Rest and relaxation are recommended for the peaceful return of our mind. Especially after this pandemic. Two types of stress punctuate personal experience. Eustress -the pleasant or curative stress – is inspirational and motivational. Distress destroys.

Our mind has taken a big detour since the spread of the pandemic. It has started exploring the parts of our brain that we didn’t even know we had or it existed. During this time of pandemic, the mind has given us ideas that we never thought we would think. And basically, has done a lot of work that we never would have done lest the pandemic had not happened.

Many have found their lost passion being alive. Many have come up with out of box ideas. Many has discovered their philanthropic side while many has understood why we need to have gratitude for what we already have,

So now our mind has to just prepare itself for one last thing on this detour. Things are still grim and safety norms are the order of the day. The mind is exhaust, no doubt about it. It’s working overtime to adhere into the new normal of the life. And it will be working for another couple months that way.

Mind has spin through so many things at a time last couple of months. Reservoirs are sucked dry, things in us are edgy now. But still mind is working stretching itself, as much as possible.

As nothing last forever, so things are going to be normal again with some new normal though.  The detour will run its course and get over. But after that should we come to normal life, directly??

No, we shouldn’t.  We should never directly head a normal life. Before that we need to give our mind rest & relaxation time as it comes back from the detour. It is time to slow down, repair, rejuvenate and reconnect with what matters. We are going to return to a world of optimisation, ambition, smugness and obligation again. We would push hard on multiple fronts again. But before that we need to give rest & relaxation time to mind for its peaceful return to its normal state. And then we shall return back to our normal life.

This is an article for the future not for the present But I wanted to write it now. So Here It is!!! Hope You all Liked it!!!

This is my post for Alphabet R written for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2021 by Blogchatter 



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