Nature Helps to Navigate our Lifepaths

Nature Helps to Navigate our Lifepaths

Nature Helps to Navigate our Lifepaths – the path that we are supposed to walk in this lifetime.

There is something magical about nature. Isn’t it? No matter how drifted we are from it, how much do we exploit it, there is something compelling about nature that pulls human to it.

We live in a world of chaos. Responsibility, deliverables, hectic lifestyle & concerns related to past, present & future, often makes life overwhelming at times. On the top of that technology makes it even worse. We feel that by adding the life with resources, everything will be fine. But it never happens that way. It becomes a never-ending affair; we lose patience & often things fall apart. Maybe it is our health, relationships, or the very life path itself. We run for solace; we end up with chaos.

I feel it this way. Like I have a very luxurious vehicle, have the resources to fuel it & I feel that that is enough to keep moving & reach my destination. I drive it continuously without caring my own wellbeing. I forget that “I” am the most important in this journey because I need to drive it. No matter how grand my car is, how bountiful my resources are, at the end of the day, I need to drive it. Being overburdened, over stressed, overworked, I lose my wellbeing, I lose my vision & lost my path & out of the track.

That is when spirituality comes in as rescue. As per my understanding spirituality is nothing but getting aligned with nature. It casts its magnetism & pulls us to it. With its healing & restoration attributes, it renovates & makes us healthier.

The shamans, healers, sages, the sacred texts and wisdom keepers of all times, all regions, and all communities, in their ageless wisdom, say that human spirituality is comprised of three aspects: relationships, values, and life purpose.

Humans are part of nature. We inherently exist within it no matter we play our prescribed role or not. When self-doubt, insecurity, overthinking & anxiety takes a better of us, we must look towards connecting with nature.

We can start with simple steps.

Let us go for a walk outside. The best time is to get outside in the morning.  No matter where you are staying, whether there exists a jogger’s park or not, you just need to be outside of our home. Nature exists there. The rays of morning sun, the morning zephyr, the twitting birds, the flowers, all will be at your service to make you calms.

Walk barefoot on earth & feel the touch of the mother earth. It is therapeutic.   It not only relives our anxiety & fears but also makes us grounded with existence. We slowly become our natural self.

Look for the new options. Nature is live, it listens & answers. Ask for the questions & it will come up with signs & insights to help us to find new possibilities.

Nature helps to navigate our life path because it heals & re-builds us again, restoring our vision to see the things clearly.

Life is overwhelming, but nature helps us remember the curative wander and serenity of it.

Nature Helps to Navigate our Lifepaths


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