Dear Zindagi- You Are a Genie!!!

Dear Zindagi- You Are a Genie!!!

Dear Zindagi

Let me tell you once

I always admired your presence

You are never a choice

But so far, I loved the voyage

So many occurrences

You let me meet

Sometimes surprised, sometimes shocked

With baffled heartbeats

At Times, I walked into wrong lanes

And you pulled me back as a friend

At times, I was done and drained

And you pumped me with energy…again & again

There was success, there was laughter

You made me enjoy everything to the core

And the other day it was Failure & Fear

And you handled me with Hope & Care

And that moment love happened to me

Making me dance to the songs of my heart

You were there to sing the choir

And beat the drums and blow the trumpet

And the other day I was deceived

Left with betrayal & heartbreak

With Divine Interventions in my path

You were there to Pacify & Calm Me Up

You are really a Gennie for me Dear Zindagi

With that Magical Wand in your hands

Or Else how do you manage to come with solutions

Every time life goes out of my hands?

I know you are a friend

And not a Foe

Who would always be with me

And Never Go…

Dear Zindagi,

You are my constant Companion & Friend

I Trust You will be always there…till the End!!!

Dear Zindagi- You Are a Genie!!!

I know you are different from a teacher because, a teacher teaches a lesson first and takes the exam next but YOU take tests first and then teach a lesson. In fact, you are just an Institution in Yourself and I am a Student of Life. You are the Syllabus, You are the teacher, you are question and you are the answer paper. You are the lessons and you are the certifications. You give equal opportunity to everybody, no matter from where one has to start or one has to end.

 Dear Zindagi,

With you I have learnt that Life takes a number of turns throughout its entire span. It may not be kind to anyone all the times. So too with me…! And that’s where I leant many things. There are tough times which really tested my courage, my abilities & capabilities of facing unfavorable situations. At times, I was done. But with your soft approach from within I learnt to be a strong nerved person.

his is my post for Alphabet D written for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2021 by Blogchatter 

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