KINGFISHER – THE GOOD LUCK OMEN – has always been a bird that fascinated me. The sparrow sized; brilliant bright blue feathered bird has always been a good omen for me since my childhood. A small incident in my babyhood days made me believe that sighting a kingfisher often brings good luck & fortune.

That day, my friend & I were late to school. And the first period was English. The English teacher was quite strict. He would kneel you down outside the class even if you are late for a second let alone minutes.

While on our way my friend spotted a kingfisher sitting on the electric wires. Excited, she said that nothing to worry about as nothing would happen to us. I looked at her with a question mark writ on my face.

She said, seeing a Bhadabhadalia (Odia name of the kingfisher bird) is a sign of good luck.

We reached school, almost panting, & our English teacher was on leave that day. Hurrahhhh!!

The whole day went well.

Since then, sighting a kingfisher is a positive sign for me. I love its bright blue colors. However, I always felt that this bird has a sense of aloofness. With time I observed that this bird has a spiritual significance too. In many cultures they are regarded as messenger of insights

As the theme of my writing is eco-spirituality, so in my universe nothing is an accident. Everything is a miracle. Everything has a meaning.

If you happen to sight a kingfisher bird, then listen to it. It might want to communicate something…

IMAGE SOURCE – From the Lenses of  Dr.Salil Choksi  –  The Indian Birdwatcher

  • Good luck and fortune are ahead.
  • If you sight the bird in a time when you feel lost, it might be saying to you that it is time to withdraw yourself from worldly affairs & reflect on the self. Meditate!
  • Kingfisher bird is also connected to Planet Jupiter. It symbolizes abundance, prosperity & prosperity.
  • When it appears before you, it might want to tell you to do deeper level study of the situations. It has an impeccable vision, and it can see by zooming into an object several times. So, its message is do not miss out the minute details, which may appear to be insignificant.
  • It has an ability to judge the depth of water very precisely. In a situation or a relationship or a project work at workplace, wherever you are stuck, if a kingfisher appears before you, then get the message that “it’s time to dive deep” before taking any step.
  • I almost sight a kingfisher when travel is in the card. Or if there is a celebration coming up ahead.
  • It symbolizes that meaningful pause one should take before expansion, movement, or an important decision.

The kingfisher has a strong sense of perception & judgement. Its tiny size never stops it from exploring large water bodies & hunting for exotic marine creatures. Its size never limits it. It is a bird of courage & fearlessness. That is what they want to communicate when they cross our path. We do not need to be strong or sturdy to be courageous & explore the bigger possibilities in life. We just need to believe on our own unique abilities & triumph over the fear that often limits us.

Next time, whenever you spot a kingfisher, pause for a moment, listen to it. It must be having some insight which is needed at that point of your life. This is how the Universe tries to help us in our life situations. And I call it eco-spirituality.


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