The Chance and The Choices

The Chance and The Choices

The Chance and The Choices are two intertwined concepts that influence our lives in a very profound way. Chance are often unpredictable and random events that occur, beyond our control. They happen without any discernible human intent. They bring big or small changes – most of the time sudden/unexpected changes – uncertainties, possibilities, opportunities, or challenges. Most often we call it as destiny – fate or fortune – because they seem to be inevitable and preordained.

On the other hand, choices are the decisions – conscious or unconscious, well evaluated, or impulsive – we make in response to the opportunities and challenges posed by chance.

The relationship between chance and choices is dynamic. Chance presents us with a horde of possibilities, some favorable and some challenging, while choices are our decisions to determine how we navigate through them and respond to these possibilities.

If the chance is the destiny that provides us with a life path to trail, then the choices we make in life are like threads weaving the fabric of our existence.

To put it in a simple way that I believe is…

Life may offer me with a mountain to cross in my way, but it’s my decision or choice, if I will be trekking it, or build a tunnel through it or hill roads over it. Or simply I will be changing the road itself & take up a different route.

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Let me tell you, I always wait for the month of April every year as that’s the only time I write for my blog that to because of the Blogchatter A to Z challenge. It’s almost a ritual for me now.  I am thankful to Blogchatter community to organize this challenge every year. This is the only reason I write. I love to take this challenge, always.

This year the Theme of my writing would be “THE CHANCE AND THE CHOICES”. Basically all my articles will be revolving around Books, Movies, & Stories that I read and watched so far that helped me with the insights to understand life and the role of chance, destiny & choices in it.

I believe, broadly life is a cocktail of Chance and Choices. Choices play a shaping us and our destiny.

I believe the quote that says…

A child once asked God: if everything is already written in the destiny, then why should I wish? God smiled and said: May be on some pages I have written “As You Wish”.

Ultimately, the interplay between chance and choices highlights the intricacy of the human experience. While we cannot control everything that happens to us, we can empower ourselves by making informed decisions that align with our values and aspirations, navigating the twists and turns of life with resilience and purpose.

Stay tuned to read some beautiful articles revolving around this theme of life.

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