This article is written by Aaditya Mahapatra @antimeridian14

Rest and relaxation are recommended for the peaceful return of our mind. Especially after this pandemic. Two types of stress punctuate personal experience. Eustress -the pleasant or curative stress – is inspirational and motivational. Distress destroys.

Our mind has taken a big detour since the spread of the pandemic. It has started exploring the parts of our brain that we didn’t even know we had or it existed. During this time of pandemic, the mind has given us ideas that we never thought we would think. And basically, has done a lot of work that we never would have done lest the pandemic had not happened.

Many have found their lost passion being alive. Many have come up with out of box ideas. Many has discovered their philanthropic side while many has understood why we need to have gratitude for what we already have,

So now our mind has to just prepare itself for one last thing on this detour. Things are still grim and safety norms are the order of the day. The mind is exhaust, no doubt about it. It’s working overtime to adhere into the new normal of the life. And it will be working for another couple months that way.

Mind has spin through so many things at a time last couple of months. Reservoirs are sucked dry, things in us are edgy now. But still mind is working stretching itself, as much as possible.

As nothing last forever, so things are going to be normal again with some new normal though.  The detour will run its course and get over. But after that should we come to normal life, directly??

No, we shouldn’t.  We should never directly head a normal life. Before that we need to give our mind rest & relaxation time as it comes back from the detour. It is time to slow down, repair, rejuvenate and reconnect with what matters. We are going to return to a world of optimisation, ambition, smugness and obligation again. We would push hard on multiple fronts again. But before that we need to give rest & relaxation time to mind for its peaceful return to its normal state. And then we shall return back to our normal life.

This is an article for the future not for the present But I wanted to write it now. So Here It is!!! Hope You all Liked it!!!

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As it comes out of the cylindrical egg
and lands on the leaf…….
as destiny choose for it
it’s happy gnawing
loads of them
naïve and ignorant of the upcoming change
Suddenly things start changing
as it is caged inside a shielded cosset
it struggles hard to ooze out if it…
you know
with constant pain and aching spirit
and it finally gets the glimpse of the sun rays
as it peeps out of the cocoon with colorful wings
and the garden is full of welcoming flowers
with seducing gestures and fascinating grins
Life is actually going through a metamorphosis
as they say impermanence is the law of nature
and the pain works as an Alchemy …
I guess to transform us to a butterfly from a maggot
Everyone has been made to fly
and not remain crawling forever
let the pain work on us as Alchemy
to make us better
to make us fly like a butterfly


I always believed that no matters in what situation life puts us in, we are supposed to bloom. And also feel that the painful & ugly moments of our life are like caterpillars which are destined to become butterfly. We are supposed to be transformed to meet our higher self. The reason is very simple. As a caterpillar it’s resource to live is leaf. It gets transformed to a butterfly because it is supposed to reign on flowers.

Our surrounding changes with time so also, we need to change accordingly.  Transformation is inevitable as we grow into our most beautiful empowered self.

No matter what uncomfortable changes we go through, no matter what we need let go of the forms of our life that no longer fit the new self of us…it’s in evitable!!!

TRANSFORMATION IS BEAUTIFUL as Everyone is created to fly like a Butterfly!!!

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Undying Hope – It’s the Best Armor to Battle Corona!!!

Undying Hope is the Best Armor to Battle Corona!!!

This article is written by Aaditya Mahapatra @antimeridian14

As I look at the world today, it seems filled with grim & despair. A kind of powerlessness seems to be psychologically predominating. There are reasons too. We are battling with an Invisible enemy which is evolving every moment. It’s becoming stronger & stronger.

Every day we are losing lives. More because of our own folly though.  Earlier they were just numbers, now they are faces as the loss has become personal. Most of us have already lost someone from our close surrounding.

We underestimated it, we undervalued its strength, we misjudged it’s potential. However, I think nothing last forever. How much strong it is, but at the end of the day it’s a wave and every wave have to subside with time. It’s running its course. But I feel we should never lose our Hope. It seems to be Invisible but that’s not true.

I agree sometimes it’s just not the proper timing. Nothing works. The cruel reality takes a ride over our psyche.  But that doesn’t mean that it will last forever. I can never believe that we are powerless anyway. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Humans have been gifted with an undying spirit. Universe created us for a reason. Humans are the best creation of Universe. So, it’s never going to harm it to an extent that we find it hard to exist. It’s okay, things are not good at present. But let’s see the bigger picture.

We have the highest wisdom and courage within, gifted by the spirit. We can conquer our fear during any adversity. We must remember that we are the Best Creature of the world. We have the responsibility to make the earth a better and greater place.

Hope is a decision and just an attribute of human race. In fact, a very important decision.  It’s a flame that illuminates in the hearts. We need to make a conscious choice. It’s our Undying Hope that’s the best armour we can have to fight any adversity, be it Corona… 😊



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There is Not Enough Darkness!!!

There is Not Enough Darkness

There is not enough darkness
across the world
to put out the light of
even one small candle…. Robert Alden
There is not enough darkness across the world
To put out the light of even one small candle
No matter how strongly it spreads its wings
It can never ever enjoy the victory over rays
Darkness no doubt has its own merits
As it takes us to the unsolved quarries
It shows us the part or side of us
That needs to be worked upon & solved
It has its role for cleansing things
Bringing light to unexplored side
But it can never stop the light
Neither can exist in the bright
Things are no doubt grey & grim
With Corona being stronger from last time
And the humans are again helpless
As the loss of life hugely taking place
Amidst the chaos Hope is Lost
Shaking our heart & our Trust
But no matter what happens now
Every thing will again fall in place
Darkness is roaring testing our trust
Checking if we have our lessons learnt or not
But it doesn’t know that its end is near
Light is coming shortly to eradicate it
Remember, even this will pass away
Earth will be filled again with golden rays
No matter what damage darkness done
Light will fill it making us smile again

This is a Whatsapp message which is really uplifting!! In this forbidding time of Corona, Holding on to Hope is the Best armor we can have to fight with Corona!! India records 349k cases today. But scratch beneath it, not everything is despair. The two hottest zones – #Delhi and #Maharashtra are holding almost stable. Mumbai is less than 6000 new cases, 3 weeks low in daily cases.

The lockdowns and perhaps even burning out of virus is slowly showing effect. India has mobilized its entire industrial might, railway and now #IndianAirForce into service to rapidly transport supplies.   It is a massive force.

There is no doubt that Authorities UNDERESTIMATED this new wave – but not any longer.

It will take one week for Delhi and Maharashtra to start receding. Of course, a few other states will keep spiking but not to this concentration. In 4-5 days, oxygen issue will be better sorted as trains will deliver bulk deliveries. Trains are running on non-stop green corridors. More hospitals would have come up – a few are commissioning today onwards. Some even in religious places.

The impact of stopped we exports is showing. Today, #Remdesivir was in slightly better supply than yesterday. It will get better over the week.

Cryogenic freezer for oxygen has been picked up from foreign manufacturers by our Air Force.

All this in ONE WEEK.

May will start better than April, I promise you.


On your part, stay indoors – you are privileged if you can afford it. One less patient can mean better allocation of resources for someone really sick. You can save your life and someone else’s by holding back movement and staying safe.

Shun despair, pack up your frustration, don’t tell me you are bored, don’t tell me you won’t fight.

The casualty number may go up this week – but remember they follow infections 12-18 days ago. That is the cycle of this virus. But at least once we restore oxygen issue – the deaths due to lack of treatment will go down.

Hold on for this one week – this is the darkest hour – beyond which lies the beginning of dawn of life, vaccines and healthier times.


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Heartbroken, Devastated & Lost!!

Heartbroken I am &  Devastated & Lost

Heartbroken, Devastated & Lost
Confounded, Dejected & Utterly Shocked
Seems My Prayers weren’t Enough & Fallen Short
As Couldn’t prevent you from leaving the Earth
It’s hard to believe that you no more would be there
To spread your Laughter, Joy, Love & Care
I would be no more getting those Love
And claiming that I have a lovely sis as cute as dove
Your innocent laughter would haunt hereafter
Forever the void will remain empty & bare
Everyone who know you will miss you endlessly
While you would riant in heaven blissfully
Sometimes I feel as God has Gone Broke
In terms of Happiness & Good People around
& Now is the time He is haunting Spree
To take people from earth who are loving & kind
For Me & others it’s Unbelievable
Your sweet words are unforgettable
I know it’s Corona Time
But Can’t the Divine be bit more kind?
Gathering Strength to Face & Accept
With shattered soul & dented heart
Lopa, I will Miss You like anything
With tears in eyes & snuffles in heart
Though I am
Heartbroken & Devastated & Lost
But Feeling
Maybe You Deserved a Better Place
Maybe the Earth was not Perfect
May You Be in Amity & Peace
May In the Heaven You REST!!!

Lopa, was my junior and my younger sister’s classmate. We had a boarding schooling. We both stayed in the same room. We had developed a sisterly bond since then which was as much intact as of now. She would be the first person to wish me in bdays, on any of my achievements. She would be first to ask about me when Corona news surfaced or any bad news about Mumbai in particular.

She would Always Claim that Tinadi (I) love her more than Bebi (my real sis). And my sister would always complain the same that I love Lopa more than her. Such was the bond. Recently she was in Covid Hospital, ICU & then after Oxygen Support. Yesterday she was tasted Negative. And She was fine though on oxygen support. But this Morning We heard she succumb to a Cardiac arrest.

We humans are strange. The death cases we here are just numbers until our own nears or dear is one of them. Only when we lose someone of our own, we see faces in those numbers.

We are battling a strong enemy. Let’s support, pray for each other. The losses are huge now and will be personal with each passing day….

Call and keep talking to your friends and relatives. Be in touch with everyone. Pray For All…

I am devastated as I lost my sis to corona…..

Your Smile Will Haunt Me Forever!!!

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GhaaTe kaa Saudaa – Get Out of a Loss Deal ASAP!!!

GhaaTe kaa Saudaa, means a Deficit deal or a Loss-Making Deal, anything which causes loss, a deal which results in loss. More precisely a deal, a situation or circumstances where loss is imminent!!

Loss no matter in what aspect of life, be it in relationship, business, profession, finances, people or anything of that matter, it sucks. A Loss invariably rattles our nerves. If it is deep then it damages to the core.

But again, Loss is also inevitable in life. We Have to face it at some point of life for sure. Not even once, it could be number of times in our entire time span.  We are ought to make wrong decisions or may be the timing is wrong or it may happen that something suddenly comes up resulting in a loss.

So, as I understand, Managing Loss is a major factor in life. But most of the time we fail to deal with it properly. It takes a toll on us, on our physical, emotional, mental & psychological level leaving with irreparable scars.

Sometimes, some losses are so deep that it literally becomes traumatic. I feel everyone would resonate with me on this.

There are number of ways to deal with the loss. However, I would write here a simple way for understanding.

These days I am exploring SHARE TRADING IN STOCK MARKET!!! There are different types of trading like option, Equities, Future, Commodity…etc. Some other time will discuss about all of them. Let me talk about Option Trading that is done in a regular way. Option means more or less a gamble but with proper knowledge. TIMING is very important in in any stock trading, when you are entering & Exiting!!

Once one of My Friends bought an Option at a Particular price. However, the price started falling just after he bought. It’s normally. It falls & then recovers, shoots up and you get your profit booking.  So, he waited. But it was a wrong timing. It started falling further. He waited for the next day.

It again went down. In a hope to minimise he waited again. The loss amount kept increasing. It came to such a point that recovery was almost impossible. Only thing was to reduce the loss. But again, it didn’t happen. Finally, I asked him to exit it immediately. Thank God, he listened to me & Exited. 3/4th of the amount was already lost from that trade. But the moment he exited; it went down even further. And it never came up. So, he was happy that at least he could retain 25% of his money.

He already managed the loss with some more trade. But it took time because the loss was BIG. Had he exited earlier, he would have managed less loss. Isn’t it?  And let me not talk about the kind of stress he had to go through during that time. When you lose money in Stock Market, I tell you it SUCKS!!!!  For some period, he was scared of doing any trade. He just considered it as the end of it. But slowly with time he again started with baby steps, recovered the loss. And now he makes it a point to “Reduce Loss” as much possible as. Balancing is very important.

That is why there is a concept of putting STOP LOSS in Trading. You can limit your Loss and have a target of your profit booking. The Maximum Loss that you can manage to have, you can decide.

My Best Friend Rachna always says that “Jab koi GhaaTe kaa Saudaa, ho jata hai to immediately usmein se nikal jana chahiye. Bhale hi you again buy that particular trade in lower price. But nikal jana chahiye jahan loss ho raha hai” How True It is?

It’s applicable to life too. Whenever we face such timings, trust me get out of it, ASAP. Ghate Ka saudaa ho jata hai.  Nobody does it knowingly. Whether it is relationship, Job, Profession, Study or Business. It’s okay to face Loss. But don’t allow that Loss to damage you to the core.

For example, let’s say someone faced a Sudden Breakup. Think it as a Loss. Now, it will Suck. But stop it further destroying you challenging your ability to trust again. It happens. But It shouldn’t happen. It’s just a wrong timing. Nobody is right or wrong. Nothing is right or wrong actually.  It’s just about timing. So once time becomes right, things will fall in place. But if we allow it to damage us, trust me, even right time won’t heal you entirely.

Similarly, it’s applicable to all kinds of loss. Don’t Make A Temporary Loss Leave a Permanent Scar in You!! GhaaTe kaa Saudaa hai to it’s okay; Get Out of It ASAP!!!



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The Stud Story – with this story I would like to will tell you that nurturing children for financial growth is also an important part of parenting.

When I was young, I was taught about money or saving/budgeting. Because from a very tender age I went to a boarding school. However, I see some of my friends learnt about managing money in much later part of their life. So, I always felt that our kids should be well-informed, nurtured about money. I felt my son should be taught about money.

I believe parenting doesn’t come up with an exact manual for everyone to follow. Each child is Born unique so also, it’s parenting should be…isn’t it? Let me talk about the stud story – story of this neon orange pair of Studs.

My Son was in 7th Std then. After done with his everyday tantrums of “Mom, give me this, give me that” I decided to give him pocket money. I did the Same and asked him to manage all his expenditures for the month. For a 12yr Kid Rs.500/ was like a lottery. He was excited & proudly keeping the money in the wallet given by me & managed his expenses.

The Stud Story

Suddenly he developed an interest for the football. Eventually he became crazy for it. As any other over excited parents the moment he developed the interests he was gifted with a pair of Addidas stud by his over protective dad. However, within a month or two he lost it. Seemed someone took it from his bag while he was busy with friends. It happens at times, right?? .

He told his dad the same. And for the first time I think Santosh – my hubby told him…”will buy another pair when you would learn to appreciate & take care of things.” I know my hubby had said it just in an impulse, feeling sad for the loss. .aisehi bol diya tha. In our next visit to mall, he would have bought him another pair. But Pupun felt like a culprit & to my surprise didn’t throw tantrums. It was unusual. .
However, football craze had already possessed him. He couldn’t resist that. That year only I had started giving him pocket money. But he had no saving. So, he came up with a proposal. He said, “Mama, buy me one & I would return you with a part of it every month from my pocket money till the amount is done,” I was surprised!! I didn’t know from where in the universe he got this idea.  But I liked the it. I said Yes. After showing some fake resistance though (I was acting 😜)

Then what!!! He went to the nearest sports shop, bargain hard for this pair 😳& bought it😎 Religiously paid the instalment to his mom w/o interest though😜 & managed with the less pocket money till 5 months. I felt bad at times by deducting 100 rupees from his pocket money, but I thought I was necessary.
Many were critical of me giving him pocket money as he was too young for that. But I think I did a right thing (I was experimenting though). The best thing is he learnt the value of things as still the pair is as it is as he feels it was bought by HIs Money😜😜 Never seen he took care of anything like that before.

As of now he has saved enough to open a bank account. After getting pocket money, he found many ways to reduce his expenditures as well. In the birthdays of their friends, instead of going for individual gift, they started buying a nice one with contribution. That became a trend among them. And I think that was right too. Because I have seen the Bday gifts are of no use. Sometimes there are five Chess Games. What will a child do with them? I have so many times disposed them or given them to maids.

Some other tricks were also devised by these kids to reduce the expenditure. I know we are quite well-off parents. We can really afford what our kids want, But here it’s not about our financial strength. It’s about developing their skills to manage their own finance. Isn’t it?

The Studs, these pair of Orange Neon Studs always remind me that I did a right thing.
Parenting is really a wonderful journey as You live so many lovelyyyy moments through it😍😍

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A Quirky Friend!!!

A Quirky Friend is someone who is odd but add more value to your friendship. I think everyone has at least one of them.

That day it was really horrible.  I was totally down with pain. Two days before, it was mild, gradually increasing substantially the next day. I had taken a pain killer. Still, it was intolerable. Even painkillers were not working. Perhaps something was really wrong. I had taken the doctor’s appointment for the evening.

It’s not that I’m having a toothache for the first time. But it was never so serious. It used to reside after taking some pills or some homemade remedies.

I tell you, if you say Heartbreaks Sucks Most, then I’m sure you might not have ever experienced TOOTHACHE…!

I was lying on the bed when my phone rang. The name flashed on the phone screen was “PehchanKounShakti”

Let me confess one of my typical habits related to storing phone numbers. I have a habit of giving it a tag depending upon the behaviours, reference or something like that of the owner of the number. Not all phone number though.

For ex, I have a relative whom I know has a habit of gossiping in your back. He would talk nicely with you but in your back he would say something against you to somebody else in the family. There were so many misunderstanding because of him in the families. So, I have given him a tag as “Lagajota Reporter”. (Lagajota is an Odia word that means “bitching”)

In similar way I have also a habit of giving tags to my friends while saving their numbers. Not all though. So, I have Friends called GoogleNiru, WikipediaRachna, MrsFunnyboneBhabi, SanjuFukre, DharaviKaKabirSingh, MysticMina

(some bad tags as well like khadoosbaba, MunicipalityHospital, SadahuaSamosa…. etc which I can’t say the names here) and many more…

One of them is “PehchanKounShakti” …

Shakti is really a wonderful friend. We had met for the first time in the initial days of our working life.  Since then, from just being colleagues to we became best friends. He is actually very witty and would always cheer you up saying something in a very amusing way. “Yeah…I am thinking of changing his tag as “KapilSharmaShakti”. 

There is a story behind this tag “Pehchan koun”.  First, He used to be bit like Navin Pravakar – The Comedian – of the first season of Comedy Reality show The Great Indian Comedy Show. Second, he is very good in drawing cartoons. So, he would draw some and ask us “Pehechan Koun Hai Ye” every day. It could be boss, manager, collogues, watch man, office boy…anyone. Had drawn my sketches too…peculiar one. It’s a regular thing at office. So “PehechanKounShati” is the best fit tag…isn’t it?

I picked up the phone…

After the initial exchange of hi/hello…he enquired about why wasn’t I active in group chat for two days. I told him about my problem.

“It could be a root canal … I guess?” He said very caringly.

“Hmm…even I feel so.” I sighed

“Well, you need to take care of your teeth…. dear. Use some ayurvedic or medicated tooth paste to prevent your teeth from decay.” He said seriously after learning that I was really in awful pain.

“Hmm…right. Let’s see what the Dentist will prescribe “I replied.

“Hey…I know an ayurvedic guy who recommends very good toothpaste for all-round care of your teeth and gums.” He said thoughtfully. “Why don’t you visit him after you visit your Dentist? I’m sure there will be no further problem in future.”

“Is it really? Are you sure?” I asked anxiously. “Give his details then…I will try to visit.”

“Of Course, I’m sure. It’s very scientific.” He said in a convincingly.

“Ohh!! What’s scientific about it? I mean is it something purely medicated?” I asked

“Not Like that! Well…once you start using it na, all the problems will be sorted.”  He said with much confidence.

“Really!! How?” I asked

“See, once you start using it, within a month…I guess…all your teeth would become Mr.India. When there will be no teeth…then how will there be pain?

Na Rahega bansh…Na bajegi Bansuri…ha ha ha”  and he giggled loudly.

“You Brutus….”

And you can imagine my situation…I would have banged his head had I been before me.

God! This guy is incorrigible. Initially I was really annoyed like anything and felt like punching him in the phone itself. That was surely not a time for joke.   But after sometime…I couldn’t stop laughing more because…it could only be an odd, A Quirky Friend like Shakti who can take the risk to cheer you up even when you’re in pain.

One of the best things about my life is I have really been blessed with very good friends. They are like my soul family. Also A Quirky Friend like Shakti is a precious possession. Thank you, all my friends, you are all treasure of my life.

Hey Shakti…Thank you yaar!! I would have dumped you in Municipality dump yard that day but you know what…har eek friend jaroori hota hai…majboori hai na yaar

Do You Have a Quirky Friend too?

he he he… 🙂 

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I Quit – Never Say It!!

I Quit – Never Say It!!You are born for some purpose of a human life which is really a rare form of life as per wise sages.

This Article Has Been Written By Brother Mr.Biranchi N Acharya @acharya_bn

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I was really shocked & surprised when I heard that the only daughter of my friend committed suicide. I rushed to his house only to find an inconsolably crying parents & relatives. Even though i feel I am a very strong man yet I couldn’t control my tears witnessing such a grievous scene. Literally choked I couldn’t gather words to console my friend. Not even my worst enemies should witness or go through such trauma in life. It’s terrible.

Why these kids never realize the emotions of their parents

After sometimes, I could gather my energies, then the question automatically came to my mind. Why these kids never realize the emotions of their parents & didn’t hesitate to hurt their sentiments taking extreme steps. Do they even realize what agony their parents would go through their life after such drastic step taken by them?

Teenagers – Students – committing suicide after the examination became very common in India. In any case it is a known fact that all students in their tender age subjected to heavy stress. That’s why when one fails in the examination, takes an extreme step considering him/her as a total failure. Suicide of students after results are out has become a trend.

I Quit – Has it become a common trend?

As per some social activists’ suggestion, many schools & colleges lifted the pass-fail system. That means a student will be automatically promoted to next class even if he/she performed worse in the examination just getting a lower grade. There will only be one examination at the end of particular school such as Class-X, Class-XII etc.

Somehow this initiative too failed. Student even then committing suicide for not getting expected grade or even scoring lesser than his/her competitor, peer. Even a best friend becomes competitor during the period of examination & result. Not to forget the dialogue in the movie ‘3Idiots’’. “One is sad when his friend fails in the examination, but one would be sadder if his friend tops the examination.”

Are Parents To Be Blamed for Children Taking Drastic Steps?

Do parents careless in managing the stress of their children? I doubt it. Fact is all parents not only love their children but also very careful during the period of result out. Still students are committing suicide. Why?

Going back to the case of daughter of my friend, what I learnt was that she didn’t get promoted to class X because of her poor performance in the 9th Std examination. My friend somehow convinced the Principal to conduct a special examination for his daughter for considering her promotion. The special examination was also conducted. In the meantime, my friend’s daughter started attending class-X along with her classmates. After couple of days the principal declared that she still couldn’t pass the examination & hence, she has to continue in class-IX. The next day She hanged herself even before her parents take any initiative to address her concerns.

Is Peer Pressure main reason for I Quit – Step by Teenagers?

Point is simple, after class-VII, the students live more time with their classmates & studies than their parents. Thus, their new world become the classmates. This period (student of class-IX to undergraduate) is really very tender, immature & hyper for all students. During their studies they develop many friends, enemies, competitors. And they identify some domain of their comfort & dis-comfort very immaturely. They never share these things to their parents. Therefore, whatever stress they start suffering remain unknown to parents, as students think that parents are too old (even the parents are in the age range of 35-45 years) to understand their problem. Thus, when they are subjected to unbearable stress, they take extreme steps purely on a whim.

Shouldn’t Counselling to Value Life Be a Part of Curriculum for Students along with Studies?

Hence, I think, along with studies, counselling to students is required on how to value their life vis-à-vis success & failures of it. Not only the probable victim but also other who immaturely criticize a failed student not understanding that such criticism may abate his/her class mate for suicide. All students should be counselled on how to face failures & how to deal with a failed (in examination) classmate. I think psychiatrist can help better in devising course matter on it. If this implemented, I am sure, a student may fail in the examination but will never fail in life.

My Advice – Value Life

Finally, my advice to all students & in fact all spheres of people that one has taken birth with a particular goal as destined. The success-failure in the life shouldn’t affect the real goal for which one is destined. Win- or lose are part & parcel of the game of life. One shouldn’t be worried for a loss neither should be over excited in a win.

Do you believe that my class-VII-mark sheet was full of single digits (out of 100) in all subjects & because my father’s influence I was promoted to class-IX, yet I became topper of the school in my matric – 10th Board – examination? I was always poor in English throughout my student carrier & hated English for that, yet I am an author of two English non-fiction books & contributed roughly thousands of English articles to various news portals!

Life is very long & indeed much prettier. It doesn’t need the attitude of ‘I quit’ for some defeat at some point of time. You are born for some purpose & win-defeat is just trials before your final journey to destined goal starts. Life is for experiments & enjoyments. Never quit it defeating the sole purpose of a human life which is really a rare form of life as per wise sages.

So, I Quite – Nave Say it!! It Can never be a solution to any problem!!

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Pen Your Pain on the Paper

Pen Your Pain on the Paper 
Pen Your Pain on the paper
And Your Heart Will be Released
With Emotions melting away like water…
Pen Your Pain into Parables
And Your Pain Would No Longer Remain
A Sad Story of Rues & Remorse!!
Pen Your Pain into Stories
And Free Your Mind From
Sadness & Worries
Pen Your Pain into Tales
And Throw the People Pained You
Creating a Jail
Pen Your Pain into Folktales
And Free Yourself from Being Trapped
By Your Past & People who were worthless
Pen Your Pain into Fables
And Let Your Past Becomes a Rudder
To Tug You to a Happy World
Pen Your Pain into Legends
And Create a Piece of Literature
That May Inspire…Generations
Pain is inevitable,
as we are ought to meet
people and circumstances
That would dent our Heart & Soul.
But Pain is also an Alchemy
That Renovates Us
From Within….!!!

This is my post for Alphabet O written for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2021 by Blogchatter