The Great Indian Jugaad

The Great Indian Jugaad

No one can ever beat INDIANS when it comes to The Great Indian Jugaad. We have a patent on it.

No one can be as imaginative and creative as jugaad loving Indians. We Indians have quick fixes for anything and everything. And these quick fixes that we often turn into when run out of other alternatives not only keep us going but also have manage to devise permanent way out for certain things  at times

While passing by, That day I noticed this scene at Sector 9, Vashi.  A cycle was tightly tied at the back of a car and the car was parked.  For a moment I felt as if it was the owners own way to protect his cycle from theft.  Then later I realized it could be their way to take cycle along with them in case if they were going somewhere and wish cycling…..May be a vacation.

In both the case I felt a tickling sensation inside, thinking of the India’s inventiveness and innovative ideas or  ways of Jugaad. Isn’t it really amusing!! I mean really no one can beat the Indian  Jugaad. We have a patent on it…

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