Zodiac Signs and Their Impact on Human Life

Zodiac Signs and Their Impact on Human Life

Zodiac Signs and Their Impact on Human Life

Zodiac Signs and Their Impact on Human Life.  it seems to be a very familiar topic. But no matter how familiar they may appear; they never stop amazing us. Isn’t it?

From the beginning I was very much fascinated towards the Zodiacs. Once I got a book from my college library. “Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs: The Secret Codes of the Universe” That book completely changed my outlook towards human beings as well as the surrounding. I mean I used to analyses the traits of people around me & match them with what I read in the book. And I used to rivetted by seeing how exactly they used to match.

Zodiacs are The Sun Shines. The Sun sign of a person is defined as per the month he/she has born. They are 12 Zodiacs as per the movement of Sun in the 12 houses in 12 months.

In astrology The Sun is considered as the most powerful planet…yes, it’s called a planet in astrology. The Sun represents the Soul & Self. So, the sun signs often make us understand the personality traits of a person.

The 12 zodiacs are again divided into four different elements – Air, Water, Earth, Fire. As per the elements the basic personality trait of a person can be understood. Like if a someone is born in the mid of October to Mid of November, then the sun sign will be Scorpio which belongs to the element water.

Water since represents emotion, the basic trait of that person would be emotional or a person who gives values to emotions.

They help us understand the below things

  • What is basic trait of the person
  • What inspires him/her
  • How do they respond to the situation
  • Which are the other Sun signs they get along well & not well.
  • Their physical aspects

There are so many things influences human life. Like seasons, the human life changes too. The planetary movements have its influence on us whether we accept it not. That’s the reason we have Astrology & it’s a science.

The Sun being the most powerful planet, is the source of life energy on earth. Our birth as per its positioning in the universe surely determines a bigger part of our destiny.

That’s why I believe Zodiac have a great impact on our life. Someday, I will write in detail about as per my observation.

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