Heartbroken, Devastated & Lost!!

Heartbroken, Devastated & Lost!!

Heartbroken I am &  Devastated & Lost

Heartbroken, Devastated & Lost
Confounded, Dejected & Utterly Shocked
Seems My Prayers weren’t Enough & Fallen Short
As Couldn’t prevent you from leaving the Earth
It’s hard to believe that you no more would be there
To spread your Laughter, Joy, Love & Care
I would be no more getting those Love
And claiming that I have a lovely sis as cute as dove
Your innocent laughter would haunt hereafter
Forever the void will remain empty & bare
Everyone who know you will miss you endlessly
While you would riant in heaven blissfully
Sometimes I feel as God has Gone Broke
In terms of Happiness & Good People around
& Now is the time He is haunting Spree
To take people from earth who are loving & kind
For Me & others it’s Unbelievable
Your sweet words are unforgettable
I know it’s Corona Time
But Can’t the Divine be bit more kind?
Gathering Strength to Face & Accept
With shattered soul & dented heart
Lopa, I will Miss You like anything
With tears in eyes & snuffles in heart
Though I am
Heartbroken & Devastated & Lost
But Feeling
Maybe You Deserved a Better Place
Maybe the Earth was not Perfect
May You Be in Amity & Peace
May In the Heaven You REST!!!

Lopa, was my junior and my younger sister’s classmate. We had a boarding schooling. We both stayed in the same room. We had developed a sisterly bond since then which was as much intact as of now. She would be the first person to wish me in bdays, on any of my achievements. She would be first to ask about me when Corona news surfaced or any bad news about Mumbai in particular.

She would Always Claim that Tinadi (I) love her more than Bebi (my real sis). And my sister would always complain the same that I love Lopa more than her. Such was the bond. Recently she was in Covid Hospital, ICU & then after Oxygen Support. Yesterday she was tasted Negative. And She was fine though on oxygen support. But this Morning We heard she succumb to a Cardiac arrest.

We humans are strange. The death cases we here are just numbers until our own nears or dear is one of them. Only when we lose someone of our own, we see faces in those numbers.

We are battling a strong enemy. Let’s support, pray for each other. The losses are huge now and will be personal with each passing day….

Call and keep talking to your friends and relatives. Be in touch with everyone. Pray For All…

I am devastated as I lost my sis to corona…..

Your Smile Will Haunt Me Forever!!!

This is my post for Alphabet H written for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2021 by Blogchatter 

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