Depression – An Invisible Reality!!

Depression – An Invisible Reality!!

“Gloomy Sunday” often termed as “The Suicidal Song” is a song, composed by Hungarian pianist Rezso Seress in 1936 has been blamed for more suicides than any other song in the history. It was banned by BBC for 66 years till 2002, for its dark notoriety and lyrics. Similarly, recently an online game “The Blue Whale Challenge” had surpassed news and media, spreading shocker waves,  giving Goosebumps to parents of teenagers in particular and public in general as it had edged a lot of young adults to kill themselves who were a part of playing this game that has unnatural and weird challenges in offer for its players. 

Many would wonder how come a song or a game would make people do suicides!! Yes, it’s not the song that’s played in the recorder, or some online games having bizarre challenges, that abate someone to end her/his life. The real culprit is DEPRESSION. It’s the real monsters that gets triggered and start tapping on the vulnerable minds edging them to jump to the well of death.

We accept it or not, depression is an Invisible Reality. It has its hidden existence in the minds of people irrespective of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, income disparity, social status, religion or other aspect of cultural identity.   It makes people psychologically vulnerable for self destruction, making them available easily for abatement of suicide, even at a slightest and insignificant trigger.

Depression, a state of chronic sadness (major depressive disorder of mind) is a common and serious medical illness, pertaining to our mental health, which negatively affects how we feel the way we think and how we act.  It’s an acute mental health problem that has a serious impact on our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

Probably, depression is one of the most deadly serious ailments, but the irony is it has never been taken seriously. Moreover, mental health care has never been a part of “being Healthy” in our homes in particular and society general. Fortunately, depression is treatable but unfortunately it’s never been accepted as a disease. So, to deal with depression, the first step is to recognize it as a disease and encourage awareness about it.

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