FLAMINGO – The Symbol of Romantic Love & Soulmate

FLAMINGO – The Symbol of Romantic Love & Soulmate

FLAMINGO – The Symbol of Romantic Love & Soulmate

Flamingos – The bright pink-colored winged creatures with their majestic demeanor – have always fascinated me. It is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous birds on the earth. They exhibit exquisite beauty, vibrancy, balance & effortless grace.

Flamingos have been a part of across many culture & religions as spiritual messenger. However, when it comes to my observation, I always see them as the symbol of romance, love & soulmate energy. They are the divine messengers bringing in the message about the subtle side of all of us.

Whenever flamingos cross your path with their appearance, listen to them. Most of the time we may see them when we need to focus on our relationships.

The Spiritual Messages when flamingos appear before us –

  • We need balance mostly emotional balance. Flamingos are known for their effortless balance; they can stand on one leg for hours in water. They try to say that no matter how much water or how speed is the current, it’s our inner ability that helps us stand firm on it. Water as an element represents emotions.
  • Mindfulness is often what they want to say when we seek balance in life. Prayers, meditation, sleeping well, going for a morning walk…etc may help us being in a state of being amidst the inevitable winds & currents of life
  • They also mean a time for celebration. An omen for “something good out there”
  • They literally mean SPARK. Flamingo in Spanish & Portuguese means “Flame – Colored” The association of the Flame in their name itself means The Spark. It could be inner Spark or the spot light on you.
  • Also they remind us that we all have that hidden glow in us. Flamingos are born Gray but with time they develop the spectacular vibrancy in their body color. That’s what the message they bring in. Turn inside, feed the soul with those things that makes it happy. The glow will be out & illuminate the world around us.
  • Often appearance of flamingos means there is romantic love in the card. May be a soulmate is coming your way. What is a soulmate, I will write in another article. Incase you are waiting for a person in life, flamingos confirm that you will meet her/him soon
  • If you are still not sure about the feelings of a person you met, appearance of flamingo before you say, “There is a Spark”.
  • If you are already in a relationship, then flamingos ask you to spend time with your partner, go in a vacation, celebrate togetherness.
  • Often in committed relationships, romance takes a back seat to life’s responsibilities & pressures. Flamingos crossing the path in real or art or through the media remind us that there is a need of our attention, love & care in that aspect of life. Love & romance are the beautiful aspects of life that brings balance in us.
  • Flamingos most often brings out positive energy around us. Their sight often means good omen.
  • However sometimes they mean a threat. It’s like “being beautiful is also means being vulnerable”

The vivacious hues of flamingos always appear to tell me that we must inculcate a habit of looking at the positive side of the things always. The Universe always works for our highest good. We need to have that trust in it. Flamingos standing in one leg in the tidal pool often reminds me that “even this will pass always” Stay firm, Stay aligned, both in times of ups or downs…

As I write almost about an alternate universe, let me know how much is it resonating with you?



FLAMINGO – The Symbol of Romantic Love & Soulmate

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  • Wow! So insightful, I really loved how you have given so much of positive thoughts here. I never knew so much about flamingos when they are just some steps away from my home. Thanks for writing such a beautiful post.


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