Grasshopper – Symbol of Fertility & Faith

Grasshopper – Symbol of Fertility & Faith

Grasshopper – Symbol of Fertility & Faith

Grasshopper – Symbol of Fertility & Faith – is believed that they have been present on the earth even before the dinosaur existed. A short horned, green colored tiny creature had always fascinated me since my childhood because of its hopping attributes. It never walks, nor crawls but jumps which I would always feel like it flies.

Grasshopper, such a small insect nobody pays really much attention to it, but it signifies some great aspects in the spiritual world.

As the name suggests “Grass means greenery synonymous to fertility” & “hopper means the power to jump the distance.”

A grasshopper by its name could hop a great distance. It can jump as much 20 times as its weight. That is the spiritual message a grasshopper always symbolizes that one can really take a great leap no matter how small one may appear, with the magic of faith in own potential & on the Divine.

And since its presence is often found in fertile atmosphere, so they often symbolize fertility as well.

When a grasshopper crosses your way or draws your attention, then never ignore it. Instead try to decipher the secrets behind it’s appearance.

Below could be the insights it might be trying to communicate.

  • There could be a sudden change, windfall of money or sudden luck.
  • May be an opportunity is coming your way. Do not ignore it.
  • It could be an affirmation that it is the right time to take that small step.
  • In Chinese Culture grasshopper are often pet especially when someone is pregnant. It is believed that their presence smoothens the challenges faced by the expecting mother. Also, the baby’s arrival on the earth would be smooth. So, they often represent good health & fertility.
  • Often, we encounter a grasshopper when we are supposed to go through a sudden uncomfortable change or transformation. We need to be prepared for it as things are going to be upside down.
  • Sight of a grasshopper doe also mean good luck & fortune. It also confirms that The Universe has your Back.
  • It also alerts to stay aligned with our intuitions & instincts. It could be telling you that there could be sinister plot is being created behind you. You remember how locust can destroy a paddy field.
  • A grasshopper when crosses your path often tries to tell you that dream big, have faith on your potential & take that BIG STEP

In the spiritual journey that a person takes it is always important to stay sure and safe of the choices that you make. But life is something that is so unpredictable, that fate throws us situations where one is not sure what to do or what to think. This uncertainty is such a displeasure that it can have some dire consequences on the spirit of a person.

So, taking a page out of the grasshopper’s book, it is important to have a resolve to take a leap of faith in such times. Just keep yourself calm and take the decision that you think will be the best solution. The faith that it will eventually workout in the end should always be alive in you for this faith dying is equivalent to sadness that is on another level.

A grasshopper is something that is insignificant but significant. It is unimportant for a major point of time but important for this inevitably particular time in life.

Grasshopper – Symbol of Fertility & Faith

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