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Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans  — John Lennon

Life is a Gift, Life is Beautiful!!!

Hi Friends,

This is Tina and this is my Brand New blog. I have just made it live having 25% of the work done on it,  only to participate in #BlogchatterAtoZ. Though I had been resolute to take up the challenge this year, but last few months had been quite taxing on me making any kind of writing works out of mind. Also couldn’t work on this website. Well, at least I could made it live. I am very bad word press, currently learning it to do it by myself. So I will appreciate all suggestions, criticisms and knowledge sharing from you all to improve the appearance and performance of this website.


Tina ki Duniya is a small world of mine. It’s actually a window through which I view the world and accordingly my thoughts and observations are shaped. Different aspects of life always fascinated me and I could never find a particular facet of it to reflect upon only. Life itself has always very much absorbing for me.


So my theme for the #BlogchatterAtoZChallenge will be Life itself…i.e @life.

There will be stories, real life anecdotes, pictures, quotes and many more things in it. Also will include some posts contributed to me as a promise to publish. I think at the end it will appear like a platter with different aspects of life served on it. Hope the write ups will be up to the expectation level of readers. I promise the time spend on this will be worth of it.

Looking forward to read a lot from you all.


My Theme is @Life


Happy Writing, Happy Reading

Known Vs Unknown!

Known Vs Unknown

Ideally, with every moment of life one should grow and become mature. But with me, it’s just the opposite. Even if I know more what I knew till yesterday, I still feel like a neophyte at times. Often it Seems, as if “My Known Territory” is directly proportional to “The Unknown Territory” of life: the former grows, the later expands more and more. Every day, I step into the world with a tenderfoot having same set of queries, same amount of curiousness and intuitiveness. Seems, Life is always about being in “Probation eternally”.
Every day is a New Day…and we are just as armature as we were always.

It reminds me of a beautiful and profound saying of Rumi. “The closer I reach, the farther I know myself from you.” Once we start learning and growing, we became aware such a vast chunk of existence is unknown to us. 

Known Vs Unknown

Wear Your Wings!!!

Wear Your Wings!!!

When at times

A question resonates in me

What it means to be a Woman is

I look out for some convenient answers I heard


I Am

A Woman

Was born in a far fetching land

Surrounded by the ghoul of prejudices and pain

Often deprived of legitimate rights

Genuine wants and valid needs

Often in the name of Chauvinism…I was told

Girls don’t deserve to fulfill their dreams

But I dared to cast them away

To script my destiny and walk my way

To follow my heart and what it says

As my soul wanted me to fly up above the sky

For with life it dawned on me

What it means to be a Woman is

I’m the Queen of Universe

Created with an immeasurable power of love

If I can be tolerant & multitasking,

If I can be neglected often but still be doing things

Then what can stop me to conqueror the world & fly

If I Wear My Wings,  Hidden within Me!!!


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The Great Indian Jugaad

No one can ever beat INDIANS when it comes to The Great Indian Jugaad. We have a patent on it.

No one can be as imaginative and creative as jugaad loving Indians. We Indians have quick fixes for anything and everything. And these quick fixes that we often turn into when run out of other alternatives not only keep us going but also have manage to devise permanent way out for certain things  at times

While passing by, That day I noticed this scene at Sector 9, Vashi.  A cycle was tightly tied at the back of a car and the car was parked.  For a moment I felt as if it was the owners own way to protect his cycle from theft.  Then later I realized it could be their way to take cycle along with them in case if they were going somewhere and wish cycling…..May be a vacation.

In both the case I felt a tickling sensation inside, thinking of the India’s inventiveness and innovative ideas or  ways of Jugaad. Isn’t it really amusing!! I mean really no one can beat the Indian  Jugaad. We have a patent on it…

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Expectations are a strong belief system within us that makes us assume that something will come to us or something will happen…
It’s true that we can never find a world which is “absolutely expectation free”. We expect from our life, the people around us and our surrounding…..most of the time inadvertently though.

Sometimes, we feel as if we are living someone else’s life. Often we feel a sense of void swallow up us, like something-is-missing kind. That’s for the reason that we let other people to decide our choices. We try to fill up their expectations. Same way we also want others to fill up our expectations. Social pressure is deceiving — we can promptly lose control of our lives without noticing it. To triumph over expectations, we must uphold ownership of our options and preference.

I feel…with every layer of expectations, we lose something within us. I mean every expectation comes with a cost of making a small dent in us…a kind of void, a kind of hole. That’s why “The more we expect, the more we become poor and miserable”. However, it’s not easy to stop expecting but we can consciously reduce them especially the layers which are not necessary for our struggle for survival!! At least, we can shed the Unnecessary Expectations!!  

Expectations are an illusion. By trying to please everyone, we end pleasing no one — ourselves included. That’s why most people don’t live the life they want. Everyone feels frustrated and disappointed.

Shedding few layers of expectations, sure a better way of feeling happier and wealthier!! 🙂

If you expect nothing from somebody you are never disappointed.
― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Menstruation:Teenage Girls & The Ghost of Shyness

Menstruation:Teenage Girls & The Ghost of Shyness. 

Not to be very expressive in terms of her liking, desires or dreams, not to be assertive in terms of strength, needs and wishes, not to be dominant in her thoughts or talents, not to be aggressive in her ability and aptitude in day-to-day affairs…and blah blah. Aren’t these the criteria what expected of a woman always? Isn’t she always supposed to be fiercely guided by somebody all her life, somebody who could be her father or husband or brother or partner or lover? Isn’t it something like as if, since she has missed a Y-Chromosome in here genes so she has to compensate it with her “Freedom” throughout her life to the ones who were opportune to receive that Y-Chromosome in their genes (Read, “male”)

The above lines, questions or assertions are just the tip of the iceberg that a girl goes through terribly in her tender and soft mind in her upbringing years. Even if she is subjected to inequalities for being a girl since she was born, since babyhood, she is raised with the preconditioned minds with preconceived Tory notions of her parents, family and the stand-pat gender biased society, but the complexities and the impacts of those injustice of unfairness starts showing up evidently when she steps in her teens or sometimes in her pre-teen age too. Preconditioned mind as in with the dos and don’ts which a girl child has to face and act prudently.

As a result, in most of the cases the girls in Indian families are often grow up with low self-esteem, low self-confidence and at times lack a sense of self worth too because of the regression reflecting in stereotyping of questions as in how they should behave.   Often they are wrapped up with ghost of shyness and coyness without their notice probably making them reserve and introvert. This actually ruins them from within, because puberty and adolescence come up with their own bags of natural complexities and intricacies. It’s the time when ideally a girl should be made to SPEAK UP most, but what happens in reality is their power of assertion is actually trimmed by the society and surrounding. And that makes it very difficult for them to tell or discuss even the genuine things that they face invariably with their elders.

Being a girl hailing from an orthodox society I do know one of the difficulties faced by girls is when they attain their womanhood. Menstruation is nothing but a very normal biological phenomenon, and adolescent girls and women should understand that they have the power of procreation only because of this virtue. However it’s considered as a peccadillo in the most of the Indian societies and its consequences have to be endured by every woman the rest of her life. Isn’t it a stark irony?


It’s almost that time of the month. She feels puffier than a marshmallow and her temple breaks out in zits. Chocolate is the only thing that calms her down and prevents her from beating up that irritating guy behind her in maths or badminton. Why do girls have to go through this? Well, for one thing, it’s her body’s way of preparing her for pregnancy. Is it anyway evil or immoral? 

But in many parts of India and other countries, the myth that menstruation makes a woman impure and dirty persists strongly.

  • Cultural norms and religious taboos on menstruation are often compounded by traditional associations with evil spirits, shame and embarrassment surrounding sexual reproduction.
  • Many girls and women are subject to restrictions in their daily lives simply because they are menstruating. Not entering the “puja” room is the major restriction among urban girls whereas, not entering the kitchen is the main restriction among the rural girls during menstruation.
  • Menstruating girls and women are also restricted from offering prayers and touching holy books.
  • The underlying basis for this myth is also the cultural beliefs of impurity associated with menstruation. It is further believed that menstruating women are unhygienic and unclean and hence the food they prepare or handle can get contaminated.
  • There are so many other taboo also.

Such taboos about menstruation present in many societies impact on girls’ and women’s emotional state, mentality and lifestyle and most importantly, health. It’s the sole reason why a large numbers of girls in many less economically developed countries drop out of school when they begin menstruating.

These not only significantly influence their sexual and reproductive health but also possess much social and educational impact. With much shame, infamy and disgrace associated with periods, girls tend shy away to tell the complications they go through during this period at times. They also end up doing and following unhealthy and insanitary things. They tend to use unhygienic practices such as drying the cloth pad and undergarments in a tiny corner of the room, storing the pads in a filthy place or using a sanitary pad for longer hours than recommended. Apart from health-related complications that can be caused by wrong information, it is also crushing girls’ confidence, making them damaged and devastated when they believe their bodies are ‘dirty’ and coupled with something awful.

With a damaged seed can we expect a healthy plant and thereby a giant tree that gives healthy fruits? Of course not. Isn’t it? A healthy woman is the pre-requisite of a healthy offspring and thereby a healthy civilization and being healthy means healthy in terms of body, mind and soul. So it’s imperative for the society to immediately look upon the problems faced by the teenage and adolescent girls. Because, it’s that period of their age that defines the prospect of the future generation. I just quoted one difficult things. However there are many problems an adolescent girl faces which needs words to be expressed and ears to be heard. Just like explaining to them that bleeding every month is a natural process like any other bodily process slowly brings behavioral changes,  similarly a considerate  communicative approach to the  concerns and complexities of adolescence girls not only will alienate their shyness but also make them healthy both physically and mentally. Menstruation:Teenage Girls & The Ghost of Shyness…is a reality…in fact a sad reality. 

Menstruation,Teenage Girls & The Ghost of Shyness……What do you say about it?


FOUR As To Deal with Depression

FOUR As To Deal with Depression…like Acceptance, Assertion,Amendment and awareness are the real ways in which depression can be dealt with.

In an ever increasingly interconnected world, people have never been so disconnected, detached and lonesome. Often we ignore someone in our surrounding who has all of a sudden gone in isolation, abruptly lost interests in day to day life and activities he or she has once get pleasure from most and have a extremely inert and passive stance towards life. These unusual behaviors often go unseen, overlooked or unnoticed and the person is edged to take a permanently erroneous decision.  The person surely suffers from an acute mental sickness and depression. Let’s not ignore it, anymore, reach out to the person, and help him/her get over this phase of life. Be sensitive, sensible and pro-active….


Acceptance– The first step is to accept its existence recognise it as a disease. “Depression Exist and its lethal for a normal well being of a person.”

Assertion – In many cases even if its existence is accepted, people seldom talk about it given to the social taboo. We have to get over this inhibition and make ourselves available for treatment.   

Amendment – Since it’s treatable, so along with medication, we have to amend some of our life style issues and outlook towards life.

Awareness – And last but not the least speared awareness about its existence, deadliness and curability.

We need to understand what depression is. Now, what is a “low”? What is it that happens within you? Fundamentally, you expected something to happen and it did not happen. You expected somebody or something to be your way or the world or the destiny to be your way, and it did not happen. In other words, you are simply against what is happening; that’s all. Maybe you are against a person, maybe you are against a whole situation, maybe you are against life itself. Accordingly, the depression will run deeper and deeper.   Says SADHGURU

The Above mentioned are the Fundamental FOUR As To Deal with Depression…at least to reach  at it’s entrance gate. 

Should Children be Part Of Any Political Protest?

Should Children Be Part of Political Protest? Or more precisely should children be part of any vitriolic campaigns?

Thank God!! The Delhi assembly elections are over. I must admit, painfully tough that electioneering in India has become synonymous to bitterly cacophonous, and with time it has become vitriolic bluster plumbing new depths every time. It’s almost a ritual now, but I think we have also developed imperiousness to these sullenly cynical high decibels as well.

And this time it was well expected in Delhi given to the fact that CAA, NPR and NRC protests were going to be blended in the election campaigns.

However my objective isn’t about the electioneering in India, rather I am more concern about one particular thing. During this process unfortunately children have been used as a part of these protests/campaigns which I feel is something we should seriously think about. Here are some of my personal encounters on various social media.

Few days back I saw someone shared a picture on Twitter where a toddler was seeing in a Namaste pose and the text written on the picture was “Hindu.. Jag Jao”. I immediately replied him that,  that’s unfair and children shouldn’t be made part of such things. He argued that nothing is going to affect that child and that’s nothing playing with the childhood. I said, “.It’s not about the child but about how do we respect and protect childhood.” He apologized immediately and told me that he would take care of it in future.
After few days my attentions were caught by a similar kind of post against Modiji shared by a journalist, columnist and a veteran author whose columns I never miss a read. I instantly pointed out but as expected why would a celebrity author care for it!!

And then it seemed things have gone much more ahead. At Shaheen Bagh I saw the clips of children the sloganeering angrily against CAA, NPR and NRC and whatever they were taught by their elders.

At the same time, on Twitter I found a video of a girl under 10yrs, reciting a poem “Goli maro gadaron ko” (I don’t know who has written that) on a school function I guess while her teacher was standing beside her. And then in a video a journalist was asking few children (std 1 to 3) why didn’t they go for school that day to which they answered teacher told them to be at Shaheen Bagh as “Modi kutta hai and musalmano ko bhaga dega, but hum nahi jayenge”. On asking who told them so, they replied aajtak. And thank God the journalist convinces them saying nothing wound happen to them that way and they should go to school to which the children happily complied.  

Recently on face book too I saw an under 10 Kashmiri girl reciting a poem “Hindustani ne ek kutta pala, jiska naam Modi hai” something like that. I think everyone whoever in any social media must have encountered such unpleasant stuffs.
My point is, is it necessary to make children part of such distasteful things. In Indian way of life across any religion or belief, more precisely in our social life we don’t even allow our children to be a part of any family disputes…let alone any public scuffles. Moreover even parents don’t fight before children and they are often advised to do so by the elders of the family as a measure to keep young and tender minds of the children which may have a serious impact. Movies which have violence above a point are not given U/A certificates…so that children shouldn’t even watch those movies. Then how can we feed our children with political, religious or community hatred and make them involved in it? Isn’t it an evidence of our sick minds?

Second, how is it justified taking them to public places or public protests like Shaheen Bagh? Often such public protests are potentially dangerous situations. Highly unpredictable in nature. There is no control over how the other people will act or react. Chances are that a peaceful protest may tits up and end up in violence. So isn’t taking children to such places is endangering their lives?  Isn’t it a violation of their human right to live? Unfortunately the death of a four month old infant at Shaheen bagh, Delhi was reported due to extreme cold and what’s more sad was parents leveled it “shaheed”. Really!! Since when it became a definition of “Bravery” to take children and pushed them to the death well?

 They don’t even know what the heck is done with them by their so called custodians, parents. And how can parents who should ideally protect them, their childhood, and their innocence, put them in such life threatening situations? Isn’t a part of parenting about minimizing risks and protecting children from any violence or danger?

From feeding hatred to putting their lives in danger, using them as a tool to get attention and sympathy is what has become a practice now a day’s across all political, religious and any group for that matter.

I don’t have problem with any protest, reasonable or unreasonable, I don’t have any issue if anyone or group wants to push their political or religious agenda. I don’t have issue with any bitter/sweet political campaigns…

But I have a serious reservation when children are used in such stuffs. I wish and hope that there will be a complete BAN on it by the concern authority. We must think repeatedly Should Children be Part Of Any Political Protest?

Children at this point of time are already loaded with challenges like nutrition, hunger, right to education, trafficking, begging, child labor etc. Isn’t it a sin to load them with our agenda of hatred and odium?
I appeal everyone to protest against such things which are happening in and around us. Whenever I notice such things on social media, I report it immediately. Similarly I make it a point to speak against it, right away.

Let’s SPARE children and let’s SAVE their childhood. Neither in private or public places feed them with our hatred, beliefs what-so-ever and messed up their tender minds and innocent hearts


CoronaVirus: SERVICE TO HUMANITY! Sometimes I feel the a tiny and invisible Corona Virus has not only challenged the survival of human living but deeply tested the very chore of human conscience…HUMANITY.  

Pictures say volumes!!

Isn’t it?
No words can ever be enough to express our gratitude to them….

We know how the dreaded Corona Virus has devastated the whole world bringing to its knee crippling the economy and taking a toll on human lives. India is no different. In this time of crisis the only hope are the Doctors and health workers. day in Day out, I here the kind of unruly things like attacks on them, stone pelting  and offending them. Just because they are doing their duty. What kind of people in particular and society in general we are?? 


look at these pictures….What do you feel? Did it stir you inside? When I saw these pictures, my heart filled with appreciation and admiration to them. For a moment it dished too. They are the over exhaust health workers who just take a nap like this. They are not only stretching themselves for the monumental crisis before us but also risking their lives. When all other students are asked to stay at home, medical students are asked to work.

They are there to help us. Let’s try our best to help them by staying home, staying safe
My heart fills with gratitude for their dedication and commitment. Truly it’s not just work for them… It’s SERVICE TO HUMANITY.



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