CHANDAMAMA – The Intricacies of Human Choices

CHANDAMAMA – The Intricacies of Human Choices

CHANDAMAMA, Ahwaha, the name itself evokes the nostalgia. It is mostly considered as a children Magazine, but its timeless wisdom captures even the grownups imaginations.

“Chandamama” is a beloved Indian children’s magazine that has been published in various languages since its inception in 1947. It holds a special place in many people’s hearts, particularly those who grew up reading it.

The magazine has been an iconic part of Indian literature and culture, captivating readers with its enchanting stories, vibrant illustrations, and moral teachings. For generations, it has been a staple in many Indian households.

“Chandamama” has been a treasured source of entertainment and education, developing the skill of imagination and instilling values through its tales of mythology, folklore, and adventure in almost every Indian household.

For me CHANDAMAMA is not just a Magazine I grew up reading its stories throughout my formative years.  It’s more than that. It was a source of wisdom that taught me the Intricacies of Human Choices and Their Impacts on relationships, aspirations, and personal fulfilment from a very tender age. I remember if something I read apart from my textbooks when I was just a 5-year-old, for the first time, it was a story in Chandamama. In fact, I developed my reading habit with it.

For me, “Chandamama” was more than just a magazine; it was a companion that glowed my imagination, inspired curiosity, and left a lasting impression on my formative years. Even as adults, the memories of reading “Chandamama” often evoke a sense of warmth and nostalgia, reminding me of simpler times and cherished moments spent lost in the magical world of storytelling. It still makes me so even though in slightly lesser than before as I read them sometimes on a digital platform.

Chandamama’s stories often revolve around moral values, cultural traditions, and Indian folklore, making it not only entertaining but also educational. The magazine’s vivid illustrations bring the stories to life, capturing the imagination of young readers. When I used to read them, I often slipped through the pages into that world as if witnessing the characters by myself.

The stories would depict the characters, their intentions, their choices, and the repercussions of bad choices and rewards of good choices. And then the impacts of their choices in their life, their relationships, and their life as a whole.

The foundation of adopting values, choosing what is right and discarding what is fundamentally wrong was inculcated by the stories and characters of I read in Chandamama.

I wish my son would have read them too while growing up as a kid but as neo kids he was more into the world of Geronimo Stilton rather the world of CHANDAMAMA.

I will write about some stories I read in Chandamama as I proceed ahead with the challenge in this month.  And that would make a sense of the title of this blog.  Why I am saying so??  That Chandamama helped me explore the intricacies of human choices and their impacts in the various aspects of their life. How the choices made by the characters lead to divergent paths and outcomes, highlighting the complexity and significance of decision-making in life.

It may emphasize that every choice has its repercussions and that the characters must grapple with the consequences, whether positive or negative.

This magazine has been teaching me that in life that we have a choice to be good or bad and accordingly the outcomes come in the form of occurrences, opportunity/reward or challenges/punishment.

For now, let me just being little more nostalgic and let me lose myself in the memoirs of my babyhood days with CHANDAMAMA.

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Brida – The Choice of Missing out other Choices

Brida – The Choice of Missing out other Choices, sounds silly, right. But trust me this is the wisdom of life I never learnt till I read this book. I recently read this book BRIDA a novel written by once again my favorite Brazilian author Paulo Coelho.

You know what if I would be given with an offer To Date someone at present on the earth, do you know who would it be? Of course it is this Virgoan Author Paulo Coelho. I mean I am simply slayed by his straight yet poetic narratives of the characters in his stories. How could he delve into such a deeper layer of human psychic, I often wonder, as if he has X-Ray eyes.

The story of BRIDA revolves around the tales of a young Irish girl who embarks on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening with the themes of love, soulmate, destiny, and the search for meaning in life.

It has all the ingredients of Paulo’s Style of Cooking of a story. Like mysticism, magic, nature, philosophy, and storytelling.  And he blends them magically in such a way that the entire narrative becomes lively. That’s what special about this Brazilian author.

Well, I am not going to write a review of this book as I believe Paulo Coelho books don’t need it at all. But what unique prospective I learnt from this book is “About Choices that we miss out.

Let me put a direct quote from this book which is my best takeaway out of it.

“Choosing a path meant having to miss out on others”.

How true it is. I mean though we all know this truth but trust me I had never reflected upon it relating to my life. It reminded me a scene of the Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone starrer Bollywood Movie He jawani, He Deewani where Deepika says, “Zindagi mein kuch na kuch toh miss hota hi hai, Kabir”.

The Story of BRIDA made me reflect upon the inevitability of missing out on certain experiences, opportunities, or people as we navigate through life. Making choices often means losing other options. It’s a fundamental aspect of decision-making. That means it’s not just only about the strength of the option that we choose but it’s also about the courage to let go of all other options.

Each path we choose comes with its own set of opportunities and limitations, and sometimes we must let go of certain possibilities in order to pursue others. It’s about prioritizing what matters most to us at any given moment and accepting that we can’t have it all. This can be a challenging aspect of life, but it’s also what makes our choices meaningful and allows us to focus our efforts on what we value most.

Brida – The Choice of Missing out other Choices, the Book was a reminder for me that life is full of choices, and with each choice comes the acceptance of missing out on other possibilities.

In life, something or the other will be missed and that is an absolute answer to all our existential questions in life.

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