Trust the Process Leave the Rest

Trust the Process Leave the Rest

Trust the Process Leave the Rest

Let The Universe, do its BEST!!

We often do road trips, in fact long road trips. And it is imperative that we take the help of GPS for that matter. Through this we are directed to take the best possible route to our destination. In many instances we were often shown with a route that was drifted away from the highways That make us drive through on a patchy road, through the ups & down, may be a narrow lane too at times. It was never so smooth to get along those paths. It often makes us exasperated & annoyed at times.  But every time, trust me we were brought again to the smooth highways to our destination. Later we would learn that there was an accident or a road block, or something for that matter which would have really made us helpless. That was the reason we were shown a different path, bit rough & long though.

The highway of life can’t be always straight & smooth. It goes through occasional off-track situations. And then we face detours. Sometimes, they are so sudden, like “Highway Closed, Follow the detours” that not only make us uncomfortable but they are so time taking that we lose patience.  A detour is a long way around and takes us off the best path but later after much inconvenience brings us back on the main road.

In those times, we need to understand that there is a reason for it & we should learn to accept it. The delays & detours often happens as per the divine timing. Most of the time, they happen to prepare us for greater responsibilities & better blessings. And sometimes, they happen just to make us learn the lessons we are supposed to.

Sometimes we are the reasons for which our life becomes an amiss. Being trapped into a wrong relationship that we feel great for us, may be a business we want to launch without doing the proper assessment of its success in the long run or accepting a job offer that would land us in a bad company impeding our growth…& so on. Then often life tricks us putting in the situations to teach us the lesson required.

We need to learn the fact that, life should be in a process aligned with the universe for our highest good. Any miss-alignment will make life erroneous. And to make it correct again, we have to go through the delays, detour, disappointments & all such emotions. If we accept the reason & the divine timing, even if we are through the process, we will still have a smooth ride enjoying the lessons.

No matter what seems to go astray, things are exactly as they are supposed to be. So lets Trust the process & leave the rest, let the Universe do its best.

Trust the Process Leave the Rest

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