G For Green Leaves and Yellow Flower!!

G For Green Leaves and Yellow Flower!!

Green Leaves and Yellow Flower

Green leaves

Covered with Yellow Flowers

Were dancing with joy and bliss

As I saw them from my window

The trees around

Adorned with

Emerald foliage all over

And bright yellow flowers as crown

Told me

That spring has already entered

The Town


Life was lost

In fright and distress

Amidst the Corona Outbreak

And work and stress

Has become the everyday business

And I forgot and failed

To notice the magnificence of

The outside world


I paused, for a while

To relish the beauty and grandeur

And listen to their songs

With birds twittering the verses

And whispering of the winds

And then it reminded me…

The Same trees had once

In autumn,

Had lost their leaves

And gone through unbearable pain 

But then, they never stopped

To renovate themselves

When everything was lost

And when the spring came

They all bloomed, once again

Life involves Seasons

Happiness and Pain

No matter what happened in past

Always there awaits a blooming season

For u…ahead

It’s Life and its Process

Green Leaves and Yellow Flowers

This is My Post for The Alphabet G  #AToZChallenge 2020 by @blogchatter in the Month of April 2020

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    Beautiful & meaningful poem Tinaji ..,!!

    आज का मौसम कुछ ऐसा है,ये तो मेरे मन जैसा है..!
    सावन आया ,झूम उठे सब , लता -पुष्प आंगन के फूल..!
    इंद्रधनुष की छटा निराली ,हरी पत्तियां ,पीले फूल ..!!


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