Wear Your Wings!!!

Wear Your Wings!!!

Wear Your Wings!!!

When at times

A question resonates in me

What it means to be a Woman is

I look out for some convenient answers I heard


I Am

A Woman

Was born in a far fetching land

Surrounded by the ghoul of prejudices and pain

Often deprived of legitimate rights

Genuine wants and valid needs

Often in the name of Chauvinism…I was told

Girls don’t deserve to fulfill their dreams

But I dared to cast them away

To script my destiny and walk my way

To follow my heart and what it says

As my soul wanted me to fly up above the sky

For with life it dawned on me

What it means to be a Woman is

I’m the Queen of Universe

Created with an immeasurable power of love

If I can be tolerant & multitasking,

If I can be neglected often but still be doing things

Then what can stop me to conqueror the world & fly

If I Wear My Wings,  Hidden within Me!!!


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