MARIGOLD – The Symbol of Divine Protection

MARIGOLD – The Symbol of Divine Protection


MARIGOLD – The Symbol of Divine Protection – I believe one of the most common flowers in Indian households. These bright saffron/orange-colored flowers are an inevitable part of our almost all auspicious occasions be it like festivals, wedding decorations, torans, garlands that are offered to God & goddesses & even inauspicious occasions like funerals.

A common garden flower, the marigold often brings the energy of the sun. They are exquisitely beautiful flowers, bright and attractive, and extremely adorable to the human eye. With its vibrant folds of petals that make up its blossoms, Marigold not just stands out but radiates a heavenly aura in its ambiance. There is a deeper divine message/meaning it carries across many culture & traditions.

I used to often wander why marigold is often used in torans? Is it because of its wide availability or something else? Then I understood, it has a strong pest deterrent quality. Even in the garden this plant often keeps the pest away & attracts butterflies, honeybee…etc.

My mother often says, Marigold has the power to absorb the negative energy. It’s a flower that provides divine protection.

As per my understanding there are some other message often, I felt when it appears before me or sometimes I just feel like getting few of them to my home.

  • It certainly brings cheerfulness. For me a Marigold is always a flower that says, “Cheer up Tina, things will be alright”.
  • It often comes with a message of Renunciation & Surrender. When we are in our low times, we should offer this flower to our beloved God or Goddess with complete surrender. Things start changing after that what I observed. There is a reason for it. In Sanskrit the name of this flower is Sthulapuspa means the flower having a strong erect stem. The scientific name is erecta. It is a very sturdy flower. Marigold, especially the saffron/orange colored one signifies renunciation & offered to God as complete surrender.
  • Marigold says, “Trust the Divine” When it appears before you, maybe it catches your attention at a flower vendor, or a festival decoration or at a temple while you cross the road, listen to it. It will tell you; your challenges will be over.
  • It signifies, divine protection as it wades away the evil or devil power. It cleanses the aura & brings positivity. That is the reason they are an inevitable part of every auspicious occasion. Either it says “you are protected” or it says “You need protection & cleansing, visit a holy place like Temple”.
  • It is quickly grown flower, so when it crosses your path it may try to say about some small & quick changes, often the positive ones.
  • It has a strong healing power. In the time of grief of losing a loved one, this flower helps in dealing with the pain. In a time of loss or sadness a marigold can be a great help if we bring it and keep around us.

As my theme is eco-spirituality, so I feel nature/Universe has its own way of helping us at times. Marigold to me is a flower, that makes me feel the presence of Divine with me always.  I feel protected, provided with & taken care off. Marigold being a common flower often tell me the same often catching my attention.

Next time, when this blossom with multi folded petals catches your attention, let me know what it did it whisper to you…. 🙂

MARIGOLD – The Symbol of Divine Protection


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