The Alchemist – Follow Your Dream

The Alchemist – Follow Your Dream

Way back in 2008, once my brother visited my place in Delhi. Among many gifts, The Alchemist – A Book written by the Brazilian Author Paulo Coelho – was one. He told me that I should read that book to understand life & destiny.

I am an avid reader since my childhood, However, trust me, that particular period of my life, I would describe it as a “Messy COCKTAIL”. Broken career, life challenges, personal life & hopelessness…. everything was a complete mess.

It was not easy to read a book in that chaotic state of mind. But I started reading it. And trust me as always, I seeped into the entire setting of the book. It was as if the soul inside the young Andalusian shepherd who travelled to the pyramids of Egypt, after having a recurring dream of finding a treasure there, was ME.

I am not going to write a review of the book here. My intention is to write how that book helped me to sail through that phase of life, after that, till today….

Humans are never born with any negative emotions. In fact, being born as a HUMAN itself is the HIGHEST BLESSING under the sky. We are born with a setting, a set of people, set of occurrences & with a Personal Legend. The life goal is very simple. We are supposed to find our personal legend, (read, personal calling) & follow it to reach our maximum potential, highest state of content & bliss.

But it’s not easy. Because it’s been scripted with challenges to drift us from our path. It’s obvious that we will lose the path as life does not come with a map.  It’s an unknown territory that we are supposed to trail. Either you find “The Route” or you “make your own way”.  So, drifting away is certain.  But then there is an inbuilt inner alert, like a GPS, that reminds us that we are not on “the path”.

This happens when we fail to face challenges then the best villain in our lives, FEAR, starts controlling our life, dominates every move of us. And one fine day we find ourselves in a complete state of being lost.

As I read through the book, I realized that I was under the grip of FEAR. The challenges so far had taken my life into a toss. My inner alert was trying to give me signals to come out of it, but I was simply ignoring them. I felt that I have lost my dream, but the truth was DREAMS, Like Energy, cannot be created or destroyed. Only the form or path is changed.

It answered many of my never asked question & helped me find answers to many of my “WHYs” too. It changed my outlook towards life & helped me take charge of my life.

And today, if you ask me, I am truly aligned with my path.

The book revolves around the Journey of a young shepherd boy Santiago who had a recurring dream of finding a treasure near the Pyramids of Egypt. He meets a fortune teller who interprets it as a prophecy. When he departs for his journey, he meets a king in his route who makes him understand that there are good omens & bad omens which let us know the upcoming blessings or challenges in life.

The boy takes some difficult decisions to follow his dream, to follow his personal calling of “Finding the Treasure”.  The journey he embarks on was full of obstacles, and at last, The Universe helps him understand “What is the Ultimate Treasure of Life”.

The best take-away from the book that will help us through out of our lives are

“Fear is detrimental for the normal state of being, let alone finding your personal calling”.

“When you really want something to happen, the whole universe will conspire so that your wish comes true”. (Quote from ‘The Alchemist)


The Alchemist – Follow Your Dream

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Life is Amazing!!!


Hello Friends,

This is Tina, naam to suna suna sa lag raha hoga, I know, I know, I am not a regular writer. So, if you are not remembering, then you are absolutely right. Well, let me tell you, I have made it a resolution to write every year for #BlogchatterA2Z challenge in April every year. Last couple of years, I religiously do it. This time also, I am looking forward to completing the challenge.

I know it’s going to be challenging, but trust me taking up this & to complete it itself gives me a sense of deep gratification.

Tina ki Duniya is a small word for me. If not the alter ego, it’s that side of mine, which often don’t get expressed in my day-to-day life.

I have always been a student of life. I admire its beauty in every step, good or bad. I met amazing people in my life who inspired me as a person. I faced amazing events, that shaped my thoughts, deeply rooting them to the reality of being human. I had amazing things that made me reflect over the course of my life.

All these AMAZING STUFFs enriched my life as a whole. So, My Theme for this Year for #BlogchatterA2Z  is

Life is amazing where I will write about Amazing Things, People & Life Events That I Faced or Met in My Life!!

There will be stories, observations, real life anecdotes, pictures, quotes and many more things in it. Also, I am looking forward to include some posts from my friends as a promise to publish. I think at the end it will appear like a platter with different aspects of life served on it. Hope the write ups will be up to the expectation level of readers. I promise the time spend on each & every post will be worth of it.

Looking forward to read a lot from you all.


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