saga by the Universe

I will live, as if you’re never there

I will live, as if you never cared

I will live, as if you never stared

I will live, as if you never shared

I will live…

Thinking that you never happened in my life

We never met, fallen in love & never fought

You never wrote those verses of love

And never ever you kissed me and tightly hugged

I will live…

As if everything was just a trance

As if I was in deep slumber of delusions

Those love making and cuddling moments

Were just the imaginations of a love seeking heart

I will live….

As if you never trespassed

The border of my dreamy heart

You never ever painted my world

With vibrant colours of love

I will live…

As if you never said

That you will never leave me, no matter what

You never promised to make me smile always

With your doting pecks and loving touch

I will live…

As if you never caressed

My wavy curls on my tender chicks

And you never kissed my moist & shaken lips

Heightening my heartbeats

I will live…

As if you never said

Tina, I love you from the bottom of my heart

No matter what goes out there

I am yours and “You are mine always”

I will live…

As if we are yet to meet


It will never let down me

And bring a loving closure…Just You and Me!!!

No, My Love Story is Not Ending Here….

Kuchh Bhi Nahi Tha…..Hum Mile the

Sabkuchh tha….Bichhad Gaye

Phir Kuchh Nahi hai mere pass….


True love is that which ennobles the personality, fortifies the heart, and sanctifies the existence

Bihar Election: Five points, India is Getting Matured Democratically

Frankly saying these days, I am not very kin on observing political things that’s going on in our country. However inadvertently though I keep a tab on overall things. For some reason I was bit drawn to Bihar Election …. that to particularly on Result day. Excitement or curiosity?? May be …

However the Bihar Result offered a good food for thought to me on how the people of India is getting mature day by day, Election after Election. It was quite evident very clearly during the recently concluded Bihar Election.

As I have already said that I wasn’t many kin to observe it’s

But there are few things that I can clearly say on the outcome as well as the body or mental languages of people at large.

We know it was a close fight between NDA and MG. In fact, right from the campaign time I felt like this time NDA wouldn’t come. Modiji was going to lose Bihar earlier without Nitish Kumar, this time with Nitish Kumar.

However, things were twist and turn during the process.

The following are my observations…

1.I would like to highly appreciate the performance of Tejasvi Yadav. He could have single handed won the election hands down had he not been bit off-track at the mid of the Election campaign. We can summarise this election as Tejasvi Yadav lost it due to his political immaturity rather than NDA won it on its calibre.

2. The Missing Y Factor or double XX factor that helped the NDA sail through and save itself. The silent women voter seems to be a great part of the victory. Actually, it shows that women preferred PEACE rather than revenue.

Women were the Surprised and Silent Factor Of Bihar Election

Ghar ki shaanti chahiye, Desh ka economy baad mein dekhi jayegi….

3. It seems no matter Nitish Kumar’s performance was not up to mark during last couple of years, but his Personal Integrity is still intact in the minds of the people.

4.This election also showed that the stereotypes of caste, creed and religion things are slowly fading away.

5.This Election also showed that MODIJI has become invisible. Means no matter what the issues of a state at surface level, if the opposition takes on Modiji, then janta is not going to take it.

The best thing is people are becoming increasingly observant, keeping a tab on who says what and who should be given a chance and who should be taught with a lesson.

And this is a great sign that Indian people are becoming matured democratically…isn’t it?

For a Detailed analysis By Biranchi Acharya on Bihar Election 2020 CLICK HERE

It was We vs Corona and We Won!!!

It was We vs Corona and We Won

Isn’t Being Corona Positive is the most terrible word these days???

In all my life, whenever I used to be apprehensive of life, feeling low or pessimistic, I have been either chided or encouraged by the people around me  –  depending upon their own temper & nature-  for Being Negative. I would get a very strong and powerful assertion from all of them in those times…


They would say it…firm & confidently

We all are like that only. We always wanted others to BE POSITIVE…isn’t it? However, things have changed upside down, thanks to the global pandemic.  Now I really wonder… can we ever say this to someone who is standing on a queue to give his/her swab for the testing???Can we?  Well, the eight lettered word “positive” has become the most frightening one these days.

BEING COVID POSITIVE sounds like a death sentence. The entire atmosphere has become very scary and fearful of this word. In such a scenario, that fateful day I encountered with the Invisible Enemy Outside, THE CORONA VIRUS.

My Encounter with the VIRUS

My husband was having fever, not too high though. Initially we felt it could be just viral. But after 3-4 days as it didn’t recede, we decided to go for test. I think that was one of the BEST THINGS we did. However, to our utter dismay both I & hubby tested positive in the rapid test itself, I was asymptomatic though. Then immediately we tested our son. His rapid test was negative.  His swab was taken for the RT PCR whose result comes after 48hrs.

I would lie if I say I wasn’t petrified, nervous or scared hearing the report. A chill run down my spine immediately.  It felt like as if the ground slipped under my feet. Testing Positive for Covid itself makes you numb from inside. And then the thundering add-on words came from the doctor, “10 Days Mandatory Institutional Quarantine.” It is a norm in NAVI MUMBAI.  It was no less than a pronounced verdict that sends you to a hell…as we had imagined.  

There were two things that I was worrying about.

One…how our son was going to manage without us at home for 10 days in case his RT PCR report comes negative too. 

And second, what’s going to happen with us. We were totally clueless. We tried for beds at Fortis Hospital, Vashi but no-bed was available.

Finally, we were allotted CIDCO Covid Hospital, Vashi and taken there while our son was asked to stay at home.

Being Corona Positive: AT HOSPITAL….

Being Corona positive and at hospital, First two days were horrible because we were not able to accept the reality. Wait, as if it wasn’t enough. After two days the RT PCR report of our son came positive too. Gosh!! Let me tell you, I have never hated anything more than this word POSITIVE at that point of time…seriously!! Well, he was also allotted CIDCO Covid Hospital, Vashi after a lot of freaking persuasions from Us, the parents(Else they had allotted him a different hospital…You Government Things)

We desperately tried again to get into Fortis but in vein. That probably taught me the first lesson that no matter how much wealth, affordability or resources you have, it simply doesn’t help if things are not available at all. So now there’re no option than to ACCEPT that the next couple of days were to be lived there only.

Thankfully, the hospital is really well equipped, well maintained. The doctors, nurses and house keeping staffs are humble and supportive. Utmost care is taken for cleanliness and sanitization.

Being Corona Positive: AS MEDICATION…

We were given Anti-biotics for first five days,

Twice LimC (Vitamin Chewable tablets) and Multivitamin tablets once a day  for entire 10days 

Our oxygen levels were regularly checked at least 4 times a day.  Since husband had developed mild infection in lungs too, he was given HCQ tablets after ECG was done.

Normal food was served to us as per our food habit, veg or non-veg.

We were asked to do gargling & drink Warm water only. That’s it.

I would really like to appreciate NMMC and other authorities for being so well prepared with healthcare facilities for this pandemic.  I was filled with gratitude for The Doctors, Nurses and housekeeping staffs as they were very motivating.

After 10 days we were sent to home and advised with 7 days home quarantine along with continuing the same medication, Lim C & MV to be precise & diet. And then the final & most awaited word came. Yes I am talking about the most loved word of the day NEGATIVE.I never knew I would love this word so much.  Now we are Officially Covid Free Family. This was our journey that we had to take unwillingly though.

Wait Wait…

Every journey serves you with some insights…right.  Let me tell you what the things that I learnt from this entire episode.

What Corona Virus Taught Me

1. Corona AFFECTS EVERYONE EQUALLY, but EVERYONE DOES NOT GET EQUALLY AFFECTED. Because everybody is different and unique so also their Immune System.

2. After talking to the qualified doctor there, I understood that along with PRECAUTIONS we should also be PREPARED – mentally to be precise- in case we got it in us.

1. Precautions that help you Play Safe. That includes

Wear Your Mask Properly.  

Wash Your Hands or use Sanitizer as consciously, as frequently as possible.

Avoid going to crowded places if not required. Maintain social distancing

In case you must go out, make sure when you come back home you change clothes immediately and wash yourselves with soap & warm water

Corona Virus often comes in Clothes, so after coming from outside, make sure you clean them immediately in warm water.

Make three times gargling a part of your routine

Drink warm water

 2. Preparation helps you if you lost it somewhere.

 As the doctor told me, “It is just takes a couple of seconds for the coronavirus to enter your body no matter what precautions you have taken…all through” It’s just a matter of “Few Seconds” So it is very important to be better prepared for it.

·         First, Be mentally prepared. Getting quarantined, institutionally or at home is certainly not the end of the world

·         Second, Look at the brighter side of things. Around 80% people are either asymptomatic or mildly affected/infected by this virus. This is the REALITY no matter what depressing statistics are given by the governments , media or other authorities.

·         As we know there is no medicine for covid19 so BOOSTING IMMUNITY IS THE KEY to deal with it.

·         Make vitamin C a part of your daily intake. People often ignore this even if they know but keeping your body alkaline is not only a necessary way to protect your body from the virus but also it helps neutralize the effect of it in case you get infected.

·         Follow everything that works for your body to boost up your immune system. Like turmeric milk, tulsi, amla, kadha…whatever works.

·         Take your family doctor’s advice, if you can take multivitamin tablets or not.  It works if it suits you and doctor is the best person to advice.

3. PLEASE TEST YOURSELF if you have symptoms.

If you have some symptoms, go and test because it can be lethal if the whole process is delayed and treatment is started late.  Mostly CORONA makes you serious if you DELAY TESTING & identified late.

Also, if you don’t test even if you have symptoms, then you really become a Potential Spreader risking people around. Moreover, even if one tests positive for the virus, it will pass over within 7 to 10 days at the most…avers Dr Vishwas Pai, ENT surgeon who recovered after being Covid Positive.

In fact I have also seen, even 75+yr, 80+ yrs old men/women getting healed and go to their home during my 10 days stay at hospital.  EARLY DETECTION is the key…. This is what the doctors told me there no matter whatever condition your health is in.

4. STAY POSITIVE (no pun intended)

No matter how dangerous the word “Positive” sounds these days. it is only ‘positivity’ that helps a person fight corona virus.  


Although Older people, and those with pre-existing medical conditions (such as high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes) appear to be more vulnerable and it can make some people very ill but for most people COVID-19 causes only mild illness. More rarely, the disease can be fatal. So why to fear then??

Ever since this virus has come to existence it has successfully gripped the mind with intense fear. Most of the times the fear takes a toll bigger than Corona itself. It seems as if its Reality has become a Shadow Of it…Longer than the Actual Size of it. I feel so.

So Take all CARE but Don’t SCARE!!! The Virus is indeed EERIE but not that SCARY what it appears to be.

And for me, I am in a state as

Louisa May Alcott quotes, “I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.”


Sadak 2 Trailer: Public Cannot Be taken Into Granted!!!

Recently Sadak 2 trailer starred by Sanjay Dutt, Pooja Bhatt & Alia Bhatt, produced by Mahesh Bhatt and Mekesh Bhatt made History of becoming the most DISLIKED trailer on YouTube. Ever since its release it’s said that people are making a aggressive campaign to rate low and dislike it.

People are making up to boycott the entire movie as well. If it will be the trend, then I doubt if Disney Hotstar will stream its release fearing that people may go into a “Uninstall Hotstar” spree.  kahni log “Uninstal Hotstar” spree mein na aa jaye. 😜😜😜

I don’t really find myself in those millions of people who does Uninstall, Dislike, Unfollow, Rate it low….etc. I never did these for anything. But it cannot be ignored that there is a huge mass across the country who use this as a weapon to “hit the spot where it hurts most.”
We have seen how uninstalling has affected many apps and companies in the past.  

Sadak 2 trailer made History of becoming the most disliked trailer recently. People are making up to boycott it as well….

Posted by Tina Acharya on Thursday, August 13, 2020

History witnessed how Snapdeal had to bear the brunt just having SNAP in its name. Indians enraged by Snapchat CEO Evan Speigel’s ostensible comment that India is poor, uninstalled the Snapdeal app and gave it poor ratings on app stores mistaking Snapdeal for Snapchat. The poor Indian e-commerce portal Snapdeal had to withstand the brunt of having “SNAP” in its name.

In Recently past Tiktok was nearly destroyed because of people  rating it 1, writing bad reviews and uninstalling it.

Not only apps but also Movies suffered like anything when they happened to enrage the public anger. We have seen how Deepika Padikon starred Chhapak suffered a bad flop (I say it’s bad flop & not just flop) for her “Misadventures trip to JNU” in a time when nobody should have gone there. On the other hand we also have seen how late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s last movie “Dil Bechara” made records….of being the highest rated movie

The list will be a long one….if I am willing to write a thesis. However, I want to bring the focus to the key point here.
In all the above incidents what is the common thing?
The common thing is emotion or sentiment of people.

At present, the environment is very different and so also the moods of the people. The untimely demise of late Actor Sushant Singh Rajput touched the millions of people across the nation. It has brought out the scandalous debate of NEPOTISM in Bollywood into the prime focus.  Let’s no discuss the series of event after the murder of Sushant Singh Rajput. But people are hurt, wounded and their sentiments are maimed.

The public sentiment has been hurt by all these happenings in the last couple of months. The public is angry now and not in a mood to take anything or everything   Public abhi kuchh bhi sunke yah dekh ke nahi legi.

With Sushant’s sudden and unfortunate demise, many established norms in Bollywood has started dismantling. Not only Bollywood but also in other speres it’s going to impact the unwanted norms.  We may say it as a Waterloo, water gate or whatever, it’s that moment of the time when it takes a turn.
I remember a dialogue from a Salman Khan starred movie Jai Ho.
“Aam admi sota hua sher hai, ungli mat kar, jag gaya to chir phad dega” Public is a Sleeping Lion. Do not disturb it, else if it is wakened up it would tear you up.
I feel now the Sleeping Lion has really awakened. So, don’t test their patience and messed up with the sentiment of public. Hila ke rakh denge. no one have ever sustained the public anger. HERO bhi public banata hai, ZERO bhi yehi banadenge….

Lobby, groupism, favouritism, nepotism etc exist everywhere. But when it crosses the limit, it really hits the sentiment of the people.

It is better to correct things….err…It is high time to rectify the things or else public will just destroy it…

I always say a new kind of generation evolving with a very different attitude to everything….and I really feel this.

Earlier People used to think “What to us…Hume Kya?” But now RIP To “hame kya” type of thought!!

Picture courtesy – Twitter Sadak 2 Trailer Sadak 2 Trailer

Munnar the Southern Paradise!!!

Munnar the Southern Paradise!!!

In continuation of my travelogue, like I’ve mentioned, I spent my childhood in the vicinity of nature in a small town called Kotdwar in the foothills of Himalayas in the state of Uttrakhand. After completing my studies, I moved to Gujarat for my job.

Over a period, when our children were growing up, my son was working in Hyderabad and my daughter was staying in a hostel for higher studies. So, my wife and I had plenty of time available to explore nature, being nature lovers. So, we planned to visit the majestic Kerala and the beautiful town of Munnar also known as Kashmir of south India. Munnar is a town in the Western Ghats also known as Sahyadri mountain range that covers a stretch of 1,600 Kms parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula, traversing the states of Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra & Gujarat. Munnar is a hill station and former resort for the British Raj elite. It’s surrounded by rolling hills dotted with tea plantations established in the late 19th century.

My wife and I started our journey from Mumbai airport to Cochin airport, which is about a two-hour journey.

One important thing I want to mention here about Cochin airport is that it now boasts of the first solar powered airport of the world and won the coveted CHAMPION OF THE EARTH AWARD in 2018.

We reached Cochin in the evening and planned to start for Munnar the next morning. Cochin is the most densely populated city of Kerala and an important spice-trading center on the west coast of India from the 14th century onward and has maintained a trade network with the outside world. In the evening, we visited the Naval airport area of Cochin and enjoyed a boat ride. It was a peaceful experience.

Cochin airport

Next morning, the designated driver reported at our hotel and informed me about his arrival, who was sent by the travel agency. I told him that we would be ready within 15 minutes as we were about to finish our breakfast. We reached at the reception and were greeted by a gentle-looking person in his forties with a smile on his face. He was ready with the car to take us to Munnar (125 kms from that place). His name was Chandan. Normally, I like to interact with people that I travel with. I believe there are many advantages to it. We often get a lot of additional information about the place and traditions, which are completely new and add value to our knowledge and travel experience.

The journey started well enough. In the beginning itself Chandan said that sir, we should start our journey after taking blessings of the lord Maha Vishnu, so first I am taking you to the Sree Poornathrayessa temple. The temple is considered among the greatest temples in Kerala and was first among 8 royal temples of erstwhile Kochi Kingdom. We happily agreed.

He said that Lord Poornathrayeesa is believed to be a big fan of elephants and he was well known for his elephant love. Every year in the month of November & December, an annual festival is held here, and more than 40 elephants participate in his grant Vrishchikotsavam. And the owners of the elephants send them without expecting anything in return as their lord is elephant lover.

Soon after we proceeded for Munnar. The road leading to Munnar was very beautiful and full of nature. After one hour of journey I told him that we would halt for lunch at some vegetarian restaurant.

He stopped at a nice restaurant on the roadside; we were mesmerized by the aura of the beautifully maintained restaurant having many huts for families. Really it was such a beautiful site as he has taken us to a small hut and made all arrangement for our comfortable seating. The quality of food was very nice and as per our satisfaction level.

Further after covering around 80 kms from Kochi, Chandan again said that we would like to visit the spice garden. There were a lot on the roadside itself as Kerala is famous for spices. We had not visited any spice garden before, so he took us to a famous Deepa world spice & Ayurvedic garden with huge varieties of spices, Cardamom, Vannilla, Pepper, Cinnamon, Coffee, Tea, Clove, Nutmeg, Bettle Nut, Cadbury, Allspices (Sarvasuganthi), Lemon Grass, Curry Leaf, Ginger, Garlic, Hibiscus, Pappaya, Mosambi, Orange, Mango, variety of Jackfruits, water cherry, various type of Guava Trees, Coconut Trees, along with a variety of flowers was available. There were employees who briefed us about the production & uses of every spice grown there.

The owner was very friendly and had profound knowledge about spices. He also had a house & shop to sell his spices and other products, which are grown there at a very reasonable price. A must visit to the spice garden. He charged only rupees 100 per person for the complete farm visit. It was an amazing experience and we acquired lot of knowledge.

On the way Chandan narrated the history of Munnar.  He said, for more than a century, the history of Munnar has been linked with its tea plantations. In fact, Munnar is a place to find some of the best tea estates in the world. It is one significant employment opportunity for the people of Munnar.

We were really amazed by the knowledge and humbleness of Chandan during our first day journey. In the evening we reached Munnar town and settled there in a resort. We had great fun in the evening, incidentally the resort owner’s residence was in the backside of our room and his garden was clearly visible from our first-floor room. We were just relaxing on the couch in the balcony, suddenly my wife exclaimed, look! What a cute pair of cats is playing in their garden.” Indeed …… they were very cute, so she insisted we go down there to the garden, as she loves animals to the extent of madness. I was a bit hesitant initially but later we went there and met the owner and asked if we could play with their pets.

The next morning our plan was to visit in and around Munnar city, there are many places to visit in the periphery of the town.As per the advice given by Chandan, we first visited, Kannan Devan Tea Estate also known as The Tata Tea Museum, a Tata-owned tea estate in Munnar, which was located at 2 kms from the center .The Tata Tea Museum is located in the middle of a beautiful tea garden and is a one-of-its-kind museum of India.

Tourists visiting here get to know about the establishment and progress of the tea plantation industry in India. Right from the manually operated tea roller to the fully automated tea factory, you get to know about every single fact related to the Munnar’s tea plantation’s automation. Tourists were assembled there at the entry point to see the whole process of making tea as the employee of the plant were taking one group at one time to showcase the methodology of differential stages of tea processing.

We never knew this whole process before and gained insights about the processing of tea leaves and the marketing of the finished product.

The museum also displays the old-fashioned bungalow furniture, magneto phone, wooden bathtub, cash safe, iron ovens and other modern and other exhibits. Finally, they have a demonstration room in which you will get to taste various types and flavors of tea. There’s a nominal charge of 100 INR per head to taste the plethora of tea flavors of Munnar.

At one side of the main gate there was a shop for sale of different type of tea products at factory rate. In that shop, we met a beautiful tourist couple from New Zealand, who were incidentally staying in our resort itself and we talked with them about the culture and rich heritage of India with a nice cup of coffee. They were mesmerized with the rich cultural heritage & diversity of India.

In the afternoon we visited the local Munnar Floriculture Centre, also known as Munnar Rose Garden. It is one of the top places to visit in Munnar. Floriculture Centre is home to hundreds of rare varieties of flowers and other plants including cacti, herbs, shrubs and creepers. Operated by the Kerala Forest Development Centre, it is spread across acres of land in the city of Munnar.

We visited one more garden in the evening and enjoyed the variety of Masala dosa in a small restaurant in the main market. The final day we enjoyed the famous Kathakali dance at the city auditorium and spent our time and money shopping in the local market.

We stayed there for three days and had great fun and started our return journey to Cochin next morning. We visited famous temple of Lord Shankaracharya lightly 8km off from the main route. Divine feeling.

In the evening, we reached Cochin but came to know that there was a “band call” given by the trade unions in Kerala and it would be completely closed off the next day. As our hotel was in the main town nearly 20 kms from Airport and in the absence of any transport next morning it would be difficult for us to catch the next morning flight to Mumbai.

We were in a pickle and we wondered what to do!

Once again Chandan suggested, “Sir, I can take you to some Hotel near the airport, so that you can walk down to the airport next morning. You cancel your hotel booking in town.” Right, there were no other options available for us other than that. He took us to different hotels in the vicinity of the airport, but they were all full, as many tourists had already occupied the rooms in the light of band call. He took us to 4-5 places then finally we got an accommodation in one hotel with his undying efforts when we had almost given up.


It was then time to say a sad goodbye to Chandan and as gratitude, I wanted to give him a nice tip for the top-notch hospitality, care and support but he politely refused.Finally, my wife told him to take this as a token of love for his daughter from us and then only he agreed.

Living a fast-paced life, we all tend to forget to stop and stare at nature’s wonders that not only include mountains and valleys, but also our fellow human beings. It is equally important to take care of humans just as we should preserve our surroundings. After all, they also are a part of it and play a huge role in the ecosystem. It’s easy and sometimes inevitable to become numb to all that, when we become too engrossed in our personal gains.

Getting to know Chandan a little taught me just how much I also fell in that category and just how much I had missed out on gaining emotionally. It was refreshing to interact with him and realize the joy of caring for others rather than only yourself.

I have never come across such a nice human being in my entire life despite being a frequent traveler. And I often wonder how life molds people into different personalities each unique to its own.

While taking off…I realized that Travelling is not just about Places but about PEOPLE too….

Travelling is not just about Places but about People.

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This story has been written by Mr.Rakesh Nautiyal, a Senior Scientist, GM at ONGC. Recently I came across him and become friends. There are many interesting stories he would tell at times…being a globetrotter. This is his travel story to Munnar The Kashmir Of South, Kerala. Connect with him at twitter.




Mr.Rakesh Nautiyal.@pari3105

What is The 20 Lakh Crore Economic Stimulus Package?

In his recent address to Nation Prime Minister Modi announced “The mega Rs 20 lakh crore ECONOMIC STIMULUS PACKAGE” to deal with the economic loss caused by Corona Virus Pandemic. I think many people just didn’t understand what exactly it is and how is it going to REVIVE the collapsed economy of the nation. Frankly saying even, I don’t understand the economic things in general and this is in particular.  We all know, the world has been crippled and the economies of the nations across the globe have suffered a great downfall, at present. India is no different!! So amidst this financial crisis how the 20 Lakh Crore STIMULUS Economic Package announced by Honorable PM of India, which is around 10% of our GDP, would come to rescue is an important thing to understand.

Mr. Biranchi N. Acharya Follow him @acharya_bn

Here is Mr.Biranchi Narayan Acharya, @one of the finest and seasoned Political Analyst and Observer, and a  fortunately my brother, explains it in easy words. Let’s understand what exactly it is and how is going to help the business and economy of the nation….

I am not an economist, but then my long experience in current affairs and political observing taught me many things. Thus, I want to clarify some doubts asked to me on the 20 lac crore rupees package/stimulus announced by central government. Let’s see some reactions.

Chidambaram said the package is a jumla and nothing else. Some criticized it as a serial (As Union Finance Minister declares measures phase wise). Dr Udit raj, an ex-BJP member who joined Congress because BJP denied ticket to him in 2019 for non-performance as MP earlier demanded minimum 10% of GDP as package but now ask where from the money will come. He further cited Manmohan Singh’s most infamous dialogue if money grows in tree.

To add more confusion many Congress member asked whether this 20 lac crore will be spent from budgetary provisions or central government will borrow this amount? Finally Rahul Gandhi said that the money should be transferred to migrants directly.

Now, I don’t know or understood whether they know about an economic package or stimulus or that they just confuse people knowing very well what the “Stimulus” is.
I know my readers prefer a simple explanation of any complicated matter. Thus let me give an example of financial stimulus. This will clear “What a Financial Stimulus precisely means?”
Let’s assume a hypothetical scenario. You gave some loan to your friend for a shop. Due to some problems, his shop gutted in a fire accident. He needs to be provided a stimulus so that he can be able to revive his business.

How should be your stimulus? Will you waive out your loans? If yes, then you relieved him off any loan, but then there won’t be any revival of his business.
The true stimulus is that you restructured his loan repayment extending it for a longer period and also you re-finance him at a lower interest in a longer term so that he can return all your money in an extended period while reviving his business. You can also ask him not to return part loan for a specific period (for example until his shop started to function).
You can also make some rule or amend some condition of the loan for his revival.

The bottom line is very simple. If you don’t give such a stimulus then your friend is finished at the same time your money given to him as loan also gone. Thus, a stimulus is always a win-win situation. Your friend is revived, and your money also saved.

All these things have got a monetary value. The interest you forego, the amount you refinance, the total saving of interest of your friend and most importantly your friend’s reduction of loss due to your quick refinancing, all these are computed in a monetary term.

Neither your capital is lost, nor your friend suffered more loss and the loss of the business entirely. Means, he doesn’t have to close his business, instead work on it…i.e. REVIVE!!

Same thing applies to government and the people including business folks. In such a financial situation, government provides some measures such as low rate financing, change of laws and many other things ( you can go through the declaration of Union Finance Minister, if you really understand this post ) which has a monetary value of 20 lakh crore. Package doesn’t mean distributing money. Therefore, don’t be confused and understand what an economic package or stimulus is…

I am not an economist, but then my long experience in current affairs and political observing taught me many things….

Posted by Biranchi Narayan Acharya on Saturday, May 16, 2020

So, basically there is a fundamental difference between “FINANCIAL RELIEF PACKAGE” and “A FINANCIAL STIMULUS PACKAGE.” A Relief Package helps to survive immediately whereas the Stimulus Package helps not only to Survive but to Stand Again and back on the track.

20 Lakh Crore package is a STIMULUS one. As I said earlier, I did not understand what and how exactly it is going to REVIVE the Economy. But now it is clear to me.

Well my most concern was for MIGRANT LABORERS Community who have been the worst victims of this pandemic. They are acutely depressed at present. I was apprehensive, thinking in what way it’s going to Help them.

Well….since MSMEs going to be given a stimulus package, the factories and industries will start again. They are the most absorber of the Migrant Workers.  So, they are going to get the work, at list soon. For them job loss will not be an issue.  And I hope the relief package that are announced earlier will be distributed with more transparency. Which in return should help the migrant survive the current time.

At last, I would like to say,

The only thing I wish…with this Corona Pandemic, at least The Migrant Laborer Sector should be made More Organized as they are our Core Workforce. It’s heartening and acutely depressing to see these people suffer…for no fault of theirs.

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Z For Zero Is the Hero!!!

Zero is the Hero….How?? Read On….

One day, a teacher organized a meeting of numbers. Other than zero, all the numbers came to attend the meeting. Zero was missing.

The teacher asked all the numbers, “Where is Zero?”

“No idea Sir, Seems he is hiding somewhere may be in an unknown place” The other numbers replied in chorus.

“Where is Zero? Go and find him out? And get him to this assembly right away” The teacher said them with authority.

“Okay Sir” The numbers said and dispersed to find out Zero. They looked for him everywhere. At last, after a long search, they found him hiding himself behind a wall. They caught hold of him and brought him before the teacher.

The Teacher called Zero to him and said, “Why were you hiding? Why were you afraid of attending the meeting of numbers?”

Zero began crying and said in a broken voice, “Sir, I am Zero. According to people, I have no value and everyone teases me.  No one cares for me or respects me. This upsets and hurts me a lot. That is the reason why I was not interested to be present at this convention. I put myself out of sight and hid at the back a wall so that no one could find me out.”

The teacher thought for a while and called the number ONE (1) and asked him to stand in front of him. Looking at Zero, the teacher asked, “Tell me, Zero, what is the value of this number?”

“One,” replied ZERO.

The teacher then asked Zero to stand to the right of ONE. Looking at the other numbers, he asked them, “What is the value of this number?”

“Ten,” replied all the numbers in unison.

The Teacher then asked all the Zeros to stand to the right of ONE, one after the other. Every time a Zero was added to the right of ONE, the teacher would ask the other numbers the value of ONE. As the number of Zeros increased, the value of ONE also increased, that is to a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, and so on.

The teacher said considerately looking at Zero, “See, when you are added to the right of ONE, one after the other, the value of ONE increased tenfold each time. Any number by itself has very little value. Its worth increases only when another number is put next to it. You think that all by yourself you have very little value. But when you come along with some other number, you increase not only your own value but also that of the other number. Didn’t I just demonstrate that to you?”

Zero understood the point made by the teacher. He was glad that the opinion of the people that Zero has no worth was baseless and incorrect. So also the other numbers realized the value of Zero. They all became friends and no one ever treat Zero worthless from that day. Instead They called him HERO.  

The moral of the story is no one is valueless or insignificant in this world. We ourselves have strength and substance no doubt but when we unite with others, we augment not only our own value and strength but also that of the others. Unity has a power!!!

We all know that Zero is digit a number, and the numerical digit used to represent that number in numerals. It fulfills a central role in mathematics as the additive identity of the integers, real numbers, and many other algebraic structures. As a digit, 0 is used as a placeholder in place value systems.

Biblically, 0 is a firm number since it represents God and His divine nature. It also symbolizes the relationship between God and all creatures of the earth. The infinite nature of God is well articulated with the shape of number 0. It also represents potential that is inbuilt in all creations of God.

Zero is regarded as a virtuous number. Angel Number 0 is also considered to be a sign of “nothingness.” It symbolizes the start of a new phase in life….A Beginning of Spiritual Life!!!

ZERO is a number, very powerful because when it is multiplied with any number, no matter how big it is it reduces that number to ZERO in a fraction of second. While all other number when multiplied either increase the value  or keep it as it is but Zero just reduces the number to itself.

So, Never messed up with ZERO, because if it is happy  and stands on your right , you Become HERO but if it is angry and multiplied then no matter What value you posses, You just Reduce to a ZERO.


Zero the Hero…
He’s SOOO Cool!
Zero the Hero…
He comes to school!!
Zero the Hero…
He takes his place…
So NOOO other number can take his space!!!

Isn’t ZERO is a HERO!!!  

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