Universe always Responds to our Questions

Universe always Responds to our Questions

Universe always Responds to our Questions

Really?? Is it really true? Does the universe respond to our questions?

Yes, it’s absolutely true. The universe is live, listens to us & reciprocates. We must know how to connect with it & how to ask for the guidance & how to decipher the insights. Most of the times we need to tune into our intuition to get the answer. As I have written the articles on various entities, like birds, animals, flowers who are sent by the universe, to help us with insights needed at that point of our life.

However, many a time either we find it very hard to hear our inner voice. The reason could be either we have too much noise or chaos in our minds or the conditioning of the mind that we should count-on on external evidence rather than internal guidance.

Well, that is also possible. I mean even the universe provided the external evidences too in order to answer our questions. You can experiment this. I almost do it every time whenever I am stuck in any life situation.

Let’s say you are in a situation, not knowing what should be your further step. For example, you are doing fabulous in your current job. Got a recent elevation in it & looking forward to head a team or a project.   At the same time, you got a very tempting job offer too from another reputed employer. Now you are confused, whether to accept it or not since both seems to be equally good.   You want a crystal-clear answer to it. In that case, take the clarity from the Universe itself which has the records of our past, present & future.

Steal some still moments. Ground yourself. Ask clearly that Should I accept the new offer or not?  If YES, show me a blue bird within 24 hours.

In the above, your question can be anything but should have a definite answer. And you may ask for any symbol (like blue bird, pink rose, a peacock…etc.) that come to your mind that particular time. Don’t forget to set a time line, that come from within you.

Trust me, no matter where, may be online, may be physically, may be in your dreams, may be on paper, note books, anywhere, a blue bird will catch your attention within the time frame given by you if the answer is YES. If the answer is NO, then nothing will happen.

Or else you can just put it this way for your answer.

If yes…show me this _____ as symbol, If NO show me this _____as symbol. Trust me, you will surely get it.

It answers even complex questions & not just YES or NO kind queries. Once I asked why do feel lost at times, give me some insights. And within a day I got call from one of my tarot reader friends who stays in USA just like that. And during our conversation, she just intuitively asked me “Tina, why do I feel you are feeling little bit lost these days?” I was surprised to the core. And then she provided me with insights, suggestions…and trust me I was just feeling like as if The Universe was talking to me.

It happens that way. Either you get a call from someone or your land on an article that answers your queries, or you happen to watch a forwarded video…. something will happen for sure.

Universe always Responds to our Questions

Spirituality is a very simple process basically. It is just to make yourself aligned with nature. The universe always wants us that way. When we drift away, get ourselves off track due to the wrong turns we take, we left with unanswered questions, puzzled mind, desperations…

Instead of honoring our intuition which is naturally programmed to lead us toward our highest good, we are taught to dismiss it as “unrealistic” or “not the adult thing to do”.

The Universe is a live entity. It’s watching us, listens to our hearts. Ask questions whenever you are stuck & confused.  It will respond with answers with clarity.

Universe always Responds to our Questions

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