Sunflower – Look at the Bright Side of Things

Sunflower – Look at the Bright Side of Things

Adorable, bright & cheery as inviting as The Sun, no flowers lifts spirit of someone like a sunflower do. A disc studded with million seeds & tender petals blooming from the periphery, this flower looks like that of the Sun. Not only that it also loves to face the Sun, no matter what, if it’s a bright sunny day or a cloudy one.

Apart from looking at the sun every time, a Sunflower is a symbol of devotion, commitment & determination. It finds its own share of mentions in terms of symbolism across many cultures.

As per my observations, whenever this exquisite bloom visits us, it brings insights along with it.

  • Without any doubt it asks us to look at the bright or sunny side of the things, no matter which situations we are in.
  • This flower, I observed, most often brings a message to work on our Manipura Chakra or The Solar Plexus.  The Solar Plexus Chakra, also known as the Manipura Chakra, is the third chakra in the 7-chakra system of the body. This is believed to be the energy Centre of the body. It governs our ability to be confident, assertive, and make decisions from a place of inner wisdom. Most of our relationships, inter [personal, intra personal, workplace, are also governed by this chakra.

However, when this chakra is out of balance, we may experience feelings   of insecurity, self-doubt, and a lack of direction in life. Our relationships may fall apart. The Sunflower often indicates that & asks us to connect to The Sun to energies & balance this chakra.

  • The sunflowers are the symbol of celebration, good luck & fortune.
  • This gorgeous bloom is also a strong pest deterrent. In fact, they even have the power to absorb the harmful chemicals. That’s the reason they are planted near Chernobyl. So, when it shows up your path, it often takes away the negative energies surrounding you.
  • A sunflower can be noticed from a distance. So often it is sign that probably our competency will be noticed & rewarded.
  • The sunflower has a strong & copious stem that makes it stand erect, head high. When it visits us especially if we are though a rough patch of our lives, it brings us the same message; show your spine, stand erect & look for the positive side of the situation. The Sunflower’s Message is: Stand tall and follow your dreams. Focus on what’s positive in your life and don’t let anyone get you down.
  • Often The Sunflower brings the message for our physical fitness. Especially it guides us to do The Surya Namaskar
  • It cleanses the aura of the ambiance & brings in positive vibes.
  • The Sunflower is also the symbol of love & romance. It affirms that the person whom you are in a relationship with could be your soulmate or a twin flame.
  • In fact, they just appear before you saying that your soulmate is coming your way.

The sunflower has its own history down the line. Apart from beings gorgeous a bloom, it has its own set of attributes that make it stand apart.  It reminds us to follow our instinct, follow our joy, follow what lights us up.

Next time a Sunflower draws your attention…let me know what does it whisper…

Sunflower – Look at the Bright Side of Things

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Journaling – Develop a Relationship with The Inner World

Journaling – Develop a Relationship with The Inner World

With my upbringing years, I was taught that there is a power in spoken words. And there are even more powers in written words. Spoken words helps in manifesting while written words heals, renovates & transforms us.  Journaling, a practice of writing thoughts in words, is an amazing tool that helps us heal & rebuild ourselves & grow spiritually.

It’s called journaling. It’s simply writing down our thoughts and feelings to understand them more clearly. It helps us understanding ourselves, our emotions, our situations, our reactions, our responses & our prospective to life.  It’s a way to learn about ourself and develop a relationship with our inner world.

We experience life in different terms. Like seasons, sometimes our life is burdened with responsibilities & deliverables, sometimes it is just a boring game like that of autumn. Sometimes full of love & laughter like that of spring & sometimes overwhelmed with pouring rain….

When we put the thoughts that are created in our mind because of these life experiences, it enhances our self-awareness.

And if you struggle with stress, depression, or anxiety, keeping a journal can be a great idea. It can help you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health.

This is something which can really help a person understand someone. Now you’ll ask but why journaling like why do this instead of something else?

Well, you see when you are overwhelmed or really stressed, you need a way to express yourself. Even when you are happy and on cloud nine, you need a way to express yourself. Now when happy, you can do actions that can express your happiness like, eating ice-cream or doing something that you love. But when you are in a stressful situation it is better to write than to do something that you will regret later. Journaling them is therapeutic.

Also, when you will write about our problems, it helps us understand them from a third person’s point of view which can actually let us arrive on a solution a little bit early.

Many a time I feel that there exists a buffer between me & my world making me unsure & equivocal. And journaling helps me get the clarity. It’s a fast & direct download.  It’s like I have an agency where I can express everything & get the clarity I need. It’s a self-supporting system.

Putting our thoughts, imaginations, uncertainties, insecurities or dreams in a black & white to the page is an act of alchemy. It not only helps us heal our wounds, get over our traumas, release our stuffed emotions, it helps us understand ourselves better.

In your journals,

  • Write your fears, concerns, observations.
  • Acknowledge your blessings.
  • Accept your mistakes & reactions
  • Write your dreams & aspirations.
  • Set your spiritual goals
  • write quotes that inspires you.
  • Review once in a while

…and you will be a altogether a different person. Journaling helps us to become a our better selves.

Journaling – Develop a Relationship with The Inner World

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Illusion – Can Life be One?

Illusion – Can Life be One? I wandered about this question many a times, in fact too often, at my time of reflection.

Now life has two different views. Or life is viewed in two different ways. First from a scientific point of view; Life is a quality that distinguishes matter that has biological processes, such as signaling and self-sustaining processes, from the matter that does not.  And this is defined by the capacity for growth, reaction to stimuli, metabolism, energy transformation, and reproduction.

But you know what, let’s focus on the spiritual essence that it carries.

Knowing that our lives have significance in a context beyond an everyday existence at the level of biological needs that drives selfishness and aggression and that we are a significant part of a purposeful unfolding of Life in our universe is something that is not easy to digest, yet nice to know.

Now, there are ways of living that one can only imagine and ways that one cannot even imagine, both in a good and a bad way. But what if all these ways were actually just a sham and life itself is something else.

We have sort of created an illusion for us where we have put standards on what life should be like and shouldn’t be like. In the bigger picture isn’t being happy and content the most important aspect. People like to think that in order to reach this stage of happiness and content, they need to have certain, well what can we say… ‘things’ in life which can help them reach this level.

Is it so? Isn’t it true that the more things we add the more insecure we become?

We live in a “thought-world” rather than the world as it is. We interpret life through our thoughts. And we generate thoughts from the conditioning of the circumstances that we live through. We perceive things as per our senses, eyes, ear, nose etc. We process them in our mind & then prepare a concoction which feed on…in life.

Aren’t our sense organs are limited in their capacities. For instance, can our eyes see beyond a particular spectrum of light & nose can smell like that of a dog?

Then isn’t what we perceive as life is a life of limitations? Isn’t it all illusion? And we keep on living & living, running after more & more…to become happy & content because that’s the ultimate goal.

Finally, one day…the curtain is raised. Life unmasks. Everything was illusion, everything was Maya. We feel entrapped & entangled.

The soul is a victim of this compulsive illusion. We identify our soul with our body & our material possessions. In the process we become miserable humans.

And that ultimate day, when the universe cracks the truth, it becomes a sudden upheaval but slowly we understand, that we don’t need any standards to put on us. We just need to raise our standard of perceiving life in its true sense….

Illusion – Can Life be One?

This Article Has been written by  Aaditya Mahapatra. View him at @antimeridian14

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Rainbow – Listen for The Morning Rooster

Rainbow – Listen for The Morning Rooster – there is the end of the storm, things are going to take a positive turn.

Rainbow – an arc of spectacular display of seven colors is an incredible natural phenomenon. The visual itself fills the heart with positive vibes.

From science we know that when sunlight (read “white light”) refracts through the water particles, a beautiful arc of seven colors spreads which is called rainbow. It’s nothing but sun shining through the mist of tiny water droplets.

Spiritually, rainbow is a symbol of connection between heaven & earth. It represents the perfect alignment of seven colors of seven chakras of human body (read “the earth”).

Whenever a rainbow catches my attention no matter where, online or in physical world, it makes me feel that something amazing is coming up.  As I believe in the fact that everything is a miracle & nothing happens without a reason, so rainbow also speaks about the things in our life situations.

Depending upon our situations, when the rainbow appears, they the below insights.

  • The end of the storm is already announced. Things will take a positive turn
  • There are happy moments & celebrations in the card.
  • Sometimes, the rainbow just wants to say, “your energies are scattered, the chakras of the body are mis-aligned. Meditate or connect to the nature & ground yourself”.
  • The angels are watching over you – whenever we are stuck in life challenges, feel miserable, helpless & lonely, our Guardian Angels want to comfort us. And since they are invisible to human, they use recognizable signs or symbols to let you know that you are surrounded & protected by them. Rainbow is one such symbol.
  • Rainbow is an affirmation that all is well and that you are in right relationship with the divine.
  • It is also meant that that there is a divine intervention happened or will happen
  • Rainbow also affirms that things will turn in your favour, especially when you are having a genuine conflict in the workplace. However, wait for the divine timing & don’t let your guard down
  • In a relationship, they mean that there is blessing from heaven. It’s going to be filled with love & romance.
  • Rainbow is the omen of hope, good luck, abundance & property.
  • Sometimes, it just meant that Surrender to the divine. Trust, the universe is going to take care of you.

The sight of a rainbow itself means that we are on the right track. Our wishes are going to come true. Angels are working hard for us behind the scenes to get us the things that we are busy in manifesting.

Next time, whenever a rainbow draws your attention, be happy that its time to listen to the morning rooster, dawn is just some moments away. Sometimes they just meant, miracles on your way…

Rainbow – Listen for The Morning Rooster

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Questions that Helped Me Unlearn Things

Questions that Helped Me Unlearn Things

Questions that Helped Me Unlearn Things…sounds weird…right??Questions, ever since we born, have always been a constant companion of all of us, helping us learn things. I don’t think we ever learnt to question, but we questioned to learn things…isn’t it?

Questioning comes very naturally to human because of the attributes of curiosity. Well, with my life too questions helped me learn almost all aspects of my life…till the time that mundane da…

Life was all good & going. I knew I am doing good but somewhere there was a quest, an eternal quest in me…that often would make me like missing out something.  

The below p[poem I had written those day & posted in my other blog.


Queue of Questions often wink in my mind
At times as if I am searching answers for something
I couldn’t really find out what is it…so far
That often makes me ceaselessly hunt for
I know what matters to me most
My family and its happiness of course
My laughter is the result of their well-being
My tears roll out when they are in pain
I define myself strong and believable
My aspirations are adventurous & bold
I love the world and my existence in it
I dream and dare to chase till I get it
Nothing is really there which I don’t have
Still, I feel a presence of an inner void
Sometimes that makes me often lost in thoughts
As if I am chasing an unknown but eternal QUEST…

Then one fine day, something happened & I felt as if the earth slipped under my feet. I was broken to the core. I will not go in detail about it as we all had such phase in our lives.  The temple in me that I had made with the things I had learnt so far, seemed like dismantled & turned into debris.

It wasn’t easy to come to the turn…In Tarot its is called as Tower moment that brings a major upheaval in our life. Well, slowly I got up & stepped forward. I realized, that there are many things in life which I need to unlearn & the below questions popped up.

Thank God that questioning is an inherent attribute of all of us, a naturally skill basically…we don’t really need a special class to learn to question…. it’s our core competency.

The first question was

Who am I?

This simple question made me realized that we just need to find answers to this question & google is there for everything else.

The moment I reflected on it, it stripped down the name, the tags, the character that I was playing in my life, as a daughter, sister, mother, friend etc…& everything that I felt so far was defining me.  This simple question made me understand, what was that void, that eternal quest that had always been within me…I started searching myself.

The next question was…

Why do I seek social approval?

Again, this question helped me unlearn the fact that we need social approval to have an identity. Ever since we get our senses, we are taught how to fit into a society that we live in. Right! The dos & don’ts. We just edit ourselves as per the conditions of the society in our lives…isn’t it? In this process we lose our originality. I always feel, the moment we look to fit into something, our existence is trimmed. And when existence is at stake, there is bound to be a storm…to restore things once again.

Then I encountered the question

What is my worst fear?

And it made me unlearn that with resources we can secure our insecurities. It’s actually otherwise. The more we add physical or tangible resources the more insecure we become, the more fearful we become. Fear & insecurities are just states of mind. This question itself put me in the path of searching for myself, so that I would figure out what are my exact fears & insecurities.

The next question was

What do I really seek in my prayers?

Again, this question questioned my prayers literally? I started reflecting on the fact, do I really pray or do I beg? Prayer is like seeking divine assistance in life. But I think my prayers had become, “give me this, give that, give my family happiness, give my child good marks…blah blah blah” because I was taught, pray for it & you will get it. I unlearn that literally. I started expressing my gratitude for everything I have & have nots. There is a reason for everything we have or we haven’t.

And the most important question was

How deep I am connected to my heart?

Though I always claim to be a person guided by my heart, but that moment I felt, majority of times, I used my mind to fit into the circumstances than listening to my heart. My heart was full of aches.

Things became pretty clear to me. I needed healing. That’s the reason why certain things happen in our life. In that way we look inward. We understand, what’s become outdated, serving no more for our higher self. We need to unlearn them…. & the certain questions help us to figure out those learned things which has become no more relevant in our lives.

Questions that Helped Me Unlearn Things

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Peacock – Let the Soul Shine

Peacock – Let the Soul Shine – has always been a bird of charismatic beauty, liveliness & royalty. The sight of this majestically regal bird with its eye-catching grandeur itself brings a sense of positivity around.

The peacock has been a part of mythology & spiritual beliefs across many cultures since times of yore. Whenever a peacock appears before you, it is imperative to savor its enigmatic charm, but at the same time we need to understand that it has appeared for a reason. It just might want to communicate a message for you which is bang on at that point of your life.

Whenever Peacock catches our attention, let’s try to decipher the insights they want to bring in to our life.

  • Peacocks often appear when there is a celebration in card.
  • Many religions and cultures regard peacocks as a symbol of good luck, good fortune. Even the feathers of a peacock a sight to behold, often kept in the house to attract good luck. So, seeing or encountering a peacock is a sign of a good omen.
  • In Hindu mythology peacock comes with Goddess Lakshmi. She is the goddess of fortune, prosperity, compassion, and contentment. When we encounter a peacock, I believe they bring the Blessings of Goddess Lakshmi
  • Peacocks love rain so they are often linked with the rain god Indra. They often indicate that there is a shower blessing coming our way.
  • It represents joy and celebration of new beginnings in life. Also, it often brings the message of creativity. We should look at the artistic side of us.
  • Peacock brings the energy of the protection. It has a strong power to keep us away from evil or negative energy.
  • They often bring an alert to us that there could be a sinister plot is hatched behind our back. So don’t fall on the trap. Not only they bring the message but also affirms us that we can stand our ground with our inner potential.
  • It is often the sign of confidence. It guides us that we should appreciate our own talent, own efforts & BE OURSELVES
  • It urges us to value ourself. We are precious no matter what. So, a peacock crosses our path when we are losing self-belief, it’s time to listen to this spirit.
  • We should not be judgmental of ourselves that prisons our souls. We should allow our soul to light our path & let it shine as well.
  • Peacock is immune to venom & feeds on poisonous snakes & leaves. It often brings the insights that the worst challenges in our lives can never stop us for being royal, beautiful & charismatic.
  • Sometimes they also bring a message that something in our life is deceptive, in some aspect of our life. We should not ignore & pay attention to everything, everyone & trust our intuition.
  • Peacock brings the insights of immortality. It is blessed with an imperishable flesh that would not decay even after its death. That’s the best message it brings in, our Souls are immortal. No matter what challenges life brings in, we must get over them, heal ourselves, emerge victorious, allowing our souls to shine again showing our true colors, our originality.

From celebrating the small joys in the life to face the huge challenges & come out of it without damaging the soul…. peacocks when cross our path, often wants to say, “You are born to shine, Let your souls shine.”

Next time you encounter, let me know what does it whisper to you….This Lively & vibrant colored winged creature Has A Message For You When It Appears.

Peacock – Let the Soul Shine

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OWL – The Bird of Wisdom and Clarity

OWL – The Bird of Wisdom and Clarity

OWL – The Bird of Wisdom and Clarity – is a commonly uncommon bird. It is a common bird because I do not think there is anyone who does not hear about its name; uncommon because it is a rarely sighted bird.

A night bird in nature, the owl has an extremely sensitive hearing capacity & an eyesight that makes it able to see clearly in night. The owl can not only hear the sounds from a far away distance but also can trace the exact location of the source. Similarly, because of its unique vision it can see clearly through the darkness.

This majestic, independent & solitary bird has always fascinated me since my childhood because of its mysterious demeanor. I have been grown up with the belief that if an owl is sighted, then there could be a death in the neighborhood, or we could receive a news of death. Usually, it was considered as a bad omen for these things. However, with time I learnt the supernatural attributes of owl.

The owl is one of the rarer spirit animals. If we happen to cross paths with an owl, it is a true sign from the universe. Listen to it, as per our situations we can get the insight from its appearance.

  • Intuition & Clarity – Being a nocturnal bird, owl has an extremely deep power of intuition. When it appears before us, it often asks us to use our intuition to see the things clearly. It can send an alert also not to ignore our instinct.
  • There could be good news on its way in terms of new opportunities.
  • Inner Wisdom – It may want to tell us it is time to go by our own values & wisdom instead of falling prey to our temptations & weaknesses no matter how compelling they are.
  • Change – it appears before us when there is a major change in our life path. There could be a change in job, location, or a departmental change withing the organizations. It could mean a change in role as well.
  • Transformation & death – Owl brings the insight of transformation & death. It could be the death of a situation or transformation of the body to souls, precisely end of a circle. New beginnings are on the card.
  • It is solitary bird, when it catches our attention, it may want to tell that find some “ME time & space” & reflect on our life.
  • Sometimes it comes with a strong message like face the ultimate truth in terms of consequences.
  • In our life journey where we face challenges and hardships that seem overwhelming, the owl appears to guide us to keep our eyes open and remain mindful of what is going on around us, so that we will effectively steer through them unharmed.
  • The owl is a meditative bird. At times it wants us to find the answers in silence. It is time for meditation.
  • The owl also reminds at times to face you own shadow.

The owl is believed to have a strong clairvoyance or supernatural powers. It often crosses our path when we need to develop our psychic abilities.

  • The owl is also the messenger of ancestors, angels, or spirits.


In Greek Mythology the owl is represented as the Athena – The virgin goddess of wisdom. In Hindu belief, the owl is believed to be the vahana of Goddess Lakshmi. Hence the owl is the symbol of prosperity, wisdom, fertility & feminine power.

Viewing an owl may be a sign that it is time to undertake a spiritually awakening journey. In some cases, it could also be a sign that we are about to begin a new phase in our life.


As I already said above that they are often rarely sighted bird, so when they appear before us, it is never without a reason. They bring the wisdom needed to see the things clearly at point of our lives.

Listen to it… 🙂

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Nature Helps to Navigate our Lifepaths

Nature Helps to Navigate our Lifepaths – the path that we are supposed to walk in this lifetime.

There is something magical about nature. Isn’t it? No matter how drifted we are from it, how much do we exploit it, there is something compelling about nature that pulls human to it.

We live in a world of chaos. Responsibility, deliverables, hectic lifestyle & concerns related to past, present & future, often makes life overwhelming at times. On the top of that technology makes it even worse. We feel that by adding the life with resources, everything will be fine. But it never happens that way. It becomes a never-ending affair; we lose patience & often things fall apart. Maybe it is our health, relationships, or the very life path itself. We run for solace; we end up with chaos.

I feel it this way. Like I have a very luxurious vehicle, have the resources to fuel it & I feel that that is enough to keep moving & reach my destination. I drive it continuously without caring my own wellbeing. I forget that “I” am the most important in this journey because I need to drive it. No matter how grand my car is, how bountiful my resources are, at the end of the day, I need to drive it. Being overburdened, over stressed, overworked, I lose my wellbeing, I lose my vision & lost my path & out of the track.

That is when spirituality comes in as rescue. As per my understanding spirituality is nothing but getting aligned with nature. It casts its magnetism & pulls us to it. With its healing & restoration attributes, it renovates & makes us healthier.

The shamans, healers, sages, the sacred texts and wisdom keepers of all times, all regions, and all communities, in their ageless wisdom, say that human spirituality is comprised of three aspects: relationships, values, and life purpose.

Humans are part of nature. We inherently exist within it no matter we play our prescribed role or not. When self-doubt, insecurity, overthinking & anxiety takes a better of us, we must look towards connecting with nature.

We can start with simple steps.

Let us go for a walk outside. The best time is to get outside in the morning.  No matter where you are staying, whether there exists a jogger’s park or not, you just need to be outside of our home. Nature exists there. The rays of morning sun, the morning zephyr, the twitting birds, the flowers, all will be at your service to make you calms.

Walk barefoot on earth & feel the touch of the mother earth. It is therapeutic.   It not only relives our anxiety & fears but also makes us grounded with existence. We slowly become our natural self.

Look for the new options. Nature is live, it listens & answers. Ask for the questions & it will come up with signs & insights to help us to find new possibilities.

Nature helps to navigate our life path because it heals & re-builds us again, restoring our vision to see the things clearly.

Life is overwhelming, but nature helps us remember the curative wander and serenity of it.

Nature Helps to Navigate our Lifepaths


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MARIGOLD – The Symbol of Divine Protection


MARIGOLD – The Symbol of Divine Protection – I believe one of the most common flowers in Indian households. These bright saffron/orange-colored flowers are an inevitable part of our almost all auspicious occasions be it like festivals, wedding decorations, torans, garlands that are offered to God & goddesses & even inauspicious occasions like funerals.

A common garden flower, the marigold often brings the energy of the sun. They are exquisitely beautiful flowers, bright and attractive, and extremely adorable to the human eye. With its vibrant folds of petals that make up its blossoms, Marigold not just stands out but radiates a heavenly aura in its ambiance. There is a deeper divine message/meaning it carries across many culture & traditions.

I used to often wander why marigold is often used in torans? Is it because of its wide availability or something else? Then I understood, it has a strong pest deterrent quality. Even in the garden this plant often keeps the pest away & attracts butterflies, honeybee…etc.

My mother often says, Marigold has the power to absorb the negative energy. It’s a flower that provides divine protection.

As per my understanding there are some other message often, I felt when it appears before me or sometimes I just feel like getting few of them to my home.

  • It certainly brings cheerfulness. For me a Marigold is always a flower that says, “Cheer up Tina, things will be alright”.
  • It often comes with a message of Renunciation & Surrender. When we are in our low times, we should offer this flower to our beloved God or Goddess with complete surrender. Things start changing after that what I observed. There is a reason for it. In Sanskrit the name of this flower is Sthulapuspa means the flower having a strong erect stem. The scientific name is erecta. It is a very sturdy flower. Marigold, especially the saffron/orange colored one signifies renunciation & offered to God as complete surrender.
  • Marigold says, “Trust the Divine” When it appears before you, maybe it catches your attention at a flower vendor, or a festival decoration or at a temple while you cross the road, listen to it. It will tell you; your challenges will be over.
  • It signifies, divine protection as it wades away the evil or devil power. It cleanses the aura & brings positivity. That is the reason they are an inevitable part of every auspicious occasion. Either it says “you are protected” or it says “You need protection & cleansing, visit a holy place like Temple”.
  • It is quickly grown flower, so when it crosses your path it may try to say about some small & quick changes, often the positive ones.
  • It has a strong healing power. In the time of grief of losing a loved one, this flower helps in dealing with the pain. In a time of loss or sadness a marigold can be a great help if we bring it and keep around us.

As my theme is eco-spirituality, so I feel nature/Universe has its own way of helping us at times. Marigold to me is a flower, that makes me feel the presence of Divine with me always.  I feel protected, provided with & taken care off. Marigold being a common flower often tell me the same often catching my attention.

Next time, when this blossom with multi folded petals catches your attention, let me know what it did it whisper to you…. 🙂

MARIGOLD – The Symbol of Divine Protection


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LOTUS – When in Rut, Bloom as Lotus

LOTUS – When in Rut, Bloom as Lotus – is the bottom-line message that this divine flower often spreads.

Lotus as a sacred flower or divine flower needs no introduction. From the lord Brahma – the creator of the Universe – to lord Vishnu the Manager of the Universe & Goddess Lakhmi, Saraswati…. either they carry a lotus in their hands, or they are often seen sitting on it.

The journey of the lotus plant is often considered as a symbol of human’s journey in the path of spirituality & finally attaining enlightenment.

The lotus plant sprouts from dirty waters, emerges through the darkness, finding a way out to break free & come to the surface of water. In the process it gets cleansed & develop a protective layer which keeps it untouched with water.  Then, its petals open and the lotus plant blossoms into an exquisite flower that blooms above the surface of the water.

The journey itself symbolises that when we are through hardships & struggles, we must seek a way out to break ourselves free. And the path of spirituality comes as rescue for it. The path itself help us to wade through & finally we come to a position where we become untouched by any suffering as we emerge above it. And not only we become pure & free from our karmic bondage but also, we are protected & becomes our highest self.

The sight of this sacred flower not matter where you see it, in reality, online platform itself comes with life insights.

  • Its sight itself is an affirmation that “There is a positive outcome coming your way.”
  • It also means that you are protected by Divine power.
  • I have often observed that when there is something great to happen, often lotus appears before me repeatedly.
  • When the lotus catches our eyes & attention especially at our most helpless time of life, trust the universe that it has sent across the lotus to boost our confidence to sail though the rocky patch. There are lights at the end of the tunnel.
  • Lotus is called “the womb of the universe” because of the its life-giving attributes. In Hindu sacred texts, it is believed that Lord brahma created the Universe from the petals of a golden lotus which bloomed when everything was covered with water. So, the lotus is a symbol of fertility & creativity.
  • The lotus also tries to tell us that “Have Patience, things will be fine.”
  • I often feel that when lotus appears there is a sudden financial gain. Almost like a windfall in terms of a gift, promotion, profit in business or hike in salary.
  • When we feel stuck lotus appears to let us know that there exists a way to break free.

Lotus plants root in the dirt, develops extended stems growing upward to reach the surface of the water. There, lotus blooms unfolding the petals one by one. It emerges pure & pristine from the muddy water as it develops a protective outer coating that repels dirt and water.

It’s day-blooming plants submerge and close up at night and reawaken above the water every morning. The petals last for just a handful of days before shedding.

Life is living it now. Getting through the challenges & ascending & reaching above it is what the human life is all about before the time reaches. The lotus often reminds us of this truth of life.

LOTUS – When in Rut, Bloom as Lotus

This is my post for the Alphabet L written for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2023 by Blogchatter