How can women be champion of change in MSME?

How can women be champion of change in MSME?


How can women be the champion of change in MSME business?

If Nykaa has been the answer to a question prominent in lives of both men and women. “Where to find the best deals for beauty and Skincare?” then isn’t Falguni Nayyar the most obvious answer to the above question? i.e. How can women be the champion of change in MSME business?

The recent stellar success story of Nykaa and its founder Ms. Falguni has changed the scenario of Women Entrepreneurship of Modern India.

Historically, women have always been revered in India. During Vedic times women were respected as architects of the society. Many women of that age were great learned scholars and philosophers.

However, with the passage of time things changed. No one knows how but barriers became a part of women’s lives. Their strength, potentials, competency and more precisely their aptitude were questioned that stalled their progress.

But again, with the advent of technology & the ingress of modernity women started breaking the walls. And with the success stories of women carving niche for themselves even in the areas that are considered male baston, the society has again started acknowledging the latent potential of the fairer sex.

Looking at the present scenario, I don’t think there is any scope of doubt when it comes women taking MSMEs to next level.

MSME is the Present and future of INDIA’s economic growth. Because in a simple language, small, micro and medium scale enterprises provides the bigger share of employment opportunities.

The practicability of small and medium-sized firms is greater than that of large firms or industries. Not only do they bring prosperity, affordability & employability to the people but also perform a fundamental role in driving the economy as well.

Small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs are some of the most important influencers of economic growth because, in any economy, they represent more than 90 per cent of all employers and create 60 to 80 per cent of all new jobs, annually as per the statistics.

Women are natural entrepreneurs. For instance, no matter how less is the income of the family they not only know how to manage the daily budget but also plan for future as well. I think this is one of most important quality when it comes to entrepreneurship.

  • Also, they are fast Learners & quick thinkers
  • Very particular about the input & output
  • Their competency can’t be questioned when it comes to work under pressure, resource management & budget contingency.
  • Moreover, they are sincere, particular & professional in their approach.
  • And last but not the least, they have that Midas touch quality that can change iron to gold…ohh come on let’s accept it.

They only need an eco-system which can create

  • Opportunities for capacity building,
  • Scope for learning skills,
  • Provide an access to credit and technology.  

And the Government understands that. It’s coming up with myriad schemes to encourage Women Entrepreneurship in India.

On this particular area how, how Government is working to facilitate not only women entrepreneurship but also boost their growth and sustainability, CLICK here to read a well written article.

At last, I would like to say, if MSME is the Face of a Developed Economy then women is the face of Successful MSMEs.

Let’s accept, most MSMEs are at present in a very STRUGGLING stage, but I am sure with the entrance of women in this sector, days are not far when we will be discussing not only the SUCCESS stories of MSMEs but also the SIGNIFICANCE they add to the economy and social structure of INDIA.

There are astronomical challenges I understand but isn’t it a CHALLENGE in itself to be a WOMAN in a regressive society like INDIA?

Feature Image Source – Click Here, The article contains some content as part of research from The Daily Pioneer

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