Chaitra Navaratri-Celebrating Seasons!!

Chaitra Navaratri-Celebrating Seasons!!

Celebrating Seasons – Chaitra Navaratri!!Happy Chaitra Navaratri!! Let the Divine Feminine Shower Her Blessings on All!!!

Chaitra Navaratri!!

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Celebrating Seasons – Chaitra Navaratri Chaitra Navaratri or Vasant Navaratri commences today, Chaitra Shukla Pratipada in the hindu almanac. This Navratri is also known as Rama Navaratri as it culminates with the celebration of Shri Rama Navami.

Types Of Navaratri!!

There are four Navaratris in a year – Aashaadh Navaratri, Ashwina Navaratri, Maagha Navaratri and Chaitra Navaratri. Of these, Ashwina and Chaitra Navaratris are observed by householders and non-householders while the Aashaadh and Maagha Navaratris, being more esoteric in nature, are known as Gupt Navratris and observed by occultists and aspirants.

The Agni Purana mentions that the months of Ashwina and Chaitra are like the two jaws of Lord Yama. By observing the rituals of these two  navaratris, one is protected from the disfavour of Yama. Chaitra Navaratri observation and rituals is believed to act as a shield from “pitru dosh” or any shortcoming in oblations to forefathers and believed to be the only ritual that has the potency to negate any affliction caused by any planet, bestowing the seeker with “riddhi & siddhi” – prosperity and spiritual evolution.

Reason Why Celebrated!!

Just as in the more famous Ashwina Navaratri, in the Chaitra Navaratri too, Goddess Durga is invoked and venerated in nine forms. Originally, Navaratri was observed by householder devouts in the month of Chaitra. However, when Lord Rama went to war against Ravana, he invoked the Goddess Durga for nine days seeking her benediction and grace. Since then the Ashwina Navaratri became the major Navaratri. This in fact is the reason why the Ashwina Navaratri is also called ‘Akaal Bodhon’ or untimely invocation by the people of Bengal.

Science Behind The Celebration Of Festivals!!!

The Navaratri rituals entail fasting through the day and breaking of the fast in the evening. It’s with a simple diet consisting of fruits, milk, roots and some specific grains. I have always believed in the science behind our celebrations and rituals. While I was in Delhi, I was introduced to puris made out of “singhade ka atta” water chestnut flour during navaratri. Water Chestnuts have huge cooling properties and widely prescribed as a nutritious and low-calorie option during intermittent fasting.

By weaving in personal fulfilments like placating of Lord Yama and oblations to forefathers in this case, our seers and wise men induced common folk to follow healthy practices. Navaratris are periods of change of season and the prescribed fasting is meant to prepare the body for changes in temperature. Some devouts observe silence, humility, honesty and servitude in the daily chores. Some adopt more rigid disciplines, the purpose of all rituals being a natural physical and mental detox.

My basket of flowers and leaves for the Great Goddess is ready! Wishing you all a very blessed Chaitra Navaratri 🙏❤

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