The Chance and The Choices

The Chance and The Choices

The Chance and The Choices are two intertwined concepts that influence our lives in a very profound way. Chance are often unpredictable and random events that occur, beyond our control. They happen without any discernible human intent. They bring big or small changes – most of the time sudden/unexpected changes – uncertainties, possibilities, opportunities, or challenges. Most often we call it as destiny – fate or fortune – because they seem to be inevitable and preordained.

On the other hand, choices are the decisions – conscious or unconscious, well evaluated, or impulsive – we make in response to the opportunities and challenges posed by chance.

The relationship between chance and choices is dynamic. Chance presents us with a horde of possibilities, some favorable and some challenging, while choices are our decisions to determine how we navigate through them and respond to these possibilities.

If the chance is the destiny that provides us with a life path to trail, then the choices we make in life are like threads weaving the fabric of our existence.

To put it in a simple way that I believe is…

Life may offer me with a mountain to cross in my way, but it’s my decision or choice, if I will be trekking it, or build a tunnel through it or hill roads over it. Or simply I will be changing the road itself & take up a different route.

Dear friends,

Thanks for visiting my blog.  I hope you had a beautiful read so far.

Let me tell you, I always wait for the month of April every year as that’s the only time I write for my blog that to because of the Blogchatter A to Z challenge. It’s almost a ritual for me now.  I am thankful to Blogchatter community to organize this challenge every year. This is the only reason I write. I love to take this challenge, always.

This year the Theme of my writing would be “THE CHANCE AND THE CHOICES”. Basically all my articles will be revolving around Books, Movies, & Stories that I read and watched so far that helped me with the insights to understand life and the role of chance, destiny & choices in it.

I believe, broadly life is a cocktail of Chance and Choices. Choices play a shaping us and our destiny.

I believe the quote that says…

A child once asked God: if everything is already written in the destiny, then why should I wish? God smiled and said: May be on some pages I have written “As You Wish”.

Ultimately, the interplay between chance and choices highlights the intricacy of the human experience. While we cannot control everything that happens to us, we can empower ourselves by making informed decisions that align with our values and aspirations, navigating the twists and turns of life with resilience and purpose.

Stay tuned to read some beautiful articles revolving around this theme of life.

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Become an Imposter

Become an Imposter – it sounds absurd, right,

Well, let me explain. It happened couple of months back. On my work place things were not working. There were certain assignments one has to do as a part of job deliverable. I was just not performing.

I knew affirmation works. But then when the things do not go well, you don’t even think right, let alone affirmations, right!

But I tried, just like that.  I just started saying to myself, I am doing good. I am performing. Trust me, many times I just looked at mirror & said I am the performer.

Slowly it worked. I felt positive. Things were as it is outside. But something in me changed.

Initially, It was hard to believe what I was saying, but gradually I started believing it. My thought process changed. I started thinking positive.

And then things started changing outside as well. The graph of my performance took an upward turn.

It’s a small observation, I know. But point is if you pretend something, you start believing.

By saying become an imposter, I mean, pretend to be what you actually want to be if you are not already. You just need to act as if…

They say, “fake it till you make it”.

Long back I had read about it in Robin Sharma’s book WHO WILL CRY, WHEN YOU WILL DIE.

Researches have shown that when we start faking something, with repeated affirmation, the brain start believing the same. Rachon, alias Amir Khan in the movie 3 idiots was saying, “All is well” …remember!!

It’s just about becoming an imposter in life, to give it a turn. It’s about your ability to show or hide emotions, depending on the situation.

Sometimes it’s good to wear your heart on your sleeve, and sometimes it’s better to just keep people guessing about how you truly feel about something. Sometimes, it’s good to pretend & become an imposter. It really works…try it once.

Let me know your story as well. 😊


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You Matter & Your Feelings Matter!!!

You Matter & Your Feelings Matter!!!

You Matter
And Your Feelings Matter
Your Voice Matters
Your Story Matters
Your Pain Matters
Your Happiness Matters
Your Success Matters
Your Failure Matters
You Are Important & Everything That Makes YOU…. Matter!!!

I am a self-claimed mental health activist. Because from a very tender age I have seen the how mentally stressed people suffer & make others suffer too. And I feel very intensely for those people who end their lives in an impulsive moment. I was very much disturbed when the news of actor Sushant Singh Rajpoot’s demise had surfaced.

I know this is a reality. We have people around who might be going through the same impulsive state. It doesn’t matter to what strata of society we belong to, in what profession we are in, what’s the gender…nothing matters because inside the brain, the network is same for all.

Suicide is always a permanent decision to deal with a temporary problem…. we all know that.
It’s a whimsical reaction to sudden a flush of strong emotions that makes the person edgy for that vulnerable moments.

Let me clear it, Depression isn’t the only reason for it. Because It’s not that every depressed person will commit suicide or everyone who is committing suicide is depressed but those who are in depression are vulnerable for sure.

It’s very difficult to understand a person having suicidal thoughts or behavior unless you have gone through the same. Trust me, I was having chronic suicidal thoughts. Can you believe it?? I agree it could be because of some traumatic childhood/upbringing things. Or may the reason be I am too sensitive. But every one has a very sensitive side. At least once in a life time every one goes though the life’s sulking experiences & become very vulnerable. But some people just don’t find it easy to digest it. They need help. And there where I feel we can step in and save lives.

As I say, I’m very sensitive & a small trigger to my emotions edges me to that state. I had tried to end my life couple of times also. But Thankfully, saved, narrowly escaped. It’s a confession…
However, Every time after I got that narrow escape, I felt, how stupid it was of me thinking of ending my life for the people, reasons or issues that bothered me a lot. In fact, after every escape I didn’t even find those things worth thinking for let alone dying for it. It’s just sheer STUPIDITY…I tell you.

But yes, I know what a person goes through just before committing suicide. Death appears easier than living. It gives tremendous courage to die, which in normal state we can never do. We fear death…right. But in THAT state, that FEAR just disappears for that moment. But later, everyone – except few who are unlucky to escape that moment – realizes that life is worth living for. Life is not just that “Particular Moment” but the countless moments we are suppose to live.

Now I am stable, I know very well how to live with it. I spoke to couple of my friends to understand why I feel that way, at first place.  I spoke to experts also. Took some professional help too. And then I realized, at the end the day, It’s ME matters for me more than anyone else.

I realized that accepting that I have some mental issues is the first step to deal with it. Mental health is a reality. And then I understood that it’s okay to sad & sensitive but never hurt ourselves.

At last, I feel the best thing is to talk about it. Sometimes, we just don’t find anyone to talk how we feel. For this, I feel we should avail ourselves for others in their most vulnerable moment. And I did the same.

So, if you are reading this, and you or anyone who you know, ever go through such sudden flush of strong emotions, then please connect with me. @tina_acharya.

It’s okay Life sucks at times.
It’s okay people who we trust betray us,
It’s okay we face issues, unfairness, wrong people, judgements.
It’s okay we make mistakes
It’s okay we don’t get what we want, what we deserve….

But it’s NOT okay to hurt ourselves, end our lives…A BIG NO! Because “YOU MATTER”

The best way to deal with such occasional emotions is to understand your own emotional states. Speak to someone when you feel the surge of those emotions. It works wonders.
No matter who you are, if you are reading this …feel free to talk to me or anyone else who you feel can understand your feeling…
Before taking a plunge to a permanent decision…. TALK ONCE…I know I can help YOU.TRUST ME

TRUST ME, I CAN HELP YOU…I AM THERE FOR YOU…Because I understand how it feels to be in THAT STATE.

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Just Leave it, when it’s not in your hand
Just Leave it, when you know you can’t
Just Leave it, when you find yourself in a wrong tale
Just Leave it, when you know it gives you nothing but pain
Just Leave It, Just Leave It, & Trust Me
The Magic Will Happen as Things will settle of its own!!!

It was in the year 2011

We had relocation from Delhi to Mumbai. My new rented house in Mumbai was smaller than that of the fully furnished flat at Delhi. Not only undersized but also there was no storage space available in my new house.

So, when the packers’ people unloaded the consignment and asked for the space to keep the unpacked things, I had no idea how to allocate them. Nevertheless, some regular things like refrigerator, Television, sofa etc were unpacked immediately and took their respective allotted places. But a lot of boxes could not get unpacked due to non-availability of space.

Undecided, we finally had to keep them the other bedroom. And it was looking like that of a warehouse. A total mess.  I am a very sorted person. I just can’t be comfortable if things are not organized.  As expected, I was mentally very upset for this. I couldn’t free my mind. Every time I had a look in that room, I would feel very distressed. Clutter is something I really hate.

I felt as if the unorganized thing boxes) had occupied the whole space in my MIND. Every time I look at them, they were quite annoying. I kept thinking how to organize them. I was just unable to get them out of my mind. In fact, I was so stressed that I fall ill and became unwell for a week.

In those days my friend Rachna from Delhi called me up to know my whereabout. Whether we got settled or not. I told her how I was feeling. Then she told me, “Tina, Just Leave It, don’t think so much about it stressing your mind. Things will be fine with time.”

It was difficult not to think about it but there was no option also. I wasn’t physically well too. So, slowly I stopped thinking much about it that time.

Days passed. Then slowly I realized that I have to stop thinking about them completely. Because nothing could be done immediately. I had to stop worrying anyway. With every passing day I started accepting the mess, getting used it. When we resist, we feel difficulty in accepting. #Fact. So probably I had stopped resisting the reality. And it worked.

Later my husband and I decided to go for some storage furniture as per the requirement slowly but surely. Till then, we let it as it is”. I just leave it as it is!!! Later on, everything was fine and nicely accommodated. The boxes were unpacked & certain things were discarded. Rest of the things were kept well organized.

Today when I look at this incident though it appears as a very trivial yet I find it as an “piece” very tactfully scripted by The Universe to teach me a very good lesson. With this incident I understood that Life is like this. We have many things to do. But sometime we don’t have enough resources. At least in particular moments. Again, however smart we are…. we cannot do anything unless we have adequate resources for it…. right!!!

May be sometimes our resources in terms of money, emotion…etc are not sufficient to take care of our immediate need. Sometime this kind of situation arises for a temporary period and may be sometime permanently they remain as it is. However, whether it is temporary or permanent in nature… usually they lead us to keep worrying. Sometimes, in fact we worry because we expect too much out of a situation. External things happen leading to some kind of mess in our life.

But thing is, we need to accept it first, then accommodate and then sort it out, in whatever possible way.

Life is full of desires, dreams and responsibilities. Also, it has some short of missing things in terms of knowledge, time, education or finance. In short… there will be always a crash between requirements and resources. So, whenever there is a collision between requirements and resources it is better to simply “JUST LEAVE IT” and stop worrying about it. Things will take care of themselves. Cool your mind…after all we are not here to do everything at any time nor could we ever do it like that. Isn’t it??


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Wear Your Wings & Dance!!
Let Your Soul Get into a Trance
Look at the life from above
With Faith, Trust & Love
Limitations & obstacles will always Remain there
But before a strong willpower they hardly dare
There are enough hammers to break
Putting our determination & tenacity at stake
But for a strong resolve they hardly crack
So, stay sturdy & strong no matter what
Storms & Gale try their Best
To dislodge the heart from its quest
The tempest at last down their guard
Before a positive & confident heart
Stay grounded & hold your ground
Till you hear the victory sound
You are born to win & not lose
So, wear the wings & the shoes
Let your soul fly & dance
Hovering over a beautiful land!!!!

Often, we allow our heart & soul be hurt & damage by the situations, people & challenges. But life is all about holding the ground even if it’s tough. Survival of the fittest…as Darwin said. Sometimes we can just fake it, because that will help us to make it.

You are born to fly, and in dreams you remember the soul has wings…Robert Moss
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GhaaTe kaa Saudaa – Get Out of a Loss Deal ASAP!!!

GhaaTe kaa Saudaa, means a Deficit deal or a Loss-Making Deal, anything which causes loss, a deal which results in loss. More precisely a deal, a situation or circumstances where loss is imminent!!

Loss no matter in what aspect of life, be it in relationship, business, profession, finances, people or anything of that matter, it sucks. A Loss invariably rattles our nerves. If it is deep then it damages to the core.

But again, Loss is also inevitable in life. We Have to face it at some point of life for sure. Not even once, it could be number of times in our entire time span.  We are ought to make wrong decisions or may be the timing is wrong or it may happen that something suddenly comes up resulting in a loss.

So, as I understand, Managing Loss is a major factor in life. But most of the time we fail to deal with it properly. It takes a toll on us, on our physical, emotional, mental & psychological level leaving with irreparable scars.

Sometimes, some losses are so deep that it literally becomes traumatic. I feel everyone would resonate with me on this.

There are number of ways to deal with the loss. However, I would write here a simple way for understanding.

These days I am exploring SHARE TRADING IN STOCK MARKET!!! There are different types of trading like option, Equities, Future, Commodity…etc. Some other time will discuss about all of them. Let me talk about Option Trading that is done in a regular way. Option means more or less a gamble but with proper knowledge. TIMING is very important in in any stock trading, when you are entering & Exiting!!

Once one of My Friends bought an Option at a Particular price. However, the price started falling just after he bought. It’s normally. It falls & then recovers, shoots up and you get your profit booking.  So, he waited. But it was a wrong timing. It started falling further. He waited for the next day.

It again went down. In a hope to minimise he waited again. The loss amount kept increasing. It came to such a point that recovery was almost impossible. Only thing was to reduce the loss. But again, it didn’t happen. Finally, I asked him to exit it immediately. Thank God, he listened to me & Exited. 3/4th of the amount was already lost from that trade. But the moment he exited; it went down even further. And it never came up. So, he was happy that at least he could retain 25% of his money.

He already managed the loss with some more trade. But it took time because the loss was BIG. Had he exited earlier, he would have managed less loss. Isn’t it?  And let me not talk about the kind of stress he had to go through during that time. When you lose money in Stock Market, I tell you it SUCKS!!!!  For some period, he was scared of doing any trade. He just considered it as the end of it. But slowly with time he again started with baby steps, recovered the loss. And now he makes it a point to “Reduce Loss” as much possible as. Balancing is very important.

That is why there is a concept of putting STOP LOSS in Trading. You can limit your Loss and have a target of your profit booking. The Maximum Loss that you can manage to have, you can decide.

My Best Friend Rachna always says that “Jab koi GhaaTe kaa Saudaa, ho jata hai to immediately usmein se nikal jana chahiye. Bhale hi you again buy that particular trade in lower price. But nikal jana chahiye jahan loss ho raha hai” How True It is?

It’s applicable to life too. Whenever we face such timings, trust me get out of it, ASAP. Ghate Ka saudaa ho jata hai.  Nobody does it knowingly. Whether it is relationship, Job, Profession, Study or Business. It’s okay to face Loss. But don’t allow that Loss to damage you to the core.

For example, let’s say someone faced a Sudden Breakup. Think it as a Loss. Now, it will Suck. But stop it further destroying you challenging your ability to trust again. It happens. But It shouldn’t happen. It’s just a wrong timing. Nobody is right or wrong. Nothing is right or wrong actually.  It’s just about timing. So once time becomes right, things will fall in place. But if we allow it to damage us, trust me, even right time won’t heal you entirely.

Similarly, it’s applicable to all kinds of loss. Don’t Make A Temporary Loss Leave a Permanent Scar in You!! GhaaTe kaa Saudaa hai to it’s okay; Get Out of It ASAP!!!



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Dear Zindagi- You Are a Genie!!!

Dear Zindagi

Let me tell you once

I always admired your presence

You are never a choice

But so far, I loved the voyage

So many occurrences

You let me meet

Sometimes surprised, sometimes shocked

With baffled heartbeats

At Times, I walked into wrong lanes

And you pulled me back as a friend

At times, I was done and drained

And you pumped me with energy…again & again

There was success, there was laughter

You made me enjoy everything to the core

And the other day it was Failure & Fear

And you handled me with Hope & Care

And that moment love happened to me

Making me dance to the songs of my heart

You were there to sing the choir

And beat the drums and blow the trumpet

And the other day I was deceived

Left with betrayal & heartbreak

With Divine Interventions in my path

You were there to Pacify & Calm Me Up

You are really a Gennie for me Dear Zindagi

With that Magical Wand in your hands

Or Else how do you manage to come with solutions

Every time life goes out of my hands?

I know you are a friend

And not a Foe

Who would always be with me

And Never Go…

Dear Zindagi,

You are my constant Companion & Friend

I Trust You will be always there…till the End!!!

Dear Zindagi- You Are a Genie!!!

I know you are different from a teacher because, a teacher teaches a lesson first and takes the exam next but YOU take tests first and then teach a lesson. In fact, you are just an Institution in Yourself and I am a Student of Life. You are the Syllabus, You are the teacher, you are question and you are the answer paper. You are the lessons and you are the certifications. You give equal opportunity to everybody, no matter from where one has to start or one has to end.

 Dear Zindagi,

With you I have learnt that Life takes a number of turns throughout its entire span. It may not be kind to anyone all the times. So too with me…! And that’s where I leant many things. There are tough times which really tested my courage, my abilities & capabilities of facing unfavorable situations. At times, I was done. But with your soft approach from within I learnt to be a strong nerved person.

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#BlogchatterAtoZ: B for BROKEN CLOCK!!!

A Broken Clock
That Day Suddenly Caught
My Attention & I was lost
In some Random Thought
If a Clock is Broken,
And its Hands leave it forever…
Will TIME take rest
And pause for me ever?
As It Is Said
For Time and Tide waits for none
And So, it will keep moving & moving
Even if with The Broken Clock with its hands gone?
Time Never Stops,
No Matter What
Whether there is a clock or not
So also tides
They never stop
Their dictionary doesn’t have the word
“Pause or Wait”
Life, sometime seems to me
As if a Piece of Timepiece
It moves on and on…
No matter what happens in it…
Bringing Cheer or Ruining Peace…
Like a Broken Clock
Life with its Haves or Have Nots
Never Takes Rest
Never Stops,
Never Take a Pause
For Life is a Journey & Not a Race
For Race has a last stop
But Life has not
No matter it’s smooth or not
No matter if the road is full of blocks
No matter if we learn lessons or not
No matter if we are held with broken trust
No matter if we are with challenges or heartbreaks
No matter if we are having tequila shots
No matter if we are paid off or not
No matter love remains with us or not
No matter what happens or not
LIFE never stops,
Like That of Time
Even if a Clock, Broken or Not….
For it’s About Time & Not About Clock
Broken Clock…. Tells Us
Even If You are Broken….
Never Stop…Just Walk Walk & Walk
For A Broken Clock Changes or Not…
But Time Changes for Sure….
Making You a Beautiful Piece
And Life a Wonderful Trip…..
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L For Letter to My Son on His 16th B-Day!

Letter to My Son on His 16th B-Day!

Dear Pupun,

Happywala Bday!!!

Today is your 16th B-Day. I know you had so many plans which just couldn’t fall in line. There are unpredictable developments which came up and we have to comply with that. But you know what that’s fine…That’s life also. Sometimes it happens that way only to give you a different dimension to look at life.

Happywala Birthday!! Letter to My Son on His 16th B-Day!

It seems as if the moments just went in jiffy. How can it be possible that sixteen years have passed since the first time I held you in my arms? I remember every detail about your birth, and often rerun that day in the silver screen of my mind. I still remember how the nurse handed me a tiny bundle of joy wearing an angelic beam on the face and wrapped up in white.  I just felt like I got the world in my arms. You know what I always wished I could go back and relive it one more time. I swear!!

I always think that I must have done something heavenly good, in this life, last life, whatever they say that I am blessed with a son like you. You have created a love inside of me so fierce, so indestructible, so unrelenting, so unconditional and eternal.

Today you are 16 and I am proud that you are on the right way to grow up as an amazing young man.  The shine on your face and the light on your character always affirm me that probably we have been rightly doing our parenting, at least. I am incredibly proud of you as you never disappointed me to be a nice boy. Honestly, I don’t have any set of high expectations in terms of material achievements from you. I know you have the strength and potency to carve out whatever you want from the nature and I believe everyone is destined to archive whatever destiny has stored for them.

I want you to keep that confidence and poise you have now. It often surprises me how people are drawn to you. How easily you make friends. I can send you to a camp half way across the country, knowing nobody, and you come home with a dozen new best friends. I admire your quiet strength in the way you accept the unfair things that happens to you. You keep moving forward, never letting them drag you down.

Keep on trying new things; Continue to meet new people, never be afraid of exploring the unknown; you never know what door opens if you just put your steps out there, And face the challenges head on, You will make mistakes, but its okay because that’s how you learn lessons and become a better person. I have certainly made my share of them, and still make them today. Those mistakes created the path to the amazing life I have today. Doing mistake is human and accepting it and correcting the same is the process of being a better human.

You know I am not here lecturing you anything on your special day. In fact I always feel you have taught me more that what I have taught you. You taught me that we don’t need a reason to smile and celebrate life. You taught me patience. I learnt from you that screaming at life does help you accomplish anything. Instead be calm and let things pass. You flamed the goodness in me, watered the innocence, purity and childlike composure in me to endure the hard waves t times. You taught me not to sweat the small things and better learn new things instead. You never really care what people think of you. You choose to see the good in people, and stand up for others even when you are standing alone. Trust me because of you my life has become much more gratifying

However I have been a lecturing mom at times just because that’s the way mom are supposed to be. I know you tag me as a #TooSanskari mom but moms by default are too Sanskari, always. I don’t want/expect anything from you in return because you have given me much more.

I pray your life is everything you dreamed it could be. Remember how loved you are. You are my sweet baby, mom’s little hero, dad’s best cool dude…We will all always be here for you – your biggest fans.

I want all of your cherished dreams to come true. I never want you to feel unworthy or undeserving of anything, because you deserve the absolute best that life has to offer.

My only wish is be a good human being because the world has a dearth of such species.

Your story is just beginning. I can’t wait to watch you write it…

Happy B-Day Once again.

Your Mama

With life what I observed that it’s more about how we look at life than the life itself…This poem is dedicated for on your 16th B-Day…

Life is a melody sweetest only when

We live it happily in the laughter lane

Life is a magic, strange one though

We believe in its miracles, every moment & so

Life is curse, when we hurt someone

Never feeling the ache, again & again

Life is tragic, when we allow ourselves to be hurt

Feeling frail & puny, which are simply we are not

Life is an adventure, if we dare to dream

Our destiny dances with glory, in the silver screen



Every day on earth is a Theater Day 

And We are all actors of a DIVINE PLAY

Life is a Drama and We are here to Perform

Finding its Purpose and Act as per its Norm 

Let’s Put on Those Make-ups and Masks

And Resolute To Perform Our Best

Life Is Full Of Typos and Errors

Some May Be Auto Corrected

Some Will Never….

Life is a misadventure, when we fear

Of losing those people whom we adore

Life is an institution, if we love to learn

The wisdom it offers, with its pros and cons

Life is a dream in the fantasy land

With the proverbial genie and its magic wand

Life is love, if we have a tender heart

The best thing on the Universe and on the planet Earth!!!

Trying To Hit Three Point in The Basket – The Sun

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Life @life

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans  — John Lennon

Life is a Gift, Life is Beautiful!!!

Hi Friends,

This is Tina and this is my Brand New blog. I have just made it live having 25% of the work done on it,  only to participate in #BlogchatterAtoZ. Though I had been resolute to take up the challenge this year, but last few months had been quite taxing on me making any kind of writing works out of mind. Also couldn’t work on this website. Well, at least I could made it live. I am very bad word press, currently learning it to do it by myself. So I will appreciate all suggestions, criticisms and knowledge sharing from you all to improve the appearance and performance of this website.


Tina ki Duniya is a small world of mine. It’s actually a window through which I view the world and accordingly my thoughts and observations are shaped. Different aspects of life always fascinated me and I could never find a particular facet of it to reflect upon only. Life itself has always very much absorbing for me.


So my theme for the #BlogchatterAtoZChallenge will be Life itself…i.e @life.

There will be stories, real life anecdotes, pictures, quotes and many more things in it. Also will include some posts contributed to me as a promise to publish. I think at the end it will appear like a platter with different aspects of life served on it. Hope the write ups will be up to the expectation level of readers. I promise the time spend on this will be worth of it.

Looking forward to read a lot from you all.


My Theme is @Life


Happy Writing, Happy Reading